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Chapter 501 - Reunion

After being separated for so many years, they were finally reunited. Even though there was sadness, there was even more happiness. The innermost part of Shi Hao was satisfied. Tears flowed down his smiling face as he felt waves of deep affection. 

“Don’t blame your younger brother…” It was clear that when the husband and wife tore apart the void, they saw Shi Hao stand in opposition against his brother and even take action against each other. 

They opened their mouths. There were too many things they wanted to say, but they didn’t know where to begin. They wished for their children to get along with each other. 

Shi Hao understood what they were trying to say. He earnestly nodded and said, “Me and little brother are brothers. We will mutually take care of each other.”

“It really can’t be blamed on him…” Tears flowed down from Qin Yining’s face. 

That year when they returned from the hundred thousand li of blood purged wasteland, all hopes of this married couple turned to dust. Their hearts felt that things were bleak, and they were full of pain and sorrow. They thought about that child who suffered such a miserable fate.

It was hard for them to dispel such thoughts, and they could not forget about the past. The young Shi Hao was so adorable and strong. He was a natural born supreme being, yet his supreme being bone was gouged out by another and left in an unbearably weak state. In the end, he was moved to Stone Village in a near dying state, as if his life would go out at any moment. 

During all of this time, the married couple had always been submerged under torment. 

In the end, what allowed them to walk out from the darkness was their second child. He was similarly young and tender, with large and bright eyes and also incomparably cute. The two finally entrusted everything onto him, developing hopes within themselves again. 

For this reason, they also named their second child ‘Hao’, continuing on the name of their eldest son. They continued to call him Shi Hao. They missed their previous child greatly and could not forget about him. 

Unfortunately, since he was born in the Immortal Mountain, there were many things that were difficult to change. The second child was paid particular attention to by the Qin Clan, and with high hopes placed on him, his surname was changed to Qin, so he became Qin Hao. 

The second son received the education of the Qin Clan. His astonishing talents were unravelled, and he was truly powerful to a terrifying degree. The clan began to dote on him quite greatly. 

Shi Ziling and his wife couldn’t stop the Qin Clan’s people from changing the surname of their second child, so they ended up just calling him Hao’er. They made it past their initial sorrow and placed all of their care onto this second son, hoping that he would be able to grow up healthily and without worries. 

Regardless, the Qin Clan was wholeheartedly raising him, providing this child with enough resources. This wasn’t something that the husband and wife would reject. 

There was no need to doubt the love parents had for their children. The two loved their second child greatly, even though the amount of time he was at their side was far less than when he was with the other Qin clansmen. 

One day, intentionally or otherwise, some people from the Qin Clan told this child that he was born for the sake of saving the first child of his parents. 

Why? The young Qin Hao couldn’t help but shout out loudly. 

Someone from Qin Clan then told him that he entered into this world with a great goal, and that was to save a child of the past. 

They also told him that if that child was to be saved, then for the next few years, he would have been extremely weak. His essence blood was needed as medicinal nourishment. 

That day, Qin Hao wept loudly, continuously shedding tears. He found his parents and asked loudly if he was just a replacement. He asked them if there really was an older brother, and if he was born purely for his sake. 

Shi Ziling and his wife felt greatly sorrowful, but they used a gentle voice to tell him that there really was an older brother before, but he has already died. They would never be able to meet him, and that Qin Hao wasn’t a replacement. 

Perhaps when this child first came into this world, they wanted to use him to save their first child, but they would still never harm his life. After all, they were both their own children. 

In addition, after Shi Hao died, the married couple concentrated all of their affection on him instead. 

In reality, as father and mother, how could they not love their own child? This was especially the case after the first child was lost. The two treasured their second son even more. 

However, Qin Hao continued to remember that he used to have an older brother. Qin Clan’s elders continued to tell him that his parents only had him to save that older brother. 

Shi Ziling naturally loathed the Qin Clan. How could they instruct a child like this and plant this type of seed? The sorrowful matters had already passed, so why was there a need to let a child know?

However, the two of them couldn’t change anything. 

“You really cannot blame your younger brother… he is just a child, and it is something that had always bothered him. He always thought that he couldn’t be compared to you in our hearts…” Qin Yining spoke like this again. 

Shi Hao could feel that the father and mother loved that younger brother of his greatly. They continuously explained out of fear that they wouldn’t get along.

“Father, mother, I know that no matter what, he is my dear little brother, a close family member,” Shi Hao said softly so they wouldn’t have to say anymore. 

The two of them nodded. They pulled on his hand and continuously talked about the past. 

Two years ago, news of the great battle of the two Stones left every region greatly shaken. Qin Hao unexpectedly found out that his older brother had not died, and as a result began to compare himself to Shi Hao. 

If such a powerful older brother whose power shook the world returned, how would his parents feel? This was something that had weighed on his mind ever since he was little. He wanted to compare himself to his older brother.

The battle of two Stones lasted for an extremely long time. Shi Ziling and his wife would occasionally receive information that their weak older son was actually still alive and became so outstanding, overlooking all of his peers. They immediately shed great tears of joy. 

It was also that day when they noticed the bit of pain within Qin Hao’s heart. 

“Child, you don’t understand how happy we were when we found out that you were still alive. It was as if we didn’t feel any regrets anymore.” Qin Yining was his mother. She wanted to say something, but she could only cry and laugh at the same time. 

The fight two years ago shook everything under the heavens. The little Stone’s name rang through all directions, and even the mysterious region knew of his existence. The married couple felt guilty but proud at the same time. That was their child, who, even without relying on them, rose up to greatness and made his name shake the world on his own!

Unfortunately, after that battle, the little Stone directly disappeared. Only after vanishing for two years did he reappear. 

“I loathe Immortal Mountain!” Shi Ziling said while frowning. 

It was because based on what he said, even Shi Yi’s growth was due to some of the Immortal Mountain’s involvement, hiddenly providing resources through Demonic Spirit Lake. It was all for the sake of plucking his precious bone when he matured. 

Unfortunately, something unexpected happened. The battle between two Stones took place in the Void God Realm. Even when Qin Clan sent people over, they still weren’t the two youths’ opponents. 

However, they knew where Shi Yi’s real body was. It was hidden with Demonic Spirit Lake, so when the battle ended and he died, Qin Clansmen immediately made the move to seize his body. 

What left them feeling regret and apprehension was that the undying legend, that gray clad woman reappeared. She was completely unrivalled, and no one could stop her as she brought Shi Yi’s flesh away, leaving their plans to pluck this great medicine useless. 

Shi Hao frowned. No wonder Qin Clan tried to rope him in and felt such apprehension, as well as worry and fear. There were actually so many secrets they were hiding. The first was the defeat of his mother’s bloodline in the higher realms, and that they were trapped here. The second was that when he was at his last gasp, Qin Clan coldly refused to help, cruelly telling his parents that they definitely wouldn’t waste a holy medicine. The third was that for the sake of plucking a great medicine, they even assisted Shi Yi in his growth. With all of these things happening in succession, how could Immortal Mountain not feel any worry? They feared that he would find out everything after meeting his mother and father. 

“Something is strange…” The little pagoda said to itself. It stared at the altar here continuously. It clearly felt a supreme being’s aura. 

“Is this the first step in artificially producing a young supreme being?” It was incomparably shocked. 

What exactly was the Qin Clan’s supreme being rebirth plan trying to accomplish? It seemed to need the assistance of people like  Qin Hao and Shi Hao. It had long heard about these matters. 

Its words interrupted the family of three. 

He immediately thought of his grandfather and felt a wave of urgency. He wanted to understand the truth. He was extremely worried, because his grandfather paid so much for his sake. 

When Grandpa Fifteen was mentioned, Shi Ziling and his wife were both furious as well. 

The old man brought A’man to Immortal Mountain, and after expressing his purpose, he was guided here. When he found out that the married couple was imprisoned, he erupted with fury. 

He wanted to save his son and his wife, but he wasn’t an opponent for a supreme expert in the end. He was beaten until he coughed out blood. The great hero, Great Demonic God, was humiliated here. Blood continuously left his mouth. 

“Qin Clan, Immortal Mountain!” Shi Hao roared with incomparable anger. Even though he had already killed Qin Zhan, there was still a great anger within him. 

“Don’t worry. In a bit, we’ll rob Immortal Mountain’s treasury clean without leaving behind a single thing as compensation. Then, we can slaughter our way into the higher realms.” The little pagoda urged. 

“Did grandfather and A’man really enter the higher realms?” Shi Hao asked. He was feeling greatly restless inwardly. 

Shi Ziling nodded. That time, he called over Qin Hao, because regardless, the second son received quite a bit of affection from the Immortal Mountain’s old ancestors and could make many things happen. 

That day, Shi Ziling warned Qin Hao again and again that the Great Demonic God was his own grandfather, and that he definitely had to think of a way to save him. He had to help his grandfather and A’Man into the transport formation so that they could escape. 

Qin Hao ended up accomplishing this task, but he unexpectedly sent them into an ancient formation, and after it was activated, it actually led into the higher realms. 

“This…” Shi Hao was left speechless. 

“Child, learning that you were still alive was the happiest thing for us. We had never felt so blessed before!” Qin Yining smiled as tears flowed down her face.

“My child, despite losing the supreme being bone, still rose up to greatness. He can overlook the world under the heavens and show disdain to those around him. He is truly is someone who dazzles the past and present!” Shi Ziling was extremely proud of Shi Hao, forcefully patting his hand down on Shi Hao’s shoulder. 

Not far away, a youth stood there while looking at them. He wore silver battle clothes and flowed with divine aura. In his hands was a silver spear. He was completely quiet. 

“Child, hurry up and come over. This is your older brother, your dear elder brother!” Qin Yining noticed her second son. She wiped her tears away and called out to him. 

“Child, hurry over, our family has finally been reunited!” Shi Ziling also said. 

Qin Hao walked over. His silver battle clothes shone, making him look extremely unordinary. Even though his face was young and tender, he still had the appearance of a young divine child. His entire body was shining. 

Only, he was a bit quiet. He looked at Shi Hao, then he looked at his parents. He clearly heard the words they just spoke. 

Shi Hao had experienced many hardships, which made him mature much earlier. When he saw his younger brother, he understood that he was still a child in the end, and was still a bit tender. Did he feel like Shi Hao was taking his place in his parents’ heart?

“Little brother, regardless, we are the closest family members. In the future, no matter what, we are still close brothers. I will take care of you.” Shi Hao spoke while full of emotions.

“I don’t need it. I will become the most powerful person in this world!” Qin Hao said. 

“Good, little brother will become the most powerful person, so just take care of your older brother then.” Shi Hao smiled and said. 

If the rest of the world saw that Shi Hao, the little Stone who had always looked down on those around him spoke these words, they would definitely be astonished and refuse to believe such a thing. 

“Yi, something’s wrong. There’s a powerful aura closing in. Who is this?!” The little pagoda was suddenly shaken. 

In the distance, the undying existence’s golden wings covered the skies. Golden multicolored light flourished, crushing the boundless world with its pressure. He was like an unmatched demonic sovereign. 

Five Phase Mountain continuously attacked, but it was still too difficult for it to suppress him. 

Right at that moment, a tremendous wave of aura suddenly emerged. It was terrifying to the extreme. Immortal Mountain was shaken, and the entire mysterious region was affected. There was definitely an inconceivable existence who was about to descend. 

“Immortal heavenly deity, are you going to forcefully enter the lower realm? Have you gotten anxious?” The little pagoda asked with great shock. 

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