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Chapter 500 - Meeting Father and Mother

Shi Hao added this on his own initiative. This represented his attitude on this subject. When he saw that restricted space, his emotions escalated. He urgently wished to break through that place and meet his parents. 

The little pagoda swayed gently, and an expanse of multicolored light scattered down, opening a path into that divine formation. It released a halo of light that wrapped itself around Shi Hao as he entered the formation. 

This place was refined and elegant. There was an azure lake, some ancient buildings, as well as a bamboo forest. The spiritual essence here was extremely rich, almost to the extent of liquefying. 

“The composition is just like a corner of the Martial Imperial Manor!” Shi Hao looked into the depths of this place. There were a few houses there that were built in the style of his childhood. 

“Wait, there is something strange there!” The little pagoda said softly. There were other symbols hidden within the depths of this formation. The innermost region was especially unique. 

“Today, you already broke the seal and released that existence, yet you still want to come here? I will not allow you to do as you wish!” Five Phase Mountain’s divine will fluctuated outwards. It was full of anger.

“Stingy. We just wanted to bring two people away. Is there a need for something like this?” The little pagoda spoke rather indifferently. If it wanted to bring people away, would the other party be able to stop him?

The little pagoda suspended itself above Shi Hao’s head. Chaotic energy swirled about, and all of the formations were opened. As if he was travelling on level ground, Shi Hao quickly ran inside. 


A muffled sound rang through the air. Someone was trying to tear apart space with a sharp weapon, trying again and again. A husband and wife pair were incomparably anxious as they did everything they could to slice apart the void. 

Shi Hao could see them even while he was far away. His eyes immediately became blurry. They were his father and mother! After being separated for more than ten years, he was finally able to meet them again. 

They carried a dagger in their hands that was created from a void beast. It continuously hacked at the void in an attempt to leave this place. However, they failed again and again. Their spirits were drained and their strength exhausted, but they continued. 

“Father, mother!” Shi Hao shouted loudly. 

He waited for so long. They had only met in his dreams, yet today, they were finally going to be reunited. He saw those familiar figures. 

He couldn’t forget it. During the battle of Stone Capital in the past, Shi Ziling unleashed a great massacre for his sake. The golden spear angrily slaughtered the evildoers, and he left the familial clan with resentment. 

He also recalled that his mother brought him far into the western border. It was unknown just how many tens of thousands of li the husband and wife travelled. They suffered attacks again and again, receiving heavy injuries. 

It was as if it was only yesterday when his parents carried his infantile self, their faces filled with unwillingness as they caressed his weak body. They wanted to help him continue living. 

However, they didn’t have any way to do so. They searched everywhere and eventually found Stone Clan’s ancestral land. They wanted to save him, but they were left with incomparable despair. The two couldn’t help but weep in dejection. 

In the end, they had no choice but to head for the great Archaic Divine Mountains. Even though they were putting themselves in great danger and might die at any time, the two did not turn back and went to beg for medicine. However, even that was useless. Filled with despair, they entered the mysterious region.


When the husband and wife saw him, their voices began to tremble. 

They felt as if they were dreaming. Even though more than ten years had passed, they were still sure that this person was their son. This was the child from back then, the baby they left in the wasteland region. Now, he had grown up. 

Immediately, both individuals began to tremble. They opened their mouths, but they couldn’t speak a single complete sentence.

During all these years, the fact that they might never meet again constantly weighed heavily on their minds. This was a tremendous type of suffering. The husband and wife shouted out loudly and rushed forward. 

This was their child! He had pointed his sword at a deity just now and looked down on the Qin Clan. He unleashed slaughter in all directions, all for the sake of meeting them!

The child who had suffered great misfortune had grown so big now. He was now a brilliant youth that could overlook all of his peers. This left them absolutely overwhelmed with emotions. Even though they had smiles on their faces, tears continued to flow down their cheeks. 

So many years had passed, and all types of numerous and complicated events had taken place. It was difficult for them to leave the valley, but today, they met again, and they were finally consoled. However, deep down inside, guilt, regret, shame, and other similar emotions broke out. 

At this moment, their hearts were trembling. They were full of emotions, and tears continuously fell. They cried out that name. Joy, guilt, and all types of complicated emotions filled their minds. 

The two individuals almost stumbled as they quickly hurried over. 

“Father, mother…” Tears fell from Shi Hao’s eyes. During these years, he emerged from the great wastelands alone. He forged his own great reputation, carving out a path full of laughter and anger, but he never felt this type of sadness before. 

Ever since his childhood, he rarely cried. When he grew up, they became even more rare. However, at this moment, tears blurred his vision. He had already awaited this day for an extremely long time. 

“Child, that is my child!” Tears flew down continuously from Qin Yining’s face. 

Shi Hao wiped away his tears and rushed forward. 

The little pagoda shook, and the formations at all sides shattered, becoming a level path for him to move through. However, it still felt a strange feeling. There was an altar that was rather bizarre. 

With the little pagoda there, there was no need to worry about anything. It suspended itself in midair, protecting him from everything. 

With stumbling footsteps and a face full of tears, Shi Ziling and his wife rushed forward. There was a flame raging within their hearts that was hard to suppress. 

“Are you really my Hao’er…” Even though he found it hard to believe, he still couldn’t help but ask with a trembling voice. Qin Yining gently caressed Shi Hao’s face while staring at him foolishly. Tears continuously streamed down her face. 

Even Shi Ziling’s valiant face was releasing tears. His breathing was rough, and as he grabbed Shi Hao’s shoulders, he laughed loudly, but tears still fell. At this moment, they were feeling great joy, as well as sorrow. All types of emotions existed at the same time. 

“It’s me!” Shi Hao shouted loudly. He allowed the tears to flow freely as he loudly called out to his father and mother. 

Qin Yining grabbed him into her embrace and burst into tears, unable to hold herself back any longer. She had missed him for so long, and now, she allowed all of it out. During all these years, she often woke from her dreams only to find tears by her pillow. 

Shi Ziling also embraced his family members. He didn’t say anything and only did his best to suppress his emotions. As the father, he was supposed to be like a great mountain that protected his children. He did not want his child to see his weak side. 

The family of three were finally meeting face to face. There were too many things they wanted to say, but they found it hard to say anything immediately. Joy and stirring emotions filled their hearts. 

Qin Yining stroked Shi Hao’s face again and again. When she looked at him and then thought of his appearance when he was little, she felt a wave of sadness, a wave of happiness, a wave of tears, a wave of laughter, as well as a wave of disappointment. 

Shi Ziling continuously patted his shoulders, feeling great happiness that he had this type of child. He couldn’t help but laugh out loudly, but unknowingly, tears appeared in his eyes again. He hurriedly turned around and wiped them away with his back facing Shi Hao. 

“My child has suffered during these years… mom and dad have let you down…” Qin Yining said as she weeped.

The moment they met each other, the bit of sourness and bitterness inside his heart had already disappeared. He could feel his parents’ love. These emotions weren’t things that time or distance could cut apart. 

Even though they were separated by two great regions, and even though they hadn’t met for so many years, the moment they rushed towards each other, all of the distance between them had disappeared. There were only moving emotions. 

“Mother, father, I never blamed you two. I only longed to see you…” Shi Hao spoke. Since he was young, he always saw that other children had fathers and mothers. He was dejected at the fact that he was alone. When he grew up, he always swept through his enemies alone, but deep down inside, he still had a bit of softness. Now that he met them again today, he was deeply moved. 

The married couple happily shed tears, smiling while experiencing great emotions when they thought about how they didn’t take care of Shi Hao after all these years. Their guilt and regret all gushed outwards. 

“Child, all wrongs rests on our bodies…” Qin Yining weeped. 

Back then, with their cultivation levels, it was simply impossible to contend against supreme experts. In the Archaic Divine Mountains, there was naturally no chance of them receiving a holy medicine. They could only travel through the great wastelands and enter the mysterious region’s Immortal Mountain. 

Along the way, they were close to dying many times. It was because Shi Ziling had been gravely injured while bringing Shi Hao out of Stone Country Capital. 

Meanwhile, Shi Hao’s mother Qin Yining had been internally injured a long time ago. Her cultivation had suffered damage previously. 

As for her internal injury, Shi Hao had heard about some of it from the mother of Lightning Clan’s young miss. Qin Yining came from outside the wasteland region. She was gaining experience in the wasteland region, but she was plotted against by others. Her cultivation was almost completely ruined, but later on, she encountered Shi Ziling. They developed feelings for each other, and eventually, they came together and became a married couple. 

When Shi Ziling and his wife arrived at the Immortal Mountain, they were immediately imprisoned. He later found out that Qin Yining’s injuries were related to Qin Clan’s people. 

Shi Ziling had also guessed at the fact that his wife’s background might be astonishing. He found out that the Immortal Mountain was an intermediary between the lower and higher realms, and that the struggles involved the higher realms and extended into the eight regions’ entrapment. 

Qin Yining didn’t talk about it in depth, and it wasn’t easy for him to ask about it. 

The child the two gave birth to actually produced a supreme being bone. When news of that reached the Immortal Mountain, it left them greatly shocked and created huge controversy. Regardless of whether there was a dispute before or not, or if it involved the clansmen in the higher realms, this matter was important. 

However, the supreme being bone had been gouged out, so there was nothing they could do. It was hard to retrieve and impossible to replace. 

In addition, when news arrived that those of Qin Yining’s bloodline in the higher realms were defeated, this matter became even less important. In the end, no one paid much attention to the child that had lost his supreme being bone. 

However, they watched Shi Yi carefully. The lower realm Immortal Mountain decided that when he matured, they would ‘pluck’ him back. They couldn’t leave him outside the Immortal Mountain. 

Shi Ziling and his wife were unwilling. He pleaded bitterly to return to Stone Village to deliver holy medicine so that he could treat his pitiful child. 

Unfortunately, the elders of the Immortal Mountain were extremely cold. They didn’t agree to his request and said that doing something like that would only be a waste and that it wouldn’t be able to save the life of a dying child. Those words dealt a heavy blow to the married couple, leaving them greatly wounded inwardly. 

Afterwards, they were imprisoned within the valley and not allowed to leave. 

However, things turned for the better. The higher realms wanted to carry out a supreme being rebirth project. They wanted them to give birth again, because their first child had been a natural born supreme being. 

Normally speaking, if they had another child and hoped for another supreme being, the chances of success weren’t that great, but there was hope. There were similar accounts of such a thing in the ancient texts, and even if it didn’t succeed, the second child’s bloodline still wouldn’t be ordinary. 

Of course, the main reason for them obtaining this information was that the higher realms’ Qin Clan was earnestly researching this topic. They began to deduce various things, and afterwards, they sent people down to deliver a mysterious piece of heavenly bone. 

In addition, there were all types of precious medicines as well, as well as many secret recipes. 

However, this was classified as a first level secret, fearing that others in the higher realms would learn about it. They purposely carried this out in the lower realms. 

The Qin Clan made it quite clear that if they produced a second child, there was a high chance that they would use this as a pretext to rescue the first child. They would use the powerful essence blood to nourish the frail crippled child. 

They also stated that not even holy medicines can save Shi Hao. Only powerful and similar essence blood was enough. 

Inside the couple’s hearts, there was only Shi Hao. As long as he could continue living, they could endure anything. They were even willing to use the second child to save the first one. 

However, the Qin Clan went back on their word. They didn’t allow them to leave and ignored their pleas. 

“My child, your mother has let you down. Only after threatening with death did we get the clansmen to agree to bring us to Stone Village to find you…” Qin Yining quietly shed tears. They thought of many things from the past, filling them with regret and misery. 

When she and Shi Ziling returned to Stone Village, they were completely devastated. They only saw desolate and barren ruins that extended hundreds of thousands of li. It had long been purged with nothing remaining. 

It was to the point where there wasn’t even an insect alive. 

At that moment, all of their hopes had been turned to dust. 

Shi Hao continued to shed tears. He knew that the chaos must have been caused by the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow and Qiong Qi while fighting over the mountain treasure, and that was why they missed this chance. 

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