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Chapter 499 - Various Karma Added

This existence was too terrifying. The sun and moon’s splendor were devoured, and the fundamental essence of the world was absorbed. A vortex of spiritual force was created, and everything entered his body like a black hole. 

This was especially the case when he opened his mouth. A crazy hole where spiritual essence from all directions swirled and madly rushed towards appeared. It was as if this person was going to suck this entire region dry in one go!

His body was dried and withered, yet it was actually this terrifying. It devoured everything. Endless foundational essence surged, but it wasn’t enough for him to absorb at all. 

As a result, everyone in the mysterious region was able to see a terrifying irregularity occur in the world. It was clearly daytime, yet the stars could be brilliantly seen in the clear sky, as if they were quite close to the earth. 

Every single star released a beam of light downwards, covering the sky with their light like a divine waterfall. It was an absolutely magnificent and terrifying sight! All of it entered the body of a single person. 

When would a scene like this ever appear normally?

Heaven and earth were clear and bright, and the blue sky seemed like it was being washed through. However, the stars in the sky all appeared, and stellar force converged towards the Immortal Mountain. This left everyone shaken. 

There were times when this strange phenomenon appeared. However, as soon as it appeared, there would definitely be a matchless, heaven deying demon who would descend into this world. A great heaven-overflowing disaster was inevitable. 

This shocked the entire world!

The mysterious region was greatly shaken. Everyone in this great region was experiencing great fear. They didn’t know what exactly was happening in Immortal Mountain, but they knew that was where the cascade of stellar force headed. 


The little pagoda collided with Five Phase Mountain again. All types of natural laws flickered before disappearing again. There was a type of ancient force between the two individuals that became more and more terrifying. 

Sparkling and translucent light flickered. The little pagoda tore through the air, and at a location a bit farther away, it swayed. A confrontation on this level affected it greatly, and it was easy for its body to be injured here. 

This was, after all, the Five Phase Mountain, a natural, innate existence. It was a supreme treasure that was produced within the primal chaos!

Similarly, Five Phase Mountain was rather apprehensive. A single mishap would produce a huge problem. Its mountain body would suffer damage, and its natural laws might be erased. 

Once an existence of this level was injured, it needed an immense amount of heavenly treasures to nourish and recover itself. It would become extremely troublesome. 


Five Phase Mountain had no choice but to take action. After the loud explosion between the little pagoda and itself, it quickly produced a hazy stream of energy. It appeared above the mountain body and directly suppressed over. 

This time, cracks appeared everywhere in the air. The natural laws surrounded this place, and it was as if heaven and earth were being reopened. If it didn’t do its best to control the surroundings, this world would have been in deep trouble!


Five Phase Mountain descended, causing that creature to stagger and almost fall. His core, however, was not injured. He quickly steadied himself and stared out with a flickering gaze. 

Many people’s expressions changed. How powerful was this energy? To use physical power to confront Five Phase Mountain, it was even more terrifying than legends! If they didn’t see it for themselves, it would have been hard for them to believe that such a thing happened. 

The individual below separated his arms, and then formed a type of fist imprint. He fixed himself into the space around him and carried out protection. In that instant, it was as if the the power of this entire world was extinguished. 

“I’ll take a few more hits in your place!” The little pagoda spoke. The individual had just broken free and needed time to absorb foundational essence to recover his body. Right now, he was still in a rather weak state. 

Immediately, chaotic sword energy swept outwards. Five element dao radiance erupted, covering this place in a haze and turning it into an area of annihilation. 

Fortunately, their boundless divine might surrounded this place, not allowing the shockwaves to extend outwards. They were focused on this great battle and didn’t waste the slightest bit of energy. 

Shi Hao silently tried to gain experience as he watched this battle. This was a rare opportunity. He was able to personally feel the dao traces of many natural laws. Even if he couldn’t thoroughly comprehend it, he could still use it to guide himself onto a path. 

Around the body of the existence below, the five element chains continuously trembled. He pulled them until they were perfectly straight and about to break. At the same time, he began to devour heavenly essence from all directions again. 

Brilliant stars filled the clear sky, a rare scene regardless of era! Only the skies remained bright, casting down light from above. All else below the skies were dim, lacking any extraneous starlight to waste and all entering Immortal Mountain.

Qin Clan’s people were shaking. It was almost within reach! They were in a world of darkness, and all of the light was seized away. Even though the withered figure at the center was small and weak, he appeared incredibly terrifying. All of this power converged straight towards him. 

This figure was clearly skinny and shriveled, yet it gave others the feeling of a great mountain that was exerting a greater and greater pressure that made it hard to gaze upon. 

He was full of power. A pair of golden pupils turned into two golden suns, as if they were going to tear apart the heavens and gaze into the higher realms. They were full of war intent; this was definitely an unmatched expert. 

He was extremely quiet, not speaking a single word this entire time. He never released a roar as he tried to break free from this imprisonment. 

Ten clashes of power erupted. The little pagoda’s natural laws were like a sea, and his dao skills were fully displayed as he fought against Five Phase Mountain. The two had encountered each other endless years ago within the primal chaos, fully aware of how formidable the other party was. 

This battle left everyone absent-minded and dazzled. The symbols engraved into space were exceptionally beautiful, complex to the point where even supreme experts were left confused and dizzy. They couldn’t even comprehend them. 

“If you release this great disaster, there can’t be any good relations between us anymore. There will inevitably be a great war!” Five Phase Mountain transmitted sound, containing a dignified tone, a type of warning, as well as a type of helplessness. 

“If there’s a war, so be it! Those of the higher realms are too carefree, having the time to even come down here in search of opportunities. Today, I will give them something to do.” The little pagoda said in an extremely cold tone.

These words frightened everyone. The ones he was talking about were actually the unrivalled giants in the higher realms, yet he dared to act like this, taking the initiative to release such a disaster into the higher realms!

Shi Hao tightly clenched his fists. His intentions were quite similar to the little pagoda’s. They descended during the great calamity and oppressed this world, leaving everyone feeling grief and indignation. He felt that this should exactly be how things are done. Only by unleashing chaos in the higher realms could they be considered to be fighting back. 

The little pagoda didn’t back off. The battle between the two of them became more and more intense. They all began to use their true flames to unleash a battle at the highest level. When that time came, heaven and earth might truly be overturned. 

“It’s not too late to back off now. We can pretend as if nothing happened today.” Five Phase Mountain transmitted sound. 

“Wait a bit longer, and then I’ll leave.” The little pagoda replied. 

“Fine, if you want to fight, then let’s fight to the end!” Five Phase Mountain was cold. Dao light increased sharply, and the space around it erupted with obliterative force. It was actually reopening heaven and earth!

“Who is scared of who?!” The little pagoda released a shout and moved up to face it head on. 

This was a great decisive battle. Five Phase Mountain released immortal natural dao laws and similarly looked for an opportunity to fly towards that existence. It dove down several times, and each time, it was as if the heavens were falling. 

This existence wouldn’t helplessly let himself get attacked. Freedom was right in front of his eyes. His golden pupils shone with incomparable brilliance. Without a word, he formed a precious imprint that slammed in opposition. 


Ear-splitting sounds could be heard. Even though his fist became dim and it was all skin and bones, it was incomparably firm. It could even stop a chaotic supreme treasure. 

The noise that was produced was like the divine sound of the great dao. This was a confrontation between chaotic magical artifacts. It seemed like a simple collision, but it contained the logic of heaven and earth and force of natural laws. 

“These types of methods…” Shi Hao’s heart was greatly moved. This individual had reached the pinnacle after all. Was this the peak of what the physical body can achieve? It could even resist a chaotic supreme treasure’s collision!

However, he could also see that the individual’s arms were convulsing, continuously dispersing the momentum of the attack. The individual was under tremendous pressure and it wasn’t that easy for him to defend himself. 

Shi Hao seemed to have comprehended something. He extended his hands out and slowly tried to study it. This was a type of physical strength, one that eternally embodied the world within himself. 

At this moment, he saw a path from that creature’s body. His body had reached the pinnacle, and he reflected the great dao. 

“No, he didn’t purely accomplish the dao in his physical flesh. The natural laws of the outside world are also involved, just that it isn’t as obvious.” Shi Hao carefully observed. 

He couldn’t thoroughly comprehend the numerous great dao symbols, but he could see the general direction it was headed in. It could provide him with limitless enlightenment and was greatly beneficial for his future cultivation. 

“No false external help and completely self-reliant. Even if the dao is extinguished, the body would exist forever. Is this the pinnacle of physical strength?” Shi Hao said softly. 

In that instant, he was able to gain deep comprehension. Even though he didn’t grasp the concrete technique or divine ability, it was as if a path was opened up to him, one that was waiting for him to enter. 


This immortal existence’s body was astonishing, but it wasn’t purely the physical body that incorporated the dao. His magical force and dao path were world-shaking as well. He began to move heaven and earth foundational energy around, making it resonate with himself to resist Five Phase Mountain. 

Even though he was locked down by the divine chains, he was still extremely powerful and didn’t suffer greatly. He continuously struggled to break apart these five element divine chains that were known to never decay. 

At this moment, hua la la sounds rang out. The chains began to shake, and the great earth cracked apart. They seemed like they were going to leave the earth. 

Now that they had reached this crucial point, the little pagoda took action again. He rushed towards Five Phase Mountain and tried to provide this individual with the time to break free. 


Heaven and earth opened and closed. Primal chaos was released. The ground began to collapse. The five element divine chains were connected to a dark red altar below. There were seemingly endless amounts of symbols carved on its surface, and they now emerged into the world. 

This individual exerted force, pulling the dark red altar above the ground. He bombarded it with attacks to destroy it. 

“Suppress and seal!”

Five Phase Mountains released sound. It was incomparably great, and endless dao light rushed into the heavens as it suppressed downwards. 

This attack was incomparably terrifying. Inexhaustible amounts of dao symbols covered this place. They were extremely resplendent and carried absolutely frightening fluctuations. 

The little pagoda rushed up to face and confront it. Then, he backed off. Multicolored light flickered as it retreated into the sky. 

“Why didn’t you take action?” Shi Hao asked. 

“Why should I take action? I never planned on fighting a decisive battle anyway. What needs to be done has pretty much been done. Letting those two fight should be enough.” He said. 

Shi Hao was speechless. He was a good-for-nothing after all. Not long ago, he made a solemn vow to fight a battle, yet now, it wasn’t going to let itself suffer a loss. 

The little pagoda laughed coldly and said, “I am different from him. By helping him free himself, this can also be considered a great kindness. If I continue fighting in his place and waste my magical power, then I would be suffering too many losses.”

Shi Hao curled his lips. He had truly felt that this fellow was going to fight a decisive battle, yet in the end, it was just going to watch the battle go on, not involving itself too greatly. 

“You should thank me. Otherwise, if it really would be like you said where all of the karma was placed on you, you would definitely die a cruel death, and there wouldn’t even be much we could do to delay that end,” said the little pagoda. 

“Now, we should just let this creature take everything on.” It added. 

The battle continued, only, the ones who were fighting changed. The little pagoda exited the battlefield and had a look of someone who didn’t want to brag about his accomplishments. 

Five Phase Mountain suppressed downwards. With a honglong sound, heaven and earth erupted with disorder. The aura was even more powerful than before as it suppressed towards that individual. 

At the same time, golden multicolored light filled the skies. The undying existence became different. Even though he was shrivelled up and withered-looking, endless divine radiance erupted from his back. Golden feathers rushed towards the heavens. 

Following a hong sound, the entire world seemed to be on the verge of collapse. 

Golden wings emerged from that creature's back. They seemed incomparably huge when compared to his physical body. They stretched into the heavens through the clouds endlessly, as if they could prop up the sky. 

This scene was utterly terrifying. His physical body didn’t change, but an enormous pair of golden wings was produced. They were even more vast than a mountain, and they directly scattered the clouds!

Golden mist surged, and the wings released extremely powerful fluctuations to resist Five Phase Mountain. 

“Terrifying!” Shi Hao was greatly shaken. 

Everyone else had long fallen weak onto the ground without the ability to move. This came from deep within their soul. It wasn’t something they could control, and as such, they were all trembling in fear. 

“Let’s go. We should start moving too and leave those two to their great battle. Let’s open Immortal Mountain’s treasury and reap our spoils,” said the little pagoda. 

It added, saying, “The karma this time will be added to your body.”

“We are saving my parents first!” Shi Hao said. He then added, “Add all of the karma onto me.”

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