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Chapter 498 - Undying Creature

This person was small and dried up, not giving off a bold or powerful appearance at all. It was as if his body was almost petrified. Only his hair was extremely long, and it covered his entire body like dried up yellow wild grass.

For all those years, he had been suppressed here, never allowed to see the light of day. His messy hair didn’t have any luster, and his body was abnormally thin and weak. It was completely different from the appearance of a matchless expert everyone was expecting. 

If not for the fact that there had always been a rumor, it would have been hard for those present to believe that the one suppressed under Five Phase Mountain was him. 

Divine chains of five elements, known as valuable treasures that were difficult to destroy and would not rust for tens of thousands of years, were firmly trapping this individual. Matchless profound mysteries and natural laws were carved on their surface by heavenly deities, making it near impossible for him to break free. 

Despite this, everyone from the Qin Clan were absolutely terrified. A chill ran down their bodies, and their hearts were full of endless dread as they trembled uncontrollably. 

This was especially true for those that were supreme experts or greater individuals that were involved in this affair. They knew the inside details and understood deeply just how terrifying that individual was. They suppressed him endless years ago, and it was unknown just how many people died in order to do so. 

In addition, it was extremely difficult to even kill him, or else they wouldn’t have sealed him here. They wanted to grind through his dao bones and refine his true soul, using the endless passage of time to gradually kill him. 

However, today, Five Phase Mountain was overturned by someone, allowing this existence to see the light of day again. This was definitely an absolute disaster. 

“Do you know what you have done?” Five Phase Mountain was furious. It flew over the distance. All five peaks stood side by side around this enormous entity. Chaotic energy descended like a divine waterfall. 

This was his original body. It was extremely majestic. It was born in the primal chaos before the world was formed, containing innate great dao traces within itself. As a result, it was powerful to the extreme. 

The world knew that the Immortal Mountain had the Five Phase Ring, one of the ancient era’s most powerful magical artifacts that could oppress the eight regions with its power. 

Only the founder level figures knew that this Immortal Mountain’s most terrifying aspect was actually this mountain’s immortal land. It received the refinement of five elements and contained those elements’ dao roots. 

That Five Phase Ring was nothing more than what the ancient people used to imitate the mountain. They grinded and carved dao patterns onto this weapon at the cost of untold hardships and tribulations. Later on, it became one of the most powerful heavenly weapons in existence. 

However, when compared to the actual Five Phase Mountain, it could only be considered an imitation. After all, the heaven and earth dao traces were all produced due to this mountain. 

Five Phase Mountain descended again in an attempt to suppress this individual again and return to its original position. 

High in the clouds, the little pagoda shone. With a sway, streaks of sword energy descended. Even though its physical form was a pagoda, the chaotic sword energy that was released possessed matchless offensive power!


Streak after streak of sword radiance flew over, seemingly dividing the world as it did so. It was unknown just how long these beautiful and astonishing streaks of light were. It made the hearts of every cultivator in this region beat ferociously, and they all felt as if they were suffocating. 

As Five Phase Mountain descended, its body also illuminated. Five streaks of energy swirled about, forming the most simple type of great dao traces. They then turned into dazzling symbols that looked like interweaving rivers of stars. 

This strike made those from all sides tremble. This great earth was covered in a terrifying aura, leaving all creatures terrified and trembling in fear. They all felt a great horror inside. 

However, these two magical artifacts both seized the natural force of heaven and earth. In this direct confrontation, they definitely controlled all of the energy without wasting a bit. Even though their auras were rippling outwards, they didn’t wreak havoc everywhere. 

Qin Clan’s people were so close, yet not a single person exploded. Only, in front of this type of might, they fell weakly onto the ground without the strength to move. 

This was a fear that originated from the innermost part of one’s mind. This was just like how ancient natives would continuously kowtow before great totems. 

Shi Hao wasn’t affected as much, because he was inside the gentle halo of primal chaos the little pagoda placed around him. He was also high in the sky and not at the center of the battlefield. 


The little pagoda shone, and all types of symbols appeared on its fine white jade-like surface. They originated from the Suan Ni, great Peng, Taotie, and others. Everything that you could think of was there. Tens of thousands of true spirits were engraved on top and filled with incomparable magic force. 

When this type of energy was released, heaven and earth began to shake. It was as if endless heavenly ranked archaic divine birds and vicious beasts had revived and took form once again in this world. 

This wasn’t all. There were also numerous stars that flickered about and released hazy chaotic energy.

The little pagoda attacked with full force, displaying the natural laws of a great supreme dao without holding anything back. If it was careless in the slightest, this entire place would have been sunken. 

Five Phase Mountain was greatly shaken. It felt a tremendous amount of killing intent, as well as a feeling that even the heavens might collapse onto itself. He had no choice but to do everything he could to defend himself. 

Following a weng sound, the five elements birthed each other and swirled into one to form a great dao. The five types of symbols represented the core of all living things, and right now, they locked down this place. 

At that moment, five types of divine multicolored light rushed into the heavens. It was going to restrict the void and seal the little pagoda there. 

“Aren’t you underestimating me a bit too much? You want to trap me?” The little pagoda sneered. It swayed gently, and a Taotie pounced out, devouring everything. In addition, symbols emerged one after another and tore apart the void. 

On the pagoda’s body, all types of heavenly ranked divine birds and vicious beasts appeared. Great chaos erupted, and the five elements were trampled upon. That incredible natural dao law was being destroyed!

Of course, the most terrifying part was the various mysterious symbols that emerged around the little pagoda’s body. They cracked apart heaven and earth, disturbing the five elements and destroying the restrictive force. 

A dang sound rang out. The little pagoda rushed down and once again collided with Five Phase Mountain. All types of symbols interweaved between the two of them, creating an intense collision. Symbols continuously emerged and vanished. 

Those were true supreme profound mysteries clashing against each other. Divine chains of order poured down like a waterfall, smashing into each other as they did so. After hacking out, they were then destroyed again. 

This type of might was absolutely incredible. If it was allowed to explode, it would definitely blast down the stars above the heavens. Both sides possessed the most powerful force of natural laws. 

Following a soundless collision, the little pagoda flew backwards. It gently swayed back and forth as if it was intoxicated, and it began to have trouble controlling its chaotic energy. It wreaked havoc around it; it was clear that it had suffered great damage. 

This was true for Five Phase Mountain as well. It was also blasted flying, entering the heavens and into the horizon. It shook back and forth, finding it difficult to steady its original form. 

“Why aren’t you breaking out yet? Don’t tell me that you were already suppressed to death?” The little pagoda asked. 

It wasn’t the only one that was wondering this. Even Shi Hao and the other Qin Clansmen couldn’t understand why the person suppressed under Five Phase Mountain didn’t move at all. He laid flat on the ground without making the slightest sound. 

Even Five Phase Mountain was a bit astonished. During all these years, it did not involve itself in any of Qin Clan’s matters and laid dormant here to suppress this person. 

It was because it was scared of this individual escaping. The consequences of such a thing would be absolutely tremendous. As a result, Five Phase Mountain almost never left the ground. 

Since the ancient times, it had only awakened a few times. Unless the Qin Clan’s foundation was at risk of being destroyed, it would always remain silent. 

Suppressing this individual was its most important task. 

“Were my efforts in vain? Could he have died already?” The little pagoda was clearly feeling as if its actions were not worth it. The battle this time didn’t bring back any returns, while he developed significant enmity with the other party. He naturally suffered quite a loss here. 


Without any hesitation, it released a streak of chaotic sword energy towards the individual on the ground. 

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, that sword energy released an ear-splitting keng qiang sound that rang through the air, as if it struck metal. Everyone had petrified expressions on their faces. They simply couldn’t believe what was going on. 

Only a single lock of that creature’s yellow grass-like hair was sliced off. Its dried and withered flesh was unharmed, not being hacked apart at all. This did not make any sense! It left everyone absolutely horrified. 

The level of hardness was simply unimaginable!

A wave of mysterious energy emerged. The body on the ground moved a bit. Everyone present felt as if their hearts had shot up to their throats! He actually didn’t die!

In the distance, Five Phase Mountain quickly arrived. It crossed the distance and released its annihilating power to try and suppress it again. 

“He really didn’t die in the end. I knew that he was hard to kill. However, if he still didn’t move, my most powerful chaotic sword radiance would have hacked down on him.” The little pagoda quietly said. 

It then erupted with power again, rushing towards Five Phase Mountain to stop its descent. 

“You’ve gone mad! By freeing him, there will inevitably be a great calamity and chaos released upon this world!” Five Phase Mountain’s imposing and downcast voice carried a hint of anxiousness. 

It had been created inside the primal chaos and was born with innate power. It was branded with the world’s imprint, which made it ridiculously powerful, yet today, it actually had to assume this type of attitude. It was enough to show just how terrifying this individual was. 

“Why do I care? Better off releasing him into the higher realms and let some people feel some pain! Hah!” At that moment, the little pagoda’s words were rather crass, as if it couldn’t care less. It actually displayed this type of attitude. 

“Back then, it wasn’t a single person that took action to suppress him. By doing something like this, aren’t you scared that you’ll make many enemies?” Five Phase Mountain asked. 

At the same time, the two clashed again. They faced off in an incredibly intense battle. At this level, a single streak of symbols or a single divine chain of order could collapse the heavens. A battle between such powerful individuals was an utterly terrifying event. 

However, they restricted their power so that it didn’t affect the other creatures. They only fought among themselves. 

“Not scared. Back then, those people tried to take action against me as well. There will be a battle between us sooner or later anyway!” The little pagoda said in an extremely cold tone. It was planning to release great disaster into the higher realms. 

Previously, it had only had its own suspicions and didn’t know for sure whether that ‘disaster’ was sealed here. Before, it had even thought that it might be a trap. 


Another streak of chaotic sword energy shot down, landing on the body of the individual below. Sparks flew everywhere, and resounding metallic sounds rang through the air. It was shocking to an unbelievable level. 


At this moment, a wave of terrifying aura emerged within heaven and earth. He finally revived, awakening from his slumber. 

It was clear that he used a type of secret method to seal the spiritual essence within himself and prevent it from leaving his body. He used this to fight back against the vicious attacks of time. 

Despite doing so, it still used energy, just that it was lowered to the minimal amount. He was able to stay alive and not pass away after all this time!

After the passage of endless years, he had long become as thin as a match. His figure was small and withered, appearing incomparably frail and weak. However, after this revival and true awakening, everything became different.

Under the disordered hair that was like wild grass, a pair of golden pupils shone. This immediately caused many people from the Qin Clan to cry out loudly. It was as if they were facing a hundred suns, and all of them closed their eyes. Blood flowed from the corners of their eyes, and they no longer dared to look straight at him. 

Ka cha

The sound of divine chains cracking rang through the air. This individual sat down. He looked at the sky, and then at the great earth, not releasing a single sound during this entire process. His eyes then swept towards the little pagoda and Five Phase Mountain. 

“Suppress!” Five Phase Mountain’s entire body shone. The five-colored light could obliterate the great world, and at this moment, it completely descended to suppress that creature again. 


The little pagoda smashed over to blast it away. 

Down below, that individual finally stood up. He soundlessly opened his mouth, and then he took a deep breath. At this moment, this heaven and earth’s endless spiritual essence madly gathered. 

His eyes were like golden streaks of lightning and absolutely dazzling. He directly shot into the heavens. His small and withered body was like a bottomless pit as it devoured the heaven and earth essence from all directions. 

The essence of the sun and moon, foreign stars, and other places all poured over like a tide, gathering towards his mouth to replenish everything he had exhausted over the endless years. 

At this moment, the world seemed to have frozen still, and time seemed to have stopped. He was the only one that stood there, forming an eternal scene. 

The entire great region grew dim at that moment. Heaven and earth spiritual essence was gathered from the sun, moon, and stars, and time and space became distorted. Oceans of  essence were forcefully sucked into his mouth!

Everyone was overwhelmed with horror. A few ancient sects’ powerful giants knew that the heavens were going to be changed. A matchless existence had escaped an entrapment and was replenishing his foundational essence. A major event was inevitably going to happen!

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