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Chapter 489 - Sword to Suppress Supreme Expert

Shi Hao took steps outwards. The airflow around him exploded and rumbled like thunder. Spheres of light continuously bloomed. He formed a fist imprint, and as if he was a great sun heavenly deity, he sent it blasting towards Qin Fa!

This type of great power was created so easily. Qin Fa was forced to fly backwards, and he backed up again and again. 


The space here trembled. Shi Hao's fist quickly arrived. It was simple and direct as it slammed over. The fist changed from dark to bright, with dark light liberating itself into becoming golden in color; this was a fundamental change.

It was just too fast and impossible to avoid.

Qin Fa's hands overlapped. A milky white stream of innate essence emerged from his nose and mouth. Countless symbols flickered on his arms that rumbled with tremendous power. 

This was the dao skill of a supreme expert. Qin Fa used his arms to defend against Shi Hao's fist; this was the first true clash between the two individuals.

In addition, this wasn't simply some defensive measure. When his arms interweaved, a pair of roaring flood dragons appeared. They formed an enormous pair of silver shears. 

The silver shears were a divine ability that was known as dual flood dragon shears. When they interweaved, they would form two enormous interweaving flood dragons, and they could cut short many powerful weapons. 


The instant Shi Hao's fist approached, the dual flood dragon shears shone resplendently with silver light. They supported the force of the golden fish and released waves of draconic cries that shook heaven and earth. 

In that instant, dazzling light erupted between the two individuals. 

Shi Hao felt the true force of a supreme expert. This type of power swept over like an ocean, and the natural laws were as sharp as divine swords as they hacked down at his fist. 

Qin Fa was even more shaken. His eyes rapidly shrunk, and his arms lightly trembled. He was a supreme expert, yet his power was actually stopped. Those battle clothes were astonishing, enough to allow that youth to advance an entire cultivation realm and fight against him. 


Shi Hao's fist trembled. His golden palm and fingers erupted with golden light that gushed out like a volcano. The light was released in a beautiful yet also berserk manner. 

Qin Fa release a loud cry. The dual flood dragons that his arms produced were completely scattered, and a tremendous wave of power even struck against his chest. It was ferocious and difficult to block. 

He released a grunt, and his entire body shone. It was covered in formations. These were powerful symbols that had been engraved into his flesh, and they formed all types of killing formations. 

This fist was stopped, but Qin Fa still fell back and coughed out blood. The power of that fist was not completely neutralized, and it had entered the inside of his body. 

"So powerful!" Qin Fa was astonished. This was still just a youth in Formation Arrangement Realm! When the power of the dark golden battle clothes was eliminated, what laid beneath was his own power. 

This confrontation made Qin Fa clearly understand that after merging with the battle clothes, Shi Hao truly could fight against supreme experts. In addition, his original self was incredibly powerful, possessing endless strength. 


His two arms moved, and this area became covered in divine blades. This was the force of the powerful formation carved into his flesh. Three hundred and sixty-five swords instantly rushed out and hacked over. 

These were the natural laws of a supreme expert, where just a thought could collapse mountains and rivers. For divine swords like these, each one could hack down a king-level figure and destroy enormous mountains. 

Three hundred and sixty-five dao swords shone brilliantly as they arranged themselves. It was simply inconceivable!

At this moment, the sun and moon seemed to have faded, and the mountains and rivers lost color. There was only light from the three hundred and sixty-five dao swords in the sky. As they weaved about, it was as if the stars in the sky were smashing downwards. 

Shi Hao shouted loudly and spewed out a stream of light golden liquid. It contained a drop of his essence blood. Then, it evolved into the supreme sword dao, forming a stalk of grass. 


The seemingly weak and delicate stalk of grass split open heaven and earth. In just an instant, it released an everlasting power that surpassed the profoundness of a supreme expert. It was truly astonishing. 

In addition, it had the power of the imperishable battle clothes. Its supreme natural laws were raised to an even higher level, producing endless swords radiance. Finally, following the movement of Shi Hao's hand, it erupted with force and shot out. This was a sky connecting sword radiance, and it hacked down on everything. 

A white expanse of sword energy poured down like a flood. It wasn't just streaks, but instead an expanse that filled the sky as it directly descended. 

Violent collisions and terrifying clashes composed this intense duel of sword techniques. The sword intent that surged from the center of Shi Hao's mind was unmatched, and it stopped the sword formation that a supreme expert had refined for tens of years. 

Qin Fa's expression changed. This sword formation was engraved within his flesh, and it was the pinnacle reflection of its symbols. It was also one of the Immortal Mountain's extremely well-known offensive techniques. However, right now, it was suppressed, and by another sword intent that even exceeded the Immortal Mountain's.

Finally, the sword radiance completely exploded. The three-hundred and sixty five streaks of divine blades were all wiped out. They formed a stream of light before scattering in the sky.  

Shi Hao's sword energy was also stopped, but the drop of essence blood he spurted out still remained. It carried golden symbols within. It flew through the sky, and with a pu sound, it pierced through Qin Fa's arm. 

Bright-colored blood blossomed. Qin Fa was sent flying horizontally from the attack. Even though it was just a drop of blood, it contained tremendous force, as well as the imperishable sword intent. It almost made his arm and body shatter. 

With a pa sound, the sword formation in his body was wiped out, shattered by Shi Hao's drop of blood. The offensive technique that had been carved within his flesh for tens of years was destroyed. 

All of this happened extremely quickly. The two weaved about and attacked viciously. They were extremely fast, and after just a few clashes, this result was produced. 

When they separated again, Qin Fa brought out a jade container and poured out a golden pill that was the size of a dragon eye fruit that could alleviate his injuries. He revealed a serious expression. 

The little Stone was even more powerful than the rumors. It exceeded his expectations!

In this short period of time, they had exchanged several attacks, and it actually left the glorious supreme expert of this generation wounded. This was not just the feat of those battle clothes, but rather due to the little Stone being powerful enough. In addition, the sword intent he comprehended wasn't weaker than his own, to the extent where it was even more powerful. 

His predecessors passed down many miraculous methods and left behind many scriptures that were full of endless profound mysterious. However, those that truly comprehended them and reached the corresponding cultivation realm weren't many. 

Shi Hao was just a youth, yet he possessed such high achievements in the dao of the sword. As long as he possessed enough power, he could behead supreme experts. It was definitely not ordinary, and this made Qin Fa feel more and more terrified. 

He even thought that if the little Stone was given time, and he engraved enough symbols and formations in his flesh, entering the supreme expert realm was only a few years of effort away. 

"The younger generation will surpass us in time!" He could only cry out in astonishment. 

It was because the Supreme Expert Realm was different from the great cultivations realms before it. A fifteen or sixteen year old achieving this level was never heard of before in the lower realms. 

Even if one searched all the way back into the ancient times, it would be hard to find any examples. 

Was he going to surpass both those of the past and present? Qin Fa was greatly shaken. The little Stone was simply superhuman, and the potential he displayed was just too shocking. 

"Even in the higher realms, those with his aptitude would still be enough to greatly shake many, right?" He sighed softly. 

At the same time, when he recalled that Shi Hao still had the supreme being bone, his expression became even more astonished, and he found it hard to speak. 

"Where exactly is my grandfather? What exactly is going on?" Shi Hao's killing intent surged around him, and at this moment, his head of black hair was flying about. A biting cold war aura was proliferating in all directions. 

Even if there were formations protecting things all around, there were many mountain rocks and enormous trees that left the ground and flew about in midair, trembling with each word Shi Hao spoke. Then, they ultimately exploded.

"I have already said that he headed for the higher realms." Qin Fa said. 

"Hand over your life then!" Even if it was the Immortal Mountain, Shi Hao's killing intent still surged into the heavens, not feeling any fear. This time, he was truly angry. His grandfather had done so much for him, and he could not hold back his anger. 

From a certain perspective, this was the one thing he cared most about. Qin Fa was still trying to hide things even now, so he naturally surged with anger. 

At this moment, not only was there a blade of grass, a green aura flourished through this place that was full of vitality. Ten stalks of grass took root in the sky, and a powerful life force was displayed. 

Qin Fa was horrified, and he was shaking inside. He simply couldn't believe what he was seeing. This was prying into the great dao! It was clearly sword energy and an offensive technique, but right now, it was creating life and evolving the force of vitality. 

Even though the little Stone was in Formation Arrangement Realm, his understanding of the sword dao had long transcended beyond that. It even left the supreme expert stupefied and incomparably scared. 


Shi Hao shouted loudly, and several dozen stalks of grass swayed about. Then, dazzling sword intent erupted, and all of them hacked forward. 

After the decisive battle this time, Qin Fa's entire body became translucent, and all of the formations in his flesh were brought out and frantically stirred. Streak after streak of divine chains erupted outwards. 

He was like a giant spider that was forming a great web out of the natural laws. The entire sky was covered in divine chains, and he was at the very center of it all. 

This time, the great war was incredibly intense. Both sides were swaying, and all types of light danced about. Endless symbols erupted before fading out, and it was as if starry rivers were being formed between the two individuals. It was as if the sun had smashed into the great earth.

This place was completely covered in blinding and brilliant light!

In the end, Qin Fa released a muffled groan and flew outwards. His arms were broken, and the soles of his feet were shattered. Then, his body continuously cracked apart, and sword energy was continuously produced from his blood. 

He produced a total of thirteen swords, and each of them were enough to kill him once. They represented each of the thirteen formations on his body, and finally, his body seemed like it was about to crumble. 

Despite this being the case, his limbs were half crippled, with one arm and one leg broken. 

However, after reaching the Supreme Expert Realm, as long as there were enough precious medicines, it could slowly repair the flesh, so it wasn't that big of an issue. 

The most terrifying thing was that his body was injured at its core. The thirteen formations in his body had collapsed, making him almost drop out from the Supreme Expert Realm. Without several years of self-cultivation, he should forget about restoring them. 

The corners of Shi Hao's lips revealed a hint of blood. He wiped it away. This was clearly not a great hindrance. With a wave of his hand, Qin Fa was brought over. 

Then, a wave of cold killing intent pressed over. It directly pressed against the back of his head in a powerful and callous manner, ready to explode at any time. 

Shi Hao didn't turn around. He opened his ten heavenly passages and froze the space around this place. Qin Fa was then captured and tossed within one of the heavenly passages. He had many questions to ask him. 

Then, from where he was standing, he slowly turned around to meet those that came. 

There was a total of three people. There were two elders that wore magical robes. Their bodies were dim, but there was a strange type of divine might to them that made one's soul tremble. They were definitely powerful.

Next to these two was a youth. He looked to be twelve or thirteen, and his entire body was shining. Silver battle clothes covered his body. He possessed an indescribable amount of heroicness. 

He was tall in stature, and his eyes were like bright stars. He possessed a heroic appearance. There was a unique type of style to him, as if he was the child of the heavens. One could tell with a look that this was a young supreme being that would surpass the world of mortals. 

"Divine battle clothes!" Shi Hao was greatly shaken. The silver battle clothes this youth wore were definitely powerful. It flowed with the immeasurable force of a deity. 

It was precisely this youth that released the killing intent just now. He held a silver spear in his hand, pointing it towards the back of his head from the distance. 

Divine magical artifact. This was a silver spear forged by the divine. There was no other explanation. Otherwise, it wouldn't have made Shi Hao tremble inwardly like that. 

"Ever since I was young, it was Qin Fa that taught me how to read and write. You cannot kill him." The youth covered in silver brilliance spoke. He withdrew the silver spear. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything. He carefully looked at this youth. When he saw how outstanding he was, his great heroic spirit, and the familiar appearance, he was greatly shaken!

"Who are you?" He calmly asked. 

"Qin Hao!" The youth replied. The silver battle clothes made him appear aloof and extraordinary. His eyes contained confidence as he stood there confidently. 

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