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Chapter 488 - Little Stone's Anger

Five Phase Peak was ashy brown in appearance. Spiritual herbs could be seen everywhere, and strand after strand of spiritual essence swirled about. 

The valley only occupied a small region, and there was a divine formation protecting it. Shi Hao stood in front of, looking at the divine king's inscription, the heavenly deity's inscription, and many others. They covered the surface of an enormous stone. 

This was a secret place. There were many experts that came here. Some of them died in a seated posture, some were killed in battle, and others left for the higher realms. 

"It seems like there are many, but it has been accumulating since the archaic era. Many outstanding heroes have been buried under the passage of time," said the elder. His name was Qin Fa, and he has cultivated the dao for two hundred years. He had already been a supreme expert for several dozen years. 

Shi Hao nodded and chatted with him. He wanted to know when the valley was going to open up again and how long he had to wait for. The sky was already becoming dim, but there was no activity.

"It should be soon, two days at the latest. It will definitely open." Qin Fa said. 

Shi Hao felt the rich spiritual essence in this place. This was the case even outside the valley, so one could well imagine what it was like inside. Worldly spiritual essence would definitely roil like a sea, with its best parts sealed within by great formations. 

His parents were cultivating inside. Why didn't they come search for him? Shi Hao was a bit conflicted inwardly as he waited here in a rather depressed mood. 

"My father and mother have been here for more than ten years. Has everything gone well for them?" He tried to ask indirectly. 

"Quite well, but they were always worrying about you. Only, they were cultivating a miraculous divine ability, so it was difficult for them to leave this valley." Qin Fa smiled and said. 

Shi Hao became silent. Soon after, he shook his head and remembered what happened before. The Willow Deity opened up his sea of consciousness before, allowing him to see his memories from the past. At that time, for his sake, his parents fought a great war against the Martial King Manor, flipping the clan upside down. They cherished him so greatly and definitely wouldn't have ignored him like this. 

"You all trapped my parents here?!" Shi Hao opened his mouth, and his gaze became a bit forceful. 

He examined Qin Fa and said, "Don't tell me that you guided me here to imprison the later generation as well?"

Qin Fa laughed and said, "Dealing with you is rather easy. After coming to my Immortal Mountain, if we truly wanted to make things difficult for you, as soon as the great formations are opened, even gods and devils can be slaughtered."

After speaking up to this point, he asked Shi Hao to sit down. There was a stone table and stone chairs here. It was near the valley, and the smell of medicinal fragrances wafted through the air. It made this place feel heavenly and peaceful. 

"What do you think about this place? It really is a delicate and beautiful place. Cultivating here will allow your cultivation to quickly advance." Qin Fa said. 

"You really want to imprison me here?" Shi Hao coldly spoke. 

"No, we are trying to help you." Qin Fa shook his head and said, "You have to know that this world is imperfect. The natural laws are incomplete. If one continues to cultivate in such an environment, it would be greatly detrimental for them."

Shi Hao didn't say anything and calmly looked at him. 

"I want you to know that my Immortal Mountain is a place that seizes the natural force of this world. The great dao is not deficient in the valley, and the natural laws are perfectly intact. Cultivating here will allow your body to form a perfect dao core. In the future, you can then rise to the peak," Qin Fa said. 

He expressed that if Shi Hao was willing, the Qin family would enthusiastically help him, allowing him to cultivate here long term until he reached the peak. 

Shi Hao remained silent. Even if this place was wonderful, he didn't believe the Qin family really would treat him like this. You have to understand that there were intense conflicts between both sides. 

"Everything that happened before were just misunderstandings, so it isn't something we can't get over. You possess the supreme being bone, and you also have half our clan's bloodline, so how could we not nurture you?" Qin Fa smiled. 

"I cannot leave. As Stone Country's new emperor, there are things that I must take care of for now." Shi Hao was beating around the bush. 

"No matter. You might not know this, but right now, you already have a younger brother, and his talents are similarly outstanding and exceptional in this world. He is already thirteen years of age. If you cultivate here, you can have him take your place in Stone Country's Imperial Palace.

Shi Hao's eyes burned brightly as he looked at Qin Fa, but he didn't say anything. 

However, he found it hard to calm down inside. This wasn't the first time he heard this. Previously in Stone Capital, he had heard Qin Ling say that there was a young supreme being younger brother. 

And now, he heard about it again. His father and mother had another child. If they were imprisoned here and couldn't leave, then why did they want to release his younger brother?

Emotions were surging within his mind, and he found it hard to calm down. His mood was complex. He found it difficult to say a single thing for a long time. 

"One should fight together with his family. He is your own little brother, and his heavenly talents are truly frightening and enough to overlook this generation. With him representing your Stone Capital, what is there to be worried about?" Qin Fa said. 

For a long time, Shi Hao didn't say anything. He already seemed to be a bit distracted. He had a younger brother already, so during these years, did his parents even think about him?

Unknowingly why, he suddenly developed a sour and bitter feeling. He depended on himself for more than ten years, struggling as he rose up in the great wastelands, sweeping through all of his enemies. He had never enjoyed the warmth of his parents.

Yet now, a younger brother had suddenly appeared. He felt somewhat frustrated and at a loss. During these years, his parents had always protected his younger brother and never went to look for him. 

"I have a younger brother…" He said to himself. 

"Correct. He is talented, intelligent, and brave. If he goes to Stone Capital, he can definitely control everything. You need not worry." Qin Fa said. 

"Becoming the emperor of Stone Country, is this my little brother's own wish?" Shi Hao asked in a stupefied manner. 

"He has his own aspirations. His journey of cultivation was not always within the valley. He has also departed on a long term self-grinding journey before, and he wishes to mature in an even higher position to improve his understanding of the world's great dao," Qin Fa said. 

"Younger brother wants my position of emperor…" Shi Hao said to himself. He sank into a state of silence for a long time. 

"He doesn't want to steal your title of Emperor, and instead wishes that you can cultivate here, using this divine land to produce a perfect dao core. Apart from this, your father and mother miss you dearly. You can have a reunion here. After being apart for so many years, I believe you wish to enjoy that type of familial warmth, right?" Qin Fa asked. 

He looked at the quiet Shi Hao whose expression was a bit distracted and said, "Your natural talents are exceptional, and we truly wish to push you towards the peak. In the future, you can enter the higher realms and look down on everyone around you."

"You all are just scheming against my Stone Country and playing with my younger brother within your palms." Shi Hao spoke. His expression was distracted, but his words were calm. 

He clearly understood the other party's objectives. Even though he felt bitter inwardly, he was still aware of everything. At this moment, the Immortal Mountain still hadn't given up on the wasteland region.

Qin Fa denied Shi Hao's accusations and said, "How could that be? We just want you to form a perfect dao core so you could properly ascend to the peak, and by doing so, you could have a reunion with you parents as well. In addition, your brother can't stay outside for too long. You all have to enter the higher realms in the future, so what is the imperial power of the lower realm worth?"

Shi Hao's eyes shone with light, and he suddenly became forceful. Staring at Qin Fa, he asked, "Where is my grandfather?"

"He has entered the higher realms from this very valley." Qin Fa calmly said. 

Shi Hao's expression was indifferent. He secretly used the ancient dual-pupil. That divine eye was always at his side, and even though it was damaged, it could still see through the fabrications nearby. 

In that instant, he actually felt a strange wave of energy. There were arrow holes in the walls of the valley. He was startled inwardly. That was left behind by a divine formation. 

How could the Qin Clan attack their own valley?

When he entered Stone Country Capital back then, he had specially asked around for information and found out that his grandfather had two divine arrows that possessed endless might. After it was described to him by others, he could practically picture them in his mind. 

"Extremely similar!" After reaching this conclusion, Shi Hao's mind jumped, and then his eyes released killing intent. 

Right at this moment, a young lady with a pretty complexion and soft figure walked over while carrying a plate of tea. 


Shi Hao took action. His right hand expanded and reached down like a Kun Peng, catching her and quickly pointed at the space between her brows to probe her sea of consciousness. 

In that instant, Shi Hao's expression changed. He found a few special pieces of information in this maid's sea of consciousness. There was a battle here two years ago, but as for what happened, the maid didn't know. 

"You dare take advantage of my loved ones?!" Shi Hao erupted with fury. A wave of fire rose within him, and his gaze became forceful. He erupted with a powerful pressure. 

When he was young, his grandfather Shi Zhongtian went to find a pure-blooded creature for him to use for his baptism. In the end, he lost an arm and was pursued by a Pixiu. 

When his grandfather broke free, he brought a divine pill with him as he returned happily to help him set up his foundation. After finding out the changes that took place, all of Stone Capital was overturned, and two king manors were swept through. 

It could be said that for Shi Hao's sake, the price his grandfather paid was truly great. He doted greatly on him and showed incomparable concern. Shi Hao truly wanted to meet him immediately so that his grandfather could feel relieved. He wanted to tell his grandfather about his accomplishments in cultivation, how powerful he had become. 

Yet in the end, he found signs of his grandfather angrily firing arrows here. This gave him quite a few conflicting feelings. 

"Where is my grandfather?!" He roared.

"Do not be rash. I can promise that he is in good health!" Qin Fa stood up. 

"You still wish to mislead me even now?" Shi Hao shouted.

At the same time, he took action. Even if it was the Immortal Mountain, he was still without fear. Ten heavenly passages opened, and his entire body shone. Divine force surged endlessly as it poured out. 

Qin Fa released an indifferent smile and said, "Do not think that this is Stone Country Imperial Capital. There is no draconic energy, so how are you going to fight against me? Listen to me. Hurry and cease your aggression."

Shi Hao remained fearless. The moment he took action, his entire body shone with dark light and clickered with cold luster. A black figure appeared, forming the imperishable battle clothes and merging with his body. 

Qin Fa's expression changed. He quickly backed up, but Shi Hao's finger still reached his shoulder. With a pu sound, an explosion broke out and blood surged. 

He was a supreme expert, and he could overlook all king level figures, but right now, as soon as they collided, he suffered damage that he could not defend against. 

"Supreme Expert Realm!" Qin Fa was extremely shocked, and then he looked at the black golden battle clothes. With a fiery gaze, he said, "An archaic era treasure! Even though it is damaged, there will be a day when it is repaired!"


Shi Hao didn't say anything and sent a fist blasting outwards. Powerful force overflowed into the sky, and rays of light erupted as if there was a great sun floating in midair. 

Qin Fa backed up in retreat and did not face it head on. He sneered and said, "Youngster, you have to understand that this is the Immortal Mountain where even a deity has to kneel. You dare to act vicious here?"

"By taking advantage of my loved ones, war was inevitable!" Shi Hao's black hair fluttered about.

"You don't know how high heaven is or how deep the earth is. Even when the divine king descends into the lower realm, he still feels some restraining fear. What can a youngster like you do?" Qin Fa berated. 

"So what if it's the Immortal Mountain? After bullying my grandfather, I'll even overturn the Immortal Mountain!" Shi Hao roared. His gaze was deep, and killing intent rushed into the heavens. 

Qin Fa shivered inwardly. He had researched the little Stone before. This youth would never put himself in a deadlock situation. However, he already entered the Immortal Mountain, so what other cards could he possibly play and how was he going to fight? Qin Fa felt rather uneasy. 

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