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Chapter 490 - Seething Anger

The silver clothes shone brilliantly. Divine aura pervaded the air. The youth was heroic and powerful, looking like a supreme deity that descended from the heavens, one that showed disdain for this world and looked down on the world of mortals. 

Shi Hao's face was calm, but there were great fluctuations rising and falling within his mind. This youth's appearance wasn't foreign, possessing some traits similar to his parents. The corners of his eyes and the tip of his brows had some similarities. 

"Qin Hao…" Shi Hao said to himself. Why was Qin his surname? He sank into a state of silence. They, his eyes burned with radiance as he stared at the youth ahead. 

Just like him, he had the 'Hao' part to his name, only, the surname was different. In that short instant, Shi Hao thought of many things. 


On the opposing side, the silver spear in the youth's hand moved, releasing a soft cry, as if it was the roar of a dragon. It resounded through this place, making the hearts of others tremble. 

The spear in Qin Hao's hands pointed outwards. "Let Qin Fa go."

The silver speartip was extremely domineering. This was a spear forged by the divine. Silver light flickered, producing an invincible killing intent as it locked down Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao remained silent for a moment. He opened his mouth slightly and said, "You are going to move against me?"

Qin Hao didn't say anything. His eyes were resolute, and his heroic spirit was intimidating. The divine battle clothes on his body shone resplendently, making him look like a silver heavenly sun. It made him seem even more extraordinary and otherworldly. 

"Before I take action, let me ask you something. Have you seen a single-armed elder? His name is Shi Zhongtian, and he has also been called the great demonic god Grandpa Fifteen. Have you chatted with him before?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Release Qin Fa first. Everything else can be discussed after." The youth's eyes were deep and his words resolute. It could be seen that he was quite confident in himself. 

Shi Hao knew that this was most likely that younger brother of his that he had never met before. He sighed softly. He never expected to have to fight him as soon as they met. 

He turned towards the two elders and said, "Are you two satisfied with how things are? Tell me where my grandfather is and how he is right now. Otherwise, your Immortal Mountain will be greatly shaken again and again, and perhaps even collapse. 

The two elders didn't say anything. Qin Hao wanted to walk up, and he said, "Do you dare fight against me?"

"Am I fighting against you or am I fighting against your divine magical clothes?" Shi Hao asked. 

"I just want to fight a battle at the same cultivation realm. Do you dare?" The youth seemed to desire this battle quite badly. His eyes were flourishing with radiance, and the silver clothes on his body rang and released keng qiang sounds. 

"You want to fight against me just like that?" Shi Hao looked at him. 

"I can tell that you are quite strong. I need this type of opponent." The silver clothed youth had an astonishing amount of confidence. He had a desire to encounter a strong opponent. 

Shi Hao's expression remained indifferent. He put away the imperishable golden body and calmly said, "Make your move then."

"Good!" The youth released a roar, and like a divine phoenix, he leapt upwards. The silver battle clothes became dim, restraining its divine force. He slammed his fist outwards, using purely his flesh's power. 

When Shi Hao saw this, he didn't reveal any changes in emotion. He reached out a palm and softly blocked it in front of him. There was a strange transformation taking place there, and no matter what type of attack the youth who was like the child of the divine made, it only struck against the center of his palm. 


A muffled noise rang out, and the space distorted. The youth who wore the silver battle clothes possessed astonishing strength. The power of his flesh alone could shake the world. His skin was shining with luster; he had cultivated the unbreakable precious body. 

However, Shi Hao didn't move an inch. His palm was still resting in the sky, allowing the youth's fist to strike it as he quietly watched. 

The youth was extremely shocked. His fist trembled slightly, and he withdrew. The mountain he stepped on collapsed, and the symbols below him continuously flickered before fading away. Only then did he neutralize the tremendous force that had been reflected. 

"Extremely powerful!" Qin Hao was greatly astonished. Then, he shouted lightly, and his entire body shone. Silver radiance shone resplendently, making him look like a deity that bathed in silver flames. He once again rushed out. 

This time, he swung his fist in a circular manner, causing an ear-splitting rumbling sound to erupt. The power of his flesh was raised to its peak, causing heaven and earth to resonate with it. 

At this moment, he became one with the heavens. He entered a strange state, as if he was moving together with a heavenly dao that possessed endless divine force. 

To have such a strong physical body at his age, as well as endless potential, definitely made him a shocking talent that could astonish the world. 

With a peng sound, Shi Hao continued to extend that palm in front of him, stopping his advance. The fist smashed into his palm again. 

This time, silver radiance blossomed. All of Qin Hao's strength shot into the heavens, and his essence energy that had harmonized with the heavens burned like a furnace, releasing an undying radiance. Divine light shone clearly within the youth's eyes. 

Unfortunately, he still couldn't accomplish anything. The figure in front of him stood unmoving like a boulder. 

After releasing a muffled sound, Qin Hao withdrew, staggering a bit as he did so. His eyes revealed a look of shock. He stood where he was and didn't attack again. 

"How could he be this powerful?" He said softly. Even though the other party was two years older than himself, to be that composed and calm still left him shocked. 

It had to be mentioned that ordinarily, those that were a generation older and those that were more than ten years older were defeated by him. His talents were too shocking, and his skills were heaven defying. 

Yet today, his unmatched confidence was useless. He had met an opponent that towered in front of him like a great unmovable mountain. 

"You are still young. To have this type of fleshly power wouldn't make you weaker than anyone else. It is enough to overlook the world," Shi Hao said. These weren't empty words and were instead true praise. 

"What about compared to you two years ago?" The silver battle clothes flickered. The youth's eyes revealed divine might as he stared at Shi Hao. 

"Why do you feel the need to compare yourself to me?" Shi Hao asked. 

"I just want to know!" The silver radiance on Qin Hao's body flourished, and his clothes once again flowed with a divine aura. The spear reappeared in his hand, and he pointed it towards Shi Hao's head, saying, "Do you dare fight again?"

Shi Hao frowned and said, "You still haven't guessed my identity?"

The youth nodded and said, "I already know. However, I just want a pure battle. I truly wish to fight against you. I don't have any other distracting thoughts."

Shi Hao looked at him somewhat distractedly, feeling that he had a firm and unmatched confidence within him. There was also an arrogance and conceit that only a youth would have, one that desired great battles to sharpen oneself. 

"The single-armed individual is your grandfather. I want information about him. Is there anything more important than that?" Shi Hao asked. 

"I wish for a fight right now!" The spear in the youth's hand pointed at Shi Hao. Silver radiance flourished, and an undying divine aura surged, the pressure it released oppressing heaven and earth.

Behind him, the two elders nodded. They were clearly satisfied, admiring his confidence in being unrivalled. 

"That person is your grandfather!" Shi Hao's eyes became deep, and then he no longer said anything. A great black halberd appeared in his hands, and with a great sweep, it immediately erupted with endless golden light. 

The black halberd's blade and pole became golden, and its divine force erupted. It was like a boundless sea as it swept out in all directions. 

This was Stone Clan's country guarding divine halberd. It was utterly terrifying and enough to shake a region. It had never dimmed in the passage of time, still possessing endless divine might. 


Shi Hao stabbed out heavily, slamming the halberd onto the ground, causing this place to collapse. Not even the formations could protect this place. Rocks rushed into the clouds, and chains of order extended everywhere, breaking down this place. 

This was a heaven overflowing divine might. An undying divine aura was being released!

This wasn't done to target Qin Hao, but instead for his dissatisfaction towards those two elders. He wanted to suppress them, and as such, he used his full strength. 

In that instant this place greatly collapsed. Even though Qin Hao wore the divine battle clothes, he was still young. He was blasted flying. The silver radiance continuously flickered, helping him block the tremendous pressure. 

The two elders quickly backed up, pulling Qin Hao with them. They immediately fled towards the horizon. Their expressions were harsh. 

"Do you know what kind of result using such a powerful divine weapon in my Qin Clan will bright about?" One of the elders said coldly. 

"Suppress!" The other individual directly shouted. He activated a great formation, and light immediately rushed into the heavens, covering this place. 

Shi Hao was astonished. He felt the country guarding divine halberd in his hands shake greatly. It actually wanted to break through the skies and rush into Five Phase Peak. It was going to be brought away. 

With a shua sound, he put away the golden halberd. 

It was rumored that under Five Phase Peak rested a matchless existence. It seemed like this wasn't completely baseless. At the very least, there should be a terrifying treasure within this Five Phase Peak. 

In the heavens, Qin Hao's silver clothes flickered with radiance. His chest was rising and falling, feeling great shock towards Shi Hao's divine might. He merely slammed the halberd into the ground, yet there was this type of might that forced back the three of them. 

One of the elders smiled and said, "You are already astonishing enough. It's just that you are still young. If you were the same age, no one would be your opponent."

"Release Qin Fa." At this moment, an individual entered from outside the mountains. His hair was white, and his build was tall and large. His gaze was light as he walked over with large steps. 

This was a middle aged individual. He was tall, big, and powerful, but in his eyes, the signs of great changes could be seen. His age was definitely not young, and what he experienced was definitely greater than the entire life of a normal person. 

The great disturbance here naturally alarmed many people from the Immortal Mountain. 

The white-haired individual's gaze was chilly. He towered from above and looked down at Shi Hao. "It was me who dealt with Shi Zhongtian, and it was right at this place where I beat him until he spat out large amounts of blood."

When Shi Hao heard this, every single hair on his body stood up in anger!

Who was Shi Zhongtian? He was known as the Great Demonic God, someone who was powerful and unrivalled. He was Shi Hao's grandfather. However, he was actually forced to spit out large amounts of blood. This made Shi Hao's murderous intent surge. He was on the verge of erupting!

"You've cultivated hundreds of years, yet you still dare to brag about defeating my grandfather. Today, I, Shi Hao, will fight here, using blood to wash away my grandfather's humiliation!"  Shi Hao shouted loudly. 

He had never been as angry as he was right now. His hair danced about, forming a domain. The surrounding rocks all began to rumble, and all of them rushed into the heavens, shaking the hearts of everyone present. 

Even though Shi Hao was angry, he could still tell that this supreme expert was extremely unordinary. The blood energy around his body was powerful to the point where it was a bit excessive. The symbols within him poured like the seas, and his essence energy surged like a dragon. 

"Qin Zhan is a lunatic. For the sake of cultivation, he used methods of any kind and has already entered the devil path. You do not need to learn from him." In the distance, the two elders warned Qin Hao.

The white-haired individual's name was Qin Zhan. His imposing body was like a mountain, terrifying one to their soul. His gaze was deep and cold like lightning as he looked at Shi Hao. "So-called geniuses are just for the sake of killing. Use all your strength! I hope you will not disappoint me."


Shi Hao didn't need this middle-aged man to tell him. After merging with the imperishable golden battle clothes, he long erupted outwards. Rage and war intent merged together, forming a type of berserkness. Boundless fluctuations rippled outwards in all directions. 

His grandfather had a special place in his heart. After learning that Grandpa Fifteen had been injured and attacked until he spat out blood, Shi Hao seemed to have gone mad. 

A Golden Kun Peng spread its wings, wishing to split part the nine heavens. Shi Hao formed the Kun Peng and rushed into the heavens to fight fiercely against this individual. 

As soon as the battle began, blood splashed outwards in the sky. The battle was incredibly ferocious and bitter. The white-haired individual's shoulder was almost blasted apart by Shi Hao's attack, while Shi Hao also suffered a bit of damage. He spat out half a mouthful of blood from his mouth. 

The battle was just too intense. In just that instant, the two individuals clashed thousands of times and continuously shifted position. It was as if two streaks of lightning were interweaving in the skies. 

Shi Hao was shaken. This individual was ridiculously powerful. He possessed a matchless strength in the Supreme Being Realm!

"The little Stone is formidable... He could actually fight against Qin Zhan to this level. You have to understand that this lunatic has swept through all his opponents to reach his current stage. He had only lost a few times in the past." In the distance the two elders sighed. 

Even though Shi Hao was angry, his battle awareness became even more sharp. The opponent he encountered this time truly was too powerful! It was definitely one of the most difficult battles he had ever fought. After all, he still wasn't a true supreme expert. 

"AHHHHH!" Shi Hao roared. When he thought of his grandfather being injured, he became like a demon. His hair flew about chaotically, and all of his body's potential erupted, causing his power to rise even greater. 


In the heavens, a golden great peng rushed over. It carried endless golden light that oppressed the world. 

At the same time, a large black fish swam about with a boundless black sea below it. 

The heavens and the earth split into two colors, separated into the great Peng and the black fish, forming the great yang and great yin energies. It was just too terrifying. 


Shi Hao roared. Mountains and rivers were moved, and all of Immortal Mountain swayed. He was going mad after discovering that his grandfather was wounded. He used all of his strength without holding anything back. 

In the next instant, the great peng and the enormous black fish intertwined together, forming the yin-yang dao. It was like a supreme ultimate force. Rumbling sounds tore through the air as it slammed towards Qin Zhan. 

The two individuals collided. They had already exchanged hundreds of thousands of attacks. He had already persisted for an extremely long time, but under this strike, Qin Zhan directly collapsed. 

With a hong sound, he was blasted flying. His entire body was covered in blood and in tatters. 

Shi Hao also spat out blood. He was like a god or devil that had descended into this world. He swooped over and picked him up from the great earth. Then, he sent him flying again with a slap. 


Qin Zhan smashed into a rocky cliff, causing his body to become even more tattered. A large amount of blood flowed down from the cliff. 

Meanwhile, a loud sound could be heard. The valley had opened. Two cliffs separated, revealing the boundless immortal valley within. 

Shi Hao's eyes burned furiously. He walked over and lifted Qin Zhan. Then, he walked towards the valley. 

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