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Chapter 487 - Qin Family

The crowd's faces were completely red from anger, and their eyes released flames. All of their breathing became hurried, but they were left with no way out of this dilemma. They truly did not expect this type of situation to arise. 

"Ladies and gentleman, not kowtowing in front of the ancestral master's decree is disgraceful behavior... Together with the ancestral imprint here, could it be that you are opposed to the rules and want to rebel?"

Shi Hao spoke in a somewhat lazy manner, as if he was lacking energy. However, when everyone heard his voice, they felt as if a blade was scooping at their flesh, embarrassing and painful. There wasn't any scene more terrible than this. 

Pu tong!

Someone kneeled, an unpleasant expression on his face as he said, "Long live ancestral master, may your divine body reign eternal."

With someone taking the lead, the others also began to kneel one after another. Pu tong sounds rang out continuously, and their faces were all thoroughly red. This was truly an embarrassing thing. They originally wanted to show off a bit, yet in the end, they brought humiliation down upon themselves. 

In the end, the faces of those that were still reluctant in kneeling down, such as Qin Chao's brother Qin Li, and the Qin Shoucheng who had an arm and a leg chopped off, fell ashen. They felt unwillingness and resentment.

"You guys should get up. The floor is a bit chilly." Shi Hao casually said. 

These words immediately made these people's blood rush to their heads. They were furious and embarrassed. What kind of event was this? A large group of people gathered together to humiliate Shi Hao, yet in the end, not only did they not intimidate him into kneeling, they were the ones kneeling instead. 

When the group of young men and women stood back up, the atmosphere at the mountain gate was tense and killing intent filled the air. These people were angry to the point of exploding. 

Kowtowing to the decree, was this any different from kowtowing to the little Stone's feet? The most despicable part was that the decree in that fellow's hands was wrinkled. 

They had seen clearly that it had long been crumpled into a ball when that fellow brought it out. It was as if he was ordering them with waste paper. 

"You damaged the magical decree, your crime cannot be forgiven!" Qin Chao's older brother Qin Li shouted. 

"What are you randomly going on about?" Shi Hao swept out a look. With a shake, the entire decree released light and overflowed with golden light. It was divine and perfect and was immediately no longer creased. 

Just a small piece of this type of precious paper was already extremely precious, because the material it was made from was rare and valuable. It was naturally difficult for it to be damaged, so stretching it out a bit would restore it to its original state. 

"Bring him to Divine King Palace." There was an elder who couldn't continue watching what was happening. If this continued, who knew what type of problems would emerge.

Many people already noticed that the little Stone didn't act how one expected a normal person to. If he was irritated, there wouldn't be anything he wasn't scared of doing. At that time, if news of this was sent to the higher realms, then they would become a laughingstock. 

Under Qin Ming's accompaniment, Shi Hao slowly strolled around in a calm and unhurried manner. He looked around everywhere. Purple energy wafted about in a haze in this precious land, and all types of precious sceneries could be seen. There was an indescribable type of carefreeness as he walked about. 

"I'm going to die from anger!" Qin Li roared. 

The crowd all tightened their fists. Not only did they fail to cause trouble for the other party, they were humiliated instead. There wasn't anything that could cause them more grievance. However, they could only watch Shi Hao's retreating figure, because they couldn't take action. 

"Yi, this is a purple spiritual stream. Could it be the legendary purple symbol precious liquid?" Shi Hao was astonished. In the depths of the Immortal Mountain, he saw a purple spring that was releasing a unique fragrance. 

"Something like that is rare even in the higher realms. This stream merely has a hint of its aura." Qin Ming said in a rather upset mood. 

"Do you mind if I wash my face here?" Shi Hao was matchless when it came to having thick skin. He had just provoked a group of people, yet he continued to find ways to pleasure himself. 

"I do mind!" Qin Ming coldly said. 

"As a person, you have to be more generous." Shi Hao patted his shoulder and spoke in a generous and peaceful manner. 

Qin Ming had endured for the entire trip, and originally, he wanted to find someone to teach him a lesson when he came back. However, after completing the trip and arriving here, he was still at his wits end. He had long held back a stomach of flames, and when he heard this, his irritability was greatly stirred. He swung his sleeves and turned around. 

This was the destination. In front of the purple spring was a main palace hall that was grand and majestic. Mist curled up about it, and there was an intimidating type of might here, as if there was a divine king seated within. 

Not far off, there was a stone steele, and on top of it were the three words 'Divine King Palace'. This was not an ordinary place, and these words weren't randomly carved. 

In the past, many powerful individuals had emerged from the Immortal Mountain. A few of those characters were still alive in the higher realms. A palace hall that matched their achievements and cultivation realm was constructed, and it enjoyed the fragrance of incense and offerings of sacrifices. 

"Wu, not simple…" Shi Hao sighed in admiration. In this mountain, the Divine King Palace wasn't the only structure; there were also the Heavenly Deity Palace and others. All types of grand and magnificent palace halls towered in this place, and it was clear with just a look that in the past, this place was filled with powerful experts. 

Not far off, there was a plum blossom forest. There were a few fine residences constructed within that were quiet and elegant. They rested beside a clear spring. This was a place that was extremely good for one's health. 

The Divine King Palace was extremely magnificent. Shi Hao walked inside and entered the side chamber before waiting there. Even though he wanted to see his father and mother immediately, he still had to wait for the Qin family's arrangements. 

Ever since he entered the Immortal Mountain, he knew that he was in quite a dangerous place. This was not an ordinary place, but the den of a tiger or dragon. Any slight carelessness could result in great disaster. 

However, his father and mother were here, so he had to come. 

Of course, Shi Hao wasn't one to willingly suffer loses. He had made enough preparations to deal with all types of possible dangers. 

After dropping him off here, Qin Ming left after telling him to wait. However, time passed bit by bit, and soon, most of the day passed without any sign of anyone appearing. 

It was clear that the Qin family was quite discontent towards him. This was something done purposely, to give him the cold-shoulder and temporarily ignore him. 

Even though Shi Hao wanted to see his father and mother quite badly and ask about his grandfather's whereabouts, he didn't have any other choice. After entering the residence of another, he could only quietly wait. 

"Isn't this the human emperor? How could you be sitting here alone?" Qin Li appeared, and there were a few individuals beside him. They all had mocking expressions on their faces, and they came here specifically to laugh at him. 

"Is this the way Immortal Mountain treats their guests?" Shi Hao asked. 

"The great calamity has just ended, and the clan's ancestors are all extremely busy, so where would they find time to meet you? You should just slowly wait." Qin Li laughed in an unbridled manner. 

The others also sneered, not hiding their hostility. The little Stone was powerful, but after entering the Qin clan, could he still act so vicious? They actually wanted to see Shi Hao take action, and then use that as an excuse to guide the clan's experts here to suppress him.

Shi Hao no longer paid attention to them. He sat there with his legs crossed and closed his eyes to rest. 

"The heaven warping talent little Stone has a day where he has to endure silently, it really is a fantastic tale. I heard that when you made a move, it would be lightning fast, sweeping through all opponents. How is it that you aren't willing to utter a word now?" Someone provoked. 

If Shi Hao dared to take action, then they dared to immediately activate the killing formation and also inform the supreme experts to carry out an intimidation. This would then destroy all of this youth's arrogance and self-righteousness. 

Unfortunately, Shi Hao didn't pay them any attention, not even giving them a single look. 

Soon after, another group of people came. They were all called over to stir up trouble here. Even Shi Shoucheng who lost an arm and a leg came. Apart from this, Qin Ming also peered over from the distance, but he didn't show himself. 

These people didn't say much. They just continued to laugh here, as if they were watching a play. This was a type of silent provocation. 

"You really do know how to keep your composure." Qin Li ridiculed. 

At this time, Shi Hao opened his eyes and said, "The amount of you guys that came seems to be large enough." He got up and looked at the several dozen people in front of him and indifferently said, "Why don't you all kneel again?"

After speaking, he brought out a wrinkled clump of paper again. After unfolding it, golden light blossomed. 

"Fucking…" Qin Li almost erupted into a string of curses. 

Qin Shoucheng and the others' faces became the color of pig liver. Why did this scene appear again? However, after thinking about it carefully, they still brought this onto themselves. They couldn't bare to kneel down again. 

In the end, some people summoned the courage to kowtow, and the others pretended as if they didn't see it before leaving in sorry states. They didn't even dare to raise their heads. 

"Take care, I won't send you all out. If you want to kowtow, then you can come back here anytime!" Shi Hao shouted after them. 

This was truly shameful, but they couldn't do anything about it. The crowd couldn't be more angry, and they continuously cursed. If the clan hadn't given out the order not to take action, they would have long risen in revolt. 

He then waited another two hours, but no one came, so Shi Hao began to wander around.

When Qin Ming reappeared, his eyes widened and his temper flared. Shi Hao was actually taking a foot bath while sitting at the side of the purple spring while carrying a rather refreshed expression. He looked like he was extremely comfortable. 

Qin Ming's entire face was flushed red from stifled anger. He was so furious he pointed as he said the word 'you' three times. Very little water flowed through this spiritual spring , and it was usually used by younger disciples to refine medicines. 

Such a rare and precious spiritual liquid was actually being used by him to wash his feet. How could Qin Li and the other younger generation endure this?

"I was so bored my feet started hurting, so I came here to relax a bit." Shi Hao put on his shoes and socks in a rather natural manner before standing up. 

Qin Ming was so angry no words came out, and afterwards, he stormed off in a huff, saying, "There is an old ancestor who wants to see you!"

He truly wanted to teach Shi Hao a lesson and purposely did not give the report to his superiors immediately. However, dragging it out like this wasn't a solution, and right now, he had no choice but to bring him to see the old ancestor. 

The so-called old ancestor was a supreme expert and not some divine ancient ancestor. His hair and beard were white, and he had a rather amiable appearance. "Some of the clan's ancestors are not that sensible. There is no need to pay them much attention."

Shi Hao nodded and didn't say anything. 

"Speaking of, we are part of the same family, so you do not need to regard us as outsiders." This supreme expert smiled as he spoke. He began to chat with Shi Hao, telling him a few matters. 

Shi Hao wanted to meet his father and mother immediately. As for everything else, he was rather inattentive. After the topic shifted several times, the elder finally nodded and led the way. 

"The clan regards your father and mother as quite important, allowing them to cultivate within the undying land. Normally speaking, only divine old ancestors had the qualifications to enter," an elder spoke. 

"Are they still well?" Shi Hao asked. Even though his voice was calm, his heart was violently stirring. He was finally going to meet his parents. 

"They are quite well. The natural laws in that place are complete and surrounded by the world's great dao. It is like an undying dao furnace. Cultivating there will produce twice the result with half the effort." The elder said while smiling. 

Along the way, many people pointed when they saw Shi Hao arrive. They deeply expressed their shock.

After all, he had killed two supreme experts from Immortal Mountain, yet he still dared to come here. They all revealed looks of shock. 

The number of people at the Immortal Mountain weren't that many, but this was only in comparison to Heaven Mending Sect, Western Sect, and the others. In reality, the palace halls towered in this place, and the number of cultivators in this clan definitely wasn't few. 

Along the way, towering mountains appeared one after another. They were all coiling with immortal mists and flourishing with medicinal herbs, making this place look like a holy land for cultivation. 

These enormous mountains all surrounded a strange-looking mountain body. It was like a palm as it pressed into that place. This was precisely the most famous Five Phase Peak. 

The valley was just within the peak, and one could see it even from far away. Clouds rose and multicolored light shone resplendently. Medicinal herbs covered this place and ancient trees took root within the mountains. It was quite clear that this was the undying divine land. 

"It is unknown whether the valley has opened or not. It would only open after a long time, because this is a place the divine old ancestor used for isolation before. Normally, we cannot cause any disturbance. However, based on how long it has been since it was last opened, it should reopen within these two days," the elder said. 

"Father, mother, I came to see you!" Shi Hao excitedly shouted with a loud voice. 

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