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Chapter 486 - Gracing Immortal Mountain With His Presence

Shi Hao was inwardly startled. Was Lan Yu implying that due to the boundless size of the higher realms, there were many great sects, and as such, he shouldn't choose to side with one of these individuals so quickly?

"I wonder if little brother Shi knows of fairy Yue Chan?" Right at this moment, a male spoke. He wore green battle clothes that flowed with golden luster. His entire body was flourishing with vitality and green light. 

The eyes of this person looked like the stars, and his hair was dark green and flowing with the mysterious force of symbols. He was extremely powerful. This individual seemed to be rather concerned about fairy Yue Chan. 

Shi Hao smiled and said, "Of course I know of her. We've even exchanged pointers before." It was fine regardless of how they interpreted it. He didn't say whether they were enemies or friends, allowing them to think what they would of it. 

"Oh? Could it be that you are an acquaintance of hers?" Bi Gu asked. His divine senses were rippling extremely powerfully, far surpassing the amount of foundational force a youth his age should have. 

On the side, Xuan Ming's eyes erupted with radiance. His body became covered in golden divine flames, and a layer of unique holy radiance covered his skin; he looked powerful and terrifying. After hearing these words, he also began to carefully ask. He put away his indifference and nodded towards Shi Hao before saying, "I must ask you for help then. I would like to pay the fairy a visit."

"I don't know where she is recently either. Are you all close to her?" Shi Hao pretended to be astonished, pretending not to know that Yue Chan was from the higher realms. 

"Yue Chan is known as a transcendent individual. It has been many years since I have last seen her. She was praised by many seniors to be a holy immortal being when she wasn't very old. Her appearance is exceptional, and her talent is peerless," Bi Gu explained. The memory he had of her back then was unforgettable. 

Based on what he said, the lower realm's natural laws were deficient and the great dao incomplete. However, it was still a good place for one to sharpen themself. Yue Chan's status was exceedingly high, and great hopes had been placed onto her. As a result, she was brought down to the lower realm to improve her cultivation. 

Hong Huang muttered in a rather discontent tone, saying, "Hey, you really are being quite honest while saying all that in front of so many peerless and beautiful people. Could it be that we are inferior?"

"Of course not. You all are outstanding beauties, so how many people can compare in the current world?" Bi Gu hurriedly spoke. 

Shi Hao laughed. Comparatively speaking, back then, Bi Gu wasn't even that old when he saw Yue Chan, yet the impression he had of her was actually that deep and unforgettable. 

"This world is lacking and the natural laws are incomplete. Would there really be any benefit in coming down to sharpen oneself?" Shi Hao brought up this problem. 

"For you all, there is harm. However, since Yue Chan was born in the higher realms, there is a perfect dao core within her. Coming down to cultivate would bring about great benefits." Bi Gu replied. 

Shi Hao was left speechless. This heaven and earth cage really treated them quite unfairly. 

However, he didn't become discouraged either. Sooner or later, he was going to enter the higher realms and deal with everything. He was going to refine everything he had into one furnace and become even more powerful. 

At the same time, he thought of the ancient era's dual-pupiled woman, the undefeated legend who dared to steal food from the mouths of supreme beings. Even though he hadn't reached the pinnacle of cultivation and was stuck in this realm, he would still definitely have a way of settling the problem. 

"Are brother Shi and Yue Chan rather familiar? Can you tell us about her current situation?" Xuan Ming spoke. Powerful aura surged as his eyes opened and closed. 

Shi Hao was shocked inwardly. The noble women and young disciples from the higher realms were extraordinary as expected. They were all extremely powerful geniuses. To have such achievements at their age was truly quite amazing. 

With a smile, he said, "Me and Yue Chan are companions on the path of cultivation. We frequently swap pointers. I can only describe her as exceptional and brilliant." 

By the door, Qin Ming's mouth twitched. He was truly lying through his teeth! They were clearly hostile, and right now, there were suspicions that fairy Yue Chan became the little Stone's captive and served at his side. 

However, he didn't dare randomly speak about such baseless rumors. Otherwise, the Heaven Mending Sect might act out, and the young men in front of him would definitely erupt with rage, causing great trouble. 

Soon after, Qin Ming then frowned again. After carefully examining the little Stone's words, he noticed that there weren't many holes in what he said. It was just a companion on the road of cultivation, and they frequently swapped pointers. He didn't mention whether they were hostile or friendly towards each other. This little fellow was quite crafty. 

Several individuals tried to find out more about the situation and asked Shi Hao for information. He answered them one by one. 

"Where is brother Shi headed?" Shui Yue asked.

"Attending a meeting in the Immortal Mountain." Shi Hao replied.

"Aiya, it truly is tempting! I want to go as well. The Immortal Mountain's people are quite formidable. I want to go there and get my hands on one or two of their secret texts." Hong Huang really didn't show much restraint. 

"Why not? I heard that the Immortal Mountain has some great secret in the lower realm, and that there is something good buried in their ancient land. We should go and take a look." The young lady Ying Ying spoke as well and joined in on the excitement. 

"Heh, are you all purposely stirring up trouble in the lower realm because you find 'that person' in the higher realm Immortal Mountain unpleasant?" Someone laughed mischievously. 

"Actually, that fellow came to the lower realms as well, but didn't come together with us. We don't know where that person went." A young lady muttered. 

"Forget it, we have other plans, so it's better if we don't go to the Immortal Mountain. Otherwise, trouble might easily happen. Let's just look for our own opportunities." Shui Yue said. 

Xuan Ming nodded. Even though it looked like they came down to go sightseeing and gain experience, the real reason was to search for a tremendous opportunity. There were a few secret areas they had to explore. 

"Brother Shi, you should take some time to think things over first. If you want to enter the higher realms, we can discuss it in detail when we meet again." Lan Yu nodded. Her bearing was exceptional. Blue specks of light poured down like rain. She had already gotten up and excused herself. 

These people didn't stay behind for too long. After talking for a bit, they all got up and left. 

Qin Ming released a breath of relief. Just now, he truly was rather fearful of disaster. This was a group of higher realms' elites. If any of them fought against the little Stone, it would be a great disaster. Great trouble would be stirred up regardless of which one of them fell. 

"My clan's heaven warping talent didn't travel with them. He's probably travelling with another group," he said softly. Then, he looked at Shi Hao who was currently thinking things through carefully and said, "We'll reach Immortal Mountain in a few days. I will explain a few rules and regulations here first."

"I'm the human emperor. Are you telling me to have an audience with someone else?" Shi Hao shot him a cold look. He closed his eyes in meditation and no longer paid him any attention. 

Qin Ming's face became downcast. In front of the little Stone, the high and mighty Immortal Mountain's name no longer seemed to be that useful. It wasn't able to pressure him in the slightest. 

Several days later, the large boat stopped. It rested by a holy cliff that flowed with hazy and colorful lights. Immortal energy surged, and the various symbols looked like stars as they flickered about. 

They had reached the Immortal Mountain. This was a high cliff used to stop the magical boat. Shi Hao and some others walked over and stepped onto this high cliff. 

This was a trip that couldn't be considered short. It took five days of effort, and each day, they travelled a million li. The road ahead was another five hundred or so li. It was rather shocking. 

The large boat headed into the distance. It didn't stop here for a long time. As it departed, it left behind a streak of flowing light. A hint of divine aura could be felt. 

Shi Hao withdrew his gaze and looked at the holy cliff in front of him. Clouds and mists rose in this place. The entire cliff was formed into a precious artifact. It radiated precious light. The structure was firm and everlasting.

A cliff like this was formed into a powerful precious artifact, but it was used just for a boat to stop at. It seemed almost excessively extravagant.

This was part of the surrounding region and not the true holy land. 

In front of him, great mountains rose and fell, as if a true dragon was lying about in this place. It was extremely magnificent. Large amounts of purple mist rose, an auspicious sign. 

"Father, mother, I found this place and want to see you two." Shi Hao said to himself. He was full of emotion. No matter how powerful he was, or if he had become the new emperor, there was still a softness deep within his heart. Right now, that place was touched. 

There was a person specially appointed to protect the holy cliff. There was an individual who steered a carriage and invited him to get on. Auspicious beasts stepped on empty air, bringing the bronze carriage rumbling through the skies. They were led to the true Immortal Mountain. 

Eventually, they reached a point where all carriages had to stop before they could ascend the mountain. They couldn't directly enter. This was a type of dignity and sacredness that could not be disrespected. 

A limestone path led up the mountain. Countless enormous mountains stood tall, curling with immortal mist. It was as if heavenly dragons were lying about in slumber.

At the centermost region, the great peak was especially unique. It was as if a palm was pressing down in that place. The shape was rather strange. All types of strange auras curled about, giving others an immortal feeling. 

According to legend, that was precisely the Immortal Mountain's main body, and the others were just auxiliary peaks used to protect it. 

There was a rumor that this was Five Phase Peak, and suppressed beneath was an unrivalled character. After the endless passage of time, it was still not enough to truly refine it to death. 

Of course, rumors were rumors. The Immortal Mountain always denied it. 

"Grandfather, did you come here as well? Are you in the mountains right now as well?" Shi Hao said softly. He wished to meet the great demonic god Grandpa Fifteen. 

The little Stone came!

This message entered the Immortal Mountain, bringing forth a great commotion!

It was because this name brought about too much commotion recently. He greatly defeated the Immortal Mountain's cultivators and killed two of their supreme experts. It was truly hard to believe. 

"The little monster came! How brave. We have to show him that after coming, he should forget about leaving!"

"You harm my clansman and kill our supreme experts, yet you still dare to come. He better be greatly humiliated!"

"So what if he has some type of relationship to my clan? It's probably not even that close to begin with. This time, we can't let him go!"

The younger generation completely flipped out, while a few elders' expressions became downcast and rather unpleasant. After all, the Immortal Mountain's might overlooked the eight regions, and it had never been humiliated before. 

It was just a ten or so year old kid, yet he dared to challenge their bottom line and humiliate them. How could they let him go?

A large group of people immediately headed over. There were men and woman, and all of them rushed over. Most of them were younger individuals, and they wanted to see if the little Stone really was all that formidable, whether he dared to do such heaven defying things. 

A large group of people appeared inside of the mountain gate. They were everywhere, and all of them had cold sneers as they glared over. 

"So that's all he is. Just a delicate and pretty youth. I thought he was some indomitable spirit that could devour seas and swallow mountains." Someone sneered and said. 

These individuals all harbored great hostility, and they crowded forward. 

Shi Hao walked up along the limestone and through the mountain gates. He looked at the scenery all around him. He didn't pay these youngsters' looks any attention. 

"So daring! After coming here, you still act so irreverent and arrogant. Aren't you scared that you'll feel so much suffering you'll wish you were dead later on?" A youngster sneered and made his way out from the crowd. 

"Who are you? Why are you blocking my way? Don't you know that your clan's old ancestor invited me as an esteemed guest?" Shi Hao asked. 

"What esteemed guest? It is just an execution. You even killed my younger brother Qin Chao in Fire Nation Capital. I am his older brother!" The youngster's eyes harbored malicious intent. 

"I've killed so many already. Who knows who this Qin Chao fellow is." Shi Hao shook his head, but he clearly remembered inside. When he was in the Fire Nation Capital, Qin Chao continuously bothered lady Qian Qian and even attacked him afterwards. In the end, he was killed. 

Back then, he had heard that this Qin Chao's background was astonishing. He was the descendant of a great figure and was greatly doted on. 

"You forgot about Qin Chao, so did you forget about this old one as well?" Another elder appeared. He was missing an arm and a leg, and his face was downcast. 

This was Qin Shoucheng. In Fire Nation Capital, he used a Five Phase Ring to fight against Shi Hao. In the end, he had one of his arms and legs chopped off before he was able to flee for his life on a divine artifact. 

"Oh." Shi Hao first nodded his head. Then, he asked, "Who are you?"

When Qin Shoucheng heard this, he almost exploded from anger. He was gravely injured by that youth, yet in the end, the other party didn't even recognize him. This type of disregard and contempt made him go mad. 

"You still aren't kneeling down? After entering my Immortal Mountain, you have to first pay your respects to the great heavenly deity's statue!" Qin Shoucheng shouted loudly. He pointed at the distant sculpture in the mountains. 

"What for?" Shi Hao asked. 

On the side, Qin Ming explained. "Those that enter my Immortal Mountain would all pay their respects to the heavenly deity. This is a type of respect, as well as part of the regulations."

"What does that have to do with me?" Shi Hao rolled his eyes and didn't pay it any attention. 

"Kneel down!"

"Kowtow to the heavenly deity!"

The people in front of him all shouted loudly, filling this place with thunderous noise. They were told not to take action, but they still couldn't suppress their anger. They wanted to humiliate him and have the little Stone kneel at the mountain gates. 

"You still aren't kowtowing to the heavenly deity?!" The voices became louder and louder, reverberating through this place like thunder. 

Qin Shoucheng and Qin Chao's older brother both sneered as they looked at Shi Hao. 

"What are you all making so much noise for." Shi Hao frowned while speaking. Then, he brought out a crumpled up piece of paper and slowly opened it. It blossomed with resplendent golden light. 

"What? That's the divine old ancestor's decree, and it has the ancestral imprint as well!" Someone cried out in alarm. 

"You all… still aren't going to kneel?" Shi Hao calmly spoke, his voice as light as a feather. 

He knew a few rules of the Immortal Mountain. One must kowtow before the divine old ancestor's decree. Together with the clan's divine precious imprint, its meaning became even more significant. 

The group of people were petrified, and their faces were all stifled red. 

"You all still aren't kneeling?!" Shi Hao said. 

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