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Chapter 485 - Heaven and Earth Lacking

Within the distinguished guest cabin, the young ladies that had entered were still quite young. They all possessed exceedingly good looks, and their bodies were surrounded by brilliant light. The lights were immortal spiritual essence that separated them from the impure energy of the lower realm. 

It was clear that they all had unordinary backgrounds. They were all like female immortals. Even though their true appearances couldn't be seen, one could still sense through the auras they exuded that they possessed moving beauty. 

"Brother Shi really is quite stunning!" The blue-clothed woman exclaimed in admiration. A mist surrounded her and aqua blue radiance filled the air, making her appear intelligent and refined. 

Her name was Lan Yu. She possessed the enticing eyes of a beauty, and her tall and slender body was perfect and wonderful. Within her gentle expression, there was a type of aloofness that made her hard to approach. 

Shi Hao smiled. He was originally delicate and pretty, but now, he became even more brilliant as he said, "I should be the one to use the word stunning after meeting the fairies here. All of you are exceptional beauties, and it is quite an honor to meet you all." 

Even though he didn't have many good impressions towards the higher realms, he wouldn't incur hatred with these people for no reason. Since the woman in front of him acted so politely, he would also treat them gently and with respect. 

The other young ladies were all sizing him up, feeling rather shocked inwardly. The laws of the lower realm weren't complete, and the spiritual essence wasn't particularly rich either, so comparatively speaking, one's cultivation should be a bit slower. However, the youth in front of them was only fifteen years of age, yet he already had this type of accomplishment. It was truly unordinary. 

"Accomplished Formation Arrangement, rich essence energy, and limitless potential. These types of aptitudes are rarely seen even in the higher realms." A girl on the side said cheerfully. She wore a silver gown, and every movement she made carried a distinct style. 

Her name was Shui Yue[1. Water moon], her character matching her name. She was bright like the moon and free from vulgarity. Clear splendor covered her body, and every frown or smile carried brilliant holy light. 

"The cultivation levels of the fairies here are all quite astonishing. I cannot accept such praise." Shi Hao humbly spoke. If others found out that the self-confident devilish child could also keep such a low-profile, they would definitely be stumped for words. 

This was the same person who had sent pure-blooded creatures fleeing for their lives in the Hundred Shattering Mountains as well as the one who 'angered both god and people alike' in the Void God Realm. He was savage to a terrible level, believing himself to be a splendid master of ten thousand years, yet right now, he could actually act so modestly. It was a bit inconceivable. 

"Older sis, you all are so polite, talking about everything as you all wish. Why don't you just marry into the world of mortals. How fun would that be? You don't have to be so reserved, right?" A girl surrounded by scarlet specks of light spoke. Her age wasn't great, at most a year or two older than Shi Hao, but she was rather devious. Her nature was outgoing and fierce. 

"I can only seek but fail to find such a thing! Which fairy is willing to stay behind forever in the world of mortals?" Shi Hao giggled. His superiority in being thick-skinned was revealed again. 

"What do you think about this older sister?" Hong Huang's smile was charming and moving. Scarlet light flickered about her. She was extremely enthusiastic and bold, and she possessed a provocative type of charm. 

"Exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful, a single smile can overthrow a city. I cannot help but fall in love when I meet you, truly a good candidate for carrying back as a wife." Shi Hao said in a deadly earnest manner. 

The other young ladies were all stunned, and then they erupted into laughter. Normally, they were surrounded by others who continuously showered them in praise, and rarely did anyone mock them like this. They felt that it was rather interesting. 

Hong Huang clenched her teeth and threatened, "Do you dare carry me back?" Her teeth were pure white and flowing with radiance. She shot him a look of disdain. 

"What is there to be scared of? Fairy, do you dare come forward?" Shi Hao was completely confident. Even Yue Chan had been suppressed and carried by him, so how could he be scared of some scarlet-clothed little girl?

Hong Huang curled her lips and walked forward. "Give it a try then."

Shi Hao smiled and reached out an arm to take the fine and graceful waist into his arms. When there was still some distance between them, he felt a fiery heat. It was clear that this young lady cultivated a fire type technique. 

"You truly are brave." Hong Huang pouted playfully. Her white hand patted over, and ten thousands figures immediately appeared, all of them sparkling and slender. 

Shi Hao faced this in an easygoing manner. His right arm made a brushing motion, scattering the thousand white hands and then pulled over again to bring that fiery red and wonderful body to his side. He continued to reach for that slender and delicate waist. 

The corners of Hong Huang's lips curled up slightly. With a flick of her white wrist, the ten thousand figures turned into a scarlet phoenix that was magnificent and astonishing. It spread its wings and pounced down towards Shi Hao, carrying scorching heat with it as well as a great might. 

This wasn't only the teasing of a noble woman from the higher realms, but as well a test to see just how powerful Shi Hao was and whether or not he was stunning enough. 

Shi Hao was calm and composed. His right hand formed an imprint, and a vermillion bird flew up. Scarlet multicolored light filled the air, and as it shone together with that phoenix, this place was covered in fiery light and the temperature climbed sharply. 

The others jeered excitedly, all of them offering praise continuously. 

"Aiya, the vermilion bird and the scarlet phoenix, what an ideal combination. Hong Huang, do you want to stay behind in the lower realm and become the wife of another, falling prey to desires of the mortal world?"

"Truly a match made in heaven. Even their precious techniques are similar. Hong Huang, you two are really brought together by fate!"

Several individuals released half-suppressed laughs to mock Hong Huang. It was because she was the one that provoked and harrassed the other party first, suggesting some of these girls should stay behind in the mortal world and create some romantic legend. However now, she was the one that was mocked instead. 

With a flash, flames poured down. The red phoenix dodged in an agile and graceful manner, bringing fiery light with it as it evaded. It landed on the side and gave everyone a glance. 

"Unordinary, as expected. I have determined that this young man is mature and powerful and quite excellent, ready to be plucked. Older sisters, don't be overly polite. You all can enjoy yourselves without restraint." Hong Huang was extremely fiery and unrestrained as she laughed. 

"Do you want to die? Does this girl dare to say anything, shooting her mouth like that."

"The little girl has grown up. It is clearly her mortal desires that are moved, yet she wants to push it onto us. It really can't be forgiven."

The young ladies all laughed. Even though they were competitors in name, they would still ridicule each other normally. They were all beautiful and delicate like works of art, and when they were together, there was an astonishing type of charm to them. 

Even though his comments were a bit obscene and unbridled, Shi Hao didn't act excessively and made sure to make just enough for what was right. After all, this was the first time they met, so closing the distance an appropriate amount was good, but any more would bring about hatred. 

Their first meeting was still relatively pleasant. The girls were all extraordinary, and all of the discussions were interesting and subtle. In the end, however, after talking about various things, it was still their cultivation paths that were the most original. 

Shi Hao's benefits weren't few. He learned of quite a few secrets. 

"Brother Shi's talents are quite unordinary. If you always stay in the lower realms, it truly is quite a pity. Sooner or later, you will be overlooked," Lan Yu spoke. Her words were gentle and she was sweet-tempered. 

Shi Hao's mind was shaken, expressing that he didn't understand. 

"The lower realm consists of eight cages, refined by predecessors through great magical force. The natural laws are not complete, and the great dao is damaged. All types of natural order are unstable, and cultivating here for an extended amount of time will not bring about much benefits to oneself." Shui Yue explained. 

"There is something like that?" Shi Hao was astonished. He was obviously aware that these were eight cages, but he never expected the natural laws to be incomplete as well. 

"The lower realm is a place to imprison criminals, and it is a cage refined by predecessors, it is quite lacking." 

Shi Hao cupped his fist as a response. 

"This heaven and earth is lacking too much. Look at the starry sky. Only a small portion of the stars are real, and most of them were formed by ancient supreme beings through magical power. A large portion of them are just projections of the starry rivers of the higher realms." Another person spoke. 

These higher realm elites possessed exceptional bearing. They were all rare heroes and geniuses, but they were still rather arrogant and conceited. When they spoke about the lower realm, they carried an attitude of contempt. 

"How are the higher realms?" Shi Hao asked them for guidance. He wanted to get some earlier understanding of the higher realms. 

"The higher realms are vast and boundless. It is unknown just how many times more vast they are than the eight regions. Some of the ancient sects' inheritance have existed for an extremely long time, even able to trace back to the time when the world was first opened. The number of powerful individuals are numerous…" Hong Huang was rather lively as she enthusiastically introduced. 

Then, she seemed to have suddenly thought of something and said, "Are you the Immortal Mountain's disciple?"

"There is some relationship between us, but I am not." Shi Hao replied. 

"Yi, you are in the mysterious region and have this level of innate talent and cultivation, yet you aren't a disciple of the Immortal Mountain. Are you the Western Sect, Heaven Mending Sect, or Kunlun's disciple?" Hong Huang asked with shock. 

"None of those. I am an loose cultivator." Shi Hao replied. 

"Ah, such a powerful loose cultivator?" Hong Huang was astonished, and the expressions of the others also changed. 

Shui Yue released shining radiance and said, "Then that's troublesome. For the inheritances that the higher realms left behind in the lower realm, their outstanding talents can enter the higher realms. If not, it will be hard to break through the entrapment of the eight regions. The heavenly gate will bring about an extraordinary restriction that prevents entry."

"It truly will be quite hard. If anyone wants to break through the entrapment and leave the eight cages, they will receive a strict examination to explore their roots. Otherwise, it is simply impossible to enter the higher realms." Lan Yu sighed and said. 

"It's that troublesome?" Shi Hao frowned. 

"But of course. There were many great vicious existences imprisoned in the lower realm. If they weren't treated strictly, they might bright about great chaos." A young male spoke. 

Shi Hao felt a subtle change in atmosphere when everyone found out it was hard for him to enter the higher realms. Some of them began to act more freely and no longer acted as cautiously and politely, and there were even those that showed some disdain.

However, these individuals' bearing were extraordinary, so they wouldn't show too much on the surface. 

In some of their opinions, Shi Hao's natural talents were unordinary, but if he couldn't enter the higher realms, then he wouldn't be able to display his brilliance, as such losing his value as a potential friend. In the lower realm where the laws weren't complete, he will eventually be overlooked and neglected. 

"Sister Lan Yu, Sister Shui Yue, and Ying Ying, why don't you all get married and help bring brother Shi up? That way, I'm sure we can smoothly enter through the heavenly gate." Hong Huang giggled. 

"Has spring come? This girl has already sprouted, and her heart yearns for the radiance of spring. Why don't we marry her off? Leave her behind as a wife in the lower realm!" The young lady Ying Ying that had entered not too long ago was rather lively and took the initiative to throw back some provocation. 


"Second the notion!"

Quite a few people laughed loudly and nodded in agreement.

During this process, there were some who frowned, especially among the males. They did not enjoy these types of jokes, because they came down with these girls, and the relationships between them weren't light. 

Shi Hao began to think to himself. He frowned slightly, feeling that entering the higher realms was troublesome. Apart from the rules of this world, there were man-made restrictions as well that prevented him from travelling through the heavenly gate. 

Since even the elites of the higher realms were saying that it was a bit difficult, it proved that entering the higher realms was definitely not a simple matter. It will definitely be filled with difficulties and hardships. 

"No matter. With brother Shi's talent, as long as a report is made, I believe that a slot can be fought for." Lan Yu consoled. 

"It's not like there is no way. There might be some things we can do." A young male who appeared rather reserved looked at Shi Hao after saying this and carefully examined him. 

However, he wasn't met with the inferior stance he was expecting from Shi Hao, nor did he see the other party request earnestly for guidance from him. 

He laughed thoughtfully and said, "Enter my race. When the time comes, I'll invite the mysterious ancestor to make an appearance to allow you through the heavenly gate. We can also send you into some ancient sacred institution."

"Xuan Ming, you seem a bit unkind and dishonest! Are you trying to obtain a battle servant?" The young lady Ying Ying spoke. She gave Shi Hao a look, and then looked at the others here in a meaningful manner.

"How could that be me? I am treating him like a brother." Xuan Ming had an impressive appearance. A layer of golden flames surrounded his body that was extremely powerful and possessed a terrifying aura. However, his smile was rather warm. 

"Brother Shi can enter my clan. I will think of a way to help you." Shui Yue suddenly spoke. 

"En, let me think about it for a bit as well." Hong Huang said. 

These talented shocking youths didn't want to miss this opportunity. After some consideration, they decided that they wanted to bring him to their side. Perhaps he might become a sapling that could bring about a nice surprise in the future. 

"There will be a way. Brother Shi does not need to worry." Lan Mei paused for a moment before continuing, "The higher realms are vast and boundless, and it is difficult for a cultivator to travel to its end even in their lifetime. Many eternal sects are just single drops in the ocean, so Brother Shi can first think things over for a bit."

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