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Chapter 478 - Lower Realm Forbidden Existence

Purple energy came from the east. Lightning interweaved, and the entire central heavenly palace was submerged. The sound of thunder suddenly rang out, causing the people to feel greatly shaken. 

If not for a divine magical formation protecting this place, no matter how magnificent this enormous palace was, it would still be turned into ashes. Golden symbols flowed everywhere, blocking the thunderstorm and dispelling these attacks. 

Inside the great hall, Shi Hao's entire body was scorched black like charcoal. He was studying the Suan Ni precious technique, trying to manipulate the lightning that was known to be one of the highest in attack power. As a result, the electric radiance flew everywhere chaotically. 

This was a true heavenly ranked archaic vicious beast's most powerful precious technique, as well as Stone Country's country guarding divine ability. Its power was endless, far greater than all of the descendant techniques he received before. 

He was always studying it these days, and had already made shocking progress. However, in order to thoroughly comprehend it to the point of perfection, he still needed more time and experience. 

The inside of the heavenly palace was the most suitable place for cultivation. Not only was there plenty of vital energy, there were also divine formations protecting this place. He didn't have to worry about destroying this place no matter what type of tests he carried out.

Pi pa noises sounded. The bones all over Shi Hao's entire body released sounds, and a layer of skin was shed. The scorched blackness retreated. When one reached his level of power, these types of injuries could be quickly recovered from. 

In addition, there was a spiritual pond in the heavenly palace, and inside, spring water flowed about. This liquid was extremely beneficial to the body. Shi Hao used the spiritual spring to cleanse himself, and then he switched into a clean set of clothes. He then entered a state of meditation again to carefully analyze the lightning dao divine ability.

"The lightning of spring will come, and I will need to enter the clouds to carefully study the natural lightning dao of this world. Only then can I quickly comprehend the Suan Ni precious technique." Shi Hao said to himself. 

In addition, he also wanted to take advantage of a great opportunity. Not only did lightning possess destructive force, it also contained a thriving vitality. There was lightning tribulation liquid inside that was absolutely invaluable. 

In the past when he studied in the Heaven Mending Pavilion, a single drop of lightning tribulation liquid was known as a great treasure. There would be a swamp of this lightning liquid each time in the lightning, and if he could obtain it, then he could use it to baptize his body and further advance his path in the dao. It would provide endless benefits!

However, those types of things were extremely rare and difficult to obtain. Even those with high levels of cultivation might not obtain any, because at that time, the power of lightning could erupt at any time.

When he finished cultivating, Yue Chan stepped in, her white clothes untainted by a speck of filth. She looked intelligent and otherworldly, as if she was a figure that walked out from a picture scroll. She held a jade plate with fragrant leaves atop it. 

If those outside knew that the Heaven Mending Sect's fairy was serving a man like this, they would definitely go mad. How could something like this happen? It was just too dreamlike. 

The witch already left for several days. She felt like there were going to be great world-shaking changes that were about to take place, so she was going to make preparations. 

Fairy Yue Chan brought over a snow white towel for Shi Hao to wipe his face with. She was extremely obedient, truly like a competent maid as she stood by his side. 

Of course, inside, she was still arrogant and wouldn't surrender herself. Right now, she was only doing this for this powerful youth due to the circumstances. There wasn't much she could to to resist his demands. 

No one had ever dared to treat her so rudely before, yet right now, the situation was truly rough. As a captive, if she fought back intensely, she might suffer even more. 

After drinking a cup of fragrant tea, Shi Hao lowered the jade cup and turned around to look at the unmatched beauty beside him. With a smile, he said, "Are you staying at my side to obtain the Kun Peng technique?"

The otherworldly immortal-like Yue Chan's beautiful eyes blinked. She opened her brightly colored red lips to say something, but then she suddenly released a scream. 


It was because on her full and ample bottom, a hateful hand had slapped down, and it even stopped there. This type of harassment made her furious and her face completely red. 

If the outside world saw this expression, they would definitely be stupefied. Such a thing had never happened before. 

Fairy Yue Chan's hands tried to move away the hand that stopped on her bottom. This was just too ridiculous! At the same time, she felt a painful heat below her body. She was both in pain and numb from the slap. This type of feeling was truly terrible, yet it was happening to the fairy's body. 

Shi Hao did not withdraw his hand and continued to hold it on top. At the same time, his eyes lit up, releasing two terrifying streaks of divine radiance that entered between Yue Chan's eyebrows.

He did that purposely to agitate the Heaven Mending Fairy and divert her attention. Then, he would use the opportunity to search through her sea of consciousness and pry into her mind. 

Fairy Yue Chan's body couldn't move. After suffering this hidden attack, her mind immediately became absent-minded; his plan was actually successful. 

Her divine will was powerful and couldn't be completely confined. If he truly invaded into her sea of consciousness, then he would inevitably encounter her full force struggle. However, this time, Shi Hao was able to break through. 

Without a doubt, the Heaven Mending Sect fairy's sea of consciousness was a forbidden area. There were astonishing secrets here. Apart from her origins, there was the Heaven Mending Technique, True Dragon precious technique, and many other secrets. 

If any of these secrets were exposed to the world, it would cause a great disturbance. 

"Success?" Shi Hao was shocked to find that he was actually successful. 

Suddenly, his expression changed. He encountered an enormous pair of golden gates before him that were tightly closed and difficult to open. This should be the true root location. 

The area he broke into earlier wasn't of much value. This was the most holy area, fairy Yue Chan's holy forbidden area. 

"How could these enormous golden gates possess divine aura?" Shi Hao was extremely shocked. What was going on? There was a tremendous force protecting this place that made him become more vigilant. 

Shi Hao proceeded and pushed against those golden gates. As expected, they were tightly shut and impregnable. All of the secrets were protected. 

"Open for me!"

Shi Hao exerted force, and the small figure formed out of his divine senses utilized the Kun Peng technique to forcefully open these doors. 


Finally, the golden doors began to sway, and a gap was actually opened by him! At the same time, there was a sacred golden energy that surged outwards that was incredibly vast and powerful. 

He felt that something was wrong. This was the other party's sea of consciousness, and Yue Chan was fighting on home ground, possessing superiority here. If he barged in, there might be danger. 

It was because right now, this was no longer a surprise attack. The other party definitely made some preparations. 

"This power…" Shi Hao was shocked. Right now, the willpower he felt was extremely powerful. There were hints of divine aura, and they flowed with sparkling radiance. 

He had a feeling that fairy Yue Chan was definitely an incredible noble girl from the higher realms. Her status was terrifyingly high. There might have been power left by another to protect her primordial spirit in her sea of consciousness. 

"Something isn't right. This is also like the power she produced herself. Exactly what kind of opportunity has she obtained? Why is there the aura of a deity?" Soon after, Shi Hao's expression changed. 

He pushed against the golden gates again, widening the crack and looked inside. In the depths of the sacred sea of consciousness, there was an endless golden sea. A tremendous immortal palace was suspended within, and there was a girl sitting with her legs crossed inside, as if she was asleep. Her golden body was holy and perfect just like a deity. 

Even though this figure was rather hazy, she looked incomparably holy. Her figure was tall and slender, perfect to the point of making others cry out in astonishment. 

"Something isn't right." Shi Hao's mind trembled. He backed up a bit and allowed the golden doors to shut. He did not try to forcefully enter. 

Multicolored light flickered. Shi Hao withdrew and returned to his original body. Yue Chan remained momentarily absent-minded, but she was awake again as well. She couldn't help but cry out in fear, because the hand that was on her bottom was still there. 


Shi Hao slapped on top, and only then did he withdraw. He looked at her again and again. She really wasn't simple after all. If he didn't carefully observe her, he truly might have overlooked this. 

However, he wasn't scared. This was still pointless. A beautiful woman at one's side was a truly wonderful thing, and it would cultivate one's tastes. It wasn't something bad. 

Fairy Yue Chan didn't say anything and withdrew. Her sparkling jade-like expression continuously changed. She truly wanted to step on Shi Hao's feet, but right now, she couldn't do that. 

"Yue Chan, the time between us is pressing. When can we enter the bridal room?" Shi Hao lazily asked. 

He felt that no matter what type of secrets the other side had, he could deal with them in an unhurried manner. The false play might come true if she wasn't careful, and the fairy would be brought back to Stone Village. At that time, she will definitely draw gasps of surprise. 

"There is a supreme goddess in her sea of consciousness. How strange…"

"What are you muttering?" Yue Chan asked. 

"Nothing much, I'll just take a fairy as my wife and let the goddess cry. Come, fairy, give me a hug," Shi Hao laughed and said, opening his arms before walking forward to embrace her. 

"I am going to make tea!" This time, fairy Yue Chan was incomparably agile as she bent down to escape. Then, she moved her long and slender jade-like legs to quickly flee out from the heavenly palace. 

"Haha…" Shi Hao laughed loudly in a carefree manner. Making fun of a sect's fairy was actually so interesting. 


Suddenly, an explosion erupted between heaven and earth. A thick streak of lightning tore through the air, ripping apart the heavens. 

"The lightning of spring has come! I should go and cultivate the Suan Ni precious technique to perfect it. However, won't this delay my wedding night?" Shi Hao sighed. 

However, soon after, he noticed that something wasn't right. The lightning was too great, and it was still lengthening. It seemed to have filled the entire world. 

Could it be that the three sects' cultivators came to attack again? He already waited for many days, yet he didn't see any signs of activity from the other party. This didn't seem quite like it either. 

Right at this moment, the little pagoda that went out to investigate in the wasteland region returned, emerging from a passageway that flowed with both yin and yang energies into the heavenly palace. 

"Something great is descending!" The little pagoda said. 

"The characters from above are finally coming down?!" Shi Hao was astonished. 

"Correct. I already sensed the incoming disaster. A taboo existence that has exerted its terror throughout the ages is about to fall!" The little pagoda was extremely serious. 

This was as nine-colored streak of lightning. Its aura was terrifying, and it possessed the energy of primal chaos. It covered the heavens, forming a scene that was so vast it was intimidating. The entire heavenly sky seemed to have shattered. 

This streak of lightning came quickly but also departed quickly. 

However, the pressure it brought about did not fade away. It was clearly that someone had broken through the wall between realms and was currently descending from another realm with difficulty. This existence was going to appear in the wasteland region. 

"What do we do? Should we ask the Willow Deity for help? During a crucial point, you guys can work together." Shi Hao asked. 

"We are just watching a play." The little pagoda's words were overcast. It knew how serious the situation was. If one tried to pursue the natural laws and seize an opportunity now, they would most likely be throwing their own lives away.

Its entire body shone, but it was isolated from this great world, preventing traces of its existence from being leaked into the world. Then, it opened an ancestral altar in the imperial palace and used it to monitor the world. 

From just this point alone, one could see how heaven defying the little pagoda was. With just a bit of work over the altar, it could already scour the entire wasteland region to search for the individual who came from the higher realms. 

First, he used the ancestral altar to observe Fire Nation Capital, which had become ruins. Here, a nine-colored streak of lightning surged, shattering the heavens. An enormous foot trampled down with difficulty. 

Shi Hao was extremely shaken. That foot was just too enormous, even larger than the clouds and covered the heavens! Nine-colored lightning could be seen below it, and endless chaotic mist accompanied it. Its divine might was matchless. 

"It came for the supreme divine treasury!" The little pagoda said in an extremely serious manner. 

Then, the scene changed again. It began to look at another region, and this was precisely the medicine capital. 

Several hundred li outside the medicine capital, there was a valley where a dao rhythm rumbled. The world was resonating, and chaotic energy surged. An immortal root was shining, and sutras were being chanted.

"This thing is going to come into being. I don't know what kind of existence it has summoned. This is originally the first divine root in the higher realms!" The little pagoda became even more serious. 


As soon as it finished speaking, the heavens shattered like glass. A large purple hand covered the skies,and primal chaos surrounded it as it reached downwards!

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