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Chapter 477 - Cultivate

Bluish-green bamboo covered this place. A dense green aura filled this place. 

The bamboo residence was elegant and radiated a plant fragrance. 

On a reclining chair made out from strips of bamboo, Shi Hao closed his eyes while lying down. On the stone table next to him, a fragrance was wafting from a tea cup that brought about a calming atmosphere. 

Behind him stood a woman in snow white clothes, her black hair shining like satin and pure white skin flowing with luster. Her black eyebrows were curved, and her eyes were pitch-black, sparkling with specks of light. A pair of beautiful arms was currently massaging his shoulders.

This was precisely fairy Yue Chan. Her delicate hands were quick and skillful as they continuously pressed downwards. There was a special type of rhythm to her movements that was extremely beautiful. Even though the movements were simple, it was as if they contained the aura of the dao. 

Shi Hao was quite relaxed. As the fragrance wafted through the air, it was accompanied with the scent of a young lady that was like orchids. When this smell entered one's senses, it made one feel even more peaceful and carefree. 

The witch had already entered the palace for several days. She created effects of critical importance, intimidating the Heaven Mending Sect's fairy and leaving her incomparably afraid. Out of fear of her acting randomly, she would rather 'serve' Shi Hao than getting close to that dangerous witch. 

This was a bamboo garden within the imperial palace. It was a simple and elegant place with several bamboo huts. There were also two tables and five or six wooden blocks. It was useful as a resting place for one to briefly relax their mind. 

The fragrance of tea was faint and indistinct. Shi Hao half closed his eyes while thinking about the witch's words. Just how much of her words could he believe in? With the great calamity descending and the world changing, he could not trust all of her words. 

"The witch is extremely dangerous. You cannot trust her words at all. She also comes from a great sect and is related to the higher realms, so how can they have descended just out of personal grudges?"

Yue Chan's voice was extremely soft and quiet out of fear of her adversary in the distant palace. She cautiously and timidly spoke to Shi Hao. 

"Am I supposed to be able to trust you?" Shi Hao's eyes opened, and his delicate and pretty face revealed a smile that made him look brilliant. Even though he was acting free and at ease, he also seemed confident. 

"If you really are going to work with her, then you are better off believing me." Fairy Yue Chan's snow white clothes covered her long and slender body. Her undulating curves made her entire body appear intelligent and otherworldly, the eyes on her beautiful pupils carrying a peculiar flickering radiance. 

She closed her snow white fist and beat down on Shi Hao's shoulders in a manner that wasn't light or heavy. Her sparkling hair possessed a type of luster, and a nice scent was emitted from her breath as she softly said, "She came from the higher realms, and her identity is shockingly high. Half of what she said to you was false. Even though we stood in opposition before, what is true is true, and what is false is false."

"She at least helped me before, and her favor will always be remembered in my heart. Meanwhile, you always stood against me, leading so many people to surround me. As for who I should trust, do I even need to think about it?" Shi Hao laughed. 

"This even more so proves how terrifying the witch is. Her craftiness knows no depths, using what seems to be favor to produce her desired result. She simply wants to use you." Fairy Yue Chan leaned down slightly and said in an extremely soft voice. Her sparkling hair swayed gently, falling on Shi Hao's cheek, allowing him to smell a rather unique fragrance. 

Shi Hao lay against the bamboo chair in an extremely relaxed manner. He held a strand of shiny and soft hair between his hands and continuously placed it by his nose to smell it. 

"Saying these things is completely useless. At the very least, we were always enemies. Trying to change me to deal with my ally is pointless." Shi Hao shook his head. When he saw the extremely beautiful, fair, and charming face, he laughed and said, "Unless, in order to make me believe you, we become a family. Then, that's possible."

Fairy Yue Chan was already feeling rather uncomfortable when he played with her hair. Normally, she was detached, elegant and pure. When had she ever gotten in such close proximity of another man before?

Now that such blatant words were spoken, it made her pure white, glowing jade-like face immediately show a flush of redness. She reached out her lily-white hands and pulled back that lock of beautiful hair to move away.

Seeing the long and slender fingers quickly and skillfully pull apart his hand, Shi Hao felt a strange sensation inside. He lightly grabbed them, pulling on her warm, jade-like soft hand, causing fairy Yue Chan to move from behind the bamboo chair to the front. 

"What I spoke is the truth. If you walk too close to the witch, you will ultimately lose your life. She is like a poppy flower, pretty and flirtatious, but will ultimately bring about your destruction," Yue Chan spoke. 

Even though her lily-white hand was grabbed by another, making her feel extremely unwell, she still spoke softly. Regardless of whether it was her hair or her body, they both revealed a wave of fragrance that wafted through the air. 

Shi Hao shook his head and didn't say anything. His face carried a smile as he said, "No matter. In fact, we can truly become a family. The village chief already told me to bring back a pretty mother, and I feel like you are passable. At the very least, you are a noble woman from the higher realms!"

Fairy Yue Chan's face became slightly red. When she heard these words, she truly became a bit speechless. Normally, who dared to speak randomly towards her? She had never experienced such a thing before. 

However, in the end, she still wasn't an ordinary person. She could still calm down, and in a soft voice, she said, "This matter is related to life and death, so you must treat it cautiously. The witch is truly terrifying."

She was almost within reach, her fair hand full of suppleness. She truly was an outstanding beauty. Shi Hao stood up, and with his eyes half closed, he looked at her before saying, "You don't have to try and drive a wedge between us. Saying all of this is pointless."

He reached out his left hand and forcefully pulled Yue Chan's small pretty waist over to sit beside him, immediately causing her to cry out in alarm.

Fairy Yue Chan cultivated a secret technique that made her sacred and unapproachable. Currently, even though her cultivation was sealed, that type of distinct style was still there. For normal people, she still seemed extremely dreamy and otherworldly, a woman that could not be violated and could only be revered. However, Shi Hao didn't seem affected at all, only treating her like a woman without showing any respect. 

"I feel like we can slowly discuss this topic. If what you say is true, we can cooperate after becoming a family." Shi Hao teased. 

He was only doing this to drag the aloof and remote Heaven Mending Sect fairy down to the mortal world, making her feel uncomfortable. He wanted to make her seem less unapproachable and disturb her state of mind. 

Fairy Yue Chan tried to dodge, but the hand on her delicate snake-like waist was powerful and passionate, firmly stopping her as it carried her back. 

Her well developed and perky bottom had long been forced to sit on Shi Hao's body. It was difficult for her to escape, making her momentarily embarrassed. Her delicate hands brushed towards Shi Hao's eyes. 

Unfortunately, her cultivation was sealed, and when she took action, even though it was done so in a quick and skillful manner and not contaminated by the mortal world, it didn't possess any power. Shi Hao released a smile and directly opened his mouth to hold her fingers inside. 

"You…" Fairy Yue Chan was in quite an embarrassed state. She tried to pull her fingers back, but she wasn't able to do what she wanted. 

When he made such close contact with her body, the orchid-like fragrance entered Shi Hao's senses. He watched as her jade-like body flowed with radiance. That perfect and beautiful face was right in front of his eyes. Shi Hao's heart was moved, and he couldn't help but draw in his arm. 

Fairy Yue Chan shouted softly. Her small pretty waist was first pulled in by those two arms, and then she was being dragged towards Shi Hao's chest. 

Shi Hao directly laid back down onto the bamboo chair. The soft and sparkling wonderful body laid down on his. Fine black hair scattered downwards onto his face, tickling his face. 

Within the pitch-black hair, a pure-white remarkably beautiful face was revealed. It carried fury and was blushing red. She appeared extremely tender and beautiful. Her eyes were dreamy, and bright red lips covered her white jade-like teeth. 

As if he was suddenly pushed by some unknown force, Shi Hao couldn't help but open his mouth and move forwards, sealing those beautiful and brightly colored lips intimately with his. 

A hong sound rang out through fairy Yue Chan's mind. This was too sudden! Forget about this intimate movement, whenever she met another person, there would always be a set distance. However, today, everything she was used to was completely overturned.

Wu wu...

As she struggled, she actually felt a dizzy sensation, and a feeling of hatred that made her feel furious and humiliated. Her two hands pushed away, but her eel like waist was still being carried, making her unable to get up. 

Shi Hao was extremely confused and intoxicated. This was a new type of experience. Their lips and tongue touched each other, and fragrance wafted about. 

"Aiyaya, you two are truly easy going people. It is still bright out, yet you all are playing around together in such an unrestrained manner. What a scandal!" In the distance, the witch laughed in an evil manner as she walked over gracefully. 

She sat on a rattan chair in the distance while carrying an extremely relaxed appearance.

Yue Chan struggled intensely and finally stood up. Her clothes were all over the place, and she looked like a fairy that had truly fallen into the world of mortals. Her chest was violently moving up and down, and her breathing was unstable. 

"Is this even the Yue Chan that I know?" The witch teased. She loved seeing her adversary humiliated the most. This type of scene was extremely pleasant in her eyes and caused her to feel delighted. 

Shi Hao sat up and asked, "Hey, witch, are you jealous?"

"No way, you already learned how to hurt the feelings of a young married woman?" The witch was smiling extremely brilliantly. 

"We were just chatting about life and came to a flash of realization. Disturbing us like this is quite discourteous." Shi Hao said in a serious manner. 

Yue Chan grinded her teeth in anger and sent a few fists over towards Shi Hao from behind the bamboo chair. However, it was completely useless. She didn't have any power, so how could she injure Shi Hao?

Unknowingly why, she wanted to get rid of the witch even more, not wishing to show herself before her. She hated being seen at this type of moment the most. It was utterly embarrassing and humiliating. 

"Hehe, to discuss life with the Heaven Mending Sect's fairy, you truly are living a great life," the witch spoke while giggling. 

"Of course. However, this is my family's matters. You should not interfere." Shi Hao shot her a look of disdain. Then, he turned towards fairy Yue Chan and said, "You don't need to listen to her. If she speaks like that, can we really act so distant?"

Yue Chan truly wanted to beat him black and blue. After calming down with difficulty, her spotlessly white and beautiful jade-like appearance gradually restored her collectedness. After fixing her hair, she released a sneer before saying, "Witch, don't think that I don't know about your evil intentions. You are trying to use the little Stone."

"How long has it been, yet you are already intimately calling him little Stone[1. Shi Hao's surname Shi means stone]? Our fairy that had always stood above the common mortals understands how to show support and protect a lover? This is just too clear! You obviously don't mean it." The witch spoke in a calm and undisturbed manner amidst the chaos. Then, she spoke out again. "The relationship between us is collaborative. Seriously speaking, it might be even more intimate."

Then, she spoke words that were utterly shocking. "I am carrying out a young male nurturing project."


The tea water that Shi Hao was drinking immediately spat out. This woman truly did and said whatever she wanted. She was even more crazy than him! At the very least, he was still trying to influence Yue Chan first and then change her. 

"Don't misunderstand, I just feel like his potential is endless and want to slowly raise him up. In the future when the great calamity ends and it will be harder for those from the higher realms to come down, he can sweep through the Heaven Mending Sect, Western Sect, and the others." The witch spoke calmly, explaining her young male nurturing project. 

Yue Chan shook her head, not believing her at all. 

The witch sent Shi Hao a message and said, "That woman is extremely unordinary. Under normal circumstances, she definitely couldn't be captured. Her true strength is extremely frightening, and at worst, she can also use the realm shattering divine symbol to flee. I fear that she is harboring evil thoughts and trying to probe into your Kun Peng technique, as well as the reason behind why you were able to rise so quickly to power. She is extremely dangerous, and you have to be careful."

Shi Hao's eyes flowed with divine light. After this initial period of contact, he felt as if both women weren't easy to deal with. He couldn't believe any of their words. 

He smiled and sent a message back, saying, "Nothing to worry about. Having someone to serve upon you is something truly delightful. Isn't that something quite good? This is just like a real life play. Having a fairy as a wife is truly wonderful."

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