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Chapter 479 - Great Figures

The great calamity descended gain. No one expected it to come so suddenly. The second great change was taking place!

Based on what the little pagoda said, coming down from the higher realms was extremely difficult. This was a restriction set by this world's natural laws, as well a limitation placed by the great inheritances of the higher realms. If one tried to forcefully descend, one could easily die. 

Under these ruthless and severe great dao regulations, it was a bit better for those with relatively lower cultivations, but for those that were more profound, the effects of these regulations were tremendous. As for a taboo existence or the most powerful deities, this effect was even greater. This was for the sake of protecting the lower realm's creatures. 

When strength surpassed a certain point, once they left this realm, returning wouldn't be easy. Only by paying one's price in blood and vitality could one have a chance of success. 

As such, not even a forbidden existence would easily descend into the lower realm. The amount of power they would have to resist was unimaginable, so they could only wait from the ancient times until now when the laws were weakened and the great dao's trajectory was displaced in order to grab this opportunity and achieve their goal. 


The screen of the altar released an ear-splitting sound. It then became blurry before directly shattering.

"What powerful energy!" Shi Hao sighed in admiration. 

The distance between themselves and the Fire Nation was extremely distant, to the point where an ordinary person could not cross it even if they used their entire life to try and walk there. However, a wave of power like this was actually transmitted through the ancestral altar. 

"This is a widespread attack done to destroy all scouting systems. This existence does not want anyone to see its true body," said the little pagoda. 

It rearranged everything, and the ancestral altar regained its simple and peaceful appearance. On top of the surface emerged a transparent puddle, and it turned into a mirror that once again projected the current scene.

Nine-colored lightning shone brightly. The heavens split apart as the sole of an enormous foot almost reached the ground, causing mountains and rivers to collapse. A large area was destroyed in an instant. 

Shi Hao was overwhelmed with shock as he watched through the ancestral altar. Even though there was such a tremendous distance separating this scene and himself, he could still feel the boundless and supreme dignity, as well as it destructive force. 

This type of divine might was too great! It was almost as if the wasteland region could not support it!

The ground began to split apart, and the cracks began to widen. The canyons and abyss that formed continuously stretched into the distance. The magma underneath the earth surged. It was as if the end of the world was descending. 

That power could not be stopped. It engulfed all directions, and endless primitive mountains ranges turned to ruin. 

"A taboo existence has descended into the lower realm. That type of power is incomparable, and nothing could resist it. Only when its true body completely descends can everything be stabilized again," said the little pagoda. 

Shi Hao revealed a shocked expression and said, "Your tone seems rather downcast, as if it contains endless sorrow…"


Heaven fell and earth cracked apart. This was a silver-colored creature that was incomparably huge. The heavens collapsed, and it truly descended. Its body shone with resplendent light, illuminating the the land and the heavens. 

However, it was still impossible to make out its true appearance. It was just too bright and resplendent. This type of aura surged and roiled like a tsunami or a river of stars as it battered through the wasteland region. 

It was a human shaped creature!

Apart from this, it was hard to make out anything else, so it was impossible to discern its appearance. The silver robe on its body was like metal. It was bright and dazzling as it illuminated the clear skies.  

Too powerful. Shi Hao had never met this type of existence before. Perhaps only the Willow Deity or the little pagoda could match it in force. Otherwise, this world simply didn't have this type of power. 

Shi Hao revealed a worried look. "If this individual decided not to leave for a while, what would happen?"

The little pagoda said, "Even though the taboo existence came down, the amount of time he spends in this world won't be too long, or else there will be a huge problem. If he insists on staying here for a long time, then he will have to first cut down his own foundation and start over from the beginning."

When Shi Hao heard this, he was inwardly moved. He thought of the Willow Deity, and then he looked at the little pagoda. He also recalled the chaotic divine disk he saw in the Void God Realm. They were all somewhat lacking. 

"In this world, opportunities only come a few times. As endless amounts of time pass, they will at most only be able to descend three or four times. After that, they will have to wait again."

"Another supreme existence has descended!" Shi Hao's eyes were bright and shining. He deeply felt how terrifying the sect masters of the higher realms were. 

This wasn't like the master of a rich and powerful lower realm family, and instead a truly high existence of a dao creed's highest existence. This was an individual that had truly lived through endless years and was known to be a taboo existence. 

Lightning hacked about, and the vast sky was shattered. A golden figure emerged that reached high into the clouds. It towered in the boundless world, as if it had existed forever. 

He wore a long golden robe. On his head was a crown, and when his eyes opened and closed, it was as if two great suns were blinking in and out of existence. A terrifying aura overflowed into the heavens. Unfortunately, due to the mist curling about, his true appearance couldn't be clearly seen. 

Shi Hao couldn't help but release a sigh. This individual seemed just like the king of deities that established heaven and earth. While surrounded in primal chaos, it was too difficult to appraise its depth. 

"Sure enough, this fellow is still alive… He also came down." The little pagoda said softly. 

In that area, a mountain torrent erupted, magma surged, and the great earth began to collapse. The scene was utterly shocking, as if the life of this world had reached its end. 

Under this scene of annihilation, Fire Nation Capital turned into ruins and was on the verge of collapse. However, it unexpectedly didn't disappear. Waves of haze began to rise, making it appear rather indistinct. 

Finally, the great figure from the higher realms stabilized the divine force and steadied this world. The mountain torrents, magma, and various others were stopped, and then he began to shrink in size, appearing in front of the ruins. 

However, that type of aura that could suffocate the nine heavens was still present. It was like the highest deity that intimidated the both the heavens above and the earth below for all of eternity!

"Wu, these two fellows have lived for an endless amount of time. It's been long enough, and it seems like even old lives will come to an end. They hurried over as soon as possible to search for the legendary opportunity. It seems like they found the proper place during the search last time," the little pagoda said. 

With a flash, the bodies of two figures disappeared into the ruins. 

Suddenly, a silver stream poured down in torrents. The large expanse of whiteness illuminated the nine heavens and also cascaded into the ruins. 

This was a creature without a corporeal body. It was just a streak of light, yet it was extremely terrifying. 


Suddenly, in those ruins, an enormous claw reached out, smashing apart the great earth. It was vast and boundless, and several hundreds of thousands li of land around it caved inwards. 

"A tortoise!"

Shi Hao saw clearly that it was an absolutely enormous turtle. With a single strike, the boundless world began to collapse. 

The only thing to be glad about was that there were natural laws that did not allow these extreme levels of power to appear in this realm. It disintegrated those fluctuations and restrained the boundless divine might. 

"Could it be that the supreme divine treasury on the tortoise's back is truly a treasury?" Shi Hao was astonished. Even though he was tempted, there was nothing he could do. He could only watch this 'play'.

That was the world's greatest giant's resistance. It didn't matter how many creatures went up, it would all be useless. With a snap of a finger from existences on that level, endless creatures would turn into ashes. 

"It's fake." A sound rang out. When Shi Hao turned around, he discovered that the Willow Deity had appeared. 

It was still mysterious and hazy. Strands of light revolved around it, and on every ring of light sat a deity that prostrated itself in worship. 

Within the formlessness, there was a boundless and distant great dao profoundness that affected his senses. There were also waves of sacrificial chants being made that shook the heavens and stars. 

Shi Hao was extremely happy to be able to see the Willow Deity again. He released a breath of relief. He didn't have to worry about much anymore. 


When the Willow Deity's words just ended, the image on the ancestral altar changed. One could clearly see that in the ruins, sword energy overflowed into the heavens and chaotic energy surged chaotically. 

"Third Killing Formation!" The little pagoda cried out in alarm. Even something as powerful as itself was astonished, feeling a wave of horror. 

"Why is it ranked?" While Shi Hao was stirred up, his heart was also full of curiosity. Towards this grade of existence, he was extremely interested and wanted to understand them. 

In the eyes of the Willow Deity and the little pagoda, they felt that the situation was extremely grim. The killing energy that was being released was world-shaking and related to the higher realms and eight regions' futures. Meanwhile, in Shi Hao's eyes, there was more amazement. 

It was because of a difference in how high they stood. The Willow Deity and little pagoda's expressions were grave as they carefully observed everything. 

"The so-called Third Killing Formation is the higher realms' third most powerful great formation since the sky was opened." The little pagoda spoke in a quiet voice. 

It was called the third, but it didn't necessarily mean that it was weaker than the two before it. This was a natural formation for splitting open the heavens and earth, symbols that naturally emerged. The formation diagram was discovered by later generations and not man-made. As such, its power was difficult to imagine.

As expected, primal chaos and sword energy gathered in that area. It was definitely not a normal type of killing intent. Together with the power to open the skies, it rushed into the heavens and hacked towards the world beyond. Hazy mists surrounded that area. 


In the ruins below, bloody light splashed outwards and surged violently through the great earth. 

The Willow Deity was silent. The little pagoda was glad that it wasn't the one that hopped into this trap and that it was a higher realm taboo existence that fell instead. 

"With a single battle, another taboo existence whose name had existed throughout the ages has fallen. I wonder if these types of existences are about to completely fade away." The little pagoda seemed to take joy after seeing such disaster befall another. 

Shi Hao could only watch what was happening. Even the Willow Deity was watching this battle, not willing to get involved. 

"What exactly is there in the supreme divine treasury?" Shi Hao asked. He really wanted to know. 

"The central piece of the True Primordial Record," answered the Willow Deity. 

"Ah?" Shi Hao was greatly shocked. 

"What you studied was the upper piece, known as Divine Guidance. Some of the taboo existences have seen it, and as a result, they are all interested in the middle piece," said the Willow Deity. 

"Divine Guidance…" This was the first time Shi Hao learned of this. What he possessed was just a portion of a whole. He then inquired about the name of the middle piece. 

"The middle piece is called Transcendence," said the Willow Deity. In addition, it informed Shi Hao that it should be preserved inside the Supreme Palace. Outsiders have always wanted to obtain it, but they have always failed to do so. 

"Then what about the lower piece?" Shi Hao hurriedly asked. 

"No one has ever seen the lower piece. The True Primordial Record is similar to the Third Killing Formation, they are both things that emerged when the world was created. However, no one has obtained the lower piece," the Willow Deity said. 

Shi Hao was speechless. His mind was indescribably shaken. 

The upper piece, Divine Guidance, was brought by the Willow Deity into Stone Village. Otherwise, how could Shi Hao have seen it? He immediately sank into a state of contemplation. He never saw any profound great dao inside, yet there was some type of miraculous force contained within. 

Could it be that he didn't completely comprehend it? Shi Hao frowned. It seemed like he had to go back and carefully study it again. 

"There are no problems with your comprehension of the upper piece. When the opportunity comes… it will eventually be obtained." The words the Willow Deity spoke were rather mysterious. 


Suddenly, the world rumbled with noise. In the northern sea, a great halberd rose, bringing with it heaven overflowing killing intent that possessed power that shook both past and present. It tore through the air and rushed towards the great earth. 

"That's… Eternity, one of the ten archaic weapons!" Shi Hao cried out in alarm, recognizing it immediately. He had seen it before in the Northern Sea. 

It had separated into three parts, but when it reformed, there was no sign of damage. It seemed to crush down with the power of a world as it suppressed downwards.

This great halberd was too terrifying. It had chaotic energy swirling about it that suppressed everything. Its slaughtering power has shocked the world both past and present. The heavens trembled as it entered the ruins. 

"Kun Peng… Don't tell me that it is still alive?" Even the little pagoda cried out in alarm. It was extremely shocked. 

You have to understand that back then, it had entered the Kun Peng nest with Shi Hao and searched through that place's secrets. 

Shi Hao was similarly astonished. The events that happened today were astonishing! Even the Kun Peng's magical artifact appeared. It directly hacked down towards the divine treasury inside the ruins as if it carried a tremendous grudge. 

With a pu sound, bloody light flickered about, shooting from the earth into the heavens. Silver blood shone resplendently in an especially striking manner. 

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