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Chapter 474 – Imperial Palace Dyed in Blood

The head flew extremely high into the sky. The face on the decapitated head carried fear, unwillingness, shock, as well as confusion and disbelief.

He was a supreme expert, yet he was killed just like that? The sword removed his head with a single slash! The battle clothes of that youth fluttered about him, giving him an outstanding and otherworldly appearance. His radiating figure accomplished this magnificent feat!

The Heaven Mending Sect's supreme expert was unwilling. With his final view, what he saw was a truly outstanding youth. After beheading him, he stood there in a calm and unhurried manner, as if what he had just sliced through was just clouds and mist. Shi Hao's body was surrounded in resplendent golden light as if he was a brilliant sun.


The headless corpse fell down, and its head finally landed on the ground as well. A supreme expert from this generation lost his life just like that. His eyes carried bewilderment as well as great fear. He was defeated just like that, dying with remaining grievance.

The bright-colored blood was extremely eye catching, but soon after, it turned into light that flickered like a divine flame. It burned within the faint golden color of the imperial palace, creating a ghastly sight.

Many of those in the back were petrified, finding it difficult to even breathe. It was hard for them to accept this reality. How could it have ended like this? The results were completely unexpected.

This was a supreme expert from this generation! A single thought could collapse mountains and dry up rivers. They could even make the great earth tremble, and they could devour millions of creatures with a single breath. They were incomparably powerful and stood above all else.

This was a power that transcended the power of the mortal realm, a power that could easily wipe out a race as well as destroy endless mountains and rivers. How could someone like that be so frail right now and die here?

"Master!" Several young boys and girls cried out while revealing great fear from their eyes. The supreme expert of a generation had lost his life, and they lost a protector. Their days within the sect in the future would be tough.

The young cultivators were all frightened and continuously took steps backwards. This was too terrifying! When the little Stone took action, it was forceful and decisive. Even a supreme expert lost his life, so they were definitely in great danger.

The remaining four great supreme experts were already preparing themselves as if they were fighting against a great enemy. All four of them shone, and it was as if there were enormous divine furnaces burning. They lit up the heavens, filling the world with light to protect their bodies.

They knew that something about this situation was off. There were a few great divine formations in the imperial palace that were not destroyed and were seemingly intact. It was different from the intelligence they received previously.

The situation was extremely dangerous and out of their control. They were originally sent out as a punitive team to punish and suppress Shi Hao, but they ended up falling into this type of predicament. They might all die here.

The four supreme experts released their divine senses and carefully observed the situation, but they couldn't understand why. They frowned, and became even more careful.

"It doesn't matter. We have the damaged formation diagram, so at the very least, we can escape." A supreme expert from the Western Sect spoke. Through cultivating the Vajra Unbreakable Body, his body was gilded in gold. His blood energy surged like a great sea.

Shi Hao watched all of this with a rather indifferent expression. He didn't show the slightest bit of anger, truly like a lone immortal that was detached from the world.

A supreme expert from the Immortal Mountain walked forward and rushed towards a direction, taking practical action to inspect the formation and see if the ruined diagram could be used. He was going to create a great golden passageway.

Below his feet, mists flowed about, and silver multicolored light blossomed, forming a great path that led into the distance.

"So that was all it amounted to. We can break out."

With a wave of the Immortal Mountain supreme expert's sleeves, the road ahead was opened. A silver path emerged beneath his feet that led everyone forward. This indicated that the formation was damaged and that the situation wasn't that bad.

Suddenly, a multitude of symbols flickered about. They lit up in front of the palace, surrounding the void. Several dozen purple streaks of divine radiance flew out. They interweaved together before falling down like a great net.

"En, something's wrong!" The expression on his face immediately changed. He had a feeling that great danger was descending and dodged to the side. Several streaks of purple radiance brushed past his body as they flew over.

One of the streaks struck him on the shoulder, causing that area to immediately become badly mangled. The shoulder was blasted apart, and the wound was so deep that bone could be seen. It was extremely terrifying.

"The formation changed! Everything has been overturned and completely altered! The formation diagram is useless!" He couldn't help but release a low shout. In that instant, he felt his blood run cold in fear.

You have to understand that this was a divine formation, and any one of them could kill a supreme expert. Earlier, when the Heaven Mending Sect's supreme expert was trapped and then killed, he was still feeling relatively less fear.

It was now completely different. They now personally verified that this place was like the cave of a tiger. This type of feeling was extremely unbearable, as if they were like livestock.

How could the new emperor possess this type of ability? Forget about changing the great formation, just fixing the originally damaged formation should have required a tremendous amount of work. It should have been impossible to fix!

Who was helping him? The minds of the four supreme experts felt ice cold. They felt as if they had entered a killing trap. Nothing was within their control. Even individuals as powerful as themselves couldn't calm down.

Divine Formation; this wasn't just some random saying. Once it was activated, evil winds would howl angrily and supernatural beings would weep. It could kill deities and saints and was difficult to defend against. Even though they were supreme experts and extraordinary creatures, when faced with a divine formation, it was still difficult for them to avoid death.

"Good, good, good, little Stone, you truly have some methods, successfully rearranging a divine formation and guiding us into this type of killing trap."

Now that they had no way out, they all stared forward. At the same time, they activated their most powerful precious techniques to protect themselves.

"I have previously warned you that all who come will be completely executed. I do not go back on my words!" Shi Hao said. His figure was indistinct and intelligent, but when he spoke these words, it was actually extremely domineering.

Everyone's expressions changed, especially those of the youngsters, who were all shaking uncontrollably. When faced with the little Stone, all of their hearts went cold.

"Stone Emperor, by doing this, are you trying to kill off everyone? You have to understand that we are supreme experts, and that once we fall, there's truly no way of resolving the situation." A supreme expert from the Western Sect spoke.

He already changed his way of address and no longer called him little Stone.

What he spoke was the truth. Characters at his level were too powerful in this world of mortals, and they were normally used just to intimidate others. If five of them died at once, then that would definitely be an outrageous matter.

Regardless of whether it was the Heaven Mending Sect, Immortal Mountain, or Western Sect, they would all be furious and send large numbers to invade this place. There would definitely be no goodwill shown.

"A path is something one walks on alone, and when you entered the palace, the fate was already decided. You all wanted to suppress me and then discuss ways to abolish my throne. As such, your fates were already set in stone." Shi Hao spoke.

The faces of these individuals were ugly to look at. Previously, they all called him the little Stone and spoke bluntly about overthrowing him, but looking at all of that now, it was simply a joke. They put themselves in this hopeless situation.

"Shi Hao, if you act like this, the entire world will be shaken. My Heaven Mending Sect will not let this matter go, and there won't be any room for discussion!" A disciple from the Heaven Mending Sect spoke.

"You all wanted to suppress and kill me, yet you want me to let you all go? Laughable!" After speaking, with a wave of his hand, tens of heavenly dragons roared into the heavens before flying forward.

The four supreme experts shone, two from the Immortal Mountain and two from the Western Sect, tried to protect their disciples. They had no time to worry about others and couldn't help the Heaven Mending Sect's disciples at all.

Originally, the Heaven Mending Sect was going to send over two supreme experts as well. However, the middle-aged daoist nun had already fallen previously.


The people from the Heaven Mending Sect cried out loudly. After being swept by this light, they all exploded. They were wiped out by a single blow!

It was because right now, Shi Hao and the imperial draconic aura had merged together, so the power he displayed was at the level of a supreme expert. Dealing with them was just too easy, just like he was crushing ants.

There was no way the four supreme experts would sit there and wait for their deaths. The body of a supreme expert from the Western Sect lit up, making himself look like an enlightened arhat. Holding a black alms bowl in his hand, he attacked out with great power to open a path.

Divine artifact!

Shi Hao's eyes flickered with light. This was definitely a powerful weapon. No wonder they dared to barge inside, they actually had this type of object backing them. It seems like they were now going to use it to break out.


Auspicious energy rose from the alms bowl, and as if it was chaotic energy, it disturbed the great formation here and obliterated many symbols. It was going to construct a golden passageway to provide them with a path of escape.

With a laugh, the golden magical sword in Shi Hao's hand went forward to meet this divine artifact. He was going to use it to further sharpen himself.

When the other supreme expert from the Western Sect saw this, he also brought out a powerful artifact and rushed over, hoping to lend his companion a hand in breaking through the formation.

However, as soon as he moved, Shi Hao used the emperor precious imprint to activate four divine formations, trapping him within. He wasn't able to budge an inch.

"How could there be so many formations?" He was alarmed. What was a divine formation? A single one was already unbearable, but four of them appeared at the same time to trap him, preventing his escape.


On the other side, Shi Hao fought a great battle against the supreme expert that held the alms bowl in his hands. Golden sword light filled the skies, and his battle clothes fluttered about in an outstanding and otherworldly manner. There was an even greater aura of of brilliance to his appearance.

Symbolled light flickered about in an extremely dazzling manner. Precious techniques emerged between the two individuals. One was like a vajra buddha, while the other was like a celestial emperor that descended into this world. The entire world seemed to have become dim from their great battle.

Everyone felt dizzy from watching. Was that a fifteen year old youth? He could actually fight so intensely against a supreme expert that had cultivated for such a long time to such a level! What else could they even say about him?

Even if they were hostile towards him and unwilling to do so, they still admitted that he was a heaven warping genius!


The supreme expert released a loud roar. His hand formed a precious imprint, and a supreme golden projected body emerged. It formed a glaring vajra deity that held an enormous precious pestle. It smashed the pestle over.

At this moment, the clouds in the skies have long been scattered. The golden projected body was incomparably large, and the precious pestle in its hand shook the natural laws of this world. The divine might it possessed was unmatched.

Shi Hao was similarly solemn and dignified. He used the golden battle sword to suppress the alms bowl, and his body was like a human Kun Peng, revealing the Kun Peng fish he developed himself.


He slammed his fist on the precious pestle, causing endless light to erupt. The world began to distort, and it was if cracks were appearing in space. The collision was incredibly crazy and powerful.  

A shattering sound erupted. The precious pestle cracked apart, and the golden projected body also slowly cracked apart. Then, its body exploded with a tremendous sound that resounded through the air.

Everyone became horrified. Shi Hao was too powerful! He could actually face the Western Sect's vajra projected body head on and even shatter the exoricizing pestle it produced! It was just too shocking.


The supreme expert spat out blood and staggered in retreat. Even though he cultivated the golden body, his body was incredibly dim. He had suffered a serious injury.

The other supreme expert from the Western Sect hurriedly walked up to stop the emperor, but he couldn't do anything. Shi Hao hacked down with the country suppressing divine halberd on his back and said coldly, "Much obliged for the experience of fighting against the Western Sect's greatest techniques. The two of you can go on your way."

"You… just try it!" They glared at him.

In that instant, the two individuals' bodies burned furiously, erupting with endless buddhist aura. They were going to turn into two cremated relics. All of their potential erupted in order to wound the little Stone.

Shi Hao released a cold snort before activating the divine formation and locking down all sides. Then, he brandished the great halberd in his hand, releasing boundless power of complete annihilation.


Blood of supreme experts splashed high into the sky. No matter how powerful they were, they couldn't defend against a divine formation, and they were even more helpless before a country guarding divine halberd's might. They were all sliced at the waist, causing blood to splash outwards.

"Little Stone, you and our Immortal Mountains are related by blood. Today, we came to save you, so there is no need to face each other with life or death." An elder from the Immortal Mountain spoke.

The remaining individuals had begun to rant and rave in fear a long time ago. How were they supposed to fight now? A divine formation locked down this place, and the little Stone possessed absolute power. He grasped the country guarding divine artifact, so who could compete against him?

"Since we are relatives, why do you all take action against me again and again? Since you have acted in such a way, why should I act politely?" Shi Hao asked in response.

He first used the divine formation to trap an individual, and then he used his precious techniques and other skills to fight a great battle against the other to familiarize himself with the various techniques of the Immortal Mountain.

"Little Stone, if you dare to act like this, how will you face the Immortal Mountain in the future?!" An individual cried out loudly. During the intense battle, his left arm had been hacked off by Shi Hao, causing blood to flow outwards.

"I also want to ask, how exactly does the Immortal Mountain want to treat me?!" Shi Hao shouted loudly.

"You…" The other supreme expert from the Immortal Mountain rushed over.

Shi Hao's aura surged through the heavens. He opened the divine formation and trapped all sides. At this moment, he was incredibly cold and emotionless. He held the country guarding divine halberd in hand and was going to unleash a great slaughter!

"Ah…" One of the supreme experts among them cried out loudly. His body was sliced in half along with his magical artifact, causing blood to surge into the sky.

"You…" The other person trembled.

Shi Hao's battle clothes fluttered about behind him. His black hair flew about, and his eyes were like cold lightning. With the great halberd in hand, he advanced and took action again.


Blood splashed everyone. This individual was also hacked apart by Shi Hao, and as such, the last supreme expert lost his life. Blood flowed through the imperial palace.

"How could it be like this?" The disciples in the distance all cried out. Their bodies were shaking, and some of them directly fell powerlessly onto the ground.

Facing this youth was just like facing a demonic god! He could actually kill five supreme experts! It was just too horrifying.

Without a doubt, today, the heavens had been pierced through. The little Stone's name will once again resound throughout the eight regions!

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