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Chapter 475 – National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance

The sunset glow had not yet disappeared. The heavens were dyed in red, a color that was as gloomy as blood. The majestic imperial palace towered in an imposing and solemn manner, faint golden colors flowing through its surface.

In such a short period of time, five great supreme experts fell one after another. From the moment they entered until they were violently killed, not much time had passed. The red sun had yet to completely sink behind the mountains.

The disciples that remained were all frozen stiff, not daring to make the slightest movement. Every single one of them felt cold from head to toe. How could they even try to oppose the little Stone? No one was willing to even try.


Shi Hao inserted his sword into the scabbard. With the country guarding divine halberd on his back, he turned around and left, proceeding into the central heavenly palace. He didn't give them another look.

"Were we spared?" A disciple snapped back to reality, overwhelmed by this surprising turn of events. Being ignored actually brought about such joy! This was something normally unimaginable.

These individuals were always looking down from above and crowded around by others. No matter where they went, they would be shown courtesy by others their age, yet today, they were frightened to a truly terrible degree.

"If you want to live, you must follow me and answer some questions." Peng Nine appeared with a group of soldiers and generals. They were extremely serious as they looked at these youngsters.

A few of these individuals' minds began to quickly operate again. With the little Stone gone, could these guards stop them? If they forcefully tried to break through, they felt like they could succeed.

In that instant, there was someone who made this decision. With a precious artifact, the individual quickly fled towards the skies. With one of them taking the lead, there were naturally those that followed. Auspicious light immediately shone in brilliant and varied colors.


A space shattering sound tore through the skies, hacking through all of the courage these individuals had. The old guard's face was expressionless as he activated the formation inside the imperial palace. All types of symbols rushed into the heavens.

In the blink of an eye, the group of people was swept through, and their bodies began to burn in the sky. They turned into dazzling fiery light and dropped down like falling stars.

The remaining individuals looked like they were standing in an icehouse as they stood in their original positions unmoving. They were extremely cooperative as they were led away.

In this battle, the five great supreme experts were all killed, and not a single disciple got away. The result of this battle trembled the world and left those with ill intentions feeling fear.


In front of the central heavenly palace, Shi Hao who was clad in golden battle clothes, raised his sword into the sky as he ordered in a loud voice. That evening, he led large numbers of generals while riding on a golden chariot. A great purge was going to be carried out.

Outside of those five supreme experts, there were still many people from the three sects inside the city who were quietly awaiting news. The golden chariot flew through the air, releasing loud rumbling noises as it travelled over to encircle and and annihilate them.

Shi Hao was decisive and merciless as he swept through those that remained. They were either killed or captured. The three sects' experts were greatly defeated.

This was a night full of blood. Stone Capital was greatly shaken, and all powers kept quiet out of fear. The new emperor was truly powerful, sweeping through the three sects' troops in one go. Every single cultivator was greatly intimidated.

As for the commoners, they all began to discuss the situation enthusiastically and shouted the word 'emperor'. They didn't know much about the eternal inheritances outside this region and only knew that their new emperor was incomparably powerful.

This event shook everything under the heavens!

When news travelled outwards, commotion broke out everywhere.

Inside the imperial palace's treasury, Shi Hao was strolling about. He chatted with the divine striking stone about how to spread formations while casually selecting precious objects. From time to time, he would even toss it an earth element material.

"Big bro is wise and courageous, matchless in heroicness. He can suppress all outstanding heroes and possesses heaven warping divine talent. He is a supreme figure unrivalled in all eight regions, unequalled under the sky, number one in the universe…"

The divine striking stone enthusiastically gave its flattery and promised that the great symbol formation it laid definitely wouldn't have any problems.

The little pagoda couldn't remain calm any longer. It had endured for many days already, and when it saw the divine striking stone even swallow precious materials, it finally couldn't restrain itself any longer. It furiously expressed its opinion to Shi Hao, criticizing him on wasting precious materials and how this was disgraceful squandering.

Shi Hao retorted, saying, "It's still better than using it on you. Every time I give you a divine material, you only help me once. Meanwhile, if I lay down this formation, I can use it to get rid of many opponents. No matter how many people come, I can suppress and kill them all."

"How can you waste these things so recklessly, using heavenly treasures like this? If you give them to me, I promise I will lay an astonishing killing formation," said the little pagoda. Even though it expressed its dissatisfaction, there was also a type of temptation.

"How about we carry out a large transaction?" Shi Hao gave it a look, expressing that he could give it all of the divine materials in the treasury.

"What do you want me to do?" The little pagoda naturally longed for them quite a bit.

"How about you become Stone Country's guardian spirit?" Shi Hao said. The guardian spirit of this place had disappeared during the great calamity and did not appear again.

The little pagoda immediately became silent. It didn't want to be involved with worldly affairs and always feared some powers. However, the youth in front of him was quite good at tempting it in a patient and meticulous manner, to the point where it was even a bit moved.

"What's the worst thing that can happen? You just have to protect Stone Country normally and play the role of a guardian spirit. Once the great calamity comes, you can go into hiding. Don't you want to return to your peak state?"

Shi Hao promised that not only would it be allowed to choose any treasure inside the imperial palace, once it became a guardian spirit, it could use the entire country's energy to search for the divine materials it needed.

The little pagoda began to contemplate this deal. It indeed needed endless divine materials to restore its body. However, during that battle in the past, there were all types of restrictions set, and it was allowed to clearly see into the essence of things, leaving it extremely scared.

For the little pagoda, the entire world was extremely balanced. If one wanted something, they must pay an equal price. This was the most profound realization an existence like itself could comprehend. Sooner or later, karma would be repaid.

It was truly tempted. How astonishing was the power of a country? Even those in the higher realms were moved, wanting several ancient countries to assist them in searching for what they needed.

The little pagoda hesitated. If it became a guardian spirit, these divine materials in the imperial palace would temporarily alleviate its needs, and the formations that were arranged beforehand could be disassembled as well, providing even more precious materials. These were accumulated since the ancient times!

"So what if there's a great calamity? It's not like you don't have the power to defend yourself. You just didn't want to expose yourself prematurely. However, if you always act like this, when will you be able to reform your real body? If you don't grab this opportunity and go for it, you will have to passively wait forever and never rise to the top. When the great calamity descends, it will bring about frightening and turbulent changes, but it is also an opportunity. It can be considered a great chance, one that you have to take the initiative to fight for!"

Shi Hao tried to tempt the little pagoda, talking endlessly. It was to the point where the little pagoda almost cursed outright.

"Youngster, you seem even more excited than me. Are you feeling like you can't defend this place anymore? After provoking the three sects' cultivators, you want me to stop the flood of the three sects?" The little pagoda gave him a look of disdain.

"You should stop saying things that contradict with how you really feel. You clearly need divine materials, and you always talk about some balance or whatever. Right now, I'm giving you an opportunity, a shocking deal that will grant you the position of a country's guardian spirit. Just give it to me straight, so are you going to accept it or not?" Shi Hao asked.

"Youngster, it seems like you've thought this out quite a bit. You want to drag me all the way down with you huh?" The little pagoda gave him a look of contempt. Two specks of light emerged on its body like eyes, and then even its mouth appeared to carry out its look of disdain.

"This is a great power. I have seen the passage of time, and it is impossible to stop. If one wants to rise into the heavens, they must spare no effort to do so. Sooner or later, there will be a day when I will make my way into the higher realms," Shi Hao said.

The little pagoda curled its lips, calling him an ant that was trying to shake a tree, a fool that didn't know the immensity of heaven and earth. However, in the end, it held back. Even a youth dared to talk big now. The little pagoda had long flattened its edges and corners, and over time, it had become prudent and excessively careful.

"You don't know what exactly is threatening me. Ha, if I display my might, then there is nothing in this world that can scare me. Heaven and earth might as well be completely overturned and reestablished from the beginning!" The little pagoda seemed to have been stimulated and spoke these fierce words.

"So you agree?" Shi Hao was astonished.

"To be the guardian spirit of such a small thing like Stone Country, what a joke. If you break into the higher realms and become a celestial emperor, then having me become your guardian spirit will make a bit more sense," said the little pagoda.

"Are you trying to brag? If I truly enter the higher realms and become a celestial emperor, would I still need something like a guardian spirit? I would have long become unrivalled in the world." Shi Hao said while curling his lips.

"Ha, what do you know? At that time, it'll be even more dangerous. Only when you reach that level will you understand." The little pagoda sneered.

It then became silent, indicating that it is going to think about it. It had been excited by Shi Hao, and as a result, it said that it wanted to return to Stone Village. If the Willow Deity also had intentions of taking action, then it would stake it all as well.

"We can make the Willow Deity take action?" Shi Hao exulted. If he could make the Willow Deity make a move, then there would be nothing to fear anymore. He could rise up through the great world and rush into the nine heavens.

The imperial palace was extremely peaceful for several days in a row.

Of course, the outside world was greatly disturbed. Great changes were happening, causing great commotion to break out.

Shi Hao temporarily forgot about everything and calmly cultivated, studying the Suan Ni technique. This was a heavenly ranked vicious beast's precious technique, one of Stone Clan's clan guarding great divine abilities. The thunder and lightning attack power was known to be matchless in this world.

Afterwards, he left his isolation, because Peng Nine and the War King asked to see him.

They told him their purpose for coming. Despite the fact that he became the emperor of a country, he didn't have a single imperial concubine. This did not conform with his identity, and it would not do to have no one in the chambers of imperial concubines.

Shi Hao was momentarily speechless. Then, he laughed and shook his head before saying, "You all don't need to worry. It is enough that I have a maid at my side for now."

The bronze piece emerged. It flowed with light and opened a golden passageway revealing an exceptionally beautiful woman. She looked like a fairy out of a painting, her skin snow white and sparkling. Her appearance was truly exquisite and otherworldly.

"Yue Chan, let's have some tea." Shi Hao said.

The War King and Peng Nine were stupefied. This was a woman with an unmatched appearance, one who released brilliant radiance and was so beautiful that it made others feel as if they were dreaming. She didn't have a single flaw, yet she appeared just like that.

"Your Majesty, you cannot!" Soon after, they woke up from their stupor. This was the Heaven Mending Sect's fairy, Yue Chan. Her status was frighteningly high, yet she was restrained at his side just like that. Was the new emperor really going to make her a maid?

This was the first time fairy Yue Chan was released. Her pupils roamed about, her long eyelashes lightly batted. She decided not to speak what she was about to say, but the expression she revealed was extremely exceptionally moving and made the hearts of others tremble.

It was impossible for her to obey Shi Hao's command to become a maid. How great was her status? She definitely couldn't compromise and bow her head. She didn't say anything and stood there unmoving like a divine lotus, sparkling and radiating a sacred aura.

"Your Majesty…" Peng Nine and the War King wanted to persuade him somehow.

Shi Hao waved his hand and said, "I even killed two supreme experts from the Heaven Mending Sect, so what's wrong with using their holy woman as a maid?"

Right at this time, a streak of light emerged. The little pagoda suspended itself in the void. It returned to the imperial palace while surrounded in chaotic mist. It appeared incomparably mysterious.

"It's done. That willow tree is willing to move, so I can temporarily act as Stone Country's guardian spirit." It transmitted this message and brought back this information. Then, it flew into Shi Hao's hair.

Shi Hao's mind trembled greatly. Then, he roared with laughter and completely loosened up, becoming extremely relaxed.

He smiled towards the War King and Peng Nine. "Relax, I won't make it too public for now. I will just keep her at my side as a maid, outsiders won't know about it."

He then looked at fairy Yue Chan and teased, "Yue Chan, these days, I've been busy cultivating and dealing with the three sects. I've given you the cold shoulder."

Fairy Yue Chan's curved dark eyebrows slightly jumped. Ever since she entered this world, apart from the fellow in front of her, no one else dared to take such liberties or tease her in such a manner.

"Have some tea. Otherwise, I don't mind personally explaining or chatting with you about other matters, for example, the ten great ancient cruelties," Shi Hao laughed and said.

Fairy Yue Chan's delicate eyebrows immediately jumped. She truly wanted to flip out in anger, but she still ultimately closed her bright red lips. That so-called ten great cruelties truly wasn't something good, especially when spoken about to a woman. That was a type of profanity and embarrassment.

"No problem, we can go slowly. Everything can become a habit. For example, having some tea, arranging daily life…" Shi Hao absent-mindedly spoke.

The War King and Peng Nine looked at each other in dismay. They took the initiative to close their mouths and withdraw from this place.

The two of them had just withdrew when someone came to report that an old friend came to pay a visit, requesting an audience in the imperial palace.

The one that came left Shi Hao astonished. It was actually that heavenly fox fairy, also known as the witch. She entered the central heavenly palace, displaying her graceful and seductive body. Her eyes were crafty, and even though her appearance was peerless, there was an intangible distinct style to her.

After disappearing for so long, she actually reappeared. While giggling, she said, "I heard you caught that Yue Chan girl. Why don't you call her out so I can take a look?"

"Nonsense, when did I catch her?" Shi Hao didn't admit it.

"I can sense her aura. Not long ago, she even appeared inside this palace hall. However, you can relax. Just let her come out, I definitely wouldn't tell anyone." The witch's smile was extremely enchanting, as well as a bit sinister. She truly wished to see the fairy Yue Chan in her current state.

After thinking for a bit, Shi Hao brought out fairy Yue Chan.

"Aiyou, beautiful miss, how could you have gotten married? You didn't even tell this little sister. Congratulations, I wish your marriage to be harmonious and pray that you give birth to a son as soon as possible!" The witch's laugh was extremely sinister. She would never let an opportunity like this where she could land another blow on her opponent go.

No matter how calm fairy Yue Chan appeared, under this type of harassment, she still became slightly embarrassed. A hint of redness appeared on her perfect face. However, her calmness was restored soon after.

"Hehe, older sis is so cool! It seems like after getting married, you've become much happier. Let little sis here take a look, let's see how you are different." The witch took liberties with her and directly rubbed her hands over fairy Yue Chan's bottom, laughing endlessly during this process.

"You…' Fairy Yue Chan's expression changed. Her body went limp and she quickly took steps backwards.

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