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Chapter 473 – The Outstanding Beheads the Supreme Expert

These words were extremely shocking. Everyone felt their minds tremble!

Shi Hao wore golden battle clothes and stood under the sunset glow with the divine magical sword in hand. His dark black hair shone, and his eyes looked deep; he appeared extremely valiant.

The setting sun dyed the skies in bloody light. This war deity like youth intercepted these five great supreme experts. He possessed an intimidating grandeur that left everyone feeling greatly moved.

However, at this crucial point, the three sects' cultivators definitely weren't willing to look inferior.

This was true especially for those proud and arrogant young cultivators. These were all disciples of supreme experts, or else they wouldn't have been brought along to gain experience. They all carried great hostility.

A young lady with a pretty appearance pretended to be in shock and cried out sarcastically, "What egotistical words! To want to kill five supreme experts, is he dreaming? Even if he is a reincarnated deity, it's impossible for someone of his current age."

"Perhaps he really thinks of himself as a reincarnated deity. Maybe he is thinking about his past life." Someone added while roaring with laughter.

When the others heard this, they all laughed along.

The five supreme experts remained silent, their expressions apathetic. They looked beyond the enormous palaces and looked at the sparkling and resplendent youth standing alone in the sunset glow. He was currently looking down on everyone. Regardless of whether they carried animosity, they all couldn't help but sigh. This was a youth with heaven warping talent!

This type of attitude and elegance formed the divine appearance of a great daoist. The natural laws and the world resonated together, and his essence drew close with dao, causing his entire body to flow with brilliant luster, making him appear bright and heroic in appearance.

"Even though he looks unordinary, it is just an outer handsomeness. He's probably only normal on the inside. To dare act arrogant in front of supreme experts, he's doomed to fall and have his head broken." One of the young cultivators from the three sects ridiculed out of envy.

Shi Hao never gave them a single look from start to finish. His eyes only saw the five supreme experts. They stood on the opposing side, all of them feeling his great power. The space between them formed its own domain.

These youngsters were all the supreme experts' personal disciples, yet now, they were completely ignored, leaving them feeling rather wronged.

Of course, their knowledge and experiences weren't ordinary. They could feel the mysterious energy emitted from Shi Hao which left them shivering inwardly. Their goal was only to disturb the little Stone and weaken his domain and make his mind falter, and as such, another individual spoke out, saying, "Little Stone, why aren't you talking? Are you scared? I fear that it's already too late for you."

"The so-called human emperor, in front of an eternal inheritance, is still only a joke. The three sects had existed since the ancient times and have seen many imperial courts rise and fall. Stone Country is merely a drop in the ocean, and you are just an emperor. Today, you will be kicked off your position of emperor." Another person mocked.

Finally, Shi Hao moved, releasing a cold glance. He looked at these people, and at this moment, it was as if two silver streaks of lightning tore through the sky and pierced towards them.

The scalps of these youngsters all became numb, and their spirits trembled. What kind of pressure was this? They were so shaken that their souls swayed and almost left their bodies.

This was especially true for the one that just spoke. He felt as if his soul had been struck by thunder. After being glanced upon, he immediately felt great fear. The beams of silver light slammed towards them like true dragons.


Several people cried out loudly. They coughed out blood, and their bodies continuously staggered in reverse.

This left those present horrified. It was just a look, yet it made them spit out blood from their mouths. What kind of might was this? These people's faces turned pale. The other party was clearly younger than them, yet he possessed such great power.

You have to understand that they were the supreme experts' personal disciples, a group of extremely powerful youngsters. They also previously believed that they could look down on all others around them, yet the result was actually like this.

The hearts of some people became gloomy. The little Stone's accomplishments were so great that it was now impossible to catch up to him. He had long created a tremendous gap between himself and his peers. They couldn't even be compared in the same category anymore.

The current Shi Hao could only find enemies in supreme experts. If those around his age were mentioned, then that would truly become a joke. After understanding these things, this group of experts became depressed.

Even as they were defeated, there were a few female disciples whose eyes swirled with light as they looked at Shi Hao with astonishment. This was a youth who was even younger than them, yet he was already so dazzling, actually being able to compete with their masters.

"The awe-inspiring might you exert is quite impressive. However, you have only become a supreme expert through the help of the imperial dao draconic energy. Do you really think you can contend against us?" The Heaven Mending Sect's elder spoke, his eyes carrying a deep and profound expression.

Shi Hao remained calm and quiet. Even now, he upheld his honor and dignity, appearing calm and collected. Since these people already entered the imperial palace, he didn't mind responding with great force.

With a zheng sound, the golden magical sword was unsheathed, drawing a streak of glaring rainbow radiance. It illuminated the heavens as it pointed towards five supreme experts. War intent rose, and the clouds around him all began to move!

In an instant, a wave of killing intent roiled over. It wasn't just a single streak, but instead like a sea as it filled the skies. Everyone felt a chilliness that penetrated into their bones.

The eyes of the Heaven Mending Sect's supreme expert became cold. His entire body shone, turning into a divine flame that burned furiously to dissolve this killing intent and protect the youngsters behind him.

"Refusing to turn away from your foolish ways!" He berated and took a step forward.

"The one that doesn't understand is you." Even though Shi Hao wasn't willing to reply excessively to them, he couldn't just continue listening to them and not say anything himself.

"My sect's supreme expert is talking to you. Why aren't you replying properly? You are acting ignorant!" From the back, a young disciple berated after hiding behind the Heaven Mending Sect's supreme expert.

"No matter. When several supreme experts take action together and suppress him together, he will understand how far above him the great eternal sects are. All of his glory will become nothing!" Another individual spoke.

They all took shelter behind the supreme experts, and only then did they dare speak. Otherwise, it might truly be like before where just a glance from the other side would leave then trembling in fear and coughing out blood.

"Noisy! There isn't any place for you all to speak!" Shi Hao spoke, and his eyes swept out again. This time, he even took a step forward.

A mysterious fluctuation rushed out, causing the ground to tremble violently. Those two individuals' scalps became numb, and their eyes widened, revealing their incomparable horror. Two streaks of light had emerged from the ground and wrapped them up.


In that instant, cracks appeared on their bodies, and their bodies collapsed inch by inch before turning into a bloody mist. They were then set aflame, forming a column of light, dying just like that.

The five great supreme experts' brows creased. Two of the disciples standing behind them died just like that. This type of unexpected situation that happened outside of their control left them feeling rather unwell.

The other young experts all trembled. The little Stone killed two of them even while they were hiding behind the supreme experts. What kind of power was this? Their masters couldn't even detect and stop the attack.

They couldn't help but shiver in fear. This place was too dangerous. If Shi Hao flipped out and unleashed a great slaughter, wouldn't that mean that they would all immediately die here?

These people came arrogantly, wishing to see the five supreme experts destroy the foundation of the new emperor and suppress him here. They were all acting complacently as they waited to see that scene. However, they never expected to suffer as soon as they met.

Their bodies were feeling cold, and their faces had incredibly unpleasant expressions.

"Your killing nature is too severe. Why don't you enter my Western Sect? We can help you resolve your inner demons and allow you to truly comprehend the great dao." A supreme expert from the Western Sect spoke.

At the same time, the five supreme experts all shone, forming a divine barrier that surrounded all of the disciples. The resplendent screen provided additional defense.

"Haha…" Shi Hao roared with laughter towards the sky. As his black hair danced about behind him, there was a type of craziness and overbearingness to his appearance. He shook his head and said, "You still have the delusion of changing me? Today, let me enlighten you one by one."

When he spoke up to this point, he walked forward, taking the initiative to welcome the five great supreme experts. Wave after wave of multicolored light surged beneath his feet. Golden dao lotuses bloomed one after another, producing a type of heroic and courageous aura.

"Steps forming lotuses!" The others seemed calm, but the eyes of the Western Sects' supreme experts contracted as they stared carefully.

This type of phenomenon was truly astonishing. It was even difficult for supreme experts to create them. For the Western Sect, the meaning behind it was especially great, and the new emperor they wanted to deal with possessed this great might. The light of natural laws surged in a divine and untainted manner.

"Little Stone, do not cause damage to things in your own interest. Come over and talk over things with us. The situation is not irredeemable." The Heaven Mending Sect's supreme expert spoke.

When he spoke, he still used 'little Stone'. Towards the current emperor, this was a type of contempt. Earlier, the topic of the human emperor being ousted was even brought up. This naturally caused Shi Hao's eyes to become incredibly cold.

"I killed the middle-aged daoist nun. Do you want to be next?!" This was Shi Hao's reply. The golden magical sword in his hands trembled, hacking out a streak of resplendent light. It tore through the air with rumbling sounds.

This expanse of light was too resplendent, and together with draconic aura, it was as if a golden sun was falling. Every single individual's heart became heavy as they gasped.

"She was killed?!" The Heaven Mending Sect's supreme expert released a howl, unable to remain calm any longer. He immediately released a sudden change in expression. How precious were supreme experts? Even for an eternal great sect, this was still a great part of their strength that they normally would not make use of.

Behind him, the others were also shocked. Many of them had seen Shi Hao defeat that daoist nun and chase her out from the imperial capital, but they never expected him to be able to kill her later on.

"I don't believe you! How could master have died?" A young female disciple screamed, seeming extremely terrified. Even such a powerful supreme expert died, making her feel great fear.

The Heaven Mending Sect's supreme expert didn't have time to say anything else. His hands formed an imprint, and a fiery red Qilin rushed up to meet the great golden sun in the skies to defend against this terrifying attack.


The sky and earth were turned upside down. An expanse of brilliant light erupted, casting down a rain of light that linked up heaven and earth; this place became a sea of divine force. The power of this strike was incomparably great, shaking everyone down to their souls.

The youngsters behind the supreme experts cried out loudly. If not for the supreme experts' bodies shining and forming the resplendent screen of light to protect them at the center, all of them would have died and turned into ashes.

When this strike concluded, the five supreme experts erupted with astonishing fluctuations and endless light. They rushed into the heavens while releasing terrifying energy.

Their protective divine lights linked up together, making them look like five imposing and solemn mountains. This holy and massive power was going to suppress all those that dared to rebel against it in this world.

The five supreme experts walked out at the same time, and with each step, the world released endless mysterious and powerful light. The scene was solemn and otherworldly as specks of light filled the air.

This was a powerful type of oppression. They were going to suppress Shi Hao together. It was as if five supreme deities were descending into this world, terrifying everyone until their souls were terrified. It was hard for them to even try and resist this force.

Shi Hao brandished his sword. The golden sword hacked out, severing that 'great power' and returning peace to this place. He stood there alone while staring forward. There were two supreme experts from the Immortal Mountain present.

"You two also took action, so don't blame me for not showing any mercy." He said to himself.

"Little Stone, we are here to save you. Why aren't you turning back yet? With your current power, how can you deal with several supreme experts?" The Immortal Mountain's two supreme experts spoke.

"His Majesty is the human emperor! How could you use the two words little Stone to disgrace him?!" Peng Nine shouted from the distance.

"Shut up! Where is there a place for someone like you to talk?!" A supreme expert berated.

"The ones that should shut up are you all!" Shi Hao's cold voice shouted out.

The eyes of the Heaven Mending Sect's elder were overcast, and his face was cold and full of endless killing intent. He was the first one to release an attack intended to kill. The death of the middle-aged daoist nun left him burning with rage.

"Young emperor, little Stone, the time of your death has come!" His two arms brandished about, drawing forth a scarlet Qilin. Symbols filled the skies and the nine heavens shook as this powerful attack was released.

At the same time, the other four supreme experts walked forward, releasing powerful pressure to support him in suppressing Shi Hao.

Shi Hao snorted coldly. He stamped down fiercely, and this world changed. In that instant, endless multicolored light surged, separating the Heaven Mending Sect supreme expert in a separate region.

The draconic energy here flew about in tens of thousands streaks. Symbols covered this place and shone resplendently. Divine aura filled the air as heavenly divine light surged.

"Divine formation?!" The Heaven Mending Sect's supreme experts were all shocked, and then their expression thoroughly changed.

"I've already gained experience from fighting another supreme expert of the Heaven Mending Sect, so I don't need to use you to enlighten me anymore. You can just peacefully fall here." Shi Hao said softly.

The divine formation shone and interweaved with dense symbols, submerging that area. The Heaven Mending Sect's supreme expert was furious and struggled as much as he could. However, he was still about to be suppressed.

Shi Hao walked forward, appearing exceptionally outstanding and heroic. His white sleeves fluttered about, and with a raise of his hand, he brandished the golden magical sword. With a pu sound, the Heaven Mending Sect's supreme expert was beheaded. Blood rushed high into the sky!

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