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Chapter 472 – Going Too Far

The setting sun seemed to be dyed in blood, filling the sky with clouds of fiery color.

However, when this type of fiery red color scattered down on the imperial palace, it instead made it look more sacred. It made the palace halls that were lined with golden edges seem exceptionally peaceful and auspicious.

It made it seem just like the ancient dwelling of a deity secluded deep within the mountains.

This was an incredibly strange feeling. This place was clearly the imperial capital of a country, yet right now, there was this type of strange feeling that was extraordinarily tranquil and propitious.

The majestic imperial city flowed with golden luster under the setting sun, as if it was in a land of fantasy. The city appeared grand and majestic, as if the emperor of the divine realm had descended here and taken residence within.


The tranquility had been shattered. The floor lightly trembled, and from the distance, dozens of people walked over. The few in the lead radiated with precious light. Divine rings surrounded their bodies, making them look just like deities in a world of dust.

The ground trembled, caused by a single step from the one in the lead. The imperial city covered in the sunset glow shook. It was extremely astonishing.

The Heaven Mending Sect, Western Sect, and Immortal Mountain's cultivators had arrived as a group. There were five supreme experts total, each one with their own character and integrity. Their bodies shone with radiance as resplendent divine light surrounded them.

They arrived before the city walls. As they gazed into the imperial palace within, their eyes flickered with radiance. The great changes of time could be seen within them, as well as a threatening killing intent.

Five great supreme experts took action together. Just the fluctuations created by this alone, this type of aura, would be enough to make all of heaven and earth tremble. It terrified one to the soul!

On top of the city walls, regardless of whether it was the soldiers or the generals, they were all shaking. It wasn't that they were feeling cowardice, but rather a type of suppression that originated from their soul. It made people feel as if they were as insignificant as ants, as if they were raising their heads to gaze upon deities.

The difference in level between them was too great. When the supreme experts descended, this type of pressure was incomparable and impossible to resist. Many people on the city walls felt their bodies go weak.

After entering the Supreme Expert Realm, they would exceed the ordinary and truly break free from the world of mortals. They were set up on high, far above the lower great cultivator realms, as if they were standing on the heavenly palace.

When supreme experts became angry, the world would change color. Mountains would shatter, and oceans would dry up. This was their great might!

Normally, it was rare to even see a supreme expert, even if it was a place like the Archaic Divine Mountains. This was also a type of enormous intimidating force. Supreme experts refrained from stepping in the vulgar world of mortals and usually cultivated in isolation.

With the passing of the great calamity, there were no supreme experts to be seen in the wasteland region. However today, five came at once to enter the imperial palace. This was just like the heavens caving in!

Who could obstruct them? This simply wasn't something within their power!

No matter how powerful Shi Hao was, previously, it was just a single middle-aged daoist nun supreme expert. Faced with five individuals, he would undoubtedly die without any chances of survival.

"Open the city gates." The elder in the lead came from the Western Sect. He had inch length hair that stood like steel needles. His body was a bronze color and throbbing with divine light.

With just a casual sentence, a group of people on the city walls spat out a large mouthful of blood. This type of pressure was just too terrifying and simply impossible to contend against.

"Open the formation!" A general shouted loudly.

The entire imperial city was considered the residence of the human emperor, so there were naturally many mysterious formations here. The symbols on the wall lit up, forming a screen of light to protect the imperial family's inner city.

"Some small trick."

The Western Sect's supreme expert moved his finger, and a white light shot out, striking the city gates' high levels. It began to burn fiercely like raging flames, suppressing all of the symbols here and making them all become dim.

"Just some damaged divine formation. It's missing divine materials, you all still dare to bring this out to block our path?" In the back, a youngster sneered.

With the appearance of the supreme experts, these soldiers' cultivation levels weren't enough. How could they control the damaged great divine formation? In the eyes of the three sects' cultivators, it couldn't even stop their footsteps and was simply a vain action.

"Activate the formation!" The general shouted out once again.

On top of the city walls, symbols flickered again, and a vague divine aura wafted out. It began to shine incomparably brilliantly. The entire wall became sparkling and translucent, as if it was carved out of precious stones.

"Yi, it truly is a pity. Only a portion of it was fixed, and all types of bizarre treasures have to be burned up to activate the formation. This is just too wasteful."

In the rear, a supreme expert nodded and spoke.

Terrifying energy was released from the city walls, blocking their steps. This was the power of ancient deities. It quickly revived, turning this place into one of impenetrable defense.

"It still won't stop me from proceeding." The Western Sect's supreme expert spoke. A black alms bowl appeared in his hands, and it began to shine, releasing strands of auspicious multicolored light.

"Divine magical artifact!" On top of the city walls, everyone became horrified. The alms bowl flew up and gradually increased in size. It changed from black to gold and pressed downwards, causing the entire city gate to rumble with noise. It seemed to be on the verge of collapsing.

All of the symbols vanished, and it would be difficult to produce another defensive screen.

All of the soldiers felt their bodies going weak. Under the powerful might of supreme experts and their divine magical weapons, they were as weak as ants. The fluctuations they released made them feel like they were suffocating.

The Western Sect's supreme expert had already withdrawn his alms bowl, but his own body's fluctuations continuously poured out like a vast sea. Normal people couldn't defend themselves against this tremendous force.

Not even the generals of the city walls could endure the pressure. Their legs went weak, and they fell powerlessly to the ground, their bodies convulsing. This type of power was too frightening, making them feel as if they were about to explode.

Even if king level figures came, they would experience the same thing. This was where the great confidence of a supreme expert lied. A single thought could devour everything and dye tens of thousands of li with blood.

For an existence like this, they could disappear into the horizon in the blink of an eye. With a single breath, they could suck countless creatures into their mouths and devour everything.

When one reached this level of power, it was hard to keep them in check with the power of the mortal world. They were practically invincible. Wiping out a clan or or breaking into an enormous city only took a thought.

"It seems like the little Stone's skill is a bit poor, unable to even fix the city walls completely, yet he still wants to carry out a defense. We are in a realm of our own." A supreme expert spoke from behind.

"Fellow seniors, what is your intention? This is our Stone Country's imperial restricted area. We ask that you stop." On top of the city walls, a general spoke with difficulty. His face was deathly white under the pressure, his complexion lacking redness.

"When a supreme expert appears in the world, where can't they go? So what if it is a country's imperial city? Tell that little Stone to come out and greet us." The supreme expert from the Heaven Mending Sect spoke.

On top of the city walls, the people were furious. Even though they weren't a match for this power, they still felt resentful, feeling like this was a type of humiliation. This was the important place of a country's imperial family, yet it was invaded by others just like that.

"Open the city gates!" A supreme expert from the Immortal Mountain spoke out. His voice was calm, but it carried a great imposing might.

"We will not open them!" A soldier shouted loudly in an extremely brave manner.

"Not going to open them? Then I'll do it myself," said the Western Sect's supreme expert. His hand formed an imprint that resembled a divine lion. With a rumbling sound, a golden lion flew out from his finger and smashed into the city gate.

Heaven and earth suddenly contorted. A tremendous earthquake ran out through the imperial city. If the other supreme experts didn't restrain this power, a calamity would definitely have happened to the imperial city.. Countless houses might have collapsed.

Meanwhile, inside the city, the imperial family's city wall cracked apart. As the enormous gates suffered all types of flickering of symbols, it ultimately collapsed.

On top of the city, many soldiers' eyes went red. They were bullying others intolerably! Where would you find the imperial palace of a country invaded in this type of manner? What did they treat this type of place as?

"You all… how could you do this?!" The war generals shouted angrily.

The five supreme experts coldly swept their eyes over them. These people all felt as if they were struck by thunder, and then they quickly spat out large mouthfuls of blood. Then, they continuously backed up, once again falling down on the city walls.

The supreme experts were so unfathomably powerful. Forget about these soldiers, not even a group of kings could do anything. They would similarly cough out blood while retreating in defeat.

A few courageous soldiers were about to roar out and risk it all here, but they were stopped by a general. He berated them loudly, telling them that they weren't allowed to act impetuously.

Several generals had received secret messages from the new emperor. They were to allow these supreme experts to act in this manner and ignore the supreme experts as they entered. They were forbidden from risking their lives. At this crucial point, continuing any further would make things more dangerous.

"All of you are to act obediently. Do not make stupid mistakes and pointlessly throw away your lives." The Heaven Mending Sect's supreme expert coldly swept a gaze over them.

Then, these individuals entered the imperial city, proceeding towards the enormous palaces one after another. They all carried a faint smile. It could truly be said that they were in a realm of their own.

"Stone Country's imperial city is just level ground that is easy to walk through. How can it stop the footsteps of supreme experts."

Behind the supreme experts were their own disciples. They were brought here to learn through experience. One of them ruthlessly ridiculed and spoke this sentence.

"So what if it's the restricted land of an imperial family? It's as if we are walking on smooth ground. Isn't it just the imperial family of the mortal world?"

Hearing these words, all of the soldiers that guarded the city seethed in anger. Their blood boiled, and they truly wanted to rush up and engage in war. However, after being strictly reprimanded by the generals, they were all stopped."

"Truly unwilling! My Stone Country's imperial family's most important place is being blasphemed by these people and humiliated in such a way!" A veteran was so angry he spat out blood.

The five supreme experts' faces expressions were cold and indifferent as they walked forward. There were no expressions to be seen on their faces as they made their way through several enormous palaces and headed towards the depths of the city.

Their disciples all burst into loud laughter, showing great contempt towards the veterans on the city walls. As they followed along, they felt extremely carefree, completely dispelling the heavy atmosphere they felt before.

After all, the three sects' cultivators had been chased out from this place before. Now that they had returned, they were able to blow off some steam, making them feel extremely joyous.

"Little Stone, did you run away?" The Heaven Mending Sect's supreme expert said coldly. Not only did the imperial palace tremble, it reverberated through all of Stone Country Capital like thunder.

This was precisely the effect he was going for, making everyone understand that the new emperor was just a trifling thing in the eyes of a supreme expert. They could unbridledly slaughter their way into the imperial palace and use power to suppress the new emperor.

At this moment, all of Stone Capital was quiet. Everyone stopped their breathing. The imperial capital's atmosphere was incredibly tense.

"I, the emperor am here. I will not tolerate all of your impudence!" A dignified voice sounded. Shi Hao's voice was similarly like thunder, resounding through the capital city.

"Since you didn't flee, then young emperor, why don't you hurry and welcome us." The great voice sounded, rumbling through the skies.

The draconic energy around the central heavenly palace surged. Golden multicolored light rushed into the heaven, and the sound of swords clashing rang through the air, shaking the heavens and the earth. The sunset glow was completely scattered.

A youth wearing golden battle clothes appeared. In his hand was a divine magical sword, and on his back was the country guarding divine halberd. His black hair scattered behind him, and his gaze pierced out like lightning, fixated on the five great supreme experts that barged in.

"All of you are courting death!"

It was just a simple phrase, yet it brought about a 'great might' that was hard to describe with words. A tremendous might surrounded heaven and earth, as if a celestial emperor was standing tall in this place!

When the five great supreme experts heard this, their eyes all became ice cold. When people looked past the many enormous palaces separating them and saw the power the youth was exerting, how the seemingly omnipresent golden light around him made him look like the lord of deities, they couldn't help but feel startled.

However, soon after, they became relieved again. With the five great supreme experts here, who could stop them? The divine formations here had already been ruined in the great calamity. Even with materials, who could repair all of the divine level formations in such a short period of time? Moreover, the Stone Clan's treasury had already been emptied by the imperial princes and princesses under their support, and quite a bit of it ended up in the three sects' hands.

Backing up a step, even if the little Stone was heaven defying and restored the great formations, so what? They had long received a portion of the great formation diagram, so they were completely fearless.

"Little Stone, you are too conceited. You are obstinate and self-opinionated, unlike how a human emperor should be. Hurry up and come here. There are matters to discuss regarding the title of emperor." A supreme expert coldly said.

Some addressed him as the little Stone, others addressed him as a young emperor. There was no respect at all, and they were going to abolish the emperor as well. They truly went too far. In addition, all of them had apathetic expressions on their faces. For them, everything was under their control.

"I only have a single sentence for all of you."

An aura of war surged around Shi Hao's body. As he stood in front of the central heaven palace, he coldly looked at everyone and said, "Complete execution!"

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