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Chapter 464 – Beast

The bronze precious case was opened. Large amounts of symbols curled about. Shi Hao entered the small world through the golden passageway. There was no vegetation inside, and the spiritual essence was thin.

There was a stone table as well as two stone blocks. These were decorations.

Fairy Yue Chan wore snow white clothes. Her fine black hair was bright and like satin. Her eyes flickered with intelligent light. As she sat on top of the stone block, her beautiful figure was fully revealed. She looked at the little pagoda on top of the stone table and was currently discussing something with it.

"I can give you ten types of first-rate divine materials for you to devour. You have to understand that with the Heaven Mending Sect's years of accumulation, any one of them would be extremely valuable treasures."

"Let me consider it." The little pagoda replied. It rocked about on the stone table, and in the end, it slowly said, "It has to be twenty types of divine materials at the least, right?"

When Shi Hao entered, he came just in time to see this scene. She was trying to make a deal? This made his gaze jump about. His expression became rather unkind when he looked at the little pagoda. This fellow was too much of a scoundrel.

"Little Stone, you came. Someone is willing to pay twenty types of divine material to suppress you." The little pagoda revealed a calm and easy-going look.

Seeing Shi Hao's look of confusion, it absent-mindedly continued, "The conditions are extremely favorable, and it's difficult to refuse such kindness. What do you say, should I decline?"


Shi Hao directly removed the divine striking stone from his hair and fiercely threw it out. It struck the little pagoda, and a crisp sound was immediately released.

The little pagoda gently swayed. A strand of chaotic energy diffused, sending the divine striking stone flying into a corner of the little world. A heart-tearing, lung-splitting miserable scream sounded from afar.

This time, the divine striking stone wasn't faking it. Pain truly covered his entire body, and only after a long time did it reawaken, shouting, "Both big bros, this matter does not involve me!"

"Youngster, but you have treated me with considerable disrespect." The little pagoda spoke. It was only an inch in height, and its entire body was sparkling and snow white. It showed the self importance of the aged, but it was truly powerful to a world-shaking degree.

"You ingrate, I gave you so many divine materials, yet you only did those few things for me. Now you want to threaten me?" Shi Hao grinded his teeth in anger.

He knew that this fellow definitely knew that he obtained Stone Country's treasury. Right now, in order to squeeze more out of him, it was going to use fairy Yue Chan's offer to pressure him.

Fairy Yue Chan blinked her beautiful eyelashes. Her skin was snow white and exquisite. Since being defeated, this was the first time her charming face revealed a look of amazement. She naturally saw that this white jade-like little pagoda was extremely heavenly defying. It was clearly a magical artifact that was beyond imagination. She never expected Shi Hao to be so easy going with it.

Ever since she entered this place, she had meticulously and patiently tried to win over this little pagoda and use it to kill Shi Hao.

"Sigh, you are making this difficult for me! Even though we are close, she made a promise to open her Heaven Mending Sect's treasury for me and allow me to pick at will. Look, if you were in my place, what would you do?" The little pagoda said in an unhurried manner.

"Is that true? Hey, girl, can you buy me too? If you give me all types of earth divine materials, I will throw caution to the wind and completely be yours!" In the distance, the divine striking stone muttered.

Ka cha!

Shi Hao released a streak of electricity, sending it flying. It began to scream miserably again, clashing into a corner of this little world.

Fairy Yue Chan had bright eyes and white teeth. She didn't say anything and seemed incredibly intelligent. She naturally knew that the stone was just purposely ridiculing her and not truly willing to defect.

However, towards the little pagoda, she was still truly willing to carry out the deal. If possible, she wouldn't mind making a shocking promise as long as it took action.

She didn't say anything and simply looked at the little pagoda, because what should be said had already been said. Now that Shi Hao came, she was a smart woman and didn't want to enrage him in front of his face.

"Youngster, do you see? The other party is going to give a pile of divine materials from the Heaven Mending Sect to me. Are you really not going to say anything?" The little pagoda was discontent.

When Shi Hao heard this, he sneered and said, "So what? I will gift you the entire Heaven Mending Sect treasury to you.

"You… you aren't someone from the Heaven Mending Sect, so how would you do that?" The little pagoda said.

"How?" Shi Hao returned this word to it and then pointed at fairy Yue Chan. "How would she do anything? As my captive, even the treasures on her right now are mine."

"The reasoning is justified. I do not do tabs, and everything needs to be paid in advance. Young lady, right now, you don't have any divine materials, so you aren't of any use." The little pagoda said in a somewhat embarrassed manner.

"A single exception, and you can obtain endless divine materials." Fairy Yue Chan's words were extremely enticing. There was a type of magnetism that sounded like an immortal voice from the heavens.

Shi Hao sneered. He walked over with large steps and took action, grabbing her glowing white arm. Then he groped her all about to inspect her entire body.

"You…" Fairy Yue Chan had long been sealed, so it was hard for her to resist right now. It was naturally hard for her to remain calm while being groped all over like this by Shi Hao.

In reality, she really wanted to slice out with her sword, but right now, she couldn't use her divine force at all. As the Heaven Mending Sect's fairy, she was normally aloof and remote, sacred and perfect. Who dared to treat her rudely?

She was always indifferent to fame or gain in the past, and no matter who she dealt with, she was always able to maintain her composure. She was free from the mortal things of this world, just like a beautiful and otherworldly immortal. However, right now, she could not remain calm. A youngster had captured her and was inspecting her body all over like this, making her grind her teeth in anger.

A jade sword that overflowed with dreamy radiance, several containers of precious medicine, some sets of female clothing, as well as a few other things; these were what fairy Yue Chan carried on her.

It was clear that the value of the jade sword was beyond one's imagination. However, for the current Shi Hao, it didn't hold much use. In the end, he placed these items on the stone table and did not bring them away.

"Do you have anything you want to say?" Shi Hao calmly asked.

Fairy Yue Chan had bright eyes and white teeth. Her neck was snow white, her stature was tall and slender, and her small waist curved generously. Her body undulated up and down, and a pair of long and straight legs extended below. Her entire being was beautiful to the point of being a bit unrealistic. Normally, no matter where she went, there would always be tens of thousands pairs of eyes on her. She would become the focal point of everyone's attention. The younger generation of all of the great sects were infatuated with her, and the number of pursuers was too many to count.

Moreover, those people were all extremely powerful. They were the outstanding talent of their respective areas, yet they all revolved around her side.

Yet today, everything changed. She became the prisoner of a man and was held captive here. When she compared the two, she truly felt that it was hard to accept.

If this was leaked outside, the entire world would most likely be in an uproar. Anyone would find it hard to believe that the sacred fairy of a generation was being blasphemed against and imprisoned within the cage of a small world.

"Your talents are exceptional, and you have stayed in this lower realm for too long. You've truly been overlooked…" Fairy Yue Chan spoke. Her voice was gentle, and her words were pleasant to listen to like the sounds of nature.

Shi Hao sneered, and without waiting for her to finish, he said, "I am the one asking you, I am not here to listen to you give me a promise for the future. Using the condition of the higher realms to entice me is far from enough. Moreover, if the lower realms aren't good, then why were you sent down here by someone to sharpen yourself?"

Both of them were smart people, so there were some words that didn't need to be said. Fairy Yue Chan didn't say anything. As she sat there, her gentle and beautiful appearance made her look just like an unmatched beauty from a picture scroll.

"Big bro, how do you wanna deal with her?" The divine striking stone jiggled its butt as it moved over.

"Obviously making her a maid. I said that already, so I'm not going to go back on my word," Shi Hao laughed and said.

Fairy Yue Chan's long slender eyebrows slightly frowned. The Heaven Mending Sect's fairy received the respect of everyone under the heavens wherever she went, so how could she be blasphemed against like this and be turned into a maid? This was clearly utter humiliation.

Shi Hao also frowned and said to himself, "She is so good at scheming. If she gives birth later, the later generation wouldn't have such thoughts too, right?"

"What? Big bro, are you taking on a maid or actually a concubine?!" The divine striking stone shouted noisily.

"Isn't it all the same?" Shi Hao was astonished.

“A beast!” The divine striking stone called out strangely.

As for fairy Yue Chan, she immediately staggered. As the fairy of a generation, she wasn't contaminated by the world of mortals. Normally, she was calm and self-confident, but right now, her face lost color. This was the first time she revealed this type of appearance.

This was the magnificent holy woman of the Heaven Mending Sect, an absolutely breathtaking individual who looked down on her peers. She even came from the higher realms, moreover possessing an extremely great background. If she became someone else's maid, then the result would be too horrible to imagine.

And if she became someone's concubine, then the entire higher realm would be stirred up. There would be many who would become furious and descend into the lower realms to vent their rage.

This was the first time fairy Yue Chan became scared. Her beautiful face paled, and she couldn't help but continuously retreat, no longer maintaining her normally otherworldly and holy appearance.

"You need to develop the attitude of serving as a maid or servant girl. Wu, of course, if you have the Heaven Mending Technique, True Dragon technique, or any others, then I might be so busy studying them that I won't have time to have you stay by my side." Shi Hao spoke absent-mindedly.

He opened the golden passageway and headed out, because there was no time to dally here. He just wanted to see if things with his captive were normal. He had more important things to deal with.

"He was scaring me, but his mind was on the precious techniques." Fairy Yue Chan said quietly. There was still some lingering fear as she released a breath of air.

However, she never thought that Shi Hao would immediately come back, as if he knew what she was thinking. "I'm not joking by the way. If you don't have precious techniques, then just act properly like a maid. The village chief has always been nagging me, telling me that the children of my companions are already running around. If you don't want to hand over divine abilities, then just give birth to a child before going back to the higher realms."

After speaking, he then left for real this time.

Fairy Yue Chan was completely stupefied, and then she became ashamed and resentful. She was so angry she stomped her feet. This woman normally never revealed this type of appearance. She was always composed in the past, but this time, she was so scared that she was truly completely furious and terrified.

"Beast! A wild beast!" The divine striking stone shouted noisily.

Within the imperial palace, Shi Hao walked out from the Law Temple. He began to discuss with the War King and the others to start the repair of the imperial palace's divine formations. Just now, they already took inventory of the treasuries and received news that they had enough materials to repair them.

"The main issue is that of the divine formations that are extremely terrifying. Even if we repaired them based on the diagram, ordinary people would still find it difficult to complete them," said the old guard with a frown.

"I'll deal with them!" Shi Hao said.

No matter what, the great formations of the imperial palace had to be restored. He believed that another fierce battle would happen not long from now, so it was best if the great formations were at their optimal levels.

He held the precious imprint while he silently sensed it. No matter what, he felt like this emperor seal was unordinary. It contained too many secrets. He wanted to try and see if it would respond when he was repairing the formations as well.


Suddenly, the emperor seal trembled, releasing endless draconic energy. The entire imperial palace was covered in a haze and submerged.

"Yi, there is even this use?!" Shi Hao was astonished. The emperor seal released endless draconic energy. It was actually repairing the formation, and some of the divine materials brought out from the treasury were added to the formation.

For three entire days, the imperial palace was covered in dense draconic energy so dense it could not be dispersed. Shi Hao together with the War King and some others took on the job themselves. They sent the various heavenly treasures to their respective places and did not ask for the help of any outsiders.

The others were all incomparably shocked. The imperial draconic energy surged. Was this because the new emperor succeeded the throne? No one guessed that the main cause of the formation's repair was the emperor imprint.

"Excellent!" Shi Hao's eyes lit up more and more. This formation was being repaired. As he held the emperor imprint in his hand, he could clearly feel just how terrifying this place was.

When the four divine magical swords were also laid into the formation in their respective corners, the emperor imprint led the creation of one divine formation after another before finally adjusting the changes.

"I hope that more people come from the three sects at once. Otherwise, it would be letting a divine formation like this down!" Shi Hao said to himself. His eyes were sparkling with luster.

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