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Chapter 465 – Merciless Execution

Inside the imperial palace, the palace hall stood tall and majestically. Draconic energy surged as brilliant light enveloped this place. This place seemed like the divine realm, appearing hazy and indistinct.

War King, the old guard, and the others were all extremely satisfied. The speed that everything was repaired at was extremely astonishing. They never expected the human emperor seal to be so astonishing, actually being able to direct the repair of every ancient formation.

As time passed, the entire imperial palace's scenery became different, becoming more solemn and divine. All types of enormous palaces released golden light, as if it was a heavenly palace from the higher realms.

"It's nearly done. Ninety percent of the formation has been restored. We can slowly finish the rest of the repairs from here," the War King said.

Shi Hao was extremely satisfied as well. This type of pace was rather ridiculous. The divine formations that were destroyed during the great calamity were all revived, gradually restoring its powerful aura.

However, this process also left everyone speechless, because the materials in the imperial treasury quickly descended into the formation. Shi Hao felt rather regretful as he watched this process. This was just too extravagant.

This was true especially for those rare divine materials. They were rarely seen valuable objects, and a single piece would be hard to find in hundreds and thousands of years.

These were all accumulated by Stone Country from distant ancient times all the way until now. In the outside world, it was impossible to find any. They could definitely be considered priceless materials.

There were many great formations inside the imperial palace. These were all divine grade formations, and they were all linked up together. After all, the ancient guardian spirit and emperor had both became deities, so they had this type of ability.

When the great formations' repairs were about finished, the War King laughed loudly. They felt that even if the experts from the three sects came now, if they dared to cause trouble, none of them would be able to leave.

Shi Hao nodded. However, he then frowned, because he thought of a few other problems.

"Even though these formations are powerful, some of the nobles as well as the princes and princesses know a few things about them. If they act impudently again and ask for trouble, then there will be problems."

Shi Hao pointed out this potential danger, because this was exactly what the Su king did several days ago. They told the cultivators of the three sects the secrets of the formation and tried to break through it.

"What they know is just superficial. They shouldn't be able to create much trouble." The War King said this, but he didn't feel so confident inside. He was even a bit bewildered.

"If we can just alter the formation a bit, then it would be enough." Shi Hao said to himself. His hand gently stroked the flickering emperor seal and sent in some divine force. He always felt as if the imprint was more important than anything else in the imperial palace.

"En?" In that instant, symbols covered the sky. A streak of markings that were difficult to understand appeared within his heart. It was actually communicating with him, asking him whether there is a need to alter the structure of the great formation.

Shi Hao was astonished. This emperor seal truly had a spirit? It was originally the shed skin of a divine striking stone, but after it turned into an imprint, could it have developed intelligence?

After he nodded, the emperor seal lit up. It controlled all of the divine formations in the imperial palace. Then, with rumbling sounds, this place began to tremble, and all five elements became chaotic.

All of the great formations were moved, and their five elements changed. The formation infrastructure changed greatly, becoming very different from before. They completely transformed.

Shi Hao was astonished. He then began to laugh loudly. This transformation was too amazing! Finally, he no longer had to worry about those nobles, princes, and princesses that brought trouble to the palace. He looked forward to when they drew the three sects' cultivators into the formation 'shortcut'.

"It truly is a divine imprint!" Shi Hao sighed softly. Right now, only the War King and the old guard knew that he controlled this jade imprint. The three sects' cultivators thought that the imprint had been destroyed during the great calamity, because there was a precious imprint in the central heavenly palace that had split.

He believed that these two wouldn't leak secrets out, so for now, no one would know about it.

This thing was definitely extraordinary. Having it was the same as controlling all of these divine formations and having access to the country guarding precious techniques. It truly was an unfathomable mystery. Moreover, this precious imprint could also contain the fate energy of an entire country.

With the dangers to the imperial palace gone and the divine grade formations complete, Shi Hao finally relaxed. He became incomparably calm and unhurried as he began to deal with a few issues.

"You cannot execute me!"

On the execution ground, several generals cried out loudly and struggled with everything they had. However, it was all to no avail. Those soldiers raised the vicious blades and ferociously sliced down. Under pu pu sounds, bloody light shot into the sky and several heads tumbled down.

These were the generals that were captured earlier. Shi Hao didn't show them any mercy and didn't let a single one go. He ordered for all of them to be beheaded.

Having these people guard the imperial palace was truly a type of irony, as well as a type of humiliation. They actually allowed the three sects' cultivators to enter and wreak havoc in an absolutely unrestrained manner.

Now that there was a temporary period of peace, it was the time to settle accounts. Shi Hao didn't show them any pity, because some people had crossed the line, so leaving them behind would only lead to disasters.

This was only the beginning!

That day, the entire Stone Capital was in an uproar. After the new emperor disappeared for a few days, he reappeared, and this time, he displayed ruthless methods, severely punishing those that stirred up trouble in the imperial capital.

"What? He personally brought people over?!" A powerful general began to tremble.

They originally thought that the crisis had passed, but he never thought that Shi Hao would personally come here with numerous troops into his military camp to publicly denounce them.

"New emperor, you have just acceded the throne, yet you already want to kill the old subjects? Aren't you afraid of bitterly disappointing the people under the heavens?!"

With things reaching this point, the general knew that things most likely wouldn't end well for him. He was terrified, but he shouted out loudly to search for a way out.

He wanted to escape a long time ago, but he had been watched attentively all this time and didn't have a good chance to do so. He originally thought that he might be leniently dealt with, but when he saw the little Stone personally come, he knew that he was finished.

"You have already committed treason, so what face do you have to shout this? Unforgivable!" These were Shi Hao's cold words. With a wave of his hand, the old guard personally rushed out, and with a hong sound, a fist blasted him to pieces.

This place was dripping with blood, leaving many people's faces pale with shock.

Within this camp, there were a total of three individuals who were executed. Only the leaders were killed, not those associated with them, so there were many people who released a breath of relief.

"We should head for the vermilion bird camp." He was now the imperial palace's imperial advisor. His strength was extremely powerful, and he had already entered the king level realm for many years now. Right now, those at this cultivation realm were the most powerful, and he was already one foot into the supreme being realm.

In the olden days, the old emperor's advisor was an extraordinary Peng, and he himself was that Peng's disciple. As such, after assuming this position, everyone held him in great admiration.

Inside the vermilion bird camp, there was a well-trained and powerful army. It could be said to be the elites of the elites. However, the general here had secretly stirred up trouble here in the past, colluding with the Immortal Mountain. As such, they definitely couldn't be spared.

The person here commanded tens of thousands of troops and possessed astonishing authority. During these past few days, he found it difficult to calm down. He wanted to leave, but he was also unwilling, so he had always been hesitant.

He felt that there shouldn't be any information leaked, because everything had been done in secret.

However, that day, the new emperor came. The black tortoise camp, true dragon camp, and the others echoed in response. Meanwhile, Shi Hao, together with a few individuals, descended into the large tent.

"Arrange the formations!" The general was straightforward even during his fall. Seeing that the new emperor dared to barge into the camp, he understood everything and immediately took action.

It wasn't like he didn't make any preparations. The Immortal Mountain left behind a few experts to provide assistance, as well as even a holy artifact. The most important thing was that they laid a great formation.

However, for Shi Hao who was prepared, this wasn't much. He held a divine sword in his hand and fiercely hacked down. This wasn't an ordinary object, but a divine magical sword.

Together with the War King, old guard, and a few others taking action, the great formation here was crushed.


Shi Hao personally took action. The sword brandished, and divine radiance concealed the sun. With a pu sound, the individual's head was directly hacked off. The boundless divine symbols and beams of light surrounded the sky. It was extremely stunning.

The entire vermilion bird camp was shaken. All of the soldiers trembled incessantly.

"Those that commit treason will not be spared. Everyone else, lower your weapons and remain where you are. Your actions will be forgotten and no recriminations will be held against you." A loud shout sounded from the sky, causing everyone's soul to tremble.

The ones that participated were just the limited number of leaders. No one else knew what was happening and simply acted out of orders. As the new emperor descended like a deity, they all knelt in worship. They all wished him a long life, their shouts ringing into the skies.

In just a day, Shi Hao already beheaded thirteen generals, leaving all of Stone Capital shocked. They were able to witness the new emperor's decisiveness for themselves. They all thought that he was young, and due to the continuous days of silence, no great actions would happen. They never expected to see such a ruthless side of him.

Many people were in fear. The new emperor was only fifteen years old, yet he was already so unfeeling. The malevolent individuals with unclean hands were all horrified.

However, right now, the imperial capital was under martial law, so they didn't dare make any reckless moves or run. There were already two generals who wanted to bring their people with them and flee, but their plan fell through. In the end, the little Stone personally hunted them down and completely eliminated them.

"So harsh! This isn't the temperament an emperor should have!"

"Don't say anything random. Those are all people who have betrayed the country. Even though you've done a few wrong things, it's not likely that you'll suffer an execution. If they were truly trying to intimidate the people, then we might really all be dead.

Within the city, a few people discussed among themselves. There were all types of rumors going around, and the atmosphere was extremely tense.

Everyone knew how far the new emperor was going to go to purge the country. Some people were anxious, and many people felt restless.

Soon after, accurate information was released by the imperial palace, informing the military's various powers that the problematic generals have all been eliminated and that there was no need for everyone to think any more.

This finally allowed the people to release a pent up breath. At the very least, the military camps all became steady again. No one became scared any longer, and they all calmed down.

Immediately after, a few idle nobility began to wield their power and truly controlled all of the troops.

It was clear that after the new emperor ascended the throne, there was a great disturbance. Moreover, his footsteps haven't stopped yet. After all of camps stabilized, he once again waved the bloodied divine sword .

"What? Action has been taken against the noble manors?" Someone cried out in great fear. Even though that person knew that this would inevitably happen, it was still extremely frightening.

Several days ago, Shi Hao personally entered the imperial capital. When he slaughtered his way into the imperial palace, there were a number of kings who caused trouble, colluding with the great sects outside this region like the Su king, Lan king, Kun king, and others. These people were killed on the spot, but their clansmen still remained. They had long been targeted by the War King, who sent experts to restrain them, not allowing them to leave Stone Capital.

And now, once the new emperor had somewhat grasped everything, they pointed their sword at these king clans that possessed great backgrounds.

Everyone thought that there was still a short period of time at the least, or maybe these things would be dealt with in secret. They never expected him to be so direct, not covering anything up as he dealt with them directly.

Many people trembled coldly. Even though the new emperor's age wasn't great, his actions were ruthless. He had just succeeded the throne, but he didn't try to act benevolent in the slightest or leave people with any warm impression. He was this decisive and cold-hearted.

Shi Hao took action. He naturally considered things from many perspectives. Leaving these kings behind would definitely lead to great trouble, and as such, it was better to eliminate them. In addition, the imperial palace's treasury was practically emptied to repair the divine formations. The expenditures were great, so it needed to be replenished.

The nobility possessed long inheritances, and their hidden resources were great. Moreover, there were some people who directly entered the treasury with some princes to seize many precious treasures.

The War King, old guards, and a few other king level figures separately took action. They took inventory and confiscated these nobles' possessions, and all those that opposed them or caused trouble were directly killed.

That day, all of Stone Country was shaken, and many people shuddered endlessly in fear.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao directly entered the Rain King manor to finally settle things!

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