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Chapter 463 – Law Temple

The imperial palace was extremely large. If an ordinary person walked around, it would be quite easy to get lost, because the regions were like small worlds in themselves. There were many spatial formations that were laid down that made the place far larger than what one would expect.

Shi Hao had just entered a region with rather sparse vegetation. This place was so boundless that he couldn't see the other end. The earth before him was a scarlet red color and there was grit everywhere. It was just like a desert.

Fortunately, after walking a short distance, he reached his intended destination. There was an ancient temple here that flowed with multicolored light and brilliant luster. It was a holy and peaceful place.

This was the imperial family's most important area — Law Temple.

If it was divided into parts, there would be a scripture floor, precious technique hall, and others. However, the entire place was an ancient temple, one that was solemn and serene. As it flowed with golden color under sunlight, even though there was an aura that felt as if it had gone through great changes, it still gave off the imperial family's prestige.

This ancient temple had lasted through too much. It had not fallen since the ancient times, and all of the imperial family's secret texts were stored here. This was the great dao foundation of a country.

When Shi Hao approached this place, his mind was greatly stirred up. He was even more excited than when he saw all types of divine materials just now within the inner treasury. This was what he looked forward to the most.

This vast area was quiet. In front of the ancient temple was a single upright and strong old pine tree. Its bark was splitting apart, as if an old dragon was curling about this place.

Apart from this, there wasn't even a soldier here. No one protected this place, making this place appear extremely peaceful and detached from the rest of the world.

"Before the great calamity came, there were imperial supreme experts overseeing this place. They were already within the imperial palace, so they should be protected but, alas…" The War King said with a sigh.

When the great calamity arrived the Supreme Experts were all crushed and defeated. They disappeared from this world, so there were only a few bloody traces left here.

"Yi?" Shi Hao was astonished. Before ascending the stairs of the Law Temple, he felt a type of dao rhythm that was difficult to describe, leaving him somewhat distracted.

The War King was astonished. The old guard beside him also opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but ultimately closed it again in fear of startling Shi Hao.

This Law Temple was unordinary. After all those endless years, it was unknown how many human emperors studied within the temple. There was naturally a great dao aura that did not disperse, and over time, this temple seemed to have almost developed intelligence.

Over the years, there would be people who would come here to submerge themselves in a state of dao comprehension. They wouldn't use the temple's resources or flip through the scriptures and instead only came because of this temple, however, those individuals were few.

This was the first time Shi Hao came to this place, so he had no chance to look at the bone books here before. However, he directly came into contact with this 'dao', resonating with this place and entering a state of dao comprehension, so this was naturally quite shocking.

A moment later, golden chains appeared around the temple's gates, submerging Shi Hao within. He stood at the center with golden chains blossoming all around him. They sent out streaks of golden multicolored light that revolved around his body.

His body also released sparkling precious light, as well as a wave of sweet fragrance. This was the embodiment of his flesh becoming close to the dao, harmonizing with the world and coexisting with the great dao.

"Formidable! The youth's ability truly must be respected!" The War King sighed lightly. It wasn't that he previously thought that the little Stone's talent wasn't exceptional, but when he saw it for himself, he still couldn't help but be deeply moved.

The old guard also nodded and said, "This type of talent would be rare even in the higher realms. I truly hope that there is a day when the new emperor can ascend early and suppress all of those opinionated individuals."

An hour later, Shi Hao awoke from his state with a clear mind. The things he comprehended in the great calamity were condensed, consolidated, and further advanced.

At this moment, his flesh was even more spiritual. Not only was it sturdy, it also harmonized closely with the dao, making it easier to engrave symbols on them and other things.

From a certain perspective, this was even more important than advancing cultivation stages, because he was accumulating potential and expanding his body's boundless treasury. There would be a day sooner or later when his fleshly divine treasury would be opened, and he would soar into the heavens.

From here onwards, Shi Hao's cultivation would advance even more smoothly, because his body and mind would be clear, making it easier for them to assimilate with the dao.

Shi Hao's eyes were clear and bright. He finally walked into the temple. There were no people guarding this place either. There was actually a pair of extremely powerful battle idols that were currently guarding this ancient temple.

After walking into this temple, he felt a great and sacred aura. There was even a type of imperial might. This place was extremely solemn and dignified.

However, Shi Hao immediately wrinkled his brows. There were a few white jade tables within this palace hall, but the number of bone books was clearly fewer and some must have been taken by others.

The War King also frowned, feeling somewhat angry and helpless. He explained how after the great calamity, a few princes, princesses, and imperial uncles barged into this place and brought away a portion of the ancient texts.

Shi Hao's eyebrows jumped. It was this group of people that colluded with the foreign regions again. In order to ascend to the throne, they actually plundered and looted in such a wanton manner, leaving him extremely unhappy.

"There was originally an image of a great Golden-Winged Peng rushing into the heavens. This was an extremely precious dao diagram with the true profound mysteries of the Golden Peng Race." The old guard pointed towards a wall that was now empty.

Shi Hao's thoughts jumped. The Great Golden Peng Race's precious technique, even if left behind by a descendant, was still priceless. If not for the fact that he already grasped the true Kun Peng technique, he definitely would've been furious.

"There was a Suan Ni sky trick diagram. With ten thousands streaks of lightning, it would rush into the nine heavens and bombard the heavens." The old guard continued and pointed at another place that was now empty.

This time, Shi Hao no longer remained calm. He cultivated the lightning technique and was proficient in the Suan Ni's precious technique, but what he had was left behind by a descendant, and he truly wished to obtain a more perfect technique from the race. If this diagram hadn't been lost, he could have studied it side by side with what he already knew.

"Do you know who seized this diagram?" Shi Hao asked in a gloomy voice.

"Your majesty, there is no need to be angry. The Suan Ni sky trick diagram has been lost, but this old one is proficient on this precious technique and can offer it to you." The War King suddenly spoke up.

"Oh?" Shi Hao was astonished, and then he revealed a look of joy.

Stone Clan's nobility all used to be given by the imperial family, but after many years passed, they could only be called King Clans. They naturally grasped a few extremely important imperial precious techniques as well.

The old guard smiled and said, "That is the truth. Your majesty does not need to worry. My Stone Country has two types of country protecting divine abilities, and both precious techniques belong to archaic heavenly ranked vicious beasts, with one of them being the Suan Ni technique."

This implied that this Suan Ni sky trick diagram only recorded a descendant's precious technique. There was still a pure-blooded divine ability, so he didn't have to worry too much.

When the War King heard this, he shook his head and said, "Some others and I have searched this place, but we weren't able to find it."

"There is no need to worry. These two precious techniques won't be passed out, and only the human emperor can study them. They should be recorded in another place." The old guard knew some inside information.

Of the two country guarding divine abilities, the first was a Bi'an technique, and the other the Suan Ni technique. A long time ago, there were three techniques, and they were passed down by the guardian spirit, but during a period of chaos, one had been lost for good.

"I heard that the Bi'an technique appears to be perfect, but it is still missing a portion. The truly perfect one is only the Suan Ni precious technique." The War King frowned.

"There truly is this saying. The Bi'an divine ability had lost some symbols during a great disorder that swayed the fate of the nation. It appears to be glorious and splendid, but it is not perfect." The old guard sighed and said.

When Shi Hao heard this, his heart was incomparably shaken. During the ancient years, Stone Country was truly at its pinnacle. There were originally three types of world-shaking precious abilities and they were all heavenly ranked; how breathtaking of a time was this?

Unfortunately, one was completely lost, one was damaged, and only the Suan Ni technique was left. He even had to search for it himself.

However, he was still quite satisfied. He cultivated the lightning divine ability to begin with, so if he were to obtain the pure-blooded heavenly ranked vicious beast's inheritance, then that would be perfect. It would make up for what he was lacking.

They continued to walk forward. There were quite a few bone books and cultivation resources recorded. Shi Hao browsed through them along the way. Even though they couldn't be compared to the True Primordial Record, he was still able to obtain some inspiration.

Unfortunately, a few jade bone pieces, silver secret canon, and other important bone books were missing, and were all taken away by others. It made this place appear somewhat lacking.

"There used to be a peacock diagram here where rainbow divine light splits apart the skies. It was extremely profound and mysterious."

After hearing this explanation, Shi Hao's face darkened, because the extremely precious techniques had all been seized away by others. There weren't many things left behind.

The War King smiled and said, "No matter. If Your Majesty wishes to cultivate these precious techniques, I can gather various kings to provide them. After all, they all came from the imperial family, so the great nobilites' ancestors all cultivated these imperial great divine abilities."

"Would that be possible?" Shi Hao was stirred up and revealed a look of joy.

"That is not an issue." The War King nodded.

Shi Hao immediately relaxed a bit. The loss of bone books in the Law Temple was severe, but as long as he can regather a few important methods, then that would still be a joyous thing.

Then, he listened to the old guard introduce various things along the way, learning about all types of profound divine abilities. A wave of passion burned within him. Regardless of whether they were lost, as long as they could be obtained again, then he would be able to benefit greatly.

Shi Hao found it hard to calm down. He never thought that inheriting the title of emperor would be so amazingly beneficial. Forget about the treasury, just the Law Temple alone, if its precious techniques had not been lost, would be enough for one to go mad.

However, after thinking about it, he felt that this should be how it is. After all, this was the foundation of a country. Regardless of whether it was divine materials, magical artifacts, or divine abilities, it would naturally be world shocking. Ordinary great sects would never be able to compare.

"The entire country's resources are all at my disposal. If I still can't use force to suppress this present age, then I don't deserve the title of supreme youth." Shi Hao said to himself.

He sat with his legs crossed on a praying mat. This was a quiet room within the Law Temple designed specifically for the human emperor's use during his stay while browsing ancient books or records. He wanted to test it out to see if he could enter the state of dao comprehension again.

The War King and old guard retreated. They stood guard in front of the Law Temple entrance.

"Where exactly is the Suan Ni's precious technique?" Shi Hao said quietly. Then, he suddenly had an idea. He took out the human emperor imprint and carefully inspected it. He also tried to activate it.


Suddenly, the entire stone room trembled. Purple clouds surged and lightning interweaved, filling this place with thunderous sounds.

On that wall appeared an enormous Suan Ni. Purple streaks ran through its golden exterior. It was ferocious, sinister, and utterly terrifying. It was as if it was going to pounce straight out of the stone walls.

"Suan Ni precious technique!"

Shi Hao was astonished and couldn't help but laugh out loudly. It truly had to do with the emperor imprint, allowing him to obtain it just like that.

The harvest this time was truly great. A heavenly ranked vicious beast's most powerful precious technique was in his hands. This was more important than anything else. Without a doubt, his fighting prowess would once again soar through the roof.

Thunder and lightning were amongst the world's most terrifying powers. With the appearance of the Suan Ni's precious technique, Shi Hao could even further overpower his enemies.

"Now is still not the time to study it. The problematic generals, nobles, and others need to be dealt with first." Shi Hao said softly. He firmly engraved the Suan Ni imprint within his memory.

"Wu, there is also a beautiful captive," said Shi Hao. He brought out the bronze piece that shone with multicolored light within his palm. He began to open a golden passageway.

Fairy Yue Chan was taken prisoner inside, imprisoned within this small world the entire time.

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