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Chapter 457 – Imperial Dignity

Ten heavenly dragons with bodies that were like mountains filled the sky. Their surroundings were dark and overcast. They carried a type of profoundness, as well as a murderous intimidation.

"How could he be this powerful?" There were a few individuals whose faces became deathly white.

"The fate of a nation is uninterrupted and long lasting. Has the imperial dao's power been revealed? If he is already like this now, how ridiculous will he become in the future?!" A few elders' faces darkened.

For Shi Hao, this was an illustrious achievement!

The little Stone's power alone faced all of them. He was surrounded by three experts, yet he still continued his slaughter, making them become fearful.

After becoming the human emperor, the little Stone took action. His might could not be stopped.

Right now, enormous dragons coiled about in the air, making Shi Hao look like a god or devil. There was a type of aura as if a monarch was looking down on this world!


A fist smashed outwards, leaving everyone shaken. The flesh of Shi Hao and Western Sect's Zhang Six collided, and both fist imprints smashed together. It was if two mountains were smashed together. Divine force surged and terrifying aura filled this place.

He soared into the air. When he opened his mouth, he released a roar. A red vermillion bird flew outwards, bringing with it a scarlet Li flame to face the Immortal Mountain's Qin Lun.

All five elements surged. Around Qin Lun, five different precious lights swirled as he attacked the Vermilion Bird. His body continuously shone and swept out with the symbols of five elements.

Fairy Yue Chan's beautiful hair scattered about. Her skin sparkled brilliantly, and her glowing white face had a serious expression. Divine light flickered within her pupils. She controlled a dragon with her white hands and displayed a terrifying divine ability.

"Defense Dragon Technique!"

In the distance, someone called out and revealed a terrified expression. This was one of the true dragon's precious techniques. Even though a part of it was missing, it was still astonishing.

The expressions of the cultivators from the three sects changed. There had always been a rumor that the Heaven Mending Sect had obtained the body of a true dragon, and through a heaven defying technique, they were able to acquire a damaged precious technique.

Could that be true? Many people were doubtful.

The people of this world knew that the sect had Extending Dragon Hand. As for the Defense Dragon Technique, they had never heard of it before and never seen anyone use it. However, it appeared before their eyes right now, and there wasn't a single individual who didn't feel their heartbeat quickening.

Shi Hao's expression remained unchanged. The center of his palm shone, and a small stalk of dark green grass made its way out, releasing dazzling radiance. It became more and more sparkling and translucent, and then a thick streak of sword energy erupted.

A qiang sounded, and a sword radiance shook the sky. It hacked down on the true dragon, releasing a sky shaking sound. Electricity continuously fell down onto this place, making this place sway violently.

This was the profound mystery of a stalk of grass' sword dao, and right now, it was clashing against the most tyrannical creature, the dragon. The weakest grass, and the most powerful dragon; these were the two extremes, yet they were evenly matched adversaries.

"We can't just stay on the side and watch. We have to take action as well and join in on this hunt." An elder spoke.

"The central imperial palace and the little Stone are in unity, so we cannot carve any formations here. Otherwise, we could bring out the formation disk and suppress him!" An individual from the western sect said in a soft voice.

When supreme experts were in hiding, the best way to kill an outstanding talent like the little Stone was naturally to trap and kill him within an ancient formation. However, this imperial palace was rather strange, preventing them from laying anything down.

In the center of the battlefield, Shi Hao fought the three experts alone. It was obviously a vicious scene. Any one of those three could be a formidable opponents of his.

Regardless of whether it was Yue Chan, Qin Lun, or Zhang Six, every single person could be considered a master of their field. They were outstanding talents among their peers and rarely met a true opponent.

Right now, these stunning cultivators were joining together to fight against Shi Hao, so he was naturally on the defensive. He was now caught up in the most dangerous battle.

However, when these individuals exchanged attacks, it was difficult for anyone to suffer fatal injuries. Even when the three young outstanding individuals worked together to suppress Shi Hao, they still weren't able to accomplish much.

If someone like Shi Hao wanted to leave, even if the other outstanding talents tried to stop him, they could not make him stay here. As such, the three great experts were all cautious in sealing off his routes of escape.

"I have an idea that can defeat him." Right at that time, one of Stone Country's kings said secretly.

"Su king, what is it?" An expert from the Heaven Mending Sect was moved and asked him.

"Me and a few other nobles know a portion of the imperial palace formation diagram. If we join hands with them, we can break through a part of it, turning a small piece into ordinary land," the Su king said secretly.

He already didn't have a way out, and he felt like Shi Hao would trap and kill him in this central heavenly palace. He had already placed himself in the hands of the three sects, and as such, he was already one of the little Stone's targets. If Shi Hao didn't die, then he would definitely settle things with him and the others later.

"Oh, you actually understand those things?" An elder from Western Sect was astonished.

"Yes!" The Su king nodded, because his ancestor was still the Stone Clan's direct line of descent, so he naturally understood a bit about the imperial palace. There were several other kings like himself.

"Good, you all join hands. We will assist you." An elder from the Western Sect nodded. If they succeeded here and could lay down the killing formation, they could kill Shi Hao.

"Your esteemed selves, we don't have any way out." The Su king looked towards those individuals.

"Alright, we'll risk it all!" The other individuals nodded. These were a group of powerful individuals with illustrious reputations. Several individuals gathered together and carefully studied the formation diagram.

The three sects' cultivators surrounded the middle and cooperated with these elders. Following the Stone Clan's pointers, they began to destroy the imperial palace's inner symbols.

"Truly daring, what are you all trying to do?" The War King shouted. His gaze was chilly, and he detested these people greatly. He truly despised how they conducted themselves.

"The great calamity has already arrived. The deities of the higher realms have made their appearance, so there is no way we can defy their great power. We are just complying with the world and making a rational decision." The Su king said.

"Stop them!" The War King shouted. There were a few other kings by his side, and they had been opposed to the Su king's group the entire time. Right now, they were going to step up and take action.

Apart from this, there were a few other imperial guards and people from the Wasteland Heavenly King Manor. They all walked up to fight against these people.

However, many people came from the three sects, and they immediately surrounded these people. There was already a group of people who was watching them, and now, they carried out their intimidation and threats.

"Who is scared of who!" The War King sneered. He lead those king and advanced.

The faces of the cultivators from the three sects changed. Even though the great sects were powerful, they still weren't willing to lightly start a war. After all, these were all king level figures, representing the greatest strength in the current world.

A terrifying civil war was about to erupt!

At the center of the battlefield, a storm stirred about and lightning hacked about. Shi Hao was like a divine being. With a raise of his hand, the world would discolor. He fought against the three great experts alone.

He saw everything with his ice cold eyes. If the kings that hated those that grouped themselves with the great sects stood together with the War King, no matter how great the numbers were on the three sects' side, they would still feel apprehensive.

"War King and the rest, all of you back off!" Shi Hao's voice wasn't that loud, but there was a irrefutable type of awe to it.

The War King and the others were startled. To have the new emperor fight against the cultivators from three sects alone, how could they allow such a thing to happen? They didn't want him to face danger.

"Back off!" Shi Hao spoke, his voice becoming louder. It was undefiable.

The War King sighed. He was also a powerful king from his generation, but in the end, he nodded. Shi Hao had just inherited the title of emperor, and his dignity could not waver. Even though the War King felt that it was inappropriate, he still backed off.


The men from the three sects rejoiced. This was a good start, and they hastened the Su king and the others to take action, telling them to quickly draw out the formation diagram so they could quickly clear up a piece of pure land and lay a killing formation there.

At this moment, the Su king and the others no longer covered anything up. They quickly broke apart and searched through the formation patterns.

"A group of idiots that don't know the difference between life and death!" Shi Hao's voice was icy cold. His hatred towards them exceeded even that of what he felt towards the three sects.

There were kings of other backgrounds, as well as those of Stone Clan's direct line of descent. They actually made this kind of choice. It was truly bitterly disappointing and disdainful. He truly wanted to wipe them clean.

"This time, I won't give you another opportunity." An elder shouted. The cultivators from the three sects backed up, and several holy artifacts rose to protect the air.

Meanwhile, fairy Yue Chan, Qin Lun, Zhang Six, and the others released divine radiance from their eyes. They released their most vicious attacks to stall and kill Shi Hao.

"Don't let him go!" An elder in the back shouted.

"Correct, we have to block up the Jade Flower Gate!" The Su king spoke. This was one of the imperial palace's routes of escape.

Shi Hao was indifferent. In reality, he actually didn't plan on fleeing. Even though this type of battle had dangers at every turn and it was easy to fall, he could still hold on.

The first reason why he wanted to continue fighting was because he was strong enough and had enough confidence. The second was that he hoped to use this battle to sharpen himself. Normally, where would he meet opponents like this?

He was completely fearless. The more he fought, the braver he beame. He was extremely suited to this type of battle.

"Something isn't right!" Qin Lun frowned. He felt as the fight was getting more strenuous for him. This was not some good sign.

Normally, any one of the three could have fought a terrifying battle against Shi Hao, one that was fated to be extremely bloody. With all three of them working together, they should have easily suppressed him.

At this moment, the little stone became more and more calm and steady. There was a great imposing pressure to him, as if he was a sovereign descending into this world.

With just a slight movement, the entire world would seemingly follow suit. Around him, mists filled the air, and a difficult to comprehend profoundness surfaced and surrounded him.

"With the imperial fate energy added to his body, he could bring about this type of great power. This is a mysterious force that will never be exhausted, one that is derived from a country's fate." Zhang Six's expression became more serious.

When everyone heard this, they were all shocked.


When Shi Hao reached out with his hand and unleashed it, there was an honest and gentle energy that continuously increased. It was truly as if a supreme imperial figure was looking down on this place!

Around his body, the imperial energy became more and more rich. Strands of mysterious force circled around this world, surrounding him and displaying power along with him. It spurred on this heaven and earth.

At this moment, it was as if he was moving the natural laws, using the great power of this world to suppress his enemies!

This was the mysterious force gathered from an entire country. He inherited the title of emperor, and as time passed, strand after strand rushed towards his body. In addition, there was the precious imprint at his bosom that released this type of mysterious force.


Shi Hao formed a fist imprint and gently released it. Zhang Six immediately flew out quite far, his face revealing a bitter look. The power behind this fist was too heavy, leaving Zhang Six incredibly shaken.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock. They could clearly see the thick layers of energy surrounding Shi Hao. There was an impenetrable divine might around him.

"That which is produced by the imperial dao position, uninterrupted and long-lasting adding of energy to the body, allowing nothing to invade, eternally protected from disaster. Has this already appeared now?!" An elder's expression changed.

Meanwhile, the Su king and the others were even more terrified. Could it be that not even the three great experts could stop him?

"Any one of them could fight a bloody battle against him. They are incredibly outstanding, and right now, all three are taking action. There is no way anyone in the world can survive this!" An elder couldn't believe what was happening and couldn't help but shout out.


Shi Hao exchanged an attack with fairy Yue Chan. Sword energy weaved about. The dark green grass leaf appeared, slicing off a lock of beautiful hair by fairy Yue Chan's neck, allowing Shi Hao to catch it in his hand.

Everyone became overwhelmed with shock. Even a glimpse of divine light could be seen in fairy Yue Chan's pupils. In that instant, the sword had sliced at her snow white neck.

The situation was far from reassuring. Qin Lun, Zhang Six, and fairy Yue Chan all took action, yet they felt a greater and greater pressure. Layers of dense energy covered Shi Hao's body, and it was difficult to break through them.

Meanwhile, the other party's offensive power was like overlaying mountains, increasing many times over. It made their minds tremble.


Shi Hao shouted loudly. Imperial draconic energy surged. He blasted away the three great experts, and like a tiger within a flock of sheep, he rushed towards the three sects' cultivators and Su king's people.

Stone Country Imperial Palace was inevitably going to flow with rivers of blood!

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