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Chapter 456 – Imperial Palace War

Stone Country Capital was an enormous and imposing city. A loud commotion could be heard from within, and everyone was chanting the two words 'human emperor'.

As a result, the experts from all three sects felt a slight chill. They couldn't stop this already. Shi Hao had already reached the end of the inheritance process. The heavenly dragons around him had already condensed into corporeal forms, and even ordinary people could now see them.

Heavenly Dragons appeared one after another. They filled the skies and raised their heads to roar towards the heavens. Endless streaks of draconic energy could be seen congregating towards Shi Hao's body, making him seem even more imposing, as if he was a sovereign looking down on this world.

Even though he was young, he was extremely calm and unflustered. His behavior did not match his age. His eyes were deep, and within them appeared the sun, moon, and stars as he overlooked everyone.

Needless to say, the great power had already taken form. Imperial energy gathered towards his body with the assistance of the country's precious imprint, and the fate energy of the world assisted him in assuming the title of emperor.

At this moment, Shi Hao moved. He stood up and walked down from the throne along the jade stairs. His presence was incredibly intimidating, as if a god or devil was the one moving about.

The ones that had just been berating him couldn't help but take steps backwards. Great fear crept up inside of them. They could feel a wave of stifling pressure that felt almost suffocating.

A single person was going up alone against the experts from the three sects, yet he still seemed so calm and unflustered, causing the hearts of everyone here to be greatly shaken .

Every slight movement Shi Hao made carried a great type of force, as if the natural laws in this place followed along as well. Powerful pressure poured outwards endlessly.

"Why are you all scared of him? He is just a single person. This is an opportunity! If that fake emperor dares to step out from the heavenly palace, we can immediately strike him down!" An elder said.

Inside of the central heavenly palace, there was a divine formation within twelve thick stone obelisks. Outsiders couldn't enter, and this was why he previously stopped outside.

The sounds of footsteps were clear and distinct, ringing through the central heavenly palace. Shi Hao walked over one step after another. His expression was serious. Draconic aura revolved and surged around him.

Unwittingly, he stepped on the divine formation and walked out from the palace, facing everyone.

"He actually really did dare to come out. What are you all still waiting for? This is a traitor to the nation that has to be killed!" A king spoke. Because he hadn't backed off earlier and had already shouted out before, he had already been targeted by Shi Hao's ice cold eyes.

"We have been invited to observe the ceremony, so we won't stand on the side like bystanders. We should help Stone Country select the true new emperor." An elder from the sects parroted.


Shi Hao walked out from the heavenly palace. He brought with him a powerful aura. When the final step landed, the entire palace hall shook violently.

"Did you forget my words? Do you think that it was just wind blowing past your ears?" He spoke softly, but his expression was incredibly serious. A flash of light could be seen through his pupils, and his entire body erupted with blazing radiance.

"Attack!" Someone shouted. Since Shi Hao came out, they no longer had any more worries. They all brought out magical artifacts and aimed them at this youth.

They weren't scared, because fairy Yue Chan, Qin Lun, and Zhang Six were here. If they were to fight, any one of them could match the little Stone in strength.

And right now, the most powerful inheritors of three sects were here, and it was for the sake of suppressing and killing him. If no miracles happened, then Shi Hao was going to fall here.


Magical artifacts tore through the skies and precious techniques bloomed. This place was covered in dazzling light. All of the attacks concentrated forwards towards the young expert that had just inherited the title of emperor.

Shi Hao stood in his original spot. His eyes erupted with radiance, and his head of black hair danced about. The heavenly dragon materialized and roared towards the skies, shaking the entire imperial capital.

At this moment, the heaven and earth became quiet. This was a strange scenergy. Dragon cries rang through the air, yet all other sounds seemed to have vanished. The empty space possessed a deathly stillness.

Right now, the only movement were the cries of dragons that shook the nine heavens!

On Shi Hao's body, ancient heavenly dragons soared one after another before rushing forward to attack the experts of the three sects. There was a terrifying fluctuation that was rippling outwards.

"Not good!" Qin Lun's expression changed as he shouted outwards. He hurriedly took action to obstruct Shi Hao.

It was because this imperial energy was too great, and normal people definitely couldn't defend themselves against it. Even those elders at the Formation Arrangement Realm weren't enough. Once the heavenly dragons materialized and revealed themselves, they would all be suppressed.

Meanwhile, Zhang Six with his light golden skin also moved. As if he was a supreme Vajra Bodhisattva, he formed a strange fist imprint and struck forward. An extremely powerful aura surrounded this attack.

Fairy Yue Chan was the only one that didn't move, but she activated a formation. Symbols poured out in torrents as if a volcano was erupting. Bright red imprints bloomed within the void to suppress Shi Hao.

Then, everything seemed to slow down. Shi Hao towered within the battlefield. A sweet scent wafted out from his body, and golden chains extended endlessly from his feet. The scene was world-shocking. He had already erupted with all of his power.

The heavenly dragons took to the skies before swooping down at his enemies!


The magical artifacts were struck, causing them to shatter in midair. The heavenly dragons swooped down, sweeping through everything in their way.


The sound of flesh splitting open was extremely startling. Blood blossomed, and the bodies of cultivators broke into pieces before collapsing into a pool of blood. They could not stop the force of the heavenly dragons.

Everything happened too quickly. The faces of the individuals who were shouting for the death of the fake emperor just now were now incomparably pale, because right now, there were already ten corpses.

This was a startling transformation. It had just started, yet Shi Hao had already killed so many experts, among them no lack of elders and Formation Arrangement Realm kings.

However, their lives seemed incredibly worthless right now. When the little Stone became angry, blood filled the skies, and a large number of experts died before the heavenly palace. A glaring scarlet dyed the stone steps, dripping with blood.

This made everyone astonished. The little Stone was much stronger than what they had expected!

An elder sucked in a cold breath of air. With a trembling voice, he said, "Human emperor takes the throne, imperial dao displays its power. This is an embodiment of what happens once the fate energy of a country is added to one's body. We must not leave him be!"

You have to understand that this was just the beginning. Shi Hao had the mysterious force surround his body as soon as he assumed the title of emperor, and heavenly dragons had taken form to prevent his body from harm. If he was given time, even more misfortune would come to them.

All of this happened in a flash. It took a while to describe everything, but it all happened nearly instantly.


Qin Lun launched his attack. A precious technique emerged that flowed with rainbow light. An enormous peacock suppressed downwards to suppress and kill Shi Hao.

This was an extremely terrifying precious technique whose name had moved many since the ancient times. It was a great divine ability of the archaic peacock. Back then, it had swept through the entire world, reigning unrivalled for an entire era.

Originating from the Immortal Mountain, this was obviously not obtained by a descendant. It was one of their clans' great sect protecting divine abilities. It was left behind by a pure-blooded creature and was perfectly intact.

Shi Hao's eyes shone with light. When faced against these experts, he did not show any contempt for their attacks. He didn't use the heavenly dragons produced by the fate energy to defend himself and instead used his own precious techniques.

The highest yin and yang, Shi Hao immediately used the Kun Peng technique whose power was unmatched to behead this opponent. A streak of golden light erupted, and a divine bird spread its wings into the skies to face to the great peacock.

"En?" Qin Lun's eyes contracted. He knew as soon as this attack was released that the little Stone's reputation was not unjustified, and was in fact even more terrifying than the legends. This was too powerful, immediately suppressing him with a single move.


The peacock spread its wings and erupted with divine rainbow light. As it collided into the Kun Peng technique to dissolve the attack that contained the utmost yin and yang, the space in this place continuously rumbled with earsplitting sounds.

Qin Lun naturally wasn't scared. He believed inwardly that he was unmatched, because he came from the Immortal Mountain. He was a supreme youth that didn't even fear the most powerful inheritors of the greatest powers in all of the eight regions.

He had this type of confidence. Even though the little Stone cut down the dual-pupils and defeated a legend, he still believed that the inheritance of the Immortal Mountain was the most powerful, and that he would never be inferior to another in his generation.

However, this short interaction instead made his brows quickly lock together. The little Stone's strength was just too great. Even though he was able to neutralize the other party's divine power, he was still shaken to the point where the bones in his body cried out.

At the same time, Zhang Six had arrived with the fist imprint. It similarly possessed the highest yin and yang. The power of his flesh made the space tremble. He was like a great golden sun as his fist descended towards Shi Hao.

The little Stone was stunning. He similarly formed a fist imprint, and with a honglong sound, he met his opponent's attack head on. Then, when he raised his hand, the sign of a stalk of grass emerged, and with a chi sound, it hacked out.

This wasn't just a streak of sword light, as it also created a small world. The chaos seemed to be made by heaven as it surrounded this place, carrying with it the hazy force of a world domain, shaking the scene.

There were individuals whose palms held worlds and others who possessed spatial divine force. Right now, his sword strike actually displayed such power as well, creating such a divine technique. The 'sword world' left everyone sighing with admiration.

Zhang Six frowned, and his face carried signs of pain. Even though he wasn't scared, he felt a strenuous pressure. He used all of his strength to defend and further transform the fist imprint. With a hong sound, it faced the sword world.

This place was immediately blasted apart. The nearby cultivators cried out miserably, and were sent flying by the the shockwaves created by the collision. Quite a few people were violently killed on the spot, causing the people from the great sects to feel great fear.

"En,something's wrong!" Zhang Six shivered inwardly and hurriedly changed the fist imprint. He displayed his immeasurable divine ability to support a world domain. It quickly enlarged to confront the sword world.

At this moment, he fully experienced the little Stone's power. That sword's might transcended the original form of the sword intent, and there was the true meaning of a 'grain of sand becoming a world, a blade of grass becoming a paradise' within it!

This was just too terrifying. The divine might was too world shocking, leaving him with no choice but to use his sect's greatest technique to defend himself.

Outstanding and dazzling; these were the little Stone's methods!

This was the evaluation Zhang Six had inside his heart. He couldn't help but sigh inwardly. The little Stone was exceedingly outstanding, actually possessing this type of technique. To form a world through the sword, forcing him to use the Western Sect's greatest 'world ability' to match its power.

After colliding several times in a row, Zhang Six shifted sideways. His entire body released an earthen color, using the unbreakable body to resist several attacks. The great divine ability was fully displayed.

Brilliant symbols flickered, and it was as if the space turned into a starry sky. The numerous stars rushed towards Shi Hao; this was fairy Yue Chan's formation taking effect.

It was evident that this was pinnacle killing formation in this world. How could ordinary methods be used to deal with the little Stone? Only the most powerful symbols would work.

Upon seeing the appearance of these formation patterns, the cultivators of the three sects all released a gasp, because the formation's power was just too great. Even if someone who was more powerful than the little Stone entered it, they would still be met with disaster.

Everyone possessed great confidence towards this formation. They felt that the great power was decided, and that this was the ultimate blow.

However, reality always went against speculations. The most powerful technique that everyone was expectedly awaiting was ineffective. The space between Shi Hao's brows shone, and his will resonated with the central heavenly palace, causing it to rumble and shine. Faint golden light rushed into the heavens.

This place seemed to have solidified into a single body, collaboratively wiping out the symbols in the air and destroying the formation.

"He inherited the great creed and became the new emperor. This palace possesses intelligence and has acknowledged him, even putting its use at his disposal. Once it is stimulated by the imperial energy, it will wipe out the symbols of killing formations." Someone saw through the truth.

At the same time, quite a few individuals shivered inwardly. This spiritual palace was the result of formation patterns laid in the past by an extremely powerful expert.

"No matter what, fairy Yue Chan, Qin Lun, and Zhang Six are all here. With them overseeing things and working together, the little Stone will have to defy the heavens to escape alive!" Someone shouted.

Any of them would be a formidable opponent for Shi Hao, let alone all three of them acting together. The cultivators from the three sects believed that he was already going to be defeated, and that it was just a matter of time.


The skies trembled violently. Fairy Yue Chan took action. The formation was ineffective, so she formed an imprint. Her palms and fingers were shining white and sparkling as they struck towards the youth.

She flew like an immortal, absolutely stunning. When she made a move, it was similarly terrifying. It did not possess any worldly flavor, and when she attacked, a great power was concealed within. Her divine might was incredible!


Shi Hao condensed a fist imprint and displayed the Kun Peng's technique. Golden light surged and traded a blow with her. The space here seemed to be split into two by a streak of dazzling golden lightning.

He wanted to continue attacking, but Qin Lun and Zhang Six had arrived to fight against him.

Shi Hao had to fight alone against three great experts. This fact left everyone trembling and in shock. Even though his defeat was only a matter of time, it still made them feel extremely anxious and alarmed.

"You are going to die in the end!" A few people said softly. Their lips revealed cold smiles.

"It is me who will kill you all. Which one of you can injure me?" Shi Hao seemed to understand their intentions and coldly spoke. He appeared extremely calm and exerted an extremely dignified bearing.

Even when faced against three great experts, he still seemed rather calm. He resisted them one after another, causing rumbling sounds to continuously erupt.


The the next moment, draconic aura surged, and over ten streaks took to the skies. They rushed into all directions. This scene was extremely terrifying, as if the god of heaven had taken action. The dragons surged to open up a path.


A large number of miserable cries sounded, and blood splashed in all directions. Roughly ten people were killed on the spot, falling in front of the central heavenly palace.

The little Stone had become the emperor. When he took action, his might moved the heavens, leaving everyone deeply shaken.

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