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Chapter 458 – Three Sects' Great Defeat

Shi Hao was like a dragon trapped within a well. He finally obtained the opportunity to escape. Energy erupted, and once he blasted back the three great experts, he directly slaughtered into the crowd.

Under the terrifying rumbling sounds, he was like a human shaped Kun Peng. Symbols flickered, and his entire body became golden as he used his greatest power to annihilate them.

A pu sounded. As soon as he made contact with their group, more than twenty people were sent flying. Their bodies were blasted to pieces, exploding in mid-air.

Everyone became overwhelmed with horror and their faces became pale. What kind of power was this? The three sects' cultivators came from outside this region, so how could they be weak? Yet in the end, they all suffered such a disaster.

They felt like sheep facing a lion when confronting Shi Hao. It was a completely one-sided domination. Both sides had just came into contact, yet this type of terrifying result was created.

"Activate the holy artifact!" An elder shouted loudly. This power left him terrified, and as a result, he shouted loudly.

In the sky, a golden sword mace appeared. White mist swirled and flowed with hazy radiance. Its might was frightening. It was sparkling and dazzling, and at the center emerged a yellow dragon that pounced at Shi Hao.

Moreover, following a thunderous noise, golden streaks of radiance poured down from the skies, crashing down with pi pa sounds. Resplendent golden light immediately erupted.

On the other side, an alms bowl appeared, filling the air with purple mist. It was like a bottomless black hole as it devoured spiritual essence from all directions and erupted with intense fluctuations.

Shi Hao had seen both of these holy artifacts before and even exchanged attacks with them. However, even though he captured the users of these two weapons, he wasn't able to restrain the weapons themselves, allowing them to escape.

Now, the two holy artifacts appeared again. The crowd activated them together to kill Shi Hao.


Scarlet multicolored light filled the skies. Shi Hao didn't hesitate in the slightest. With a raise of his hand, the center of his palm erupted with terrifying red light. A gourd surged and released sword energy to withstand the two holy artifacts.

Moreover, the scarlet gourd trembled, and with a pu sound, bloody light flickered. Two corpses fell down; these were the two captives from before.

Since they were already acting so atrociously, Shi Hao didn't care about these matters anymore. The three sects invaded the central heavenly palace, so what was the point in showing the other side any mercy? He directly killed them.


Another wave of fluctuations flew outwards. A large dark fan appeared. It flowed with holy light and released incomparable energy. This was another holy artifact.

When three holy artifacts appeared and moved under the power of so many experts to cooperatively kill Shi Hao, he finally felt a wave of great danger.

The scarlet gourd he brought out spun about and was stopped.

"Stop him! We will pincer attack him and kill him here!" Someone shouted, at the same time buying time for the three great experts.

However, this type of situation only persisted for a moment. Everyone's divine senses went blank, and all of them trembled, feeling like they lost connection with the holy artifacts.

At this time, Shi Hao's entire body shone with light, fully utilizing his body's abilities. Imperial draconic energy surged, causing the entire imperial palace to rumble. Precious palace halls lit up one after another, giving off a vague feeling as if they were going to release symbols.

"En, this palace hall is also a magical artifact?" Everyone had a bad feeling. The three holy artifacts swayed. The connection between them and everyone in the palace hall was actually going to break.


At this moment, Shi Hao suddenly shouted loudly, no longer resonating with the imperial palace. After the holy artifacts were slightly disturbed, he suddenly erupted with his own power.

Under everyone' stupefied gazes, he suddenly obtained an extra pair of fists, and they were also using the Kun Peng technique. A total of four arms formed imprints together and erupted with power.


The scarlet gourd opened the way, blocking the holy artifacts. Then, he himself blasted apart the barrier of light and arrived in front of everyone's faces. This was truly an utter catastrophe.

Shi Hao displayed his might. Four arms continuously moved about. It was simply a one sided sweep. Four powerful cultivators immediately exploded, and behind them, many people's bodies were sent flying before exploding in the sky.

This was just too bold and powerful. He was like a humanoid dinosaur that crushed everything in its way.

Without a doubt, this was the effect of superimposing precious techniques. He used the Kun Peng technique that possessed unrivalled attack power with the Zhuyan divine ability to add a pair of arms to further increase his strength.


Some people cried out loudly, unwilling to die here. They struck back with everything they had. Light swirled in the air, and all types of symbols surged, creating an expanse of brilliance.

However, none of it could touch Shi Hao. Layers of dense mist surrounded his body, making him mysterious and powerful. All of the symbols were erased.

He walked out with large steps with the grandeur of a tiger or dragon. When his hand moved, a Kun Peng spread its wings. Golden multicolored light surged, submerging everything before it.


This time, there was a total of forty experts that fell. Bloody mist surged, and no figures could be seen. These people were instantly refined into nothingness.

Those that flew backwards all had pale faces. Their faces were all white and pale. This was too terrifying and impossible to defend against. Just now, if they had been a step slower, only dust would have been left of them.

The Su king was in fear. The kings near him all had deathly white faces and felt terrified. Even those as powerful as themselves who had experienced many things felt as if their hair and bones turned cold at this moment. They felt an indescribable amount of fear towards this new emperor.

Yet this youth wasn't even older than fifteen. If he was already so heaven defying right now, what kind of accomplishments would he bring about in the future?

The experts from the three sects didn't stop him; this clearly illustrated the disaster at hand.


When Shi Hao rushed forward and unleashed a massacre, fairy Yue Chan, Qin Lun, and Zhang Six finally took action. They turned into three streaks of divine light and rushed over.

Shi Hao suddenly turned around. This change left everyone quite frightened. His entire body shone, and two additional heads appeared. The fluctuations being released from his body were astonishing. His arms had also increased!

"Three heads six arms, he actually cultivated the Zhuyan's great divine ability!" A group of individuals shouted in shock.

Just now, the fact that he grew another pair of arms could be explained through a special mysterious technique. However now, he immediately revealed three heads and six arms. This was definitely not ordinary.

Right now, it was as if three Shi Hao appeared. This type of fluctuation was definitely layered on top of each other, and the divine force as well as other powers all increased by a large amount. This proved that this was definitely the Zhuyan's clan protecting precious technique.

At this moment, Shi Hao suddenly rushed at the three great experts, taking the initiative to start an incredibly ferocious and intense collision.


All types of symbols flickered with radiance. Divine light covered this place, and it was as if endless great stars fell, The world became unsteady, and a haze surrounded everything.

The three great experts' expression changed. They were all sent flying. This time wasn't like the past. Shi Hao became even more powerful. When he collided with them this time, it wasn't like before when he used great speed to fight them.

This incredibly fierce collision left all three individuals' flesh feeling intense pain. They once again backed off from the center of the battlefield.

Shi Hao was also affected by the intense impact, but the imperial draconic energy hazily surrounded his body, preventing him from suffering from great harm. He was not hindered greatly, and instead borrowed the momentum of this powerful attack to rush towards the Su king.

In reality, several great kings had already moved. When they saw Shi Hao rush over murderously, they had already prepared to flee.

Unfortunately, no matter how fast they were, it still wasn't as formidable as the Kun Peng technique. This was the world's extreme speed. A streak of golden light covered the sky, catching up to the Su king. Shi Hao was cold and ruthless as he pointed out a finger.

The Su king shouted loudly. He gathered all of his courage and produced everything he had to defend himself.


The bronze shield in front of his body was blasted apart, and then two powerful magical artifacts cracked apart in succession. Shi Hao's finger landed between his brows without being hindered in the slightest.


The Su king's expression went rigid. His fear was still frozen on his face. And then, the space between his brows dripped out blood as he fell. As soon as he made contact with the ground, his entire body beame scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

This was a powerful type of intimidation. Shi Hao had three heads and six arms. When he used this type of precious technique to layer techniques on top of each other, he reached a realm of his own. Not even those in the king level could stop him.

It even made others doubt whether or not he entered the Supreme Expert Realm.

"Seal off the city gates and open the city protecting great formation!" Shi Hao transmitted sound, ordering the War King and the others to withdraw and lock down the Imperial Capital. He was preparing to trap everyone here.

The War King and the others were all stupefied. The new emperor was only how old, yet he was already so terrifying. Was he going to use his own strength to defeat the three sects' cultivators?

They were incredibly shaken. From the moment they received the order from Shi Hao, they knew that the new emperor wasn't scared of these people. He wanted to trap them in this place and beat them down here, so he told them to protect the gates and use the city's great formation to trap them.

The War King became excited, and there was a type of tameless and warlike feeling running through his bones. The result of this battle made his blood boil. The new emperor possessed so much might himself, and he was going to unleash a slaughter here, which was a style that greatly agreed with him.

He trembled excitedly, and then he turned around to leave.

The other kings that didn't rush indiscriminately into action trembled. When they received the order, they didn't say anything and rushed out of the imperial palace.

Shi Hao unleashed a great slaughter, first dealing with the rebel kings. Once the Su king died, there were a few other kings that were killed in succession. These people all experienced great fear before death, their eyes pleading for mercy. However, Shi Hao did not show them any pity and moved ruthlessly, wiping them all out.

Below him, corpses lied everywhere. Even more had turned into nothingness. The cultivators of the three sects retreated. After being massacred to such a terrible state, they were all incredibly fearful.

Fairy Yue Chan, Qin Lun, and Zhang Six rushed over again, but this time, they were completely different. All three of them shone like a small sun. They were incredibly dazzling as divine flames burned around them.

Shi Hao remained indifferent. He knew that only at this moment did the three geniuses erupt with power and reveal their greatest strength. However, it was already too late, and it was difficult to turn everything around.

This truly was the case. Even though the three of them joined hands, they all also possessed a restraining fear. In the beginning, they all took precautions and held back, not displaying their most powerful divine abilities.

At this moment, the Heaven Mending Technique filled the skies. Radiance shone brilliantly, and in the middle sandwiched a jade sword that hacked at Shi Hao's neck.

It was extremely terrifying. Once the Heaven Mending Technique appeared, it could 'reverse' and mend the user.

On the other side, Qin Lun's Five Phase divine ability was also displayed. The world was reversed, becoming chaotic. It was as if the primal chaos had been brought back.

Zhang Six's body was golden. He immediately reached out eighteen arms and displayed the 'world ability' to attack Shi Hao with all his strength.

However, it was still not enough to suppress the little Stone!

At this moment, he was bold and unequalled. In his left hand was the Kun Peng technique, and his right was a stalk of grass. Sword energy hacked out boundlessly, and together with the three heads six arms overlaying the techniques, it was simply an unequalled might.

When they collided again, Qin Lun coughed out blood.

Shi Hao's imperial energy erupted. Several tens of heavenly dragons surrounded his bodies and roared, becoming even more powerful. The multicolored mist surrounding him became richer and richer, obliterating all types of attacks.

He knew that even though these three were at a disadvantage, it was difficult for him to immediately kill them. He had to first deal with the people they brought with them.

Inside the imperial palace, corpses lied about one after another. The three sect's cultivators were killed to the point where they were now all fleeing for their lives. The new emperor was just too powerful as he swept through them.

At this moment, the entire imperial palace was shining, forming a type of connection with Shi Hao. It was as if it possessed life.

"How could it be like this?!" An elder from the Heaven Mending Sect cried out.

It was to the point where there were still a few individuals crying out loudly. This war was just too cruel. A hundred corpses from the three sects were lying about, slaughtered to the point where there was no end to the terror. They were thoroughly defeated.

The three great experts' faces were unpleasant to look at. They could match Shi Hao in strength, yet they couldn't stop all of this from happening. Once Shi Hao obtained the imperial dao's fruit, he became too powerful.

The three individuals sighed. The great might had already been lost, so they had failed. If they continued like this, then the people that hurried over might all be killed.

They retreated decisively, quickly backing off from this imperial palace with its formation patterns that were about to revive. They protected their respective group's men before fleeing into the distance.

This war shook everyone in the imperial capital. It was unknown how many people were watching, and unknown how many great powers were waiting, yet in the end, it was this kind of result.

The three sects were greatly defeated… this was simply unbelievable!

The little Stone was just a single person, yet he forcefully swept through all of his opponents unobstructed.

This battle had not finished. When the three sects scattered, Shi Hao used the imperial dao's might to first chase after the Western Sect, then the Immortal Mountain, killing them to the point where they were all defeated and dead. Only the main figures were able to escape.

In the end, he chased after the Heaven Mending Sect, attacking only fairy Yue Chan and the others to capture and kill them.

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