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Chapter 455 – Imperial Creed

The imprint suspended in the air was golden and dazzling. It was absolutely enormous, and golden light swirled about it in a resplendent matter. Everyone in Stone Capital could see it.

A tremendous noise sounded. 'The one to inherit my position, Shi Hao'; these words struck down like thunder. The entire world was rumbling in response, ringing through everyone's ears.

"It's the Stone Emperor! The imprint he left behind contains his thunderous voice, and it has appeared for all to see!" Waves of shock sounded.

Within the Imperial Capital, many commoners knelt down in worship, because the emperor was like a deity to them. When they worshiped the decree, a rumbling noise sounded. The decree became even brighter and more resplendent after gathering the mysterious force.

"Shi Hao is the new emperor!" Someone cried out loudly. It rang through Stone Capital like a clap of thunder. Meanwhile, the decree in the air became more and more brilliant. The brilliant  golden letters began to surge with draconic energy.

"Long live the emperor! Long live!" Someone worshiped. They paid their respects to the old emperor and shouted the name of the new emperor.

This was an incredibly loud and resounding mass of voices that reverberated through heaven and earth. It shook one to their soul. Even the expressions of powerful cultivators changed. This sound came from fate energy and was extremely powerful.

Every single person possessed boundless potential. Once their bodies' treasury was opened, an exuberant amount of divine force would burst out and they would all become great cultivators.

Ordinary people didn't open this treasury, but they possessed the potential. Through the resonance between speech and heart, they could produce a holy mysterious force, and this was what was pouring out into the vast skies right now.

The divine force congregating towards Shi Hao could be seen through one’s naked eye, supporting his body and forming the pillars of imperial draconic aura.

This was the result when everyone in the capital received the decree. They called out his name, changing the fate of this world. Shi Hao sat high up on the throne and received the mysterious force.

Of course, he didn't allow it to enter his body and only surrounded this energy around his flesh to protect his surroundings. This was a portion of the entire country's fate energy, and it could protect him from misfortune.

On his body, the emperor imprint was still resonating with him. More and more mysterious force flowed over to support him. At that moment, Shi Hao's existence became deep and immeasurable as the hazy light enveloped him within.

Within the central heavenly palace, many kings' hearts were greatly shaken. It had just happened, yet the little Stone already created this type of scene. Could it be that there was no second candidate for the emperor position? The fate energy from all directions poured over, and it all congregated towards him.

The experts from the three sects have gathered here. Many individuals surrounded the heavenly palace to trap and kill Shi Hao. When they saw this scene, all of their expressions changed.

When a few elders that cultivated special divine abilities opened their spiritual eyes to carefully inspect the situation, they all gasped. They felt a chill running down their backs.

"The dragon from the sky wraps around the body and roars. Is there truly someone who has inherited the title of emperor?" An elder couldn't help but cry out.

The heavenly eye was difficult to create, but these experts' spiritual eyes had long been opened. When they heard what was said, they all silently observed the situation. Their faces immediately changed.

Inside the central heavenly palace, Shi Hao sat on the high and mighty throne without moving. It was as if this seat had already belonged to him tens of thousands of years ago. He was sitting with an unspeakable level of stability and firmness. His eyes were incomparably cold as he swept his gaze over everyone. Outside of his body, heavenly dragons circled about one after another. They were incredibly thick and covered this place, roaring into the skies with raised heads.

Tens of thousands of streaks of draconic energy were released. The imperial aura produced an incredible pressure, and all of it gathered on the youth's body, producing the great atmosphere of an emperor. Everyone present began to tremble.

"Shi Hao, you are truly daring, actually seizing the imperial throne! You've deceived the people of this world and stolen an entire country!

An elder from the Heaven Mending Sect loudly berated him. His words were incredibly vicious, because he knew that if this continued, it wouldn't end well. When an emperor succeeded the throne to accept the inheritance, the most important part was the other party's body becoming richer and richer with the imperial draconic energy. He wanted to interrupt this transformation.

However, even though his thunderous voice was shouted outwards, it couldn't make its way outwards. All of it was blocked by the golden decree in the air.

"What is everyone waiting for? This is a scheme to seize the imperial throne. We cannot allow him to continue!" Next to that elder, a few others spoke up with loud voices.

They had to obstruct this process and prevent Shi Hao from inheriting Stone Country. Otherwise, this would become an uncontrollable variable. His accomplishments during his youth were already so great and unmatched, and no one could make him yield. This was not the emperor the foreign great sects needed.

On top of the high and mighty throne in the central heavenly temple, Shi Hao's gaze became more and more cold as he observed them. He was like a sovereign that had descended into this world. In an extremely cold voice, he said, "What clowns."

His voice was thunderous, shaking through this entire imperial palace. Draconic energy surged, causing this golden palace to tremble. It was truly as if a god was speaking these words.

Even though he only spoke these words, it was as if the god of thunder's hammer struck down. Everyone's expression suddenly changed. There was anger, and there was even more of a faint fear.

"Capture him! He is a traitor and not suitable to become the emperor! Suppress and kill him!" That elder shouted together with a group of people.


Shi Hao's body didn't move. He only raised his hand and ferociously pressed downwards. Imperial draconic energy erupted, and the entire world rumbled with noise. This type of scene shocked everyone here.

Within the rumbling sounds, his hand quickly enlarged. Heavenly dragons curled up about that hand, passing through the divine formation. As if the sky itself was collapsing, the terrifying attack surrounded them and began to descend.


That elder shouted loudly, because this hand was too powerful. It was currently heading right for them.

They released their precious techniques and activated their magical artifacts. Multicolored light surged and symbols filled the air. Everyone could feel a tremendous pressure, and they were all quickly backing up.

However, this hand was incredibly shocking. It swirled with earthen energy, and the fluctuations it released poured out like waves. Dragon cries sounded as the fluctuations covered them.


Within the group lead by that elder, more than ten individuals released miserable screams. Their faces lost all color and became incredibly pale. They were completely covered by the large hand. Their precious artifacts crumbled, and their divine abilities were shattered. Their bodies even more so began to shudder.

Fairy Yue Chan, Qin Lun, Zhang Six, and the other outstanding experts couldn't rescue them even if they wanted to. Everything happened too quickly. The roars of the heavenly dragons and the sky-covering hand suppressed them in an instant!

Pu, pu…

Following bloody lights, the flesh of these individuals split apart. Their ends were just like the precious artifacts, crumbling in midair. Their cries ceased, and strands of bloody mist were left in the air.

Those that rebuked him loudly before were all dead. Not a single one of them survived!

The large hand disappeared. The imperial draconic energy continued to move about. Within the central heavenly palace, Shi Hao sat upright like a boulder. His eyes seemed extremely deep as he gazed at the crowd.

Everyone broke out in cold sweat. Was this the new emperor? As soon as he assumed the throne, there was already a mysterious energy added to his body that allowed him to become one with this imperial palace. His power was too astonishing.

This was a type of 'great power'. When it moved about, it was just like the mighty force that drove this world. The heavy became light, and with a simple ripple, a terrifying result was produced.

"The large earthen hand he produced came through the divine formation. Does this mean… that this heavenly palace has already been handed over into his hands?"

The kings' hearts all trembled. This young expert was too heroic! He successfully obtained the acknowledgement of the imperial draconic aura and succeeded the throne, causing many people to feel uneasy.

Everyone trembled inwardly. The little Stone came to the imperial capital alone and successfully inherited the great country's creed. This truly was terrifying. Was he really going to deal with everyone just by his own strength?

"Brother Shi is extraordinary. You are truly admirable, only… with great events already happening, how far can you reach? Even though you succeeded the throne today, how many more days can you sit there?"

Fairy Yue Chan was the one who spoke, her voice rather gentle. Her facial features were wonderful, and there was a type of spirituality to her. Her red lips were bright and her teeth were white and sparkling; she was just too beautiful.

Shi Hao sat up above, calm and unflustered. This type of bearing from a youth like this made everyone's expression become serious. He was so young, yet he possessed such an imposing might.

His pupils continuously flickered. He was carefully sensing the draconic energy around his body as well as the feeling of the imperial dao that was added to him. The mysterious force circulated. This wasn't a type of cultivation, but instead a force of the world, a type of 'great power'.

"Emperor…" Shi Hao said to himself. His entire being became surrounded by mist, making him appear even more mysterious. His eyes continuously flickered with a multicolored radiance.

Then, he stared at fairy Yue Chan and said, "What is great power? How much do you really know? Your view of the world is presumptuous. However, you are blessed with good looks, so you are better off playing the part of a good wife and can make better use of yourself."

Everyone was stupefied. Was the little Stone the one speaking? He truly didn't give the other party any face and dared to talk like this. The magnificent Heaven Mending Sect's fairy was actually refuted like this.

The meaning of these words was evident. He lashed out at the goddess of a great sect and only talked about her good looks without talking about her other outstanding aspects. This was the most direct type of contempt.

He was clearly just a youth, yet he was acting in such an oppressive way and using such a tone to talk to the most famous fairy. Everyone was stupefied, not knowing what to say.

Shi Chong was stupefied. He stood there with his mouth opened and gave Shi Hao a look before looking at the white clothed fairy. In the end, he still decided to remain silent.

Fairy Yue Chan's expression continued to remain pure and peaceful without any sign of anger. Then, her perfect appearance revealed a slight smile that could cause even white flowers to lose color and the sun and moon to seem dim.

"Brother Shi, your tone is rather sharp. Is there any use in saying these things? Will it change anything?" Her sparkling white face released astonishing radiance. Her bright lips were slightly curved, stirring the hearts of many.

"There is some use. It is to tell you that I am missing a maid here." Shi Hao spoke.

Everyone became dumbstruck. This attitude was out of the ordinary and extremely imposing. He actually dared to utter these types of words. Everyone felt as if his aura was now quite a bit different from the solemn and respectful aura of an emperor he had before.

"Haha…" Outside the central heavenly palace, the War King laughed continuously. He was incredibly valiant looking. "That's the way it should be. So what if you all are from the great sects outside this region? Do you really think you can mess with everything and treat my clan with such superiority? The new emperor should have this type of great boldness. So what if you are the fairy of a sect? Capturing you as a maid is the style my clan's new emperor should have. Only then would his might devour mountains and rivers as well as overlook the world!"

Everyone was shocked!

Fairy Yue Chan's expression was calm, and her pure aura did not change in the slightest. Her body was wrapped in a layer of faint light, and her spotlessly white body shone brilliantly without any sign of anger.

However, the faces of the few elders beside her became downcast. Their expressions were ugly. Those from the Immortal Mountain and Western Sect weren't pleased either, and all of them had chilly expressions.

"We have come here to uphold justice. We won't allow you to scheme and become a fake emperor. How can we let someone like you obtain this great inheritance?"

When Shi Hao heard what they said, his expression remained calm without any disturbances. His eyes were incredibly deep. Multicolored light swirled, and the terrifying scene of sun, moon, and stars moving about could be seen within them.

"Do you have any face left?" This was his cold reply. Seated up on high, he looked down on the experts from the three sects and said, "Stone Country's Imperial Palace is not a place you all can casually enter and exit. You all dare to talk absurdly about some great imperial inheritance? What does it have to do with any of you? You dare to interfere with how my country operates! All of you will be killed!"

At this time, the golden decree up above resonated with him. 'Passed onto Shi Hao' continued to rumble through the air. Everyone within Stone Capital bowed in worship, loudly calling out.

"Long live the emperor…"

Heavenly dragons appeared one after another around Shi Hao's body. The mysterious force became more and more exuberant. He coldly looked at everyone.

He had vaguely merged with this world. He was going to suppress the experts surrounding him in all directions.

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