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Chapter 437 – Peng Race's Esteemed Presence

A particularly great tribulation? Shi Hao felt as if a chill crawled down his body. What did the Willow Deity notice to say these type of things?

The formation was concealed extremely well, hidden beneath the strange rocks and waters, almost as if it was a formation made by heaven. If not for the strong first impression he got and the fact that he already knew this was an archaic formation, it would be hard for him to detect its existence even if he searched carefully.

"Let's see how it all plays out!" The Willow Deity said to itself. It took a step and vanished from its original location.

When Shi Hao snapped back to reality, he looked left and right. There were cultivators everywhere, yet not a single one of them detected the Willow Deity or heard its words.

The forest was rather large, and there were many large rocks strewn about. Some stood up vertically like bamboo shoots, while some were lying flat. They were of all types of strange shapes and sizes

The Celestial Race individuals were all stirred up. They were currently deciding how to gather the divine materials to repair the formation. This was definitely not a small project, and it needed the cooperation of several clans.

They needed many divine materials. The Celestial Race couldn't satisfy them by themselves, so they needed to cooperate with other divine mountains and gather their hidden resources. After all, this was an ancient formation that could cross realms, so its requirements were naturally incredible!

It was going to be incredibly difficult, but they finally saw hope.

"If the Celestial Race worked together with the great divine mountains, our group would definitely not be looked well upon. At that time, would they even allow our clansmen to come?" The flame crow became worried.

The nine-headed lion frowned. It had a feeling that this place was going to become chaotic. Travelling to a different mysterious world later might not be as easy as it seemed.

You have to understand that all formations have a life expectancy. After transporting one across realms, the expenditure would be especially great. In addition, with so many people to move, there definitely wouldn't be enough to go around.

Once the various races gathered, those without supreme experts overseeing them would definitely be looked down on.

"Forget it, we'll withdraw." The nine-headed lion was rather decisive. After weighing the pros and cons, he spoke these words. This might have been the best decision.

"Right, either way, our clan doesn't have any supreme experts, so when the great calamity descends, it won't kill us." The rainbow luan nodded after realizing that there might be trouble in the Heavenly Divine Mountains.

Living was the most important thing. Since the great calamity won't affect those weaker than supreme experts, there was no need to escape.

Even though entering a different world was something that they longed to see, the greatest pleasures of life could only be enjoyed if one was living. The current circumstances were definitely not favorable.

When Shi Hao heard these words, he also frowned. The Willow Deity had stated that it wasn't going to leave when he asked it before, so was there a need for him to leave himself? He hadn't found his parents, and he hadn't met his grandfather the great demonic god yet either.

The one that was in the most trouble was Huo Ling'er. With how powerful her father the emperor was, he was naturally on the tribulation list. She then turned to look at Shi Hao.

Shi Hao said, "Let's wait, there is still time, so we don't have to make any rash decisions. This might be an unusual tribulation, and it might give us some kind of omen."

Second Baldy acted cockily in the distance as if he was the most important person here. After turning into human form, his appearance wasn't bad at all. Some of the heroicness of his youth could be seen.

Shi Hao and the others decided to live here for a period of time to wait for a result. They wanted to see whether the various clans could gather the materials.

The mountain was extremely large. Shi Hao's group was led to a palace hall with mists curling about it. Beautiful verdant trees lied about and a waterfall cascaded down, creating an extremely elegant scenery.

"Why does this palace give off such an unusual feeling?" The flame crow was astonished, because they were ordinary tiles and bricks, yet they gave off a rather serene and divine feeling.

"A deity personally constructed it, so it naturally isn't an ordinary item," said a servant. Each room gave off an indescribable type of feeling, one that exuded arrogance, as well as giving off an enchanting feeling.

"Isn't it just a place for someone to live?" Shi Hao laughed and said, not thinking too much about it.

Spiritual birds flew above the palace. Flowers scattered down the mountain summit. If one looked into the distance, one would see the sun set behind flowing mists. It was as if they were in the divine realm.

"Who are these people? Why was this place arranged for them?"

The servants discussed in a low voice.

"They're not cultivators from the other divine mountain and are only ordinary people. I remember that a race's esteemed guest has stayed here before, and that was when a son-in-law was being selected. What kind of people are these?"

In just a single day, trouble came knocking on their door.

Moreover, this wasn't a small inconvenience. The great Peng race's people arrived as a group, led by a golden-haired elder. His eyes were like small suns, and when he opened and closed them, golden beams of light would be released.

The most terrifying part was that there was a type of aura around him. Every action he made reminded one of an ancient deity. Golden light and auspicious multicolored light surged around his body.

"I heard that someone had taken residence in the Celestial Pavilion. What great honor they've received. Can you allow us to take a look at what kind of sacred existence this privilege was given to?" A youngster next to the elder spoke.

When Shi Hao and the others emerged and saw these people, they were all shocked. These were all experts from the Peng Race!

Where would they see great Golden-Winged Pengs normally? Most of these were half-blooded Golden Pengs, but there were also a few pure-blooded great Golden-Winged Pengs. Golden light flowed about their entire body like blazing flames.

"Who was I expecting? It turns out to be you all. You've truly been given great face, being allowed to live here." A youngster spoke these cold words in a sarcastic tone.

His age wasn't great, seeming to be about sixteen years of age. Golden hair fell down like a waterfall. His eyes did not reveal any signs of friendliness. Shi Hao had met him before in Fire Nation Capital, this one was named Jin Yunxiao.

His elder brother was known as one of the Archaic Divine Mountains' two most powerful geniuses. He had left the wasteland region before to sharpen himself, and was definitely a powerful and terrifying figure.

"Something I can help you with?" Shi Hao asked.

Jin Yunxiao sneered and said, "Nothing, we just came to take a look. You should be aware that this is the Celestial race's divine palace. Under normal circumstances, outsiders definitely wouldn't be allowed to live here. However, you guys are quite formidable, having an attitude of not knowing how high heaven or how low earth is. Just because you all are allowed to live here, you dare to do so?!"

He was clearly provoking them. He had suffered a loss at the Fire Nation Capital previously and had been berated by Shi Hao. With his elders here today, he had no reason to hold himself back.

"Of course, the Fire Clan's princess is worthy of such a gift, regardless of where it is. Even in our Peng Clan Divine Mountain, you can also enjoy this type of treatment," Jin Yunxiao spoke like this.

Facing the incredibly beautiful Huo Ling'er, he actually collected his arrogance and revealed a smile, even inviting her over as a guest. He only directed the provocations at Shi Hao and the others.

The flame crow looked forward and said, "The owner of this place arranged for us to live here, so what does it have to do with you? Don't look for trouble just because you are bored."

"Aiyou, just a small flame crow, yet you don't properly great my Peng Race and even act so cockily. You are quite brave." Jin Yunxiao didn't become angry and instead mocked the flame crow.

"His ancestor is the Golden Crow, which isn't weaker than your Peng Race. You all believe that your blood is grand and noble, but is it really worth anything?" Shi Hao took the initiative to speak out and laugh coldly.

This wasn't the first time he encountered the creatures of the Archaic Divine Mountains, so he wasn't scared at all. On the contrary, he worried about the flame crow, because it might incur the great Golden-Winged Peng Race's fury. Thus, he stood out and blocked in front.

"You truly are daring. If it was in the outside world, then so be it, but you actually ran up to the Heavenly Divine Mountain, not even knowing how to write the word death," Jin Yunxiao laughed continuously.

Behind him, the group of Peng Race experts either remained indifferent or had a hint of ridicule on their lips. Their attitude didn't carry any respect.

They had the strength to do so. They themselves were powerful enough, and their inheritance had been passed on for a long time, allowing them to overlook the wasteland region. Even though the little Stone was powerful, he hadn't grown up yet, so they themselves still believed that they could look down on him.

"I think I'm behaving myself well. The Celestial Race has made me their esteemed guest, and I believe that they might even connect us through marriage…" Shi Hao smiled as he spoke. The last sentence with the word 'marriage' truly struck the Peng Race where it hurt. It made it really hard for them to remain quiet.

"A bunch of nonsense. How could Yun Xi be married to you? You're just a trifling human. Even if your natural talents aren't bad, can you grow up? You might just die young!" A slightly older Golden Peng shouted, his voice containing killing intent. It was clear that he was shedding all pretense now.

"Even a damned wretch of the Golden Peng Race like you wants to be a part of the Celestial Race? Do you really think you are capable enough?" Shi Hao looked at him. He didn't have anything good to say.

"Outrageous!" This Golden Peng became indignant.

"Aiyou, you are even behaving so atrociously in this Heavenly Divine Mountain. Are you going to make a move against me here and disregard the rules of this place?" Shi Hao sneered.

A cold snort sounded. The Golden Pengs scattered, and an elder walked over. It was precisely Jin Yunhai, the half-Peng, half-Celestial race individual. He himself was a powerful supreme expert.

"I approve of their words. I am the master of this place," he coldly said. His face was overcast.

Shi Hao looked at him. He nodded his head, finally realizing why the Peng Race came so quickly. It was definitely Jin Yunhai who stirred up trouble and quickly invited them here.

There was no need to think any deeper about it, because it was clear just from his expression. The Peng half of Jin Yunxiao was extremely pure, or else his hair wouldn't be a faint golden color. He was extremely partial towards the Golden Peng Race.

"I recall that the Heavenly Divine Mountain's clan elder is Yun Canghai and not you?" Shi Hao calmly asked.

"So what? There are some decisions that I can still make!" Cold light flashed through Jin Yunhai's eyes, rich with killing intent.

"Since you aren't the clan elder, then you should quickly take back your words just now, because Yun Canghai elder has already spoken before. Are you going to reject his words?" Shi Hao remained fearless.

"During times of great importance, I have the authority to refute my elder brother. I feel that he is too indecisive and hasn't dealt with you in a proper manner. Right now, I will once again make a decision!" Jin Yunhai walked up and directly exerted his pressure.

He was about to take action while disregarding the consequences.

"Are you trying to seize power and usurp the Heavenly Divine Mountain's clan master position?" Shi Hao shouted. He looked at the Golden Pengs behind him, and then he swept his gaze into the distance.

With a hong sound, a wave of tremendous pressure crashed down. There were golden feathers and sparkling flowers, all of which were constructed from symbols. They swept out towards Shi Hao like an angry wave.

This was the might of a supreme expert. They were going to turn him into a bloody paste, directly killing him.

"You dare!" Second Baldy shouted. He was currently in human form, exerting a wave of divine heroicness. After all, back then, he was known as a great peacock supreme expert and overlooked a large region. He did not fear the Divine Mountains.

He walked forward with large steps. With a wave of his sleeves, he dissolved Jin Yunhai's attack, returning peace to this place.

"There is nothing left to say. Martial brother, you should take action as well. After capturing this peacock, we'll search his mind to obtain that ruined formation diagram." Jin Yunhai looked at the Peng Race elder and spoke these words. Then, he pointed at Shi Hao and said, "Youngster, I don't want to say anything unnecessary either. Hurry up and hand over that armguard. Otherwise, I will make it so that you would rather die than stay alive!"

Shi Hao was so angry he laughed. This was truly overbearing. They were going to murder them here? Weren't they scared of the dire consequences it might cause?

"Those words were spoken out from your mouth! Today, I want to see what kind of methods you all have to deal with me!" Shi Hao coldly said.

"Your Peng Race is truly formidable! Are you all trying to overturn the Heavenly Divine Mountain? I am also a witness here!" Second Baldy shouted.

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