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Chapter 438 – Confronting the Golden-Winged Peng

"There is no need for you all to speak about my Heavenly Divine Mountain's matters. You all should just worry about yourselves first!" Yun Jinhai pressured forward. His face carried a cold smile of disdain.

"Aiyou, I remember that just yesterday, an idiot was slapped so hard he coughed out large amounts of blood. Did that idiot come back again to issue another challenge?" Kong Qiuji said, his peacock supreme expert aura completely displayed.

Golden light surged. Feathers flew everywhere like snow, scattering down golden radiance in an extremely resplendent manner. Yun Jinhai surged with killing intent, but his face did not reveal any anger. There was only coldness.

He didn't say anything. A small green flag was spat out from his mouth, and after quickly enlarging, it was held in his hand. Green multicolored light crackled about, shaking the skies.

Everyone, including the supreme experts here felt a chill in their minds. They all continuously backed up. Everyone here felt the pressure it exerted, and all of them became silent, no longer saying anything.

What kind of weapon was this? The flagpole was ice cold, as if it was forged from green metal. The flag was simple and unadorned, the elegant flag had a few star designs on it, as well as filthy black blood.

This weapon was somewhat strange. The fluctuation it released was just too powerful, threatening everyone here. Even supreme experts were raving in fear, for the diffusing power was just too horrifying.

Everyone was aware that if this wasn't a holy weapon, it was a divine magical artifact. It was definitely powerful to a ridiculous level, to the point where killing supreme experts definitely wasn't a problem!

Yun Jinhai had suffered a defeat previously and came back today for revenge. With this weapon in hand, he was going to suppress the peacock and capture it.

"Kong Qiuji, back then, you were also just a single person. Why aren't you showing any sense of propriety now? Isn't it your style to not suffer any losses? Today, I will thoroughly beat you down!" Yun Jinhai's words were ice cold.

Chi la!

His arms held the golden green flagpole and ferociously swung it. For a split second, the world was without light, and the sun and moon lost color. The world trembled and ferociously rumbled.

The banner fluttered about, making hualala sounds as if a river of stars was smashing downwards. It carried a vast and boundless aura as it suppressed all directions!

Everyone became horrified. How were they supposed to defend against this type of power? Even supreme experts were frightened inwardly. This attack would most likely cause their body to split open; it was too difficult to defend against.

"This is bad, Senior Second is done for," the flame crow shuddered and said.

"Call me Senior Kong. My surname isn't second." Second Baldy Kong Qiuji said, seemingly rather calm. Faced against that spinning flag, he didn't seem worried in the slightest.

He had stayed within Stone Village for a long time already. He had met the Willow Deity and seen how extraordinary it was, an existence that was definitely above all others. Towards a level of power he couldn't even fathom, he called himself 'second' before this existence.

Since this forbidden existence came and was right at his side, Kong Qiuji himself naturally remained calm and unruffled. It was as if he was watching other people fight as he watched the other party spin the large flag.

The Peng Race all backed up, with that leading elder being no exception. The elder had a serious expression on his face as he moved out of the great flag's range, not daring to try and contest the fluctuations it exuded.

However, what left everyone speechless was that old lady-killer Kong stood on the battlefield with his hands behind his back. His face revealed an unyielding expression, one that an exceptional expert had. He didn't seem affected at all.

Second Baldy had the air of an exceptional expert, and together with his unordinary appearance, it gave off the graceful bearing of an unrivalled individual. As the great flag moved about, he didn't lift a finger.


The flag was raised, and large expanses of green sword radiance hacked out, sweeping towards Kong Qiuji. This was definitely enough to fatally wound a supreme expert. It was so sharp that even the space around it was affected.

Second Baldy shot him a look of disdain. He reached out with his hand and plucked out a flowerbud. While holding it, he smiled, this kind of smile… was not a pure and holy smile. It was vulgar… It made Yun Jinhai so angry he roared. His eyes almost popped out of their sockets, because the sword radiance that scattered outwards couldn't approach Second Baldy.

"I, the great peacock king cannot be harmed by such things. Mortal weapons cannot injure my body. You all still aren't backing off? These are all merely small methods." Second Baldy acted like he was some divine being.

"Go to hell!" Yun Jinhai didn't believe these hateful words. The flag flew into the sky and released tens of thousands streaks of light. The green lightning all hacked down, as if a god of thunder was descending into this world and releasing its attack.

Unfortunately, it was still useless. Second Baldy raised his hand, scattering the flower petals. Clanging sounds continuously rang out as they all smashed down on the great flag. The thunder vanished, all of it scattered.

At this moment, everyone gasped. Yun Jinhai's golden pupils retracted. He continuously backed up and held back his agitation and killing intent.

"You've surpassed supreme experts?!" He sucked in cold air. How many people in the present world could break through and have this kind of success?

"Wu, still lacking a bit." Second Baldy spoke extremely modestly.

Hearing this sentence, Yun Jinhai released a breath of air, and his eyes once again flashed with vicious light. He really wanted to continue fighting and take this hateful peacock's head.

"Jinhai, stay your hand!"

Outside the palace, a group of people walked over the grass and flowers. Long sleeves fluttered about, and the edges of their clothes drifted behind them. They seemed like daoist immortals

It had to be said that the Celestial Race were all handsome and beautiful, all of them possessing otherworldly temperaments. This was true for this group of experts in particular. As they walked through the petals and leaves, they seemed like immortals that have descended into this world.

The Heavenly Divine Mountain's Clan Elder had arrived, and it was clear that this battle couldn't continue, as it was ordered to stop.

"Brother Jin, you came." Yun Canghai cupped fists towards the old Golden Peng. This was the Golden-Winged Peng Race's Clan Elder, Jin Luantian. His strength was terrifying and immeasurable.

Jin Luantian returned the greeting and amiably smiled. "Heavenly Divine Mountain has a formation left behind by an archaic deity, so we have come to bask in your light."

Speaking up to here, he waved his hand. Someone extracted divine materials from a spatial magical artifact. Brilliant colors immediately appeared, and multicolored radiance shone dazzlingly. This was a pile of divine materials.

Yun Canghai's eyes closed as he expressed his joy. "Brother Jin is too generous. Who is basking in whose light might not be that easy to say."

Five of the dozen or so types of divine materials that were lacking were brought at once by the great Golden-Winged Peng Race. This was definitely quite a generous contribution. Everyone's eyes burned with passion when they saw the chunk of blazing sun stone, the flaming red dragon blood earth, and the other three divine materials.

They were worthy of being of the great Golden-Winged Peng Race. They brought out so many divine materials at once from their treasury.

Shi Hao felt as if he vaguely heard the sound of saliva being swallowed in his hair. He rubbed the little pagoda. It must have been his misperception!

After exchanging pleasantries, Yun Canghai's face became downcast. He berated his younger clan brother, saying, "Jinhai, you've acted excessively. Why do you instigate matters again and again?"

"Older brother, don't you feel that we are acting too weak? Is there any reason to have them here in our Heavenly Divine Mountain? So what if we capture all of them?!" Jin Yunhai's face was gloomy as he spoke.

"Enough, everything else comes after it is repaired. Aren't you scared of ruining the atmosphere? We just want to repair the formation and quickly leave the wasteland region and don't have any other intentions," Yun Canghai said.

"Right, it's better if we leave first. I want to take a look at the higher realms and see if there are other Golden-Peng Race. I wish to see the undamaged inheritance. Rumor has it that countless years ago, my clan had a few seniors that relied on their own strength to ascend into the higher realms!" Jin Luantian said.

"There is definitely my Celestial Race's dao creed in the higher realms. I wish to seek it as well and enter my ancestral sect," Yun Canghai sighed and said. He greatly yearned for this.

Shi Hao's heart shook as he stood on the side. How was the strength of the upper realm divided? They all had those dao creeds and creatures, so it was likely completely different from this place.

"Haha, the upper realms should have our ancestral sects. I just fear that it won't be so easy to find. Once we cross realms, how about the two of our races join hands?" Jin Luantian said.

"Right, after first reaching the higher realm, it will definitely be dangerous before we find our ancestral sects. We should work together." Yun Canghai nodded.

"Look, what do you think about my grandson?" Jin Luantian brought over his clan's genius Jin Yunteng. It had to be mentioned that this was a heroic youth with an outstanding temperament. Moreover, his strength was astonishing, enough to look down all of the great divine mountains' younger generation.

"An outstanding young talent. There is hope for him to reach the divine in the future," Yun Canghai said seriously. It was still spoken rather impartially.

"How about we make him and Yun Xi dao companions?" Jin Luantian said while beaming.

The atmosphere was rather strange. Second Baldy actually didn't act cockily or cause trouble. Instead, he shot Shi Hao a look and said in a soft voice, "A real man would not take this lying down!!"

The Golden-Winged Peng Race were all blond. Their statures were tall and great, giving them an imposing appearance. Jin Yunteng's appearance in particular was outstanding. His face was like jade, and his tall and upright figure was heroic.

Meanwhile, Yun Xi possessed faultless beauty and a moving elegance. She was like a fairy that walked out from the realm of immortals. As her purple clothes fluttered about, she seemed quick-witted and otherworldly. If they stood together, they would truly be like a perfect couple.

Shi Hao took a step outwards, and beneath his feet rose golden symbols. He displayed the Peng Race's most profound power. This was a type of provocation, as well as a type of arrogance. He actually used their race's abilities to move.

He arrived in front of Yun Xi in a flash and directly pulled on her spotlessly white hand. He looked at the Peng Race people and said, "She is my wife."

Yun Xi's pretty face immediately flushed red and she swung her arms with all her strength. This was too sudden and too hard to tolerate.

The Golden Pengs were all dumbstruck. They then became furious. Was this a provocation? It was too unbridled! They were just about to connect by marriage here, yet he already called her his wife.

Even the Celestial Race was shocked. Many people stared over in a daze. This youngster truly dared to say anything.

"Little friend is making jokes." One of the Golden Peng Race's elders spoked. He was smiling on the outside, but definitely not on the inside.

"Let go." Yun Xi said softly. Color flushed her cheeks. She did not want to hold hands with another under the eyes of so many people.

"I was not joking." Shi Hao fired back at that elder. Then he said in a small voice to Yun Xi, "Don't fuss, be careful not to ruin the energy for raising children."

"Ah pu…" The great Golden Peng Race's heaven warping genius Jin Yunteng turned around and left. He remained calm and collected this whole time, but just now, he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

In the Fire Nation Capital, he already had his suspicions. At that time, Yun Xi hugged Shi Hao's arm while refusing the Golden Peng Race. Back then, he could still maintain his calm and unhurried expression, but right now, anger immediately showed on his face.


The Golden Peng Race's people all swung their sleeves in anger. They turned around and left, departing from this palace.

The Celestial Race all shot Shi Hao a look, then they looked strangely at Yun Xi. They were Celestials, known as the most perfect race. Even if she liked a human, they shouldn't be so hasty, right?

Yun Xi was truly angered to the point where she almost fainted. Right now, she patted her chest and recovered. She was naturally indignant and lashed out, struggling free from his hand.

"Don't be so stirred up. You should meditate first." Shi Hao released his hand and walked over to Second Baldy, saying, "We clearly have power on our side, and we are occupying this place. Why is the Peng Race strutting about?"

Second Baldy nodded and said, "You're right. I've decided, we are removing the Golden-Winged Peng Race from the list, not allowing them to enter the formation. They should just obediently hole up in the wasteland region."

"That's not a bad idea. One should know the line they shouldn't cross," Shi Hao said. He chuckled and gave a suggestion, saying, "Tell the other divine mountains that the quota is limited. Whoever wants to bring in one more person should challenge the Peng Race. Each person they defeat will increase the quota by one. The Peng Race is in charge of defending the formation. Right, those that lose aren't allowed to enter the formation.

"Little bastard, are you seeking death?" Yun Jinhai coldly spoke. He had half Peng Race blood in him, so he was naturally furious.

"If you aren't willing, then you can go and take a beating as well." Shi Hao swept his eyes out and said, "Whether or not this formation is restored is up to us. Whoever is allowed to cross is not something you all can criticize."

The members of the Celestial Race were all stunned. This youngster wasn't really going to do this, right? If this truly was carried out, it would be too vicious.

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