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Chapter 436 – Gate of Life

"Hehe, haha…" Second Baldy roared with laughter. Meanwhile the faces of the Heavenly Divine Mountain's people were all unpleasant.

Yun Canghai was the only one who remained calm. He revealed a faint smile and said, "I simply said that with my granddaughter's appearance, there is only that brat in the entire wastelands right now who is worthy of her. I didn't mean anything else."

"Old man, you still refuse to admit your wrongs? You don't want to fix that formation anymore? Does your clan not want to leave this realm?" Second Baldy sneered.

"They're still young. If they have affinity for each other, they I won't oppose it. If my granddaughter feels wronged, then that definitely won't do," Yun Canghai said.

Second Baldy stared at him. As if he recalled something that had happened long ago, he hatefully said, "You old fox, you're exactly the same as your father. What did that old fellow say back then? He told me that if there is friendship between me and Menglan, he definitely wouldn't interfere. However, in the end, he chased after me to kill me! Yes is yes, no is no. Don't play dumb."

"Don't you think that you are too overbearing?" Right at that moment, a middle-aged man appeared. He coldly glared at Second Baldy, and then he looked at Shi Hao's party.

"Yun Canghai's second oldest, are you saying this because you are going to take action against me?" Second Baldy's lips revealed a cold sneer.

The middle-aged man was called Second Master here. He said, "I truly don't know where you get your confidence from. Your cultivation is ruined, yet you still dare to ascend my Heavenly Divine Mountain! Are you relying on that short period of time you had with Aunt Menglan? However, in the face of my clan's life and death, I don't think aunt will hinder us."

"In my opinion, since the one who can repair the formation came, and the one who stole our clan's magical artifact is also here, there is no need for any delay. We should just let them repair and then open up the great formation," another elder said. His hair was a faint gold, and he clearly didn't just have the blood of the Celestial Race, but also the Peng Race. He gave Yun Xi a glance and then said, "Not long ago, didn't the great Golden-Winged Peng Race come to seek marriage? I think that it is worth considering. After all, our two races have always been rather close."

The atmosphere of the current scene was extremely tense. It could be said that when these two individuals spoke, their tones were incredibly harsh. All of the disputes and discussions previously were thrown out the window.

"We kind-heartedly came up the mountain to seek cooperation, yet you all want to forcefully suppress us and eliminate us after using us?" Second Baldy asked.

"Look at yourself. You are so old already, and your cultivation has already been scattered, yet you are still acting all heroic. You come to my Heavenly Divine Mountain like this, yet you still think you can blackmail us?" The middle-aged Second Master laughed coldly and said.

"Why do I feel like something is off after hearing this? Someone wants to threaten us?" Shi Hao took a few steps and walked over with a pace that wasn't particularly fast or slow.

"Little friend, do not misunderstand. The conditions have all been set already. It is naturally hard for everyone's anger to immediately be quelled," Yun Canghai smiled and said.

"Eldest brother, why is there any need to act like this?" The faintly golden haired elder smoke in a tone that wasn't cold or hot. He then looked at Shi Hao, and in an extremely apathetic voice, he said, "This is the Heavenly Divine Mountain, not the Void God Realm, so we can't let your nature run rampart. There isn't much to be said. Return your armguard to my race. After the peacock fixes the formation, we need to use it."

"Aiyou, Yun Jinhai, you think you've gotten me. If I knew things were gonna come to this, I would have slapped a half Peng mixed blood freak like you to death." Second Baldy laughed coldly continuously.

"There is no back then. If it were not for my little sister, I would directly slap you to death right now," Yun Jinhai said with a cold voice.

"Jinhai has acted excessively. There is no need to be like this. It is all for the sake of leaving this region and avoiding the great calamity. Let's not speak these harsh words," Yun Canghai shook his head and said.

"I didn't say anything wrong. I simply want them to understand their current situation." Jin Yunhai looked at Shi Hao and Second Baldy. "You two should know what to do."

"Father, I feel that they have no sense of propriety. I think it is still better to give them an urge. Otherwise, what kind of place are we letting them think the Heavenly Divine Mountain is?" The middle-aged Second Master sneered and said.

"Then what is considered this propriety you speak of?" Shi Hao remained fearless.

The middle-aged Second Master coldly said, "Acting so unbridled in my Heavenly Divine Mountain, so what if you are a supreme youth? I can suppress you just by raising my hand, do you believe me?!"

"I do not!" Shi Hao shook his head.

"You truly don't know the difference between life and death. You don't believe me?" Jin Yunhai said coldly as well and stared at Shi Hao and Second Baldy.

"Correct, I also do not believe that is true." Second Baldy sneered.


The elder with faint golden hair and Jin Yunhai both released cold snorts. They struck down on Shi Hao and Second Baldy like a hammer. If it hit them, they would naturally cough out large amounts of blood and receive severe injuries.

However, both parties didn't react in the slightest.

"En?" He was amazed. He reached out a large hand towards those two.

Second Baldy released a light shout and turned into an elder. Then, he raised a hand and slapped outwards. With a hong sound, it struck Jin Yunhai and forced him to take steps backwards. Blood flowed out from the corners of his lips.

"What?" Everyone became astonished.

The expressions of the experts from the Heavenly Divine Mountain all changed. Wasn't this hateful peacock's cultivation scattered? How did he transform suddenly, and how did he suddenly possess such powerful strength?

Inside of this place, only Second Baldy and Shi Hao knew. The reason why they remained fearless was because the Willow Deity had secretly followed. It was right at their side, so what was there to worry about?

"Jinhai, you still aren't withdrawing?" Yun Canghai said. When he advised against the conflict earlier, he didn't know that the hateful peacock could fight. Right now, he was naturally shocked.

"You've restored your strength! Let's go again! Just two trifling individuals, yet you dare to behave so atrociously in my Heavenly Divine Mountain. Suppress all of them! Force them to repair the formation and hand over the armguard!" Jin Yunhai shouted. This was what he had been thinking this entire time. There was killing intent behind these words. He had long despised Second Baldy's group!


An expanse of symbols surged. It was incomparably brilliant, as if stars were falling down. The space around them began to sparkle.

However, Second Baldy turned into an elder and didn't move at all. Jin Yunhai was sent flying again, and this time, he was struck harder. He continuously coughed out blood from his mouth.

Everyone became inwardly astonished. What powerful strength!

"Grandfather…" Yun Xi only spoke up now, sending a message secretly to his grandfather, telling him that a divine expert might have come with their group. She warned him not to act rashly.

Yun Canghai immediately gasped. There is a divine level expert that might descend? This filled him with fear. Why didn't he feel anything? This was just too terrifying.

At the same time, he looked at his granddaughter and inwardly sighed. This girl was thinking about something. She purposely didn't tell her grandfather's younger brother, allowing that half Peng race Jin Yunhai to suffer a blow.

Yun Xi truly didn't like this younger brother of her grandfather, because he had expressed his agreement in marrying her into the great Golden-Winged Peng Race. He always spoke about how the two races could become closer and more powerful by doing this.

Only, she never thought that her own second uncle, also known as the Second Master would also be like this, fighting at Jin Yunhai's side.

When Yun Canghai heard his own granddaughter's warning, he sank into a state of silence for a long period of time. This matter was becoming complicated. Even though he did not originally plan to capture Second Baldy and it was just Yun Jinhai stirring up trouble, this was now becoming a problem.

"Father!" The middle-aged Second Master spoke.

"Withdraw," Yun Canghai spoke. He felt a bit displeased by his son, actually standing by Yun Jinhai and speaking out again.

"Eldest brother, what is the meaning of this? My Heavenly Divine Mountain is not weak. Why do we need to compromise like this? Just directly suppress them and force them to do what we need them to!" Jin Yunhai spoke extremely coldly. He was injured inside the Heavenly Divine Mountains, causing him to reveal a hint of killing intent.

"The world is going to become chaotic, and we simply want to escape. What is the purpose of causing internal strife now? It's not like you don't know your younger sister. She has never forgotten about that peacock." Yun Canghai sighed. The reason he didn't deal with Second Baldy was because he had always been considering his own sister Menglan.

"Go, let's take a look at the formation first," Yun Canghai said.

Heavenly Divine Mountain's people all nodded. Now that a great disaster was descending, everything else was secondary. Only leaving sooner was the most important thing. No one wished to stay here any longer than necessary.

When Jin Yunhai saw this, he released a cold snort before brushing his sleeves and leaving.

They arrived at a hidden forest behind the mountains. There was a formation present that was extremely aged. It was about to collapse.

Second Baldy took a look and silently contemplated for a long time. After comparing it to the ruined formation map he obtained during his early years, he continuously nodded and said, "There is indeed damage. However, the portion recorded on the formation I have is just right for repairing it."

When everyone heard this, they exulted. There was no better news than this.

However, the materials needed to repair this formation definitely had to be of the highest grade, all of them divine materials. It was because they were crossing realms here, so normal items were definitely not up to par.

Second Baldy directly wrote down a dozen or so materials and handed them over to Yun Canghai. He immediately gasped. These types of expenses were too terrifying.

"There are some materials that our Heavenly Divine Mountain doesn't even have in our treasury!"

You have to understand that this treasury has been maintained for who knows how many years already, yet it was still missing a few divine materials. They were hard to find in this world, giving them a major headache.

"There is no other way. We have to borrow them by joining up with the other divine mountains and cooperatively offer up divine materials. Otherwise, there is no chance." Yun Canghai firmly made this decision.

"I've already listed the materials, so hurry up and gather them. However, if you want me to fix it, then it is the same as before. You all owe me a debt, so your clan's girl will be brought away and given to this youngster." Second Baldy began to act cocky again.

"My words will be the same as well. As long as Yun Xi agrees, then I will also agree." Yun Canghai chuckled.

"Grandfather!" Yun Xi's face immediately flushed red. Seeing her cousins all looking at her expectedly, she felt a wave of embarrassment. At the same time, she wanted to give Shi Hao a huge beating.

"Alright, let's not talk about this matter anymore. It will be left up to you in the end. No one will interfere." Yun Canghai laughed and said.

Divine multicolored light flashed through Huo Ling'er's eyes. She looked at Yun Xi and said, "Don't worry. At that time, I'll help you dissolve this strange naked girl's threat."

Yun Xi revealed a strange expression. She turned around and looked at her. She smiled and didn't say anything.

At this time, Shi Hao's mind had already drifted, not taking note of the people here at all. He was focused on that hazy figure that no one else could see. The deities within the lumps of flames were all worshipping. It was as if three thousand worlds appeared to worship that tall and slender figure.

The Willow Deity appeared, but apart from Shi Hao, no one could see it. They weren't even aware of its presence.

"So it turns out to actually be like this. He was the one that left behind this gate. He is presumably still alive and might even descend into the lower bound." The Willow Deity said to itself.

Only Shi Hao could hear these words. They caused his heart to tremble greatly.

The Willow Deity said softly, "Wu, the great calamity has become interesting this time. It is different from usual. I feel that this time, even those that think themselves to be superior to all others might fall as well. An especially great calamity is coming."

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