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Chapter 432 – Carrying Young Women Back

"It shouldn't be some secret extraordinary clan, right? Huo Ling'er blinked her eyes when she asked. She was full of curiosity.

The outside world already knew that Shi Hao's bloodline originated from Stone Country. However, when he was young, he suffered from a horrible experience, having his supreme being bone gouged out. He was left stranded in the outside world, becoming an abandoned child.

His body was originally crippled to the point where it was hard for him to even continue living, but not only did he survive, he even grew little by little. Now, his name resounded through the entire wasteland region. This could be considered a miracle!

Where exactly did he grow up? For the outside world, this was a mystery that many wanted to know. What kind of place could produce such a little evildoer?

"You'll know once we get there. They like beautiful female fatties the most and really want me to bring back one. At that time, they will enthusiastically welcome you." Shi Hao laughed as he spoke. His skin was extremely thick.

The two girls both glared at him. Both Yun Xi and Huo Ling'er's skin were sparkling and translucent, and as they stood there, they were as beautiful as fairies that walked out from picture scrolls. Every action they made was extremely graceful.

The group of people continued on their way. They quickly moved westward through the mountain range, experiencing the savage wilderness along the way.

After they had travelled several hundred li and departed from Stone Country's western border, no signs of human habitation could be seen anymore. Shi Hao had Huo Ling'er bring out her void beast skin so that they could cross the great wasteland.

"Let's go! No one is following us, so we can set out!" Shi Hao said. He was extremely careful and had used the dual-pupil to inspect all directions along the way.

With a weng sound, a silver symbol appeared. The ancient divine beast skin magical artifact tore open a rift into the void and quickly entered. They began to travel through the void.

Along the way, wisps of mist flowed about; this was the chaotic energy hidden within the void. There were also faint specks of light, which were rumored to be the projections of deities.

They looked extremely strange in the emptiness of the tunnel. Even though it wasn't the first time they traveled like this, everyone was still a bit nervous, because if something unexpected happened that caused the void's force to attack them, their bodies would definitely be crushed to pieces.

Luckily, this was a void beast skin with natural void symbols. It was a rare and precious item. Even the little pagoda was interested in it, telling Shi Hao that it was willing to help him once if it could eat this beast skin.

Shi Hao firmly refused. If he wasn't forced to do so, he definitely wouldn't make a deal with that good-for-nothing, because he suffered losses every time.

"Yi, what is going on? The void is distorting!" The flame crow cried out.

The path became indistinct and extremely dim, and cracks appeared all over the place in this area. The most terrifying thing had happened. The group was horrified as they watched. The void was collapsing, about to be smashed apart.

This meant that they were going to be crushed by the power of the void!

Their bodies became ice cold, and the fine hairs on their bodies all stood up. They actually encountered a disaster like this that only happens once every hundred years. The most frightening unexpected event was happening.

"That shouldn't be. This is a mature void beast's divine skin. There are no flaws on it and it has been refined in every way possible. It has been passed on from the ancient times until now, and nothing like this has ever happened!"

Unless one was a powerful ancient figure, once one entered the void rift, it would almost always result in death, with their body chopped up into pieces.

"Hurry up and think of something. More and more cracks are appearing, and they are surrounding us!" The nine-headed lion was terrified. All of the golden hair on its body was standing straight.

Yun Xi came from the Archaic Divine Mountains, and so she knew a bit more. "I think we accidentally approached a supreme existence. Its energy is too powerful and affected the stability of the space. When the void beast skin passed, it was affected by that existence's domain of power."

When everyone heard this, they were all overwhelmed with shock. How powerful of a creature did this have to be? It could naturally produce a domain that could disturb the void!

When Shi Hao heard this, he seemed to have thought of something and quickly brought out the sparkling willow branch. He muttered to himself and said, "Willow Deity, I've returned."

The next moment, the void became blurry and the cracks disappeared. The beast skin shone and blossomed with mysterious symbols. It quickly headed in a certain direction.

Soon, they exited the void and returned to the real world. The mountain range stretched continuously here, and rich vegetation could be seen. A wave of fresh and clean air assaulted their faces.

Everyone released a breath of air. Their bodies were covered in cold sweat from the shocking incident just now.

"So dangerous… We almost suffered a disaster." The rainbow luan's heart was pounding violently. Everyone's faces were pale.

"The mysterious existence just now is an old cultivator from your village?" Yun Xi asked. She was extremely shaken up. Was there still an existence as powerful as this in the present world?

Shi Hao nodded. A smile emerged on his face. The Willow Deity was actually this powerful; this time, he was able to see it for himself. He became more and more reassured.

When the others heard this and found out that this was an expert of Stone Village, they all calmed down and no longer became nervous. The atmosphere gradually became peaceful again.

"Wu, we're almost here. We were disturbed just now, causing our route to be displaced a bit. We are still several hundred li away from my village," Shi Hao said.

This kind of distance obviously wasn't a big issue for them. With their precious artifacts, they turned into streaks of light and followed behind Shi Hao in a certain direction.

Soon after, Shi Hao descended on the ground. His expression was gentle, giving off a feeling of returning home. He was full of joy inside.

"Haha, I've returned again!" He shouted loudly.

There was still a li or so to the village, but the "land of joy" was clearly visible. The nine-headed lion, flame crow, and the others were all shocked as they watched with widened eyes.

This place was too auspicious and peaceful. The green grass was soft like a cushion, and the lake was dark blue. The auspicious birds, unicorns, and other creatures were not scared of humans. A small village rested in front of their eyes. Strands of spiritual essence rose, and a medicinal fragrance wafted through the air.

It was clear that the village had quite a few spiritual medicines planted there. It was swirling with auspicious multicolored light, and strands of white mist curled up and about. The small village seemed just like a fairyland.

An otherworldly village like this made one's heart become tranquil as well. This place was far removed from the clamoring world of mortals and incredibly peaceful. It was like receiving a baptism of the mind.

The most shocking thing was the willow tree at the head of the village. It was green and lush with over a hundred willow branches falling downwards, gently rippling with auspicious green multicolored light and rings of radiance.

Its existence made this area completely different. It gave it a holy feeling, one that seemed to transcend this world.

"This willow tree is…" Yun Xi was greatly shaken. She came from the ancient divine mountains and had seen all types of experts, yet right now, her face had already turned pale.

"This is my village's guardian spirit," Shi Hao smiled and said. He noticed that the number of willow branches had increased again, totaling a hundred and eight now. It was clearly steadily recovering.

The group of people were shocked. This was the guardian spirit of a village? Why did they feel that it was even more mysterious than the guardian spirit of a country? This kind of holy aura and extraordinary feeling was too hard to describe!

Regardless of whether it was Huo Ling'er, Yun Xi, or the nine-headed lion and others, they were all petrified at this moment. What kind of village was this? It was too mysterious.

Within the village, chickens cried and dogs barked. There was no lack of mortal vitality, with children running about happily.

"Little uncle has returned!"

"Yi, little Hao brought back people. This is the first time." Not only the children noticed them, even Shi Linhu and a few adults who happened to be at the front of the village saw them as well.

Shi Hao turned around and noticed that the individuals he journeyed together with were stupefied as they watched the Willow Deity. The corners of his lips curled up, and he mischievously picked up two individuals before running towards the village.

"Ah, let me go!"

"What are you doing?!"

Huo Ling'er and Yun Xi's impressive bodies were lifted into the air and carried by Shi Hao quickly towards the village. They struggled fiercely.

"Haha, youngster, you really are amazing! We've been rushing you for so long already, yet never expected that you would bring back two beautiful girls at once!" Shi Linghu laughed heartily.

"Wow! Little Uncle Hao brought back two especially beautiful girl fatties! They are like fairies." The group of little children clamored noisily.

This startled all of Stone Village. They came out and surrounded them like a swarm of bees, and men, women, young and old began to talk excitedly.

"Where did you bring these girls from? Why are they so incredibly fair and delicate? Little Hao, did you go out this time just to look for wives?" A big aunt laughed as she spoke.

The villagers were extremely straightforward and wouldn't act secretively. As soon as they saw Shi Hao bring back these two young ladies, they all smiled kindly. They were extremely happy and excited.

The two girls were too fair and delicate, and their clothes couldn't cover their impressive beauty. As for their appearances that were so beautiful it was blinding, the village definitely didn't have any like them.

"Little Hao, you really are quite something! After wandering about, you immediately brought back two wives. They really are pretty!" Dazhuang appeared while pulling along his family's children.

"Haha… Do you all see? My family's children can run already. You are already falling behind. You should hurry and catch up." Pihou was laughing happily.

"Release me!" Huo Ling'er and Yun Xi struggled. Being surrounded by so many people and having these types of words spoken so enthusiastically made both of their faces thoroughly red.

This truly was a bit intolerable. The village's people were all watching. Even though they were friendly, this was just too enthusiastic. No matter how unordinary they were, they were still two young girls, and they were both completely embarrassed.


Shi Hao's ears were attacked. The two young ladies on his shoulders retaliated, with each biting one. He couldn't help but grimace in pain and hurriedly lowered them, causing the village to roar with laughter.

"Grandpa Chief, Uncle Lin hu, aunts, do you guys see now? This time, I brought back two fatties, so you don't have to hurry me anymore, right?" Shi Hao laughed. His skin was unbelievably thick, leaving the two young ladies that got off his shoulder grinding their teeth in anger.

"Alright! They really are rarely seen fairies. This aunt has also visited other tribes when she was younger, but I have never seen girls this beautiful."

Regardless of whether it was Yun Xi or Huo Ling'er, they were both tall and slim. When they moved, their curvy figures were extremely elegant and beautiful. Their white skin, intelligent large eyes, long eyelashes, curved eyebrows, altogether left the villagers sighing in admiration.

"Little aunts, you're so beautiful!" Several little brats ran over and looked upwards. There were even two little girls who threw a tantrum and grabbed onto Huo Ling'er and Yun Xi without letting go.

The two girls were humiliated, but they didn't know what to say to these villagers either. They both pinched Shi Hao's side, one from the left and one from the right, and gave it a twist.

"Look how affectionate they are, they are even pinching my family's little Hao. Their feelings are truly deep!" An aunt thought that she was relatively experienced and made this judgment.

"Wu, you can tell that they were raised properly. Look, these two are so beautiful that they are like goddesses. Their waists are so small, and their bottoms are so big and round. They can certainly bear children," an aunt said in an intrepid manner.

When these words were spoken, Yun Xi and Huo Ling'er immediately jumped and ran. They truly couldn't take it anymore.

"Hehe…" The nine-headed lion, flame crow, and the others that hurried over after all giggled endlessly.

"Little Hao, you can't wrong others. This time, you finally brought them back for us to take a look, so I'll help you plan everything. How about you get married today?" asked the old village chief Shi Yunfeng. He couldn't conceal his own happiness as he laughed. He was extremely satisfied with these two girls.

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