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Chapter 431 – The Terrifying Truth

Was it really that terrifying? When everyone heard this, they were all shaken. What exactly was the reason for this? The human race were all scared and wanted to immediately escape.

"You've all should've guessed already. It is precisely connected to the great calamity, and everything is going to be swept away. It is far more terrifying than what we can imagine," Yun Xi said. The redness gradually faded from her face.

"Can't we just escape outside this region? Haven't all the sects and Archaic Divine Mountains' supreme experts broken through this great region's wall and left?" Huo Ling'er said.

She knew what was really going on. In the recent year and a half, the clans all took action, with even the higher levels of the Fire nation moving in secret for a long time.

"This…" Shi Hao was astonished. He only found out about this just now. He thought that the supreme experts had sealed up their mountains and went into hiding. He never thought that most of them directly crossed the region wall. It was obvious just how serious this situation was.

"Correct, eighty percent of the supreme experts have all left the wasteland region. This was the first time this great land has become so empty. I believe that those remaining also want to immediately flee!" Yun Xi sighed. Her beautiful appearance was full of worry.

"What exactly was recorded within the Heavenly Divine Mountain's bone book?" The nine-headed lion asked. He really wanted to know.

"It's pointless to try and escape this region. The more powerful you are, the more dangerous it will be. They will disappear in the end, never to reappear again," Yun Xi said.

"What?" Everyone began to rant and rave in fear. Exactly what kind of force was this, to have such a terrifying impact? The supreme experts and the others all had to face this great calamity.

"In reality, the people outside this region are optimistic now, but when the end comes, they will be the same as us. The great calamity will still sweep through all corners of this world like a heavenly tribulation. The only difference is whether it comes sooner or later." Yun Xi's expression became serious.

"Are you sure all of that is true?!" Huo Ling'er's expression became grave. Her jade-like face became full of worry. If it really was like this, then her father might not be able to escape this disaster either.

"It really is as such. It's inescapable. After discovering that ancient formation, my clansman became extremely worried and wanted to quickly leave." Huo Ling'er looked at Shi Hao with an incomparably urgent expression.

"Why do I feel like you are just using these frightening words to scare me?" Shi Hao was doubtful.

"It is a complete reincarnation," Yun Xi said softly, as if she was talking in her sleep. It was as if she had sunken into an inescapable nightmare.

"What reincarnation?" The people here all felt a chill creep through their bones. They all became apprehensive.

"This isn't the first time something like this happened. During the archaic and ancient era, there were great tribulations as well. In the end, deities became like patches of withered grass. They died one after another, disappeared one after another…" Fairy Yun Xi continued.

"What?!" Everyone became shaken, and their hearts began to pound incessantly. They felt a huge pressure. The great disorder that was about to begin was actually many times more terrifying than they had thought?

"The most frightening part is that once the great tribulation ends, all knowledge of it will be erased. The great clans won't know anything about it, and their people will be left in a muddled daze."

There weren't many things more frightening than this. If a great tribulation was going to happen, then so be it, but if the truth regarding the origin was was also going to be wiped out, then it would be impossible to pass down any information. This truly is a terrifying event!

After hearing what she said, the first thought that appeared in their heads was — impossible. How could something so absurd happen? Once the great tribulation passed, all information regarding the truth would vanish? This was simply impossible.

However, Yun Xi's face was still serious, and she stated that everything was true. She told them that everything would turn into nothing.

"I can promise you that after a great tribulation passes, ninety percent of supreme experts will disappear, never to be seen again. They wouldn't die, and instead directly disappear off the face of the earth!" Yun Xi said.

Exactly what kind of power was this? From the past until now, the truth had been obliterated. This was what was the most terrifying about it.

A few ancient inheritances were aware that a great tribulation was coming and could predict its arrival. However, they didn't know how to avoid it, let alone its true origin.

"Someone has once said that the wasteland region is like a cage. There is something here that can allow one to become a true deity, and when the time comes, the various sects outside this region would all be involved. Only half of this statement is true," Yun Xi said.

In reality, those were all ideas. The truth was that those outside of this region would be affected, regardless of whether they were supreme experts or creatures of even higher rank. It was beyond difficult for any of them to escape this tribulation.

The only difference was whether their tribulation came earlier or later.

On the contrary, those below supreme experts wouldn't suffer any type of tribulation. If they faced any difficulties, it would merely be due to the world's disorder and not the intervention of that formless energy.

"What is the justification behind this? There has to be a reason for such speculations!" Shi Hao frowned. No matter how he bitterly thought about it, he couldn't make any sense of it.

"Could there really be a type of force that could conceal everything, making it so that the truth couldn't be passed on from the ancient times until now?" Huo Ling'er asked.

They believed that the Heavenly Divine Mountain only knew a part of the whole truth. At the very least, they didn't know the the root cause and didn't understand what kind of power was at work.

"There might be others that know about this, because there is a short segment recorded within the Heavenly Divine Mountain that was written by a great figure from outside this world…"

In the past, there were those who have spoken about the medicine field theory. Deities fell, while lower level cultivators weren't affected by the disaster. It was just like spiritual medicines in medicinal fields: the mature ones were plucked, while the young ones were preserved.

Everyone gasped when they heard this. What kind of comparison was this? What kind of theory was this? These words made their bodies go cold, and a chill ran from their heads all the way down to their feet.

"This is just one of the theories, and it might be far from the truth." Yun Xi said.

The things they learned today left a heavy burden on their minds. After hearing all of this, everyone became extremely worried.

"Several great calamities have occured, allowing for continuous reincarnations. Can the truth really be completely hidden like this, with all inheritances prevented from being passed down?" Shi Hao still found it hard to believe.

"There might be a few inheritances that are not a part of this. They are undying and have existed forever. Perhaps they might have some relationship with this formles energy, or even be a supporter of it," Yun Xi said. These were all the Heavenly Divine Mountains' guesses.

Everyone became silent. For a long time, none of them said anything.

They weren't fearful that the supreme experts were going to fall, but what they feared was the continuously replaying reincarnations. This wasn't the first time the great calamity happened, and after each time, the truth would be completely covered.

What crazy level of power was this?

At this moment, Shi Hao thought of many things, and the Willow Deity resurfaced within his heart as well. The old Village Chief had said many years ago that an enormous willow tree possessing endless amounts of divine light, tens of thousands of branches, and boundless divine chains descended from the sky. It resisted the strike of lightning and bathed within the electricity. Each streak of electric radiance was at least as thick as that of a mountain.

"Will the Willow Deity be able to survive this calamity?" Shi Hao asked himself inwardly. It could, it definitely could, because it already said that it was going to bring Stone Village away from disaster. What kind of background did it have exactly?

Soon, he thought of someone else, the woman who folded black paper boats at the edge of the Kun Peng nest's by the gate of light. How lonely and desolate was the message she left behind on the small boat?

"I am the only one left…"

When using her bright red blood to record this message on the black paper boat, what exactly was she feeling?

Then, Shi Hao thought of the wall of gods and devils underneath the Fire Nation ancestral ground. Only by passing a hundred and eight divine trials and defeating all of the powerful creatures inside could one forge a mysterious path.

What was there at the other end of the road?

He then thought of the valley outside the Medicine Capital. It was guarded by over a hundred formations, with the total size covering tens of thousands of li. Even deities would die upon entering, and at the center was a stalk of medicine from an unknown region. Who was the one that planted that?

The gray-clothed woman was known as an undefeated legend during the ancient years. While staying within the Medicine Capital, what was she waiting for? Why didn't she leave? Was she not scared of this world's great calamity?!

Shi Hao was thinking about the ancient dual-pupiled individual — the gray-clothed female. If she didn't leave, would she be able to survive? Also, did she participate in the ancient war?!

At that moment, he thought of too many things, with a multitude of things clouding his mind. He looked into the horizon and found it difficult to open his mouth. It was as if he had been petrified.

"Now that you understand, can you return my armguard? At that time, we will allow your clansmen to escape together with us," Yun Xi said as she looked at Shi Hao.

Her beautiful face contained a bit of worry, because this involved too much. She had laid out everything on the table and spoke about everything.

In addition, she had already stated flatly that the Celestial Race's supreme experts haven't left yet and were waiting for the formation to open. Right now, they didn't dare come out, because the more they understood about the truth, the greater their fear became. They suspected that the supreme experts and the divine had been targeted even though the great calamity hadn't started yet. If they took action now, the formation might even be exposed.

The best method was to hide themselves for now and patiently wait. Then, when they got the key back, they would suddenly activate the archaic formation and forever depart from the entrapment of this great region!

"If you think about it, it is rather lamentable. Ha, great region's entrapment, this name really fits too well!" The nine-headed lion couldn't help but speak out like this.

"I agree. What is pitiful is not the supreme experts, but rather all the creatures of this great region. This is just a cage! In the end, who knows what will happen." The flame crow also shook his head heavily.

Soon after, everyone sank into a state of silence. This was a type of pressure that was difficult to describe.

After a long time had passed, Shi Hao asked, "Since we suspect that there are a few inheritances that know the truth, moreover being unharmed by the effects of the great calamity, does your Heavenly Divine Mountain know which inheritances they are exactly?

"I am not sure. However, the Immortal Mountain might be one of them," Yun Xi said.

"What? But aren't they from outside this region?" The nine-headed lion argued.

Shi Hao was also endlessly shocked. No wonder they were able to become so great and reach such heights, as well as strike down whoever provoked them with no fear of the rest of the world.

Too many things were going to his head. Then, he laughed coldly for an unknown reason. Even though he had a blood connection with the other party, he always felt some hostility. Could it be that they were going to oppose each other in the future?!

"What have you decided?" Yun Xi asked as she looked at Shi Hao. Under these circumstances, she believed that he would choose the smart choice.

"If what you said is true, then how can I refuse? I truly want to see where that mysterious formation will take those that step on it!" Shi Hao said. He was deeply curious about the formation, and he wanted to find out what lied on the other end. Moreover, he believed that as long as he left the entrapment of this great region, the truth will become apparent.

"Then what are we waiting for? Return with me to the Heavenly Divine Mountain." Yun Xi seemed to be in a hurry and excitedly grabbed Shi Hao's arm. Her body was outstanding with well pronounced curves. She wasn't even aware that her full chest was sticking to his arm, because her thoughts were all over the place and she couldn't calm down.

"We should still have time, right?" Shi Hao asked.

"There is, but there really isn't much left, "Yun Xi replied. Her sparkling white beautiful face was extremely excited. She wanted him to go back with her as soon as possible.

"I can't run away from the problem like this. There are still many things to take care of." Shi Hao shook his head. He thought of Stone Village, his parents outside this region, and his grandfather the great demonic god.

"But there isn't time to sit around anymore!" Yun Xi said. If there really was no way, the Heavenly Divine Mountain will definitely result to more intense methods. Their clan definitely wouldn't sit around and wait for death.

"Wu, since the matters are so great, I won't go to Stone Country Capital for now. I am going to visit the Willow Deity. Why don't you follow me and tell it everything? I want to hear its opinion." Shi Hao made this decision.

"Go to your village?" Yun Xi was shocked, and even Huo Ling'er's eyes flashed with multicolored light. The nine-headed lion, flame crow, and the others were also looking forward to it.

Generally speaking, they still had time. They believed that in the end, Shi Hao and the Heavenly Divine Mountain wouldn't abandon their clan's people. After all, they also knew the truth.

"I truly want to take a look at the place where you grew up."

When Shi Hao heard this, he began to laugh. He looked at them. This was the first time he decided to bring outsiders back with him.

"Wu, right, Grandpa Chief and Uncle Linhu are always talking about me bringing back a few beautiful fatties. This time, I brought back two at once and a few attendants, so it should satisfy them, right?" Shi Hao said to himself.

"Die!" The group of people all shot him looks of disdain, and the girls rolled their eyes. After the serious topic was over, everyone began to relax a bit.

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