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Chapter 433 – Willow Deity Alarmed

“Right? These two girls are like flowers, with beauty that is difficult to find in this world. You can’t make them feel wronged, so you definitely have to hold a great marriage,” Shi Linhu said in an incredibly decisive manner.

“No problem. We’ll help as well.” The nine-headed lion, flame crow and the others weren’t scared of making the situation worse. They all resisted their laughter with difficulty and joined in the the rowdy jeering.

Shi Feijiao nodded and said, “These little brothers are clearly extraordinary and will become great in the future. This time, you all can take the place of the two girls’ families and help us properly arrange things.”

The village entrance was clamouring with noise. Regardless of whether it was Dazhuang, Ermeng, Qingfeng, or the uncles and aunts, they were all excited. They chattered endlessly and were preparing to make wedding arrangements.

The small group of children shouted noisily, adding to the noise. They ran back and forth while blinking their eyes, blindingly joining in on the commotion.

“Tonight will be a night of wedding festivities. After that stinky brat gets married, no matter what, he has to leave behind a few babies before leaving!”

“Right, that brat always leaves for two years at a time. It is just too worrisome. This time, we can’t let him go no matter what. He has to make a few babies first.”

The group of people made a huge racket. Not only Shi Linhu and the other adults, but also his companions during his childhood like Dazhuang all hoped that he would leave behind some successors.

Shi Hao tried his best to hold back his urge to laugh loudly.

Yun Xi and Huo Ling’er were so scared that their faces lost color. This was just too wild! Weren’t they here just to visit Stone Village? How did it end up becoming making babies here?!

They wanted to explain themselves, but how were they supposed to go about it? The villagers saw the two of them carried back on Shi Hao’s shoulder, which was the style that Stone Village was used to seeing when men took on a wife.

Their faces were completely red, and they were at a loss at what to do. They firmly pinched Shi Hao’s waist for him to explain, yet in the end, the devilish brat remained completely silent and took joy in this disaster.

“Children, don’t be scared. There’s nothing to be embarrassed of. This aunt is experienced. In a bit, I’ll teach the two of you.” Ermeng’s mother smiled kindly and tried to convince the two of them.

Yun Xi and Huo Ling’er were nervous, humiliated, and angry. Even if it was a marriage, it couldn’t be this sloppy! What exactly was all of this?

“Pei pei…” The two spat a few times. What kind of thinking was this? Did they have fevers? Why was it really becoming a marriage?

“Aunt, you misunderstood!”

Their faces were red as they explained.

“Uncles, don’t be like this. It isn’t like what you all are thinking!”

The entrance quieted down and looked at these two without saying anything. However, the liveliness in their eyes didn’t weaken in the slightest.

In the end, Dazhuang’s mother broke the silence and said, “This aunt knows. You are all embarrassed. Don’t worry, no one will laugh. Just relax.”

“Right, just relax!” The group of people was just as enthusiastic as before. Another lively discussion broke out, and everyone began to talk at once

The two young girls were frightened badly. They hit Shi Hao and then ran away. As their clothes fluttered about, it was rather aesthetically pleasing in the villagers eyes.

“Little Hao, you aren’t going to quickly chase after them? The two girls are shy.” An old grandma said.

Shi Hao coughed and said, “Uncles, Aunts, and Grandpa Chief, you all don’t need to worry. I’ll take care of my own matters. Tomorrow isn’t a good day to get married. I’ve already discussed with them that we would wait another year, because we still have things to take care of outside. Today, I just brought them back to let everyone take a look. Are you all satisfied?”

“What is more important than getting married earlier?”

The villagers were all hoping for him to get married earlier. After a long talk and continuous explanations, they still ultimately respected his opinion.

Everyone scattered and began to prepare all types of wine and meat in the village to receive the girls, the nine-headed lion, and the others. After all, this was the first time Shi Hao brought back people to the village.

Yun Xi and Huo Ling’er were thoroughly embarrassed. They had never been in such sorry states before. Even now, their faces were still red. This hateful devilish brat was too lacking in virtue. He purposely didn’t say anything to help them out just now.

In their entire life, this was the first time they ran because of something like this. Just the thought turned their faces burning hot. Their faces resembled peach blossoms, and their sparkling white bodies were developing red blush.

The village became peaceful. When they returned, there was naturally a wave of criticism. They truly wanted to give Shi Hao a beating. The flame crow, sable, and the others were all roaring with laughter.

“We’re not done with you!” The two were ashamed and resentful. They stared at him with their beautiful eyes.

Shi Hao didn’t seem to mind and smiled as he led them around Stone Village.

Regardless of whether it was the two girls, the nine-headed lion or the others, they were all full of curiosity towards Stone Village.

“So many spiritual medicines?” They were all stupefied. It was just a small village, yet there were dozens of spiritual medicines. There was also a silver peach tree that was about to become a divine medicine. Multicolored light flowed in all directions and spiritual essence surged.

This was just too astonishing. This place seemed more and more like a holy land, because normally, a stalk of spiritual medicine needed a spiritual mountain to nourish it, yet this idea was completely toppled.

“Only the medicine field arranged by a great ancient figure could be so concentrated. Stone Village has already exceeded many of the great sects in this world!” The rainbow luan said.

Yun Xi was greatly moved. Her Heavenly Divine Mountain had several medicinal fields where spiritual medicines could be grown close together, and those were prepared by the deities of the archaic era. It was a special formation that they laid down.

Shi Hao laughed and said, “I am that great archaic figure. If you don’t believe me, I’ll plant several dozen more for you all to see.”

He had used up several dozen stalks of spiritual medicines in the Medicine Capital, but he had preserved all of their roots. He now brought them out to plant them in the Immortal Spring’s silt to receive its nourishment.

Everyone exclaimed in admiration. How could they not be revived? What kind of place was the Immortal Spring? Towards living creatures, it was the ‘liquid of life’. Soil that has received its nourishment could definitely nourish spiritual medicines.

Soon afterwards, they noticed that there were a few small creatures in Stone Village like lightning hounds, scarlet-winged cranes, and little golden monkeys. They were all powerful descendants, making them gasp with admiration.

These small things all became the village children’s spiritual pets. Once they matured, wouldn’t they become a powerful force?

In the end, they held back their admiration and once again hurried towards the front of the village. They paid their respects to the large willow tree that was dark green and releasing multicolored light. They were all feeling apprehension inside.

It was because facing this spiritual root that was full of vitality felt like facing the highest deity!

“There’s no need to be scared. The Willow Deity is gentle and would never use its divine might to pressure others,” Shi Hao said, trying to calm them down.

Almost if as to prove this statement, a chicken wobbled its way over and walked over in an extremely careless manner. Then, it crouched down by the great willow tree and gave everyone a sidelong look.

Why do I feel like it’s looking down on me? Yi, it’s an octadic treasure chicken?” The nine-headed lion was astonished.

Yun Xi was also startled. There were only one or two of these amazing creatures even in the divine mountains, so how could there be one in a small place like Stone Village?

“Go stay obediently on the side.” Shi Hao sent the octadic treasure chicken flying with a kick, causing it to angrily cry out with ge ge sounds. It was extremely discontent.

“Willow Deity, I encountered a huge problem in the outside world. I want to ask for your guidance.” Shi Hao spoke under the willow tree. He frowned as he told it everything, and Yun Xi helped as well.

“There are some things better left not understood.” The Willow Deity said softly. Green multicolored light scattered down, and gentle branches scattered down like silk. There was an extremely sacred type of energy that gave others a calming feeling.

“Willow Deity, do you know the truth?” Shi Hao asked.

“Once you reach a certain level, you will naturally understand. If you try to seek the truth now, you will only bring trouble onto yourself,” the Willow Deity said calmly.

“Why?” Shi Hao was a bit unsatisfied and wanted to get to the bottom of this.

“After finding out the truth, you will be erased in the end. Right now, I am undergoing recovery and do not want to get involved in resisting this calamity,” the Willow Deity said calmly .

“What?!” The group of people’s faces lost color.

The Willow Deity’s meaning was evident: if Shi Hao knew about the truth, once news of this got out, he would be killed. If the Willow Deity decided to take action for Shi Hao’s sake, then he would get caught up in the great disaster.

“Willow Deity, will you leave?” Shi Hao brought up the Heavenly Divine Mountain’s archaic formation, explaining how they could leave through it.

“I’m not going.” The Willow Deity’s voice was calm.

“Why?” Shi Hao was startled. The reason he had returned was to ask whether or not it was leaving.

“Because my main purpose was coming to this region.” The Willow Deity transmitted these words only to Shi Hao.

Shi Hao revealed an expression of shock. He thought of the village chief’s words. Back then, the Willow Deity descended from the ninth heaven while bathed in a sea of thunder. It was a truly shocking event.

Was the Willow Deity an existence of another world? Shi Hao’s mind was in complete disorder.

“The bug on your head is not simple. It doesn’t belong to this world and is an existence which is  unique and unmatched.” The Willow Deity suddenly uttered these words when it noticed the Emperor Butterfly in Shi Hao’s hair.

At that time, Second Baldy waddled his way over. His body still didn’t have any hair. It gave Yun Xi a look of contempt that contained quite a bit of swagger.

“It’s you…” Yun Xi was shocked.

“Little girl, back then, your ancestral grandfather gave me such a hard time, forcing me to run to the Hundred Shattering Mountains. Today, you should just give up on leaving and stay behind as a wife!” Second Baldy said maliciously.

“Who told you to sneak into our Heavenly Divine Mountain and long for our divine treasures?” Yun Xi stared at him. The secrets of the archaic formation was first discovered by Second Baldy. The Heavenly Divine Mountain only received information in recent years.

“It’s in the past. Forget it, I won’t bicker with you. However, if we meet again, he’ll have to beg me, ha!” Second Baldy was very arrogant.

“Beg you?” Yun Xi sneered.

“Do you guys think that you’ve completely studied that archaic formation? Do you really think all you need is that armguard? You are still far from it!” Second Baldy felt like this topic was beneath it and acted extremely arrogantly.

“You’re just talking big!” Yun Xi didn’t believe it.

“Heaven, earth, mysterious, void, space, outer, flood, wasteland. Within these eight regions, I don’t think anyone knows better than me unless someone from a different world came,” Second Baldy said arrogantly.

“Let me think about it. To transcend the eight regions and directly exit, this kind of archaic formation… En, this matter isn’t simple.” The Willow Deity spoke again.

When it spoke, everyone quieted down and no longer dared to speak rashly. After a moment had passed, it made a decision. Shi Hao and Second Baldy should go to the Heavenly Divine Mountain and take a good look.

Second Baldy’s face immediately collapsed. Back then, it had caused quite a bit of trouble in the Heavenly Divine Mountains and was later chased after. If it ran back like this now, it might be cooked.

Shi Hao also frowned. What could he find out by going? He definitely wouldn’t be able to see through that ancient formation.

“I’ve recalled a few past events and feel that it is a bit strange. Under normal circumstances, how could this kind of gate of life be left behind? I will travel with you secretly and see what is really going on.” The Willow Deity transmitted mentally.

Shi Hao immediately became shocked. A tall and slender figure walked out from the willow tree. Its magnificent style was unmatched, and it could look down on all living things and show disdain for everything under the heavens.

However, apart from Shi Hao, no one else could see it. They couldn’t sense anything.

Then immediately afterwards, Shi Hao couldn’t see it anymore either. He rubbed his eyes. His heart began to pound continuously. In the end, he had a feeling that the Willow Deity was right at his side.

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