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Chapter 421 – Gray Clothed Woman's Background

The Divine Medicine Gate occupied the medicine capital's most sacred place. This sect belonged to the medicine god, and so did this small mountain.

The ancient well on the small mountain possessed endless vitality, it was a place where immortal energy surged. This was one of the 'gates of life' that were extremely rare in this world. The gray-clothed female sat cross-legged on the ground in an extremely calm manner.

She hadn't moved since coming here. Her black hair cascaded down like a waterfall. Her entire body was ringing with a beautiful sound. She appeared wonderful and indistinct, as if she was a flawless work of art carved from ivory.

"Bring him here." Her voice was heavenly and extremely nice to listen to. However, if one listened carefully, they could detect a bit of loneliness and fatigue.

Divine Medicine Gate's respected elder Lin Kun naturally wouldn't pay attention to these things. He only wanted this woman to take action. He revealed an awkward expression and said, "Senior, that person is too strong. If I bring him here, I'll definitely be killed."

"Come here." The gray-clothed woman said.

The respected elder of the Divine Medicine Gate did not dare to disobey. When he heard this, he immediately walked up. He understood clearly how terrifying this woman was. Her cultivation was absolutely extraordinary.

You have to understand that this ancestral well was extremely powerful. This was one of this world's 'gates of life' where countless formations rested. They were arranged by deities, and those that entered would undoubtedly die. However, not only could this girl enter, she also began to refine a mysterious cauldron.

The gray-clothed woman raised her hand and brushed it about, scattering down specks from midair. A single 'defend' character flowing with resplendent golden light appeared and engraved itself into Lin Kun's chest.

"This is…" Lin Kun was moved. How powerful of a method was this? He felt that a wave of mysterious energy had been added to his body.

Within the courtyard, A'De and the middle-aged male were in a daze. Even the great figure they invited from the Medicine Capital was scared away. Exactly what kind of youth did they end up provoking this time?

Shi Hao swept his eyes over them and didn't say much. Since their cultivations were already ruined, he didn't bother bickering with these two anymore either.

Inside the glistening yellow cauldron, medicinal fragrance wafted through the air. Large amounts of ashes rested below the two golden pills. After the large amount of spiritual medicines and materials was refined, only this small amount was left over.

The golden pills were extremely dazzling within the ashes and released a medicinal fragrance. The big red bird stared at them.

Shi Hao retrieved a jade container and placed the two pills inside. The brilliance and the fragrance immediately disappeared. When he saw the big red bird's expression, he laughed and handed them over.

The big red bird was at a loss. Should he accept it or not? This was definitely good stuff. However, when he thought about how Shi Hao sat naked within the cauldron and refined himself with the golden pills, he still found it rather hard to swallow.

"Forget it, I'll become heaven defying on my own and not through some outside object. I will laugh and look down on the rest of the world!" It used these words to refuse it.

Shi Hao offered the jade container to the others, yet in the end, they all refused, especially Huo Ling'er and Yun Xi, whose charming faces became thoroughly red. They hatefully gave him a glare.

"If I revealed these pills to the rest of the world, they would definitely be fighting head over heels for them, yet you guys reject them like a pair of worn-out shoes." Shi Hao shook his head. His deadpan expression made everyone in the courtyard roll their eyes.

"When we enter the Formation Arrangement Realm and have collected the spiritual medicines, please refine a furnace of precious pills. It will be good enough if you don't refuse at that time," said the flame crow.

Shi Hao nodded. This wasn't a problem. At that time, he definitely wouldn't enter the pot as well, and it would be pure medicine refinement.

After inspecting what he had remaining, he sighed. Virtually all of the magical artifacts he had collected previously had been traded off, and all of the spiritual items obtained several years ago within the northern seas were used up.

"In one day, I became completely impoverished. There's nothing left." Shi Hao said to himself. Spiritual medicines were too expensive. After purchasing the forty eight stalks, all of his savings gathered during these past few years have been used up.

"Return the divine artifact to me. I'll send you a batch of spiritual medicine after returning to the Heavenly Divine Mountain," Yun Xi said. She hadn't stopped thinking about this the entire time and wanted to use precious materials to exchange for her clan's magical artifact.

"How could something like that be exchanged for just some spiritual medicines? Unless you are talking about your clan's divine medicine?" Shi Hao asked.

"You…" Anger appeared on Yun Xi's beautiful face. The wasteland region did not have many divine medicines in total. The divine medicine was the fundamental existence that allowed a clan to thrive, so how could it be exchanged?

"Then there's nothing to discuss." Shi Hao shook his head.

"Youngster, why don't you go on a walk with me." The Divine Medicine Gate's respected elder Lin Kun had returned. He had retreated out of fear , but now, he seemed calm and unperturbed.

Everyone within the courtyard revealed strange expressions. Even though this individual's cultivation was high, he had clearly been scared off just now, so why did he come back?

"Did you get some confidence just now? Feel like you can deal with me?" Shi Hao's tone carried a hint of ridicule.

Lin Kun spoke with a piercing tone. "The Medicine Capital is a sacred land where the medicine god was born. It isn't a place where you can blaspheme and act unbridled. Follow me and accept your punishment."

Shi Hao pointed forward, and a purple streak of radiance flew out like a flood dragon. This streak of lightning was as thick as a water bucket and possessed astonishing might. An ordinary individual at the Formation Arrangement Realm wouldn't be able to block it at all.

However, contrary to what everyone expected, Lin Kun's chest shone and a golden 'defend' character appeared. It was just a single character, but it blossomed with resplendent golden light and blocked the streak of lightning.

"Yi, what powerful defense!" The nine-headed lion, flame crow, and the others all revealed looks of shock.


Shi Hao's fingers spread out, and an expanse of lightning flew out. This was the Suan Ni's precious technique, and now that it was displayed at the Formation Arrangement Realm, its power was on a completely different level than before. Even if it was a mountain peak facing this attack, it would still be swept flat.

However, that 'defend' symbol lit up and destroyed all of the lightning. The attack was completely dissolved.

Shi Hao was startled. He looked at it carefully. He found that even though this character had just been written by someone, it possessed such shocking power. It was simply astonishing!

The Medicine Capital still had this kind of expert! It was just too terrifying!

"Youngster, don't think that you are unmatched under the heavens. The number of those that could deal with you is not few." Lin Kun now thoroughly relaxed.

"All of you, leave first!" Shi Hao had a feeling that things were starting to become bad. There was an expert here with strength he couldn't even gauge, so he wanted Huo Ling'er and the others to leave first.

"How can we leave here? There's is an obstacle in the way," said the flame crow.

Shi Hao brought out the black broken sword. Without a single word, he hacked forward. The ancient magical artifact erupted with incomparable dark light that submerged everything in front of him.

Even though Lin Kun knew the defense symbol was astonishing, when he saw this power, he still felt a sense of dread. If he only had his own strength to rely on, he definitely would have been killed.

This kind of power was too powerful, completely unlike something that a king-level figure could produce. The damaged magical artifact crushed over like a black hole. Even the Medicine Capital skies were trembling.

"Yi?" Suddenly, at the heart of the Medicine Capital, the gray-haired woman revealed a look of shock. This was the first time she showed this kind of expression.

Immediately after, the space around Shi Hao trembled. He realized that the attack he had released had been neutralized. The boundless black light and the space around them were locked in place, and the attack no longer displayed its power.

From the end of the horizon, a spotlessly white palm reached over, calming down this commotion and nullifying the danger.

"Who is this?" The nine-headed lion, Yun Xi, and the others came from unordinary backgrounds and knew many people, but they were all shocked. This was the power of an ancient great might with astonishing abilities!

In just a split second, the dark light and the spotlessly white palm both disappeared. Peace returned to this world.

Suddenly, the space trembled. A golden passageway shot over, and a gray-clothed woman arrived from far away. When she saw the broken sword in Shi Hao's hand, she sank into a state of silence.

"Come here." She only said this sentence before disappearing from this place.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. This woman was too powerful! What kind of cultivation was this?

This time, Shi Hao did not refuse. He leapt into the air and stepped into the golden passageway and quickly left this place. They arrived in the short mountain.

Huo Ling'er, the big red bird, and the others followed behind, but they weren't allowed to enter the mountain. They could only stay at the base of the mountain.

Shi Hao stood on top of the short mountain. He saw the ancient well, as well as the gray-clothed woman. His heart jumped inwardly, because he had heard the news that a great figure had brought Shi Yi out from the Demonic Spirit Lake.

"It's her?" He was inwardly shocked.

An ordinary person wearing gray-clothes would look rather downcast and gloomy. However, this woman's appearance was outstanding. There was a beautiful charm and otherworldly style to her.

When her fine black hair scattered, an exceptional appearance was revealed. Her complexion was snow white like jade, extremely beautiful and almost dreamlike.

Only fairy Yue Chan or the witch would be able to compare to her beauty.

She raised her head and looked over. Her pupils were extremely deep, and within them, there was surprisingly fatigue, as well as wisdom. It was as if those eyes witness the rise and fall of this world, giving him a rather strange feeling.

It was because she was extremely outstanding and beautiful, yet those eyes seemed to have experienced the endless visages of time. It was as if they could see through everything.

"This sword has experienced many attempts of repair. It has long lost the dao within. I wonder if there will ever be a day when it will release its brilliance again." The gray-clothed woman looked at the black broken sword in Shi Hao's hand and spoke these words.

"I have met this sword's owner in the previous generation and used his place for rest. As such, I won't cause you trouble." This was the gray-clothed woman's second sentence.

The voice was extremely pleasant to listen to, as if it was an immortal voice. It made those that heard it feel as if their souls were being cleansed, leaving them with a relaxed feeling.

However, Shi Hao was shocked. This woman's background was simply too shocking!

"The wasteland region is about to become chaotic, and even the Medicine Capital will become a place of struggle. You should hurry and leave." This was the gray-clothed woman's third sentence. This was her way of giving him advice.

"You are quite excellent. When I look at you, it almost feels as if I am looking at my past self, back when I sought traces to continue along my own dao path. I would like to see how magnificent you become in the future." The gray-clothed woman revealed a gentle expression in her eyes.

This bit of gentleness was truly breathtaking. Her beauty was exceptional and seemed to make the sun and moon lose color.

Shi Hao didn't know what was right to say in this situation. He felt as if thunder was striking down within his heart. He felt like this woman came from the ancient era, an unimaginably great figure!

"The battle of the Void God Realm cannot decide whether the supreme being bone or the dual-pupils are greater, for the dual-pupils' most profound mystery hadn't been revealed. That was merely a superficial battle." This was the gray-clothed woman's fifth sentence.

When speaking those words, her deep pupils shone with incomparable brilliance. At this moment, it was as if the entire universe had been recreated, and the great void was once again being remodeled.

Shi Hao was shaken so badly that he found it hard to open his mouth. He saw the woman's pupils split and change into dual-pupils. That kind of energy was too terrifying! It could be said to be world-changing!

She… is also a dual-pupiled expert?

Shi Hao became dumbstruck. How could her dual-pupils merge and become no different from an ordinary person's pupils? When needed, they could reappear. This was just too incomprehensible.

Chaotic energy filled those dual pupils as if the heaven and earth were splitting apart. Celestial bodies were falling within them.

Shi Hao's heart was experiencing one climax after another. He opened his mouth, but he couldn't speak a single sentence.

The dual-pupiled individual was unrivalled during the ancient era, whether it be in the heavens or underneath the earth. It has never been defeated. This legend has been in existence for far too long, one that had never been forgotten by the residents of this world.

Yet today, he encountered someone like this?!

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