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Chapter 420 – Successful Transformation

The spiritual essence from all directions became even thicker, forming small streams that flowed into the cauldron. The silver flame underground began to burn more vigorously, bringing with it its spiritual nature as it surged into the cauldron. Water and flames mixed together, condensing into a golden dan. Yin and yang energy vaguely appeared, producing sounds that resembled the cries of dragons and tigers. The smell of medicine wafted through the air.

This kind of scene was extremely shocking and just too extraordinary. What was refined inside could no longer be considered purely spiritual medicine. With the underground spiritual veins, heavenly essence, and the lightning that hacked down, the spiritual medicines in the cauldron's composition had long changed.

"No wonder it is so tyrannical. Just the process of refining this medicine is already so extraordinary. It truly is a rare sight!"

Huo Ling'er, the nine-headed lion, Yun Xi and the others had already been shocked for quite a while. This kind of technique might not even be displayed by an experienced medicinal master.

Water and fire assisted each other, yin and yang blended together. Flame essence from underground and spiritual fluid from the heavens interweaved, merging together inside the furnace to produce a golden pill. This place was ringing with a beautiful sound.

This pill refining technique was extremely astonishing. They finally understood why even a body as powerful as Shi Hao's cracked apart and almost exploded within the pill furnace. It was because he was undergoing a complete change.

The pill recipe was astonishing. Lightning and thunder emerged, and Yin and Yang accompanied the refinement process. The energy of the great dao was accumulated within, and this was going to help him break through, so it had to be forceful.

Shi Hao endured the intense pain as his muscles and bones were refined. He persisted through it as his body went through near collapse. Medicinal energy entered his body and continuously battered against his body's inner treasury to unleash his potential.

When he used the medicinal cauldron to refine his body, he rushed into the mid-stage of the Formation Arrangement. Right now, he was consolidating his cultivation and polishing his body's condition. He hoped to completely stabilize himself and not leave himself with any hidden dangers.

After all, the breakthrough this time was too overbearing. He had been stuck at this stage for such a long time already, yet today, he forced his way through. This kind of bursting through was extremely ferocious and shook his foundation.

The greatest danger was reflected on his body. His body was covered in cracks that interweaved over each other like a spider web, almost causing it to collapse. He needed to take some time to recover from this.

"This truly is breaking through with force! Extreme and violent, forcibly tearing apart the gate into one's inner treasury to unleash one's potential. A single mishap could result in the destruction of both body and spirit."

Everyone's hearts trembled as they watched. Ordinary people would never be able to break through like this, and the chances of successfully doing so was extremely low! Fortunately, Shi Hao's body was powerful enough, allowing him to endure the splitting process.

A grain of sand can form a world, a blade of grass can form a heaven; something as weak as an ant can become as large as a celestial body. If one's inner 'gate' was opened, a limitless amount of power could be produced.

However, how many people could accomplish this? One could easily destroy both their body and soul, eternally erased from this world.

"Actually, the reason why he suffered so greatly to the point where his body split apart was because his potential is too great. In the past, there were also a few who decided to break through like this, but there was no way their inner treasury was that powerful," said the nine-headed lion.

Everyone nodded. The potential inside Shi Hao's body was endless and enough to make them all astonished. The energy that emerged from this process was enough to make them all stupefied; it completely exceeded what they had anticipated.

This was not only a reflection of how powerful his mind was, but also a reflection of how much power was contained within every inch of his flesh. The power was as boundless as an ocean abyss. As soon as it was allowed to pour out, it would definitely be world-shaking.

Within his flesh, formations were formed one after another and successfully carved. Inside of them, one stalk of grass was bursting with exceptional vitality. Apart from this, the Kun Peng was becoming more and more spirited, as if life had been injected inside of it. There was also a vermillion bird, archaic divine ape, Zhuyan, and others.

Currently, the glistening yellow cauldron no longer moved, and instead, a gentle radiance was released from inside. It was because the yin and yang energies inside no longer stirred against each other. They reached an equilibrium and slowly swirled within.

Only now could both yin and yang be considered to be mutually existing in perfect harmony. The golden dan inside the cauldron became more and more round. The cracks shrunk and disappeared.

Shi Hao's broken body was also being repaired. A stream of golden multicolored light bathed his wounds, bringing sweet moisture to the dry and cracked skin. His wounds slowly merged, and his skin once again became rich with vitality.

The bloody scars disappeared, and the surface of his body began to shine like jade. When his blood flowed, the sound of lightning could be heard, and within his body, fire and water flowed simultaneously. This was a sign of stability after his breakthrough.


Everyone knew that this time, Shi Hao had successfully seized luck from the world and advanced. The overbearing aura disappeared and his body no longer cracked apart. Instead, a gentle light was diffusing outwards to nourish his body.

Kuang dang!

The lid of the cauldron descended, and a hazy mist surrounded the great cauldron. No one could see the inside of the cauldron. The final part of the refinement process was going to begin.

Shi Hao sat there unmoving with his legs crossed. The medicinal paste wrapped around him and carried out the final consolidation. His flesh was nourished, and his wounds were closing. The energy that erupted was becoming more and more powerful.

Cultivation wasn't easy. The further one went, the harder it would become to improve. However, every single step forward resulted in tremendous improvement.

Moreover, with how powerful Shi Hao's potential was and his reputation as the supreme youth, each time he forged ahead vigorously, his strength would correspondingly rise rapidly and far surpass other king level figures.


The sound of shattering rang out from within the cauldron, immediately leaving everyone within the courtyard startled. They thought that some accident might have happened. A large dang sound rang out, and the lid was blasted off. Shi Hao walked out.

"What a waste of resources!" The big red bird cried out miserably.

The golden dan shattered, forming a faint golden lump. Shi Hao's entire body flickered with radiance as if he had been carved from gemstones. He put on some clothing. His body was full of life force, and his divine force was surging. He gave off the appearance of a powerful and respected figure.

Everyone knew that Shi Hao had broken through and that he was far more powerful than he was before. During this time when supreme experts were only looking after themselves, he could definitely look down on the world!

Everyone looked at the golden pill fragments within the cauldron and felt a wave of regret. This was too wasteful. Was it going to be disposed of just like that? You have to understand that this was refined from almost fifty spiritual medicines.

Who would squander it like that? This kind of stuff was originally priceless.

"It can still be continuously refined. I've absorbed eighty percent of the medicinal characteristics, so there is twenty percent remaining," Shi Hao said. He placed the lid back on and used the silver flames to continue refining it.

Then, he entered the rear of the courtyard and rinsed himself under the clear spring. He changed into a fresh set of clothes.

When he appeared again, Shi Hao was radiating health and vigor. He appeared to be pure and intelligent. Even though his face seemed to be a bit young and immature, he was still a mid-stage king figure in the Formation Arrangement Realm. There was an intangible type of grandeur to his appearance.

The group of people sighed with admiration. Were there any king level figures younger than him alive in this world? He was only fifteen years old, yet he reached this kind of cultivation level! This was simply a fact that would shock anyone from the ancient times until now!

Golden light seeped out from within the cauldron. It seemed like the fragmented pill was about to take shape again.

At this moment, outside the courtyard, two people came to speak to the courtyard's owner and understand the situation. In the end, they seemed to have confirmed something.

"A'De, you are rather quick-witted. You've actually caught such a large fish." A seemingly fearless middle-aged male said.

Several days ago, Shi Hao unexpectedly purchased a 'true phoenix bone' and provoked vendor A'De and the figure backing him. It was precisely these two that came.

They had also suspected that it was Shi Hao who purchased the forty-eight stalks of spiritual medicines. They had been paying close attention this entire time, and after asking the owner, they confirmed that someone inside had refined a large cauldron of medicine and even caused the worldly spiritual essence to erupt chaotically.

"A'De, report back to that person that there is someone who refined a batch of precious medicine from forty-eight stalks of spiritual medicine." The vicious looking middle-aged male was the one who spoke. He had always had his suspicions that he had sold a phoenix bone, and a fake had been substituted in later, so he wanted to get revenge.

Of course, he also knew that someone who could purchase forty-eight stalks of spiritual medicine was definitely not simple. As a result, he told A'De to inform a great figure. He wasn't going to rush indiscriminately into action himself.

The cauldron inside the courtyard shone. A golden pill was going to form.

The nine-headed lion and the others took down the formation surrounding this place because they didn't need to hide Shi Hao anymore. There was no spiritual essence swirling into the cauldron.

A few minutes later, a roar sounded from within the cauldron. The lid was lifted by a wave of dense energy, and it slid off on its own. An expanse of golden light blossomed.

"Not bad, this batch of pills is truly rarely seen. Yi, there's only two, a bit less than what I expected. I won't say any more than necessary. Give me one of them."

Several people walked in from outside the courtyard. Apart from A'De and the middle-aged individual, there was also a youth. He was the one leading them, and also the one who spoke. Apart from these people, there were some others that accompanied them.

The big red bird sneered and said, "Who are you? As soon as you speak, you want to take away a golden pill. Do you not know how little you all are worth?"

Regardless of whether it was Shi Hao, nine-headed lion, or the others, they all frowned. They could already tell that this was trouble that the vendor stirred up. They were laughing and truly looking down on others in an undisguised manner.

"You want a golden pill? Sure, exchange with twenty stalks of spiritual medicine." Shi Hao spoke in an expressionless manner.

"Don't you know the Medicine Capital's rules? You need to pay a tax if you want to use my Medicine Capital's underground spiritual flame. You must have used up a large amount of spiritual essence to refine a golden pill like this, so you need to pay up with that golden dan," said the youngster with a sneer.

"Do you think we'll pay this tax just because you say so? Do you think you are anything significant?" The big red bird berated.

"Correct, if I say pay, then you will pay. This Medicine Capital was established by my Divine Medicine Gate, and we are one of the parties that drafted up the rules." The youngster's face was full of arrogance.

After speaking, he grabbed towards the medicinal cauldron. There was a lot of medicinal residue left behind, as well as two golden pills that were as large as longan fruits. He wanted to seize them both in one go.

Shi Hao did not want to waste his breath. He sent a kick outwards. Even though the youngster was quite powerful and an expert among his peers, he still spat out blood. His entire body was sent flying, and his face looked like it had seen a ghost. He coughed out blood and passed out.

The expressions of vendor A'De and the middle-aged individual both changed. This was truly a powerful dragon crushing a 'local bully'. They felt that things were far from good.

"You are extremely unbridled and without the slightest bit of scruple. Do you think there's no one inside my Medicine Capital?" A luxurious carriage traveled through the skies. This was precisely the respected elder of the divine medicinal gate.

When he arrived and saw the youngster knocked out with a kick, he did not deal with Shi Hao, and instead stared at A'De and that middle-aged male. His gaze was cold as he said, "Instigating my descendant to come here, you two are quite daring!"

With a honglong sound, a large hand reached out and surrounded the area in front of him. This was a peak level expert at the Formation Arrangement realm. The vendor and the middle-aged male cried out in shock and immediately shouted out.

"Great one, have mercy! It is this person that purchased forty-eight spiritual medicines in one go. We wanted to report to you, but we didn't find you in the end!"

"That doesn't mean that you should urge my descendant to take action!" The respected elder from the Divine Medicine Gate's large hand descended, and those two immediately spat out blood. Their cultivations were ruined, and their faces became pale and incomparably grieved.

Then, he turned around and laughed coldly towards Shi Hao. "Even if my descendant was wrong, it isn't your job to discipline him. Hand over your medicine and slap yourself."

"You are truly looking to die." The big red bird shook his head. Even if this person was powerful and a peak-level expert, he definitely wasn't Shi Hao's opponent.

The nine-headed lion, flame crow, and the others all revealed indifferent expressions as they looked towards this person.

Shi Hao pointed forward, and a silver radiance shot out. It immediately penetrated the youngster on the ground, ruining his cultivation.

"You…" The Divine Medicine Gate's respected elder was furious. He formed an earthen-colored large hand and slapped over. The fluctuations that were released were extremely terrifying.

Shi Hao's fist faced it head on. A clean and crisp pu sounded, blasting apart that large hand. Blood continuously flew out in all directions.

The face of the respected elder from the Divine Medicine Gate became pale. What kind of person was this? How old was he?! How could he destroy the palm of a peak level king figure like this?

"I apologize, friend. This rude old one has erred." He directly lowered his head, because he thought of a terrifying youth. In the entire wasteland region, only the little Stone could possess this kind of divine might.

His retreat was straightforward as well. He grabbed the crippled youngster and left.

A'De and that aggressive middle-aged man's face were completely pale. Cold sweat continuously poured out. They weren't even this terrified when their cultivations were ruined. Even the respected elder of the Divine Medicine Gate backed off due to fear?

At the heart of the Medicine  Capital was a short mountain, and this place was known as this area's most sacred place. The ancient medicine god became a deity in this place. It is rumored that immortal energy swirls underneath the ground and fiery light burns in that place. This was a 'gate of life' within this world.

At this moment, an ancient well within the short mountain had dense multicolored mist surging about. It led into the underground abyss, and an ancient caudron was sinking and floating within as if it was being refined.

Next to the ancient well sat an individual in gray clothes that did not move. Upon closer inspection, it was a female with skin as white as jade. Her fine black hair was scattered about, hiding her exceptional complexion.

If there was a supreme expert here, they definitely would have been shocked, because she had once broken into the Demonic Spirit Lake and brought away Shi Yi. She was in a realm of her own.

"Senior, you have said that by using my Divine Medicine Gate's ancestral well, you will promise to complete one matter for us. Right now, there is someone who bullies my divine medicinal gate. I ask for you help."

When the Divine Medicine Gate's respected elder returned, he immediately sought out this place. He had an extremely respectful expression as he asked this mysterious gray-clothed lady for help.

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