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Chapter 422 – Ancient Dual-Pupiled Individual

Those pupils were just too special. They could unexpectedly separate and bring about an image of heaven and earth splitting apart. Heavenly bodies fell one after another, and chaotic energy filled those eyes.

How profound of a realm was this? The dual-pupils were merged, forming one pupil. Only when needed would they reappear to reveal their heaven defying might.

Shi Hao's face was full of shock. He had already forgotten himself. Never in the past had he been frozen like a statue like this before, without the ability to utter a single sentence. He could only stare in a daze.

Ancient dual-pupiled individual?!

This was someone who had never been defeated throughout the heaven and earth. This individual had lived from the ancient era until the present day?

Even though the gray-clothed woman was weary, her body was still full of vitality. The endless passage of time could not affect her outstanding appearance. She was truly an extraordinary beauty.

"The ancient battle was too exhausting," the gray-clothed woman said.

It was just as he had predicted!

It was as if raging waves were bashing about within his mind. This woman really did come from the ancient era! Her status was astonishing. If this information was passed on to the rest of the world, it would definitely trigger a tremendous amount of shock.

After learning the truth, when Shi Hao faced her, he felt an indescribable type of emotion. When he looked at her again, even a motion as simple as raising an arm made him nervous.

The gray-clothed woman was extremely beautiful. If not for her weary expression, she would truly seem like a young woman. She wouldn't seem like the forever existing and illustrious senior.

It was to the point where Shi Hao had even felt like this woman was only one or two years older than himself. Time must have stopped for her when she was at her peak.

What was somewhat strange was that he didn't feel any fear at this moment. He was simply lost in thought, thinking about a few matters that were completely unrelated to what was in front of him. His gaze was fleeting, or to be more precise, he was becoming absent-minded.

The dual-pupils were known to be unmatched. During the ancient era, its power earned it an outstanding reputation!

Shi Hao's mind was swirling with thoughts. Had this beautiful woman looked down on the world in the past and killed great figures of that era? Had she ever met anyone with strength close to her own?

It was to a point where Shi Hao's absent-mindedness became extremely severe. There was no reverence in his mind, and his thoughts were completely scattered. A stunning woman like this had earned herself brilliant glory during the ancient era. He wondered if she had anyone she considered an intimate friend, or whether she had ever gotten married.

He felt that this type of breathtaking woman definitely had a young talented companion at her side to look down on the ancient era together with.

He didn't know how powerful that heavenly talent had to be in order to match her. It shouldn't be any weaker than the dual-pupils, right?

However, the ancient era had already passed. Why was she the only one that appeared? Where was that young individual who could walk by her side? Was he buried under the passage of time?

Soon after, Shi Hao shivered and broke out into chills. His mind had wandered just too far, to a point where even he thought it was ridiculous. Under these kind of circumstances, how could he think of these things?

Could it be that he had a heart of gossip? When he thought about how he was standing in front of a dual-pupiled individual yet his mind drifted off to such an extent, even he himself was left speechless.

Perhaps it could be said that only when faced with an individual like this who could truly look down on heaven and earth would he become so curious. Only then would his heart give birth to such endless thoughts.

When Shi Hao came to himself, he noticed that the gray-clothed woman was looking at him with a look that was a smile yet not a smile. She didn't say anything, yet it was enough to make his face completely red.

He suddenly had a feeling as if his thoughts had been read. This was the first time he had felt this embarrassed. What kind of nonsense was he thinking about in this kind of situation? He had nothing to say about his actions just now. It was just too unreasonable.

"Youngster, you think too much." The gray-clothed woman chuckled. Her smile seemed to be able to penetrate straight through his thoughts.

"Yi, something's wrong!" Shi Hao was woken with a start. How could it be like this? In this kind of situation, he thought about all of those things, and his thoughts had dispersed everywhere.

"You were thinking about who had walked alongside me and where that heavenly talent is now? How could your thoughts be so over the place?" The gray-clothed woman spoke with a smile that was also not a smile.

A layer of cold sweat appeared on the surface of Shi Hao's body. He was now thoroughly convinced that he was affected by a mysterious force. It threw his mind into disorder, and his secrets had been pried into.

Mind connection!

He immediately thought of this, leading to him feeling a great sense of fear. He hurriedly sealed off his divine senses to protect himself and prevent his secrets from being exposed.

Shi Hao took steps backwards. This woman was too powerful. When the dual-pupils appeared, it affected his mind and left his mind defenseless.

"You've cultivated 'mind connection'?" His voice trembled slightly. How terrifying was this? It could peep into another's thoughts! Even an ancient great figure would have a hard time cultivating this.

Shi Hao's heart was jumping about frantically. He did not want the other party to see into his inner thoughts. That kind of ability was too terrifying. How was he supposed to defend against this?!

"Don't worry, I'm not that senseless. I inadvertently noticed that you were worrying about random things and felt rather amused." The gray-clothed woman laughed, bringing forth a different type of beauty.

This was a goddess from the ancient era! She could force back all enemies during that era. He had secretly tried to guess her dao companion, yet in the end, he had been exposed. This was truly a bit of an unusual situation.

"What? I was just a bit curious," Shi Hao said awkwardly.

The woman looked towards the horizon, and those dual-pupils disappeared, merging back into one. The great energy of the world that had been stirred up slowly receded, and this area calmed down.

Shi Hao was startled. Sure enough, it was because of those eyes that his mind was affected. It truly was terrifying!

When the dual pupils disappeared, the gray-clothed woman's eyes became dark black and incomparably deep. This truly was unique. She could actually merge the dual-pupils together! Her methods were truly extraordinary.

"You should go. I wish to see the day when you truly fight a great battle against the dual-pupiled individual. The weaker and stronger should be determined in the ultimate battle," said the gray-clothed woman.

It definitely wouldn't be she herself that fought against Shi Hao. That would simply be bullying.

Shi Hao was shaken as he looked at her complexion. During the ancient era, this was definitely an arrogant woman who wouldn't put other great talents and accomplished individuals in her eyes.

"What? You are still worrying about random things?" The gray-clothed woman laughed in a rather peculiar way.

She waved her hand for him to leave. She had sat by the ancient well the entire time without moving. Only, she seemed a bit disappointed and frustrated when she looked towards the horizon.

Shi Hao went down the mountain and walked for a long time. He couldn't help but look backwards and blurt out for some unknown reason, "Back then, was there a young heavenly talent that accompanied you?

The gray-clothed woman was astonished, but then she smiled. Her eyes gazed into space, as if she could see back into the past. She waved her wide sleeves and swept Shi Hao down the mountain.

Shi Hao was left in a rather sorry state as he tumbled down the mountain. He was extremely discontent as he muttered, "Was there one or not…"

Then, he couldn't help but chuckle. What was going on? He was actually so gossipy and asked this kind of question. He should be asking for an ancient great secret instead.

Shi Hao shook his head. He found the mountain path and walked towards it.

"Over here!" The big red bird shouted.

They had chased after him up to this point, but they still couldn't climb up the short mountain in the end. When they saw Shi Hao come down the mountain, they all became happy.

The mysterious region, a vast region where great heroes had emerged from.

If one looked down from the heavens, they would find that this place was completely different from the wasteland region. The mountains and rivers were magnificent, and there was no sign of savage wilderness.

In the areas where creatures congregated in particular, there were enormous and flourishing buildings arranged one after another. Even if one stood in the heavens, they could still feel the bustling activity of mortals.

Of course, this was all accompanied by strand after strand of spiritual essence. There were experts overseeing each large city. Powerful individuals came in large numbers, and experts were as common as trees in the forest.

In this large region, the standard of cultivation was extremely high. From certain perspectives, they truly could overlook the wasteland region, because the mysterious region would hold dominance over the wasteland region during each generation the deity level stage appeared.

At this moment, the location of the Immortal Mountain couldn't be found. Immortal mist pervaded the air and covered this area in a faint haze.

Within a grand and imposing hall forged from bronze, there were people quietly discussing among themselves. This place gave off a rather unusual feeling, as if it was extremely distant and came from the ancient era.

"That child… has half of my Immortal Mountain's lineage."

"Wu, but there can only be a single supreme being. We have one, so should we still bring him back?"

"Of course we have to bring him back. Even if it causes discord inside my Immortal Mountain, he still needs to be brought back."

"I just fear that he might fall victim to the rebirth plan."

"Opportunities are equal! I hope that there are no misunderstandings during this search and that the child can be peacefully brought back. I don't have much time left. I need to rest."

The bronze hall quickly became quiet. No noises could be heard.

However, an authoritative palace hall lit up. Lights shone resplendently, and a decree brightly illuminated this place. An individual had placed a divine imprint.

In just a split second, an ancient energy filled the air. Then, a terrifying fluctuation began to fluctuate throughout the entire Immortal Mountain.

"Yi, what is going on? Why is there so much shaking?"

"The divine imprint had been sealed, and this type of decree has been issued. This is all so shocking. Why has it been sent out?"

The Immortal Mountain occupied a vast area. Terrifying experts walked out from a few mountain peaks and numerous palace halls. They all released a heaven overflowing aura as they looked towards the authoritative palace hall.

"Mother, what is that?" Within a fairyland-like valley, a twelve or thirteen year old youth asked while looking into the distance.

"That is a decree with the most precious divine imprint sealed on its surface. It can break through a region. Many years have passed since it has appeared." A beautiful woman stroked his head in a pampered manner.

There was another male, and they clearly belonged to a family. They were entranced as they looked towards the distant decree.

"Wu, it's the precious divine imprint that had been passed on from the ancestors! There will be a day when a decree sealed with my precious imprint can rule over the world! I am the first supreme being!" The youth's heroic passion was extremely deep.

"All of the old ancestors favor you. With your natural talents, you will be able to accomplish it," said the pretty woman with a smile. Then, when she saw that the boy was in a daze, she couldn't help but sigh and look into the horizon with him.

"I want to sweep through the land under the heavens and advance my Immortal Mountain's divine method!" The youth was incomparably conceited. The expression on his face seemed to look down on the world.

The husband and wife couldn't help but frown slightly, but they didn't say anything.

The decree brought with it sky overflowing multicolored light. It could actually pass through the long sealed region barrier and depart from the mysterious region.

Wasteland region, Medicine Capital.

Shi Hao turned around and looked towards the short mountain. That gray-clothed woman was too special. She left him with an extremely deep impression.

"Let's go." The big red bird said.

"Brother Shi should be careful. The Immortal Mountain, Heaven Mending Sect, and the others are all terrifying inheritances. You've provoked them, and the grudge is now difficult to dissolve," said the Flame Crow.

Along the way, their party began to discuss the ancient powers and couldn't help but bring up these ancient inheritances. They immediately thought of the powers Shi Hao had offended.

"I'm not scared. My path needs to be this dazzling! I don't need the protection of those old ancestors, and I don't need their inheritances either. I will struggle for everything myself!"

The nine-headed lion, Huo Ling'er, and Yun Xi all sighed. This fellow was originally an abandoned child. He originally had ties with a few great powers, yet he was ultimately cast aside.

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