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Chapter 409 – Power Unmatched

The golden symbols carried black specks; this was the Kun Peng’s technique circulating. Soon, vortices appeared one after another on the surface of Shi Hao’s body, and they devoured the essence energy from all directions.

The crowd discovered with shock that this was not the essence of the sun and moon. The four colors of auspicious radiance from the Five Phase Ring were being absorbed as well, and they were entering Shi Hao’s body.

Within those vortices, there seemed to be a deity sitting within each of them. They continuously took in and sent out the energy while cultivating in a cross-legged position. The scene of them absorbing the essence of the world could vaguely be seen.

The Golden Spiral Rippling technique was the embodiment of one of the Kun Peng’s techniques, and right now, it was in a perfect state. Together with the power of Shi Hao’s body, it could neutralize all types of energy for his own use. The results were actually quite similar to the Five Phase Ring.

“Yi, it seems like I’ve underestimated you.” Qin Shoucheng spoke. His lightning symbol was completely absorbed, entering Shi Hao’s body, allowing his might to quickly surge.

Currently, Shi Hao’s entire body was flickering with electricity, and every single golden vortex began to chant scriptures. The figures sitting cross-legged seemed like ancient and natural sovereigns.

Qin Shoucheng stirred on the Five Phase Ring. It turned into a sphere of light and suppressed downwards, severely affecting the stability of this place. This entire area violently fluctuated as if it was about to collapse.

Shi Hao felt a tremendous pressure. If he hadn’t broken into the Formation Arrangement Realm, this situation would only point towards disaster for him. Despite his cultivation realm being as strong as it was, he still felt an enormous pressure.

“Dao brothers, kill him!” Qin Shoucheng said.

He controlled the Five Phase Ring, forming a boundary in this place. A hazy mist swirled about, and an indescribable type of natural law descended onto this place. The five phases continuously operated, and they possessed the strength to refine everything.

With a hong sound, Shi Hao’s body trembled and blood spilt out from his mouth. His mind shook. The other party’s precious artifact was formidable after all and inflicted an injury on him.

The five phase essence was just too concentrated, and during that moment, it was as if tens of thousands of great waves were crashing down. Despite the fact that golden spirals were swirling frantically on his body’s surface, he still couldn’t devour all of it.

In reality, everyone else was even more shocked than he was. You have to understand that this was a Five Phase Ring! During the ancient years, it was immersed in divine blood and caused endless amounts of slaughter. No one could face it head on.

Even though this was just an imitation and not the Immortal Mountain’s true sect suppressing treasure, Shi Hao’s cultivation was still not comparable to that of a great ancient figure. However, the fact that he could defend right now already proved how heaven defying he was.

“There is actually someone who could resist the Five Phase Ring! This is astonishing news!”

The crowd knew that after today’s battle, Shi Hao’s reputation will once again travel outside this region. The Five Phase Ring that was known to be unstoppable was currently being resisted.

The Black Cloud Race expert made his move. He activated a black gourd, which began to released dark light to refine Shi Hao.

At the same time, the Flaming Bull Race king level expert brought out two scarlet swords that were created from his own horns. They carried a seemingly endless amount of symbolled power as they hacked outwards.

Shi Hao withstood the Five Phase Ring while erupting with sword energy. It weaved about and hacked towards the two king level experts.


Qin Shoucheng operated the Five Phase Ring, turning it into a sphere of light that quickly smashed downwards. The mist became even thicker, as if it was going to thoroughly trap Shi Hao and stop him from using precious techniques.

Shi Hao released a cold snort. A Kun fish surged from the black waves below his feet and surged with waves of lunar force. Meanwhile, above him, golden light blazed as a Peng bird appeared. Its wings shattered the great stars in the sky, and solar energy violently erupted.

In addition, the Kun fish and Peng bird formed an inseparably close circulation of yin and yang. They erupted with endless terrifying fluctuations to block the five phase spiritual essence.

“Yi, not good!” Qin Shoucheng was shocked. He never would have thought that someone could break through the Five Phase Ring’s divine might. It was simply inconceivable!

Yin and yang swirled together to counteract the five phase energy. Both sides erupted with heaven overflowing fluctuations. Shi Hao’s freedom was immediately restored, and he could move again.


A sword energy appeared as soon as he raised his hand. This was the sword intent of the great ancient figure ‘stalk of grass’. It changed into the most powerful attack and hacked outwards.

A pu sounded. The Black Cloud Race expert’s gourd was sliced apart, and the dark light exploded. The owner immediately released a miserable shriek as he was sucked backwards by the dark light.

Shi Hao raised his hand again, and another streak of sword energy struck down from the heavens. This time, with a pu sound, the Black Cloud Race expert was hacked into two. Blood immediately erupted frantically.

Forget about the onlookers, even Shi Hao himself was astonished. The power of this incredible sword energy was just too great. In a battle between two at the same level, it would tear its opponent apart like rotten weeds, easily killing him.

Everyone was shocked. They all felt a cold shiver crawl down their backs.

“How daring!” Qin Shoucheng’s face became downcast. He stirred on the Five Phase Ring, using its greatest power to strike at Shi Hao.


A rumbling sound erupted in this place as the Five Phase Ring suppressed downwards. Shi Hao could not avoid it because the precious artifact merged with the space around him. It formed a small world that enveloped him.

Everyone knew that the Five Phase Ring was truly invincible. During the archaic years, after a single encounter, the flesh of a deity or devil would shatter. It killed many, many incredibly power figures.

Otherwise, how could it have obtained the reputation of being an unmatched magical artifact?

No one expected the little Stone to erupt with power and smash out with a fist. His palm and fingers were covered in symbols; he was actually going to meet it head on.


Ultimately, a shaking sound was emitted. HIs body and the Five Phase Ring collided again, smashing apart the precious artifact.

Everyone was petrified. It was as if a legend was playing out right before their eyes! They have never heard of someone using their own body to deal with the Five Phase Ring, yet the little Stone succeeded. He completely resisted the attack.

Just how heaven defying was his body?

Meanwhile, his heaven connecting sword energy erupted again. It hacked towards Qin Shoucheng. A vast expanse of whiteness appeared, and the aura it exuded was terrifying.

Qin Shoucheng was frightened. He knew how powerful Shi Hao was, but never did he think that he would be able to resist the Five Phase Ring. When this great killing artifact made its appearance, it could kill all king level figures. None of them would have any hopes of fighting against it.

He quickly backed up and moved the Five Phase Ring downwards to block this sword intent. Multicolored light immediately erupted.


Shi Hao raised his hand. Sword energy swept out, slicing towards the Flaming Bull Race expert. With a dang sound, a bull horn dropped down. The flaming bull was startled to the point where its soul was trembling.

At this moment, the power the little Stone displayed was just too overwhelming. Even if the legendary great killing artifact appeared, it would still be hard for it to stop his attacks.


The barbaric bull erupted with a sky flooding fiery light. Symbols fiercely interweaved, covering this entire place in scarlet radiance.

The flaming bull king expert wanted to escape, for it knew that if even the Five Phase Ring couldn’t kill Shi Hao, then his cultivation definitely wouldn’t be enough. If he continued to fight, he would undoubtedly die.

Unfortunately, he was still a second too slow. Shi Hao erupted with power, and his entire body turned into a divine sword. The heaven connecting sword intent was raised to its peak power, and it hacked downwards.


This divine sword descended, slicing apart the fiery barrier of light. All of the symbols were shattered, and a head was removed. Blood gushed outwards.

Shi Hao rushed outwards. The divine sword became a bit dimmer as it once again surged from his body. However, it did not seem to possess less force as it rushed murderously at Qin Shoucheng.

The Fiver Phase Ring shone and released a weng sound. It erupted with its most powerful energy and smashed towards Shi Hao. It seemed like it was going to blast apart anything in its way indiscriminately, not stopping until its opponent was dead.

A barrier of light surged. Shi Hao’s heavenly passages appeared, forming a divine ring. In fact, his flesh heavenly passage appeared as well, only, no one else could see it.

To force him to this level, it was clear just how unordinary the Five Phase Ring was. Only when he fought decisively against Shi Yi did he use all of his methods like this.

“What? The Five Phase Ring was frozen?” Everyone cried out in shock. They didn’t dare to believe what they were seeing.

The Five Phase Ring was locked in place. It continuously shook and released its hazy five phase energy. However, this haze couldn’t free itself from the force of Shi Hao’s flesh heavenly passage.


A streak of sword energy swept past. Qin Shoucheng trembled inwardly. He turned around to leave. After losing the Five Phase Ring, he didn’t dare face Shi Hao head on.

However, this streak of sword energy struck out like lightning. It quickly closed the distance. He was forced to bring out a precious artifact, and while doing so, he continued to flee.

A kacha sounded. The bone shield was sliced apart. The sword energy was like a rainbow as it swept outwards. Qin Shoucheng’s entire body went cold. He did everything he could to defend himself, but with a pu sound, he still lost an arm.

All of this happened too fast. Shi Hao killed two king level figures and then removed the arm of an elder from the Immortal Mountain; his fighting prowess was simply unrivaled.

Suddenly, the Five Phase Ring shook, and a shocking divine will transmitted outwards from within. It surged like a vast and profound sea, and during the instant Shi Hao shifted his attention to Qin Shoucheng, it broke free.

“There is a divine will from a great figure contained within!” An older generation king level expert cried out in horror.

Shi Hao’s expression changed. He circulated the Kun Peng technique and activated his heavenly passages that had linked up into a ring. They surrounded him again as he prepared himself to attack with all of his strength.

Contrary to expectations, this Five Phase Ring’s divine will decided not to meet him head on but instead to quickly escape.

“Right, even if it is a great figure’s divine will, it is too far from its owner. It isn’t enough to suppress and kill the little Stone, so in fear of it landing in his hands, it decided to escape.” An expert said in a low voice.

When Qin Shoucheng saw this, he became elated, because he was surrounded by the Five Phase Ring’s light and transported quickly. It was going to bring away the Immortal Mountain’s people.

However, no matter how fast its speed was, it couldn’t exceed that of the Kun Peng technique. Shi Hao turned into a streak of golden light and took to the skies. He wanted to get rid of him and keep the Five Phase Ring.

The Five Phase Ring had a mysterious divine will, and it spurred the ring to quickly change directions. It also brought the purple-haired youth Qin Chao with it into the ground, sinking into the earth.

“This is bad!” Shi Hao was startled. The so-called Five Phase Ring included the earth phase, so it could use the ground to escape. No wonder it was known as a truly rare precious artifact.

He continuously released streaks of sky connecting sword energy, and all of them hacked towards the ground. Several streaks of blood splashed out, and the ground was torn apart. However, the aura of the Five Phase Ring vanished.

Shi Hao walked over and blasted apart the earth. He noticed that Qin Chao was sliced apart at the waist. Apart from this, one of Qin Shoucheng’s legs was here as well.

He was a bit speechless. He sliced off an arm and a leg from Qin Shoucheng, but missed his vital areas. The other party was truly lucky.

“You… what are you going to do?” The Immortal Mountain’s middle-aged male with the broken arm was horrified because Shi Hao was quickly arriving, cutting off his escape route.

The Five Phase Ring was only able to bring away two people. No one else from the Immortal Mountain was able to escape.

Shi Hao locked down this place, preventing any of them from moving. He then searched their minds to find out what exactly was going on with his parents.

A moment later, he frowned, because he couldn’t find any clues. The middle-aged male knew even less than Qin Chao, and the others had even less information.

He stared at these individuals with relatively weaker cultivations. He wanted to obtain the Immortal Mountain’s precious techniques from them, but as soon as he stirred the corresponding parts of their sea of consciousness, their fundamental essence began to crack apart, and they died soon after. It was clear that they were placed under a terrifying restriction.

The face of the middle-aged man that lost an arm became pale. He was a Formation Arrangement Realm king expert, yet he had never thought that the Immortal Mountain’s disciples would face a day like this in the outside world where they were suppressed to this extent.

Shi Hao looked at him. He decided not to try and ask for his precious technique, for he knew that this person’s sea of consciousness was definitely powerful, so the restriction was definitely even stronger.


A streak of sword energy hacked out. The middle-aged individual’s head was sliced off, causing blood to rush out from his headless corpse. Then, it fell onto the ground.

The entire manor was in a state of silence. No one said anything, and all of them were frozen stiff. The events they witnessed today were too astonishing!

The unmatched precious artifact Five Phase Ring shook the ancient era, yet today, there was someone who dared to use his flesh to face it head on!

The Immortal Mountain was a sect that looked down on the world and showed contempt towards all regions, yet their people were cut like vegetables. They were slaughtered, and the brows of the one that carried out this execution didn’t even seem to crease.

This news was world-shaking. The little Stone was too tyrannical! After a year and a half, he appeared again, and this time, the aura he exuded was absolutely matchless!

Despite being in the Formation Arrangement Realm as well, the user of the Five Phase Ring could barely do anything to him. When the little Stone appeared, who could contend against him?

“Is there anyone else that wants to cause me trouble?” Shi Hao swept his eyes over everyone. His gaze was cold and indifferent, giving them an extremely dreadful feeling.

The crowd knew that this was the ‘might’ of an unrivalled being. The little Stone had already grown up, and he was no longer the devilish child from back then. Every movement he made was dignified. He was now truly deserved his title of king.

In the present age, it would be hard for him to find anyone in this world who was comparable to him. The gaze in his eyes had long been set on the older generation, to the point where he aimed for the ancient legendary creatures.

This gave many young experts a feeling of helplessness. Their ages were clearly similar, yet the difference between them was too great. It was simply impossible to catch up to.

Shi Hao looked at the creatures not from this region, and his gaze seemed to materialize and pierce into them. The various cultivators all felt their hearts go cold. Before, they still wanted to challenge him, but right now, all of them were shaking in fear.

Who now dared to call the wasteland region lacking without any experts? As long as this youth appeared, his aura would engulf the mountains and rivers, and he would look down on this entire world.

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