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Chapter 410 – Seeking Breakthrough

After this battle, no one dared to ever look down on the wasteland region again. Even the geniuses from various races outside this region put away their arrogance. They had no choice even if they were unwilling, because in front of the little Stone, they did not have any confidence!

Facing the little Stone’s aggression, who could resist?

The crowd believed that from here on out, this would become a difficult problem. It was truly hard to find those among his age that were comparable.

“A bunch of ground beetles. You’ve all gotten used to acting like that in the mysterious region, so you all act so disgustingly now in the wasteland region. You all haven’t even tried to take a look at who is the lord.” The big red bird spoke in an extremely arrogant tone.

Everyone was speechless. It dared to call the Immortal Mountain a ground beetle. What kind of situation was this? It was more correct if it had been flipped around. In the eyes of those from outside this region, wasn’t this just a barbaric land?

However, no one else wanted to become unlucky today. The little Stone was too powerful. Who dared to challenge him? Not even the Immortal Mountain’s people could kill him and they were instead dealt with like chopped vegetables. No one wanted to suffer needlessly.

After the battle concluded, activity was gradually restored to the manor.

“Second little brother, I trust that you have been well since we last met?” Shi Hao said with a smile. In the past, this nine-headed lion in front of him had fought intensely, but in the end, the conflict between them was all resolved.

The entirely golden nine-headed lion walked over. Its blood and qi was flourishing, and right now, not even a true pure-blooded race from the Archaic Divine Mountains could be its opponent, because he was just too powerful.

“During these past few years, I borrowed my clan’s Golden divine furnace and Nine True Refined Blood, thus allowing my cultivation to quickly improve, yet in the end, I wasn’t able to catch up to you.”

The nine-headed lion felt a bit helpless. Back then, it had been beaten up by Shi Hao before, so it had its share of trouble as well. In the end, the conflict between two disappeared. However, it was always a bit unwilling and wanted to surpass him.

After several years had passed, it used the ancient furnace to refine its body and quickly improved. It was on the verge of becoming pure-blooded.

However, now that it saw Shi Hao again, it felt like the disparity was still there. No matter how heaven defying the opportunities it received during these years were, they still weren’t enough to catch up to Shi Hao.

Shi Hao laughed heartily and patted its shoulder. The days he spent in the Hundred Shattering Mountains left a deep impression on him, and it felt as if it all had happened yesterday.

“Some of my companions have arrived as well,” said the nine-headed lion.

The rainbow luan, flame crow, and the two three-eyed brothers appeared. They were precisely the archaic descendants Shi Hao met with in the Hundred Shattering Mountains. They travelled together for a while, having killed a white tiger and eaten a golden-winged peng.

This place immediately began to bustle with noise.

“Go, let’s find a place to drink.” Since there were people he recognized and they were in a bustling place, they were going to celebrate.

The wasteland region was so large. Once they were separated, it wouldn’t be easy to meet again.

Huo Ling’er walked over as well and excitedly talked with them. After chatting for awhile, she said that she would return in a bit. After all, as the host, she had to greet the guests.

When the crowd looked at Shi Hao again, they could only release another sigh. Being able to earn the title of king at such a young age was truly shocking. It was truly amazing.

“Brother Shi, you’ve truly left me shocked. Back then, you were just a child in the Hundred Shattering Mountains shouting eat you, eat you, eat all of you. Now, your name has shaken the entire wasteland region. Things really have changed with the passage of time…” The flame crow spoke.

Shi Hao laughed. Back then, he was small, but he was incredibly savage.

Others felt a sense of great respect for this group. Wherever this group went, the creatures from various races would all move out of the way. Even the talents from outside this region avoided Shi Hao in fear of provoking him.

“Honor is earned through war. This truly is the case.” The nine-headed lion looked at those creatures and felt a bit of disdain. “A while ago, these creatures were still incomparably arrogant and looked down on the wasteland region’s cultivators, yet look at them now.”

“Brother Shi, you have to be careful. Offending the Immortal Mountain is not a small matter.” The older of the two three-eyed brothers reminded.

Shi Hao nodded and said, “Right, I’ve killed a three-eyed race’s young master in the Fire Nation’s ancestral grounds. He shouldn’t have any connection to you guys, right?”

The two brothers shook their heads. It was just like the human race where there were many of them. There were many individuals of the three-eyed race as well, and they were split up in every region. There wasn’t really any connection between them.

Soon after, the Flame Crow revealed a secret. It transmitted sound to Shi Hao, telling him to be careful of fairy Yue Chan.

“What do you mean?” Shi Hao never looked down on the Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy. This was definitely a female who could fight against him at the same level. Her natural talents were astonishing.

Not only was her face incredibly beautiful and her figure extremely wondrous, her strength was rarely seen and exceedingly unordinary. She did not fear Shi Yi’s potential. In the future, it was likely that she would assume control over the Heaven Mending Sect.

“She had already entered the Formation Arrangement Realm a long time ago and is rumored to be undergoing a rebirth. I estimate that once she succeeds, she might be able to deal with you,” said the Flame Crow.

Shi Hao was startled. When hearing the word ‘rebirth’, anyone would be shocked. This was a complete transformation that would allow one to become exponentially stronger.

He was already at the king level, so with his boundless potential, he naturally didn’t fear an expert from this realm and could roam unhindered under the heavens. However, after receiving this news, he was still a bit shaken.

The Flame Crow Race originated from the fiery cave. This was an extremely dangerous place that was engulfed within Li Flames all year round. The temperature of the cave was extremely great, so high that it was horrifying.

Fairy Yue Chan had paid them a visit before and brought with her a stalk of Fire Spirit Flower. This was an indispensable medicine in refining the nirvana medicine.

Once one entered the Formation Arrangement Realm, making a breakthrough again would become even more difficult. From a certain perspective, Shi Hao and fairy Yue Chan had already completed the path that most made in their lives.

Countless cultivators would cultivate bitterly for their entire lives without even reaching this realm. Even the children of deities would only have cultivation speeds similar to this.

After achieving the Formation Arrangement Realm, trying to break through alone was definitely going to be slow. One needed medical supplements to refine their bodies and open all types of hidden potential.

In the Formation Arrangement Realm, the Little Nirvana Pill was the most suitable. It could allow one to open their own divine treasury and break through this realm into the next.

“She is so young, yet she is going to break through the Formation Arrangement Realm and reach the level of a supreme expert?” The nine-headed lion was astonished. It felt a bit of disbelief.

Shi Hao was shocked as well, however, after thinking for a moment, he shook his head and said, “That shouldn’t be the case. She is just preparing ahead of time to consolidate her cultivation.

Now, he had reached the same cultivation level. Even if he was up against the Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy, he could still fight back. He did not believe that she could become a supreme expert, for that was just too frightening.

“Brother Shi, you’ve offended the Immortal Mountain and killed a supreme expert from the Heaven Mending Sect. Your future is looking troublesome,” said the Rainbow Luan.

Shi Hao nodded and said, “No matter. The supreme experts have all hidden themselves to avoid the great tragedy. At that cultivation level, even the creatures from outside this region are staying away, not daring to enter the wasteland region. It isn’t that easy for those remaining to defeat me.”

The great disorder was about to arrive. Rumors were spreading that even the most divine would become like mustard seeds. Currently, regardless of whether it was the Immortal Mountain or Heaven Mending Sect, people he would encounter would be at most Formation Arrangement Realm kings, which he didn’t care much about.

He knew that fairy Yue Chan was not confident in defeating him. Otherwise, she might have taken action already.

In reality, in this great cultivation realm, the big Stone, fairy Yue Chan, and the male with the divine disk were the only people that posed a threat to him.

Everyone chatted to their heart’s content. They all felt that the wasteland region was facing imminent great changes.

“Brother Shi, how did you advance your cultivation realm so quickly? What kind of experiences did you go through? Tell us about some of them.” The flame crow and the other creatures humbly asked for guidance.

Shi Hao was not too stingy, and after telling them his experiences, they could only sigh. After breaking into this realm, it was truly difficult to break through.

In reality, those that were able to enter this realm were all formidable. They were all incredibly outstanding. However, how many of those could break through once again and reach an even greater realm?

Often times, even a lifetime of bitter cultivation would only lead here. Otherwise, why would there be a decent amount of king level figures in a country, yet there would only be a single emperor?

Apart from the creatures of the Archaic Divine Mountains, entering the supreme expert realm  was just too difficult.

“It’s because the Archaic Divine Mountains preserved the most foundational energies of the world, and within them grew the all types of spiritual medicines that could be used to refine the finest Little Nirvana Pills. As a result, they would have supreme experts overseeing their land each generation.”

“Right! The divine mountains have priceless divine medicines!”

They all sighed. Normal inheritances couldn’t be compared to them.

Shi Hao knew that he could break past the Formation Realm in the future; he still had this much confidence in himself. However, he felt like he had to spend an extremely long amount of time to actually do it.

“Brother Shi, you have already reached the Formation Arrangement Realm at the age of fifteen. There is no need to worry much about future opportunities.”

Reaching this level at this age was rarely seen even since the ancient times. He had surpassed many outstanding people before him. They all felt that there was no reason for Shi Hao to feel any discontent towards slower cultivation.

“My enemies are strong… I can only continuously break through and reach even higher levels. Only then could I make the Immortal Mountain and Heaven Mending Sect feel some restraining fear,” Shi Hao said.

Everyone became speechless. The difference in goals between them were just too great.

“My ancestral grandfather has also arrived. Brother Shi, you can ask him for guidance.” The nine-headed lion spoke. He felt that with Shi Hao’s cultivation, it was enough to stand on equal footing with the wasteland region’s most powerful cultivators.

Shi Hao was moved. He did not refuse, as the nine-headed lion’s race even came into contact with deities during the ancient years. They understood more, so he wanted to learn some things.

In a courtyard that was more isolated and quiet, seven or eight elders were sitting and meditating. There were ancient vines around them and praying mats. This place had a distinct style to it.

When Shi Hao was introduced, the elders were moved. They didn’t act arrogantly and all stood up. It was because they all knew who Shi Hao was. They understood that if he could continue living, he would become someone that could unyieldingly move through this world.

“Greetings to seniors of the older generation!” Shi Hao greeted.

No matter how powerful he was, towards these friendly old king figures, he was still extremely respectful. In reality, these were all peak level figures of the Formation Arrangement Realm, and they might become supreme experts in the future.

“Please sit, little friend. There is no need to be so polite.” The one who spoke was a black-robed daoist. After introducing themselves, he learned that this was the flame crow’s grandfather.

These creatures’ relationships were all quite great, and one of them even had a close relationship with one of the Fire Nation’s royal elders. As a result, they were invited into this comparatively peaceful courtyard.

The world was about to become chaotic. These individuals were all anxious. Apart from discussing the dao, they were also chatting about the wasteland region’s great powers.

Shi Hao did not act pretentiously and calmly sat down, for he had the qualifications to face these individuals on equal terms. At the very least, in terms of combat strength, it was hard for him to find many adversaries.

“Little friend is a heaven warping talent rarely seen since the ancient times. You have already climbed towards the peak at such a young age. It really is astonishing.” An elder wearing a golden robe spoke.

Shi Hao knew that this was the Nine Spirit King, an extremely powerful king level figure. He was the nine-headed lion’s grandfather. His power was terrifying. He was on the doorstep to the next great cultivation realm, about to become a supreme expert.

“This younger generation came here to ask seniors a few questions on the path of cultivation.” Shi Hao was extremely direct. He felt that it was better to be frank in front of these figures.

The willow deity had given him great help on his path of cultivation, but questions regarding certain stages of cultivation were never brought up. Asking these old king level figures for advice was an extremely good choice.

The Fire Nation’s old king expert was already close to two hundred years in age. His white eyebrows were extremely long. After hearing his question of how to quickly break through, he revealed a look of shock and said, “With little friend’s talents, the current speed is already extremely astonishing.”

Shi Hao sighed. He knew that the Fire Nation was aware of his entrance into the ancestral ground. He did not hide anything and said, “If I didn’t enter your distinguished country’s sacred land, I wouldn’t have been able to advance so quickly.”

Reaching this point, Shi Hao sighed. As a similar ancient country, why was there no similar inheritance in Stone Country’s ancestral land?

The Fire Nation royal elder opened his mouth and said, “Stone Clan’s ancestral ground’s inheritance is even more astonishing. If little friend has the fortune of receiving it, then this might be the fastest route to break through the Formation Arrangement King Realm.”

“What kind of inheritance does the Stone Country ancestral land have?” Shi Hao was astonished. He came from that place, so could it be that he missed something? When he heard this, he couldn’t help but tremble inwardly and earnestly asked for guidance.

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