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Chapter 408 – Five Phase Ring

The courtyard was completely quiet, and no one dared to say anything recklessly. The little Stone was too powerful. He didn’t feel any fear when berating the king level figure from the Immortal Mountain. If they were to say anything out of place, who knew if it would throw the Immortal Mountain over the edge and spark hatred. That would definitely be a foolish way to bring disaster on themselves.

“Youngster, one must know when to draw the line. If you always act excessively, not only do you cut off the paths of others, you will be cutting off your own as well,” Qin Shoucheng said.

His expression was extremely ugly. He was an elder that dealt with the Immortal Mountain’s mortal affairs, so who dared to rebel against him, let alone berate him? Who did they treat him as?

“Draw the line? You all bully and humiliate others and casually kill. Now that the other person rebels, they are acting excessively? I don’t think you guys are confused, but rather that you’ve all become used to being domineering.” Shi Hao spoke in a cold voice, and it was clear that he was discontent.

Qin Shoucheng’s face fell. “As soon as you entered the courtyard, you’ve already acted violently, cutting down my dao friend. With such viciousness, don’t even try to put this on my Immortal Mountain’s head. Even if you didn’t do that, it would be hard to forgive you!”

“Stop acting hypocritically and speaking such nonsense in a justified manner. If you want to make your move, then just come. Let’s see if any of you can do anything to me.” Shi Hao stood on the stage.

Even though he was only fifteen years old, his body had long grown up. Pitch-black hair fell down his tall body, and the aura he gave off was extremely imposing. His clear eyes were quick-witted as he looked down on everyone.

“Worthy of being a heroic youth!” The Fire Nation’s king level uncle said softly. He nodded inwardly. This kind of bearing was outstanding. If he was given time to grow up, there would definitely be a day when he could look down on everything under the heavens.

Qin Shoucheng’s face became thoroughly downcast. “Good, good, good! You are truly formidable! From the ancient times until now, there hasn’t been many people who dared to provoke my Immortal Mountain. Even if there is some kind of relationship between you and my clan, it will still be difficult for you to escape severe punishment. Since you are acting so outrageously, I will end your cultivation!”

When he spoke up to here, he turned around and looked at the crowd. “Are there any dao friends who would like to deal with this devil with my Immortal Mountain?”

Everyone quivered inwardly and broke out in cold sweat. Qin Shoucheng raised the Immortal Mountain’s great banner. This was now extremely serious. Their power to rally supporters was definitely great.

Sure enough, the Black Cloud Race’s elder immediately stepped up. His hand had been blasted apart by Shi Hao earlier, so how could he let this matter go?


The Barbaric Ox’s roar made the bodies of the people here tremble. A fiery light wrapped around the scarlet bow as it stepped over. This was an old ox king, and it had already made an appearance previously to deal with Shi Hao.

There were some that became restless. At the very least, they believed that the Immortal Mountain had strength.

“You’ve all sparked the conflict to deal with me. Don’t blame me for not giving you a warning.” The purple clothes Shi Hao wore fluttered about, making him seem more and more heroic. He was like a young divine king as his eyes shot out two streaks of cold light.

Everyone trembled inwardly. This was youth that killed a supreme expert before. Even though it was in the Void God Realm, it still showed how boundless his potential was. The others stopped in their steps.

Qin Shoucheng calmly laughed and seemed to have forgotten his previous anger. He calmed down and said, “With two dao brothers taking action, it is enough.”

In that instant, he opened his mouth and spat out an inch wide circle of light that blossomed with color. This was a precious ring that was releasing bizarre fluctuations.

Everyone wanted to back up in fear of being caught up in this attack. However, everyone immediately became overwhelmed with shock, because this entire courtyard was trapped. They couldn’t budge at all, as if they were standing in a swamp.

“What is this? Why can’t I move?”

“My body is being restrained, I can’t use any of my strength!”

The people here looked at the precious ring in horror. They all understood that this was brought about by the divine might of that precious artifact.

“Senior, we aren’t involved, so why are we frozen too?”

“Immortal Mountain’s seniors, this matter does not involve us!”

This precious artifact was too powerful. No wonder Qin Shoucheng was not scared. This was a great killing weapon that could lock down everyone. It trapped every single person; this was too terrifying.

“Everyone, there is no need to panic. All of you are uninvolved. It’s just that this precious artifact is too powerful and will lock down this entire place. I will send you all out.” Qin Shoucheng seemed extremely calm.

This was a type of intimidation, a manifestation of the Immortal Mountain’s power. It was just a single precious artifact, yet it could lock down heaven and earth. All of the cultivators here were suppressed.

All of the experts felt scared and upset. Just now, if they were to oppose the Immortal Mountain, wouldn’t the Immortal Mountain have been able to easily slaughter them?!

Multicolored light flashed. Qin Shoucheng controlled the rainbow-colored ring in midair. When the swept over the crowd, their freedom was returned.

Everyone’s hearts were beating wildly, and even king level figures felt a restraining fear. The Immortal Mountain was too terrifying, and their concealed strength was too great.

Regardless of whether it was Lady Qianqian or Huo Ling’er, both of their faces became pale. Just now, they were trapped inside as well. This ring was just too formidable.

There were only a few people left inside the stage. Shi Hao, the nine-headed lion, and the big red bird; only these three were trapped. Outside of this, there was the Flaming Bull Race king expert, the elder from the Black Cloud Race, and Qin Shoucheng.

Outside of the fight, the broken-armed middle-aged man sneered. “After falling into the Five Phase Ring, let’s see just how you are going to defy the heavens!”

Qin Chao who had his face smashed apart and his cultivation ruined said, “Elder Qin, suppress that nine-headed lion and make him my mount! I want to ride his sworn brother while watching him get killed.”

The so-called ‘him’ was obviously Shi Hao. Qin Chao hated him too bitterly and truly wanted to take action personally to humiliate him. Unfortunately, he was far from being Shi Hao’s opponent.

Within the stage, the golden lion’s entire body shone, but it still couldn’t move at all. There was a tremendous wave of strength pressing down on it that made it more uncomfortable the more it resisted. Its heart was pounding. This treasure was too powerful and simply impossible to defend against. It couldn’t struggle free and could only be attacked.

The big red bird was also ranting and raving. Its body was restricted, preventing it from escaping. It had a feeling that things were not going to end well.

“That’s the Five Phase Ring, the most famous precious artifact of the Immortal Mountain!” Lady Qianqian said. Her pretty face revealed a look of astonishment.

“What? This is the Five Phase Ring, the precious artifact known to rarely have enemies it cannot seal?!” Many people were shocked.

The fame of the Five Phase Ring was just too great. During the ancient era, its illustrious might was extremely well-known. No one knew just how many world-shocking great figures were killed by it.

It is rumored that the Five Phase Ring was refined from the primordial symbolled bone of an extremely famous heavenly ranked vicious beast. Through an evolution of the five phases, it achieved a realm of its own, making it one of the most powerful precious artifacts.

There are many different stories about this precious artifact. When it was first refined, legend has it that the sun and moon lost their radiance and the entire mysterious region lost color. An endless amount of heavenly treasures was exhausted, and the precious bones of five heavenly ranked vicious beasts were only the core materials. Endless divine blood and precious bones were used for the flames and refinement process.

In the past, once this artifact appeared, the various deities would all retreat. No one knew just how many ancient powers it killed.

“The Five Phase Ring is the Immortal Mountain’s sect guarding treasure, so how could it be casually brought out? This is just an imitation.” An elder spoke softly.

Someone nodded and said, “You are correct, it is an imitation. Even though there are five types of multicolored light, there is one light that is extremely dim. Only four true bones are truly displaying might.”

When everyone heard what was said, they were all shaken. This was just an imitation, moreover a damaged one, yet it had this kind of might? If the true Five Phase Ring appeared, just how powerful would it become?!

Not only did the nine-headed lion and the big red bird find it hard to move a muscle, Shi Hao also shivered inwardly. Now that the Five Phase Ring affected this place and continuously released fluctuations, it was hard for him to break free as well.

“Dao brothers, we can take action now and ruin his cultivation. This can also be a type of justice for the difficulties the two of you faced,” Qin Shoucheng calmly said.

He believed that once the Five Phase Ring appeared, Shi Hao would not be able to do anything. After all, this was an incredibly precious artifact that was modeled after the Immortal Mountain’s sect guarding treasure. Even though it was damaged, it was not something that a king level figure could defend against.

“I want to personally witness his destruction!” Outside, the purple-haired Qin Chao tightly clenched his fist.

“Dao brother, your technique is impressive! We are in admiration!” The Black Cloud Race’s elder nodded and walked forward with large steps. Killing intent appeared on his face.

The Flaming Bull Race king expert moved as well. Even though they were here, they didn’t feel any restrictions. It was clear that once Qin Shoucheng brought out the Five Phase Ring, this entire area became under his control.

“Without being able to grow up, you will only ever be an ant. Many people could deal with you!” The two king level figures sneered.

With a weng sound, the Black Cloud Race expert turned into dark light and threw himself over. He had his own selfish motives, and that was to destroy all of Shi Hao’s blood essence and refine him alive.

The outstanding youth’s entire body was precious. His flesh could match the Western Sect’s Vajra Unbreakable Body, so it was definitely precious flesh medicine.


Suddenly, Shi Hao opened his mouth and spat out a streak of sword energy that released a dazzling radiance. It was incomparably bright and resplendent. This was the sword intent from the beast skin he received from the Void God Realm. Even though he couldn’t move, the sword intent was still boundless. He could still use it without any inhibition.

After a muffled groan, the Black Cloud Race’s elder backed up. He knew that he had been careless. His chest was penetrated, and the wound was difficult to close. Blood continuously surged.

The sword intent was too terrifying. It continuously disintegrated his body, making him completely terrified. He endured the great pain and quickly backed up.

This was completely unexpected, and no one would have thought that Shi Hao would still be able to reveal his might while being locked down. He injured a powerful Formation Arrangement Realm cultivator.

The Flaming Bull Race king level expert rushed out murderously and attacked towards Shi Hao’s back. He did not close the distance, and instead, fiery light flooded the heavens as a pair of enormous horns released their radiance. The sword energy was like a rainbow.

It similarly released sword intent from a distance. It wanted to kill Shi Hao on the spot in a decisive and ferocious manner.


Shi Hao’s back illuminated, and sword energy rushed out from a few opening within his muscles and vessels. His entire body could release attacks, and there were even a few streaks of sword energy that struck towards the Five Phase Ring in the sky.

Everyone was astounded. He was truly worthy of being the little Stone! Even after being caught in desperate straits, he could still strike back. How formidable was this?

“Let’s see how you will overturn the heavens!” Qin Shoucheng’s eyes were full of chilliness. He moved the Five Phase Ring downwards. Within it, there were four lights that were particularly resplendent. They formed a hazy gas that spread downwards.

This area became hazy, as if a great lake was freezing over. The world was locked down, and it was difficult for any external forces to break in.

Qin Shoucheng raised his hand, and a lightning symbol appeared within his palm. It struck at Shi Hao to destroy his cultivation, turning his body into an ordinary one.

“Royal uncle, could you destroy that Five Phase Ring? Otherwise, Shi Hao will be in danger!” Huo Ling’er asked softly. She revealed an anxious expression.

The old royal uncle shook his head and replied, “It is hard to break. Any power or magical artifact would only add to its power. Why do you think it is known as an unrivalled magical artifact? It is because it could devour energy from all of the five phases, and everything in this world can be divided into the five phases.”

“Youngster, forget about a supreme expert, even if you were allowed to fully mature, the Immortal Mountain would still not be something you could shake.” Qin Shoucheng’s voice was cold as he spoke. The lightning symbol hacked down, and endless lightning surrounded Shi Hao.

Shi Hao’s entire body illuminated. Mysterious symbols appeared all around him. “Then let me show you!”

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