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Chapter 394 – Mysterious Female

Shouts of violence echoed through the Demonic Spirit Lake’s skies. Large spiders that were as large as small mountains were being slaughtered. Great enemies had descended that day, and they were in imminent peril.

No one could have thought that a restricted land with such an ancient inheritance would suffer such a great disaster today. A powerful physical body was enough to draw all of these supreme experts over.

“Kill your way in! Our great fortune is just up ahead! The dual-pupils together with the supreme being bone, if these are both in our hands who would even be able to face us?!”

This roar reverberated through the restricted land. This was the roar of a supreme expert. The sound was like thunder, making many people’s souls tremble.

After experiencing the Void God Realm’s battle, everyone was able to see just how dazzling the older Stone brother was. With two heavenly gifts in his body, it truly was something that shook the old and illuminated the new. If it wasn’t for the younger Stone brother being so monstrous, in the future, just how many people could match his power?

In reality, this battle had already begun a long time ago. When the battle between the two Stone brothers was about to end, there were already people stealthily moving out to steal that body, only, these people were stopped. After all, this was the ancestral ground of the demonic spider, and all types of restrictions were in place that made the supreme experts that invaded earlier suffer great losses. Only now did more people rush over.


Heaven and earth began to collapse as all types of magical artifacts flew about. Powerful fluctuations were released, and many shrines and historical remains were blasted apart. This place was being completely overturned.

The mountain gate had been destroyed a long time ago. A few supreme experts barged in and unleashed a slaughter. Blood flowed from the bodies of many great spiders, and there were corpses everywhere

However, the power the demonic spiders were hiding was still quite great. Their ancestral formations revived, constructing a great and complex formation. It hacked out with sky soaring beams of light that swept through its great enemies.

“Truly hateful!”

The lord of the Demonic Spirit Lake was an elder that had been practicing the dao for many years. His cultivation was deep and profound. He personally passed on many great techniques to Shi Yi, but he always had some ‘thoughts’ himself. However, he never expected that so many people would rush over to seize the body today.

He never even had the thought that Shi Yi would lose and be killed by the smaller Stone brother, producing this kind of result.

Obtaining the dual-pupiled individual’s body was naturally equivalent to obtaining a great opportunity. If one was able to make the new body synergize with their spirit, then cultivating with it might allow one to soar to an unmatched level. Of course, doing so would carry great risk, with the chances of both body and spirit being ruined during the process. After all, the danger of exchanging one’s body was too great, and not many people dared to do such a thing.

The lord of the Demonic Spirit Lake wanted to raise Shi Yi, and unless he was left with absolutely no choice, he wouldn’t try to steal this matchless precious body. Unfortunately, Shi Yi had died, and he was left with no choice. The body had drawn the desires of supreme experts outside.

“They are all supreme experts without many years left or those with unmentionable diseases. Their roads ahead are all cut off, and thus they’ve come here to steal it. The most important factor was that the battle in the Void God Realm stirred all of them up. They were able to witness that the dual-pupils together with the supreme being bone truly could become that powerful.” One of the large spiders on the side spoke.

This was an absolute calamity for the Demonic Spirit Lake. If not for the great formation that was unleashed, surrounding this place with a thick mist, precious energy, and numerous symbols, this place would have been destroyed a while ago.

Despite all of this, there were still some supreme experts that rushed in. They destroyed great formations one after another.


Blood flowed and figures swirled through the air. Precious techniques dazzled the skies.


High up in the skies, a spider web appeared. It was sparkling, translucent, and decorated with the sun, moon, and stars. It rumbled with noise as it surrounded an invading supreme expert before refining him.

“This is bad. A damaged formation left behind by a deity has revived and is going to refine us!” Someone cried out. Even though they were smashing their way ahead, there were still dangers at every corner. After all, this was the ancestral ground of the demonic spider race. Formations were covering more formations, symbols interweaved on top of other symbols; there were just too many defensive measures in place.

In the past, great battles involving saints and divine wars have taken place here. This place did not fall even after such catastrophes, so this area naturally had areas it excelled in.

Even though these damaged formations were worn down by the years, the ones invading were not ancient powers, so the Demonic Spirit Lake might not necessarily be destroyed.

“Old spider, you dare… Ah!”

The entire body of the supreme expert within the spider web shone and began to emit a fiery light. After being captured by the deity’s damaged web, he couldn’t break free at all and was quickly refined. His body began to burn.

“This…” Everyone gasped.

This was just too terrifying! A supreme expert was going to fall here.


A streak of fiery light soared. This place erupted with a tremendous surge of fluctuations. The true supreme expert exploded, turning into an abnormal fiery light that continuously burned.

The death of a figure like that created quite an impact. Many people began to feel restraining fear. The Demonic Spirit Lake wasn’t an easy place after all, and one could easily fall here.

“Hand over that body!” Someone shouted.

Even though there was a powerful cultivator that died, the people here still didn’t back off. There were a few that became even more crazy. Blood splashed outwards from time to time. The Demonic Spirit Lake suffered severe losses.

The supreme experts that came were not just from one power. A bloodbath was inevitable. Even if there were restrictions placed in defense, the demonic spider race had already suffered severe losses. If this continued, they were going to be wiped out.

Even though those that came were not as powerful as ancient powers, there weren’t that many extremely powerful figures overseeing this place. It was in a decline.

Pu, pu…

Heads tumbled and blood surged into the sky. The Demonic Spirit Lake was dyed red in blood. Its disciples were slaughtered miserably.

Of course, the casualties of the invaders were high as well.

All types of restrictive formations appeared. There were supreme experts that fell. This battle was full of vicious slaughter. Many people’s eyes were red from desire.

Spider webs covered everything. These were formed from the most powerful symbols. They were like starry streams as they suspended themselves in the heavens and suppressed in all directions.

The battle became more and more fierce. The ground was covered in blood, and corpses lied everywhere.


An ancient palace in midair was blasted apart, indicating that powerful supreme experts were going to break into the heart of the restricted land.

High up in the sky lied the most important location of the Demonic Spirit Lake, a particularly magnificent central palace. All of its inheritance was kept there. Shi Yi’s body was also here.

“Yi, not good. Who is that woman?!” Someone cried out in alarm.

A female appeared within the battle field. As she strode over, the formation patterns couldn’t stop her steps at all. A single step covered thousands of zhang as she bore through the blood-covered ancient land to enter the restrictive land’s center.

“Who is this person?” Even the supreme experts were alarmed and turned around to look. There were even a few who directly attacked!

However, this woman was extremely unique. The ground seemed to shrink beneath her feet, and in just a few flashes, she avoided all of those terrifying attacks. None of the precious techniques touched her.

Everyone’s hearts were shivering in fear. This woman was definitely powerful and not a normal character. If she had any intentions on that body, then she would definitely be one of their formidable opponents.

Her body was covered in ash-colored clothes, and her long sleeves fluttered about. They covered her impressive figure and gave her a mysterious aura. Upon closer inspection, her clothes were extremely old, as if they were an ancient fashion style. This type of clothing was already rarely seen in this day and age.

A head of hair scattered down, covering her sparkling white and charming face. It was difficult to see what kind of expression she currently had. However, when half of her small face was revealed, it was enough to make everyone cry out in admiration.

It was a dreamlike face, like one out of a fantasy. Even though they couldn’t get a complete view, they could imagine just how wonderful it was. It was a face that only fairy Yue Chan or the witch could compare to.

Wind blew through her hair, giving them a brief glance of her eyes. They carried a watery mist, and from time to time, they swirled with an aged power that made many people tremble inwardly.

When she walked, it didn’t seem very fast, but every step would take her thousands of zhang away. The entire battlefield seemed to have shrunk under her steps, shocking many people.

“This is the earth shrinking technique, a great divine ability from the ancient era!” Someone said while narrowing their eyes.

A few supreme experts could tell that this was not just some similar divine ability, nor was it an exaggeration. This was the true earth withdrawal divine ability, and it was displayed right before their eyes.

One has to understand that once this kind of precious technique is raised to its limit, it would reach an inconceivable level. It was known as one of the world’s fastest techniques, fast enough to stand side by side with the Kun Peng’s speed.


A great imprint descended from a certain direction. It flowed with auspicious rainbow colors and scattered down tens of thousands of threads. This precious imprint turned into an enormous divine mountain. It covered up the sky as it suppressed towards the woman.

“Earth Suppression Imprint!” Someone cried out in shock.

This was a powerful precious artifact, one that was extremely well known among precious imprints. During the ancient years, the Sky Overturning Imprint, Earth Suppression Imprint, and the others were extremely famous.

However, as the great imprint descended onto her, she merely opened her hand and produced a symbol from her palm. It directly propped up the enormous mountain and blasted it away.

With a hong sound, the rainbow mountain was sent flying. The auspicious radiance it released illuminated the sky as it left the battlefield. It was actually sent flying out of here.

“Even though it isn’t the ancient earth suppression imprint, it is still a rare magical artifact, yet it was still swept away. This female is so powerful. Exactly what kind of background does she have?” Many people’s eyebrows began to jump, and many supreme experts began to pay close attention.

“It’s her!” The eyes of the Demonic Spirit Lake’s old spider lord rapidly shrunk. He recognized that female, since he had received a detailed report in the past.

When Shi Yi broke free from the Ancient Sacred Courtyard, the golden spider supreme expert that had once personally witnessed this mysterious female followed him out. The golden spider couldn’t see through her at all.

Only after the female disappeared without leaving any indication of her direction did the the great golden spider return. He wasn’t even able to see how she left, but when he returned to the Demonic Spirit Lake, a picture was drawn, informing the lord of what had happened.

When the lord of Demonic Spirit Lake saw this, he was naturally shocked. He firmly believed that the woman from back then had arrived. Her divine abilities were shocking, and it was difficult to see just how deep her power was.


The deity’s formation descended. Despite being damaged, the spider web was still extremely powerful. It was difficult to deal with for most people, but this female’s body was extremely flexible. The way she moved was was almost inconceivable as she moved through the chinks of the great spiderweb.

The formation’s symbols and patterns were pushed back by the layer of soft light as soon as they approached and completely dissolved.

The woman reached the central palace suspended in the heavens with a single step. She stepped onto the jade stairs and was about to enter the ancient palace.

Everyone gasped. This female was too powerful! She was in a level of her own. Even though all the supreme experts were able to invade the Demonic Spirit Lake by attacking and destroying many palaces, none of them could reach the central palace.

Yet she, who had just arrived, already accomplished this. It was just too terrifying. She made her way through the battlefield, avoiding all the ancient great formations to quickly reach her destination.


Precious light flew about and magical artifacts rushed about chaotically. The skies seemed to have exploded. Not only were the Demonic Spirit Lake’s people trying to suppress that female, even the supreme experts took action. None of them wanted her to succeed.

However, in front of the heavenly palace, she once again used the earth withdrawal divine ability. Sometimes, she backed off, and other times, she approached. It dazzled those who watched. Each step she took resounded with great rumbling sounds.

“Heavens, she didn’t stir up any of the symbols and directly entered the heavenly palace through the formation!”

Everyone gasped in shock. The divine lights and magical artifacts all exploded in front of the heavenly palace. When the great formation revived, it began to strike back against the crowd.

“Stop her!”

Demonic Spirit Lake’s old spider roared. Many people moved forward. The central palace was thrown into utter disorder.

The ancient formation revived, and ancestral artifacts rumbled. Heaven and earth shook as this place became a land of calamity.

However, this female was too fast. Her steps looked light, but whenever her feet lowered, it was as if the great stars in the skies shifted and mountains and rivers changed. She arrived in front of a praying mat.

This was where a youth with sparkling skin sat. This was precisely Shi Yi, only now, there was no spirit moving within. His eyes were closed and his body motionless.

The Demonic Spirit Lake’s lord personally blocked her way. However, with just a sweep of the female’s sleeve, it was as if clouds and mists soared, blasting him out into the distance. He was left completely dumbstruck.

It was clear that the other party’s cultivation was higher than his, but he wasn’t clear just how much higher it was. This was a mysterious woman whose depth could not be seen through.

Her long sleeves shook, and Shi Yi disappeared from above the praying mat. She then turned around to leave. A single step took her hundreds to thousands of zhang away as she departed from the palace. When she moved again, she traveled several li away, crossing the battlefield. When her third step descended, she was already at the mountain gate.

Everyone’s magical artifacts and divine abilities descended at the same time. They were all sent towards her body, not willing to let her leave.

The woman didn’t seem to pay these attacks any attention and continued to take steps outwards. Her gray clothes were extremely spacious. When she took the fourth step, she directly disappeared from everyone’s sight. All of the precious artifacts only hit empty air.

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