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Chapter 395 – Fourteen-Year-Old King

“Too fast! Unbelievable!” Everyone there was completely shocked. Who exactly was this woman? She could actually travel unhindered through this battlefield and directly bring out Shi Yi.

Not only were the people of Demonic Spirit Lake stupefied, even the supreme experts were speechless.

The Demonic Spirit Lake’s ancient formations did not produce their proper effects. They didn’t stop the woman’s actions. She was on a level of her own, avoiding all of the killing symbols.

The supreme experts of the outside world weren’t satisfied with this result. They continued to rush and murder their way in. They were about to succeed, yet in the end, the supreme precious body was taken away by someone else.

“Hurry up and chase!” Someone shouted loudly.

This was just too ridiculous! Everyone had killed their way into the Demonic Spirit Lake, and there were corpses everywhere, yet halfway there, this kind of mysterious woman appeared and brought away Shi Yi’s body. Who would be willing to accept something like this?

Many figures chased after her, entering the boundless great wastelands. However, her figure was already far away. Where would they even go to look for her? The gray-clothed woman was just too fast.

With a single step of hers, the sun, moon, mountains, and rivers seemed to turn in reverse. This wasn’t something that the speed of man could chase after. Her long sleeves fluttered about, and in the blink of an eye, she disappeared from the limits of the horizon.

Endless mountains and peaks rose up and down. There were a few supreme experts who used their precious artifacts to move through the great mountain ranges. They were like streaks of flowing lights as they made their way through mountains and rivers, but not a single trace could be found.

She disappeared just like that, completely vanishing from this world after leaving the Demonic Spirit Lake.

“It’s not that we aren’t fast enough, but rather that she is just too fast. Other than learning the Kun Peng technique, only a few other techniques can even compare.” Someone sighed and said.

The supreme experts that rushed over were all furious. They were left in the dust just like that. They were truly unwilling to accept this!

Of course, if we were talking about who was the most depressed, then it was the people from Demonic Spirit Lake. Shi Yi was originally their ‘seed’ who they placed their greatest hopes on, yet in the end, he died in battle, so his body should belong to them.

Yet when they saw that woman bring Shi Yi’s body away before their eyes, they couldn’t do anything to stop her.

These people were beyond angry. Both sides suffered such heavy losses, yet in the end, neither side received anything. It was truly an example of wanting to cry but no tears coming out.

These experts were all looking, but there was nothing in the great wastelands. The gray-clothed woman had long vanished, leaving everyone in utter frustration and disappointment.

“Ah…” An old supreme expert roared. His lifespan was already short and he wanted to secure a future for himself, yet all he had now was stifling resentment.

“This is the older of the two Stone brothers we are talking about! It is a supreme body that is nearly impossible to find in this world, yet it is gone just like that!” Another elder with an incurable disease also clenched his fists.

“So hateful! Damnit!” Within the Demonic Spirit Lake, curses continuously sounded. The old supreme experts were all feeling great resentment. Their hatred was all directed at the mysterious female.

All of their hopes and efforts came to nothing. None of them were able to obtain anything.

Not long after, the supreme experts from outside this place backed off. The faces of everyone in the Demonic Spirit Lake were ashen. They were almost completely wiped out, yet in the end, they didn’t even obtain anything. How could they endure this?

Soon after, the result of this battle was announced to the world. Every single region was in uproar. The great battle of the Void God Realm had just ended, yet the Demonic Spirit Lake suffered a great disaster right after with many supreme entities involved. It created a huge storm of commotion.

Many people were extremely regretful for not rushing over to witness the Demonic Spirit Lake’s battle. It truly was a pity.

It was just one thing after the next in the wasteland region. This region couldn’t calm down at all. The string of events that took place was just too shocking, leaving everyone shocked.

The results of the Void God Realm battle between the two Stone brothers was revealed. It shook the entire world; Shi Yi was killed, and Shi Hao claimed the summit. He became the only supreme youth of the wasteland region.

What did it mean to be supreme? It naturally meant that there was only one! An individual who was incomparable!

Now, not even pure-blooded creatures were comparable. During that battle, Shi Hao’s performance was equivalent to that of a divine being, enough to subdue any peers. Within the wasteland region, it was hard for him to meet a worthy opponent.

“The greater Stone has died, and the smaller Stone is soaring into the heavens. Who could contend against him?” This was what made everyone sigh with regret.

What if they left the wasteland region? No one could be certain. After all, after the two Stone brothers’ great battle, there was even someone who dared to challenge the domain embodiment. There will definitely be a great disturbance in the future.

“The divine level stage will truly appear, and the day when the great talents of various regions clash isn’t too far off.”

“Fairy Yue Chan and the witch are extraordinarily stunning. These two will inevitably stand on the battlefield and look down on everyone their age.”

Afterwards, everyone was then reminded about the wasteland region’s impending chaos. They couldn’t calm down at all. The world was in disagreement, and it was possible that an extremely terrifying period of time was coming.

However, based on history, this was the period of time that produced the most outstanding experts. These troubled times were where the greatest talents appeared. This truly was the case.

The outside world was greatly stirred up and clamoring with noise!

“It is truly a pity for the older Stone brother. With this kind of natural gifts, it was enough for him to look down on both the ancient and modern world. Yet in the end, he died an untimely death. Heaven is truly jealous of heroic geniuses!”

The restlessness that was stirred was even greater than everyone had expected. The great sects and ancient countries were all talking about the battle. As long as there were cultivators, there would be discussions on this subject.

“The younger Stone brother is just too formidable. Before the battle, there were only a few people that favored him. They all thought that he was inherently weaker and would be killed by the old Stone brother, yet how did it end? They were all wrong.”

“I heard that not only that mysterious male wanted to capture fairy Yue Chan. I heard that the little Stone brother also wanted to forcefully carry the Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy back to his so-called village!”

The outside world was stirring with activity. However, right now, none of this had anything to do with Shi Hao.

When he had just returned to Stone Village, the instant his spirit returned to his physical body, he grimaced in pain. His entire body was aching intensely. All of the wounds in the Void God Realm were brought back to his flesh.

This feeling was extremely strange! It was as if his body experienced the great battle and immediately suffered serious damage, making him nearly faint.

When he returned, he felt especially relaxed. When he was fighting the great battle, he was already almost completely depleted of energy. Right now, he couldn’t budge an inch, and it was hard for him to even open his eyes.

“This is too awesome! Little Hao won!” Stone Village’s people cheered with joy. They were all extremely happy for him.

“Can’t sleep yet.” Shi Hao grinded his teeth. He forcefully stirred his spirit. This battle was extremely dangerous. He encountered an utterly outstanding enemy and almost died himself. However, the benefits he received were tremendous as well.

He forced himself to stay awake. He brought out the praying mat he obtained from the Kun Peng nest and sat on top. He then began to carefully recall every last bit of this battle.

He was at the border between life and death as he fought against this evenly matched adversary. He would never be able to experience something like this normally. This was the toughest battle he had fought since he was born, so he had to carefully reflect and slowly study it.

When everyone in Stone Village understood Shi Hao’s situation, they stopped their celebration and created a peaceful setting for him. They waited for him to stand up again.

Just like that, Shi Hao entered a wondrous state. He sank into a deep state of comprehension. The area between his brows continuously shone, and all types of patterns appeared on his body’s surface.

He would wake from time to time and drink a cup of little devil wine to nourish his body and treat his wounds.

His injuries were extremely severe. He slowly recovered while comprehending the dao, creating a strange state of healing. Shi Hao studied the dao for an entire month, and it took an entire month for his injured body to make a full recovery.

When he finally woke, he stood up and noticed that he had already reached the consummate level of the Engravement Realm. He had truly reached the limit, and his strength had increased by a large amount again!

“I studied the dao for a month, and my recovery also took a month?” Shi Hao was completely astonished. This battle had injured him extremely deeply, and the damage had been truly severe.

However, this kind of great life and death struggle carried great opportunities within it. During this month of dao comprehension, he understood a lot more, to a point that it was difficult to express with words. It was extremely beneficial for his future cultivation.

Forget about the other benefits, just the fact that he went from the late stage to the consummate level of the Engravement Realm in one month was a cultivation speed that was absolutely horrifying! It was a speed that would leave everyone greatly shaken!

“Ah, Uncle Hao woke up!” A little brat ran over and cried out happily.

“This is too great! Little Hao is okay and made a complete recovery!” The village immediately bustled with noise. All of the villagers hurried over and released a breath. All of them had smiles on their faces.

“I’m fine. I’ve made you all worry.” Shi Hao was extremely happy. The villagers were who he cared about the most. His loved ones’ care made him feel warm inside.

This great battle shook the entire wasteland region.

Only at this moment did Shi Hao truly relax. The villagers were all extremely happy, and they celebrated around the bonfire that night. All types of prey were being roasted or stewed, releasing an extremely alluring fragrance. The fragrance of the little devil wine also wafted in the air far into the distance.

The village was full of activity. Everyone was extremely happy, as if they were celebrating a holiday.

Shi Hao stayed within the village for a while, because he still had important things to do. He had to study the divine imprint. Those lights had been collected into his body.

These things were without a doubt, heaven defying. For the sake of comprehending the dao even further, Shi Hao placed everything else down and sank into a state of isolation, almost cutting himself from the outside world.

“These imprints truly appeared at a great time.” Half a month later, Shi Hao muttered this to himself. He received astonishing gains. This might help him break through the Engravement Realm!

He was currently at the consummate level of the Engravement Realm. He now wanted to break past the paths of the people below him and take a step beyond the highest level of enlightenment. What was more suitable than the imprint of a deity for this?

These imprints were damaged and not complete, but they were extremely profound. They were difficult to thoroughly comprehend at his current cultivation realm. However, this was a type of reference. If he was able to comprehend just a portion, he would receive endless enlightenment.

“So it was actually like this!” He would receive benefits every day. The divine light within his body formed cauldrons, furnaces, bells… they continuously changed. In the end, they truly began to form the Kun Peng. He once again tried to challenge what he couldn’t complete in the past.

If the outside world knew about this, they would immediately be frightened. Even among the dazzling Noble King level figures, there weren’t many that made contact with the domain of transforming divine light into symbols.

Yet right now, Shi Hao was actually evolving them again within his body. He changed the divine lights into the form of a Kun Peng, and even though there weren’t many, it was enough to allow his attacks’ speed to greatly increase.

One day led to the next. Shi Hao had already stayed in the village for more than half a year. He was already a bit over fourteen years old. In the end, he completely broke through the limits of the Engravement Realm, surpassing the basic limits of this realm.

He carefully examined himself and noticed that his strength truly rose rapidly, leaving even him shocked. No matter who he faced in the past, as long as they were in the Engravement Realm, he had confidence in overwhelming them!

Several days later, his entire body shone brilliantly. He began to exceed the Engravement Realm, because there was no longer any reason to remain in this cultivation level. He began to advance into the next great realm.

An enormous hong sounded. He stepped into a different realm!

Now, he was a true Noble King, or more precisely, he could be granted the title king. A fourteen-year-old king; if this was announced to the rest of the world, it would definitely produce a shocking result.

Even if there were some in the past, there definitely weren’t that many. His age alone placed him high above others. He could now look down on everyone else his age.

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