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Chapter 393 – Divine Judgment

The energy that was pouring down was just too powerful. The cultivators here were blown around as if they were ants facing a great sea. They felt extremely insignificant as the great waves swept them everywhere.

This was a horrifying and helpless reality. When these powerful cultivators realized that they were absolutely nothing here, one can just imagine how they felt.

In that boundless heaven, a powerful will was reviving. A great rumbling sound rang through the air. The spiritual energy extended far into the distance and swept through everything.

The only good thing was that it did not seem to possess any killing intent. It merely swept over everyone here. This entire place was greatly shaken!

“What is that?” The supreme experts were all terrified. Just how powerful was this energy? It definitely exceeded the restriction here, far surpassing the limits of the laws.

“Domain Lord, it is definitely the revival of the domain lord!” There was someone whose mind worked extremely quickly and guessed the source of this power. The domain embodiment was killed, so it naturally stirred up an even higher level of existence.

The Void God Realm’s will was also divided into ranks. Above the domain embodiment was the domain lord, and this was the existence that was truly in control of this region. The domain lord was omnipotent; in this world, the domain lord was just like a god.

The sky battlefield was overcast. A chain of order tore through the air, descending from the heavens. The light it released was incomparably blinding. It flew through the air and hacked towards a certain direction.


The people here didn’t know whether to be shocked or glad. The power of the law was too powerful, but it didn’t descend on them, but rather in the mysterious male’s direction.

“Even though he was powerful, he will still most likely still be in danger. In this world, the domain lord is equal to the reappearance of the deities’ will, omnipotent and simply inescapable.”

It was as if an immortal sword was hacking down. The noise was thunderous, causing everyone to tremble. Forget about experiencing that attack, just the shockwaves it produced was already enough to make them shake uncontrollably.

The supreme experts were all quaking in fear. Even if this wasn’t the Void God Realm and instead the real world, they still wouldn’t be able to endure it. It truly was divine judgment!

The deities declared their will, punishing the one that dared to cause trouble in this world. This is — divine judgment.

With the appearance of this kind of tribulation, under normal circumstances, it was impossible to survive. It could even be said that the one punished would undoubtedly die.


However, the bloody scene of blood splashing did not appear. The divine horn disk rose and blocked this strike. This time, it did not flicker with symbols, and was instead dim and without fluctuations; however, it was still able to block this attack.

Everyone sighed. Only this kind of chaotic artifact could stop the divine judgment. Anything else would be destroyed.

Up in the heavens, the will was rather shaken. It once again revived, and the energy it released this time was more powerful than the last. It was as if a great furnace was burning above the clouds.

Within the blinding radiance, several chains descended with hualala sounds. They were like precious chains made from divine gold. It wanted to incarcerate the criminal and restore justice.

“Chain of the gods, this kind of object truly appeared!” Someone cried out in amazement.

There were even more people who were now at a loss for words. During the ancient years, there was a legend that when the most powerful creatures caused trouble in the Void God Realm, they would be captured by these chains.

“It is rumored that the greatest criminals were sent into the Void God Realm’s prison where one has to fight against countless terrifying criminals. They would suffer from great torment there.”

“Yi, it was blocked again!”

The horn shone with light once again. Primal chaos diffused, and the mysterious symbols on its surface flickered. Ultimately, they formed a single character: Pardon!

Was it trying to converse with the domain embodiment? Everyone became stupefied. This magical artifact was truly heaven defying, actually conversing with the will deft behind by the deities. It was powerful to a ridiculous level.

“Is the domain lord going to forgive the male in the divine flames?” Someone guessed.

“The domain embodiment is ruthless and callous, after all, it is just a will, or a form of law. It could only strictly carry out what was agreed on back then. It most likely won’t compromise.

As expected, those chains continued to pursue the mysterious male. It seemed dead-set on capturing him.

“Aiya, this is bad! We are being expelled!” Everyone was still discussing how they weren’t involved in this attack, yet now, all of them cried out with fear. Strand after strand of black energy began to seep from their heads. These people were being forcefully kicked out of the Void God Realm.

They were not allowed to step foot into the Void God Realm again for several months to years until the banishment period had passed.

“Go!” No one else dared to speak any more nonsense. They all quickly left.

In reality, there were some that were the fastest and did not stay here for a second longer, and these included Shi Hao, the witch, and fairy Yue Chan. The only unlucky one was the mysterious male who was intercepted. Even though the others also seized the divine imprints, they weren’t labeled as ‘aggressors’.


In the end, the fluctuations in the sky exploded. Several chains descended from the clouds, but right as it was about to bind up the mysterious male, it suffered the counterattack of the divine horn disk. An extraordinary radiance erupted.

This was a heaven defying sacred object after all. This world couldn’t suppress it. It could still continue to reveal its original divine might.

Chaotic light scattered downwards. All of the chains were blasted flying by the multicolored light, leaving everyone shocked. The will up in the sky was clearly angered when it saw that even the chains were blocked. It unleashed its power, releasing an extremely large sphere of light. It took on the form of a palm and grabbed downwards.

“Let’s go, we aren’t fighting against the domain lord. Otherwise, even if I leave this domain, I won’t be allowed to enter the other parts of the Void God Realm.” A look of worry appeared on the mysterious male’s face. It was clear that it was hard for him to calm down.

He directly punctured his own chest as sacrifice. A lot of his core blood was offered up to allow the chaotic artifact to bring him away.


A beam of light flew out from the chaotic disk, piercing through the void. It cleared up a path, and he immediately entered it. The horn magical artifact trembled slightly and followed afterwards. It then sealed up the entrance.

They disappeared just like that, only leaving behind small ripples. Everyone watching was left in indescribable shock!

This was simply a miracle! Everyone here was utterly shocked.

Shi Hao left without leaving a trace. Right now, no one’s speed was faster than his as he sped through this region towards the ruins. That was where he entered the Void God Realm from, and so that was the place he had to leave from as well.

Suddenly, he developed a really bad feeling. The enormous will in the heavens was like a tsunami as it swept towards him to lock him down.

The divine judgment rushed towards him to eliminate him.

“Why are you bothering me? I only grabbed a few imprints on the way,” he muttered as he quickly fled. At the same time, he transmitted sound to the small pagoda, telling it to take action.

When he was escaping, he saw the mysterious male get attacked, and only when the divine horn disk took action was he able to flee.

“Wu, if you want me to take action, then you have to use a heavenly treasure in exchange.” The small pagoda transmitted sound in a calm and unperturbed manner.

“This…” Shi Hao suddenly felt a great headache, as he truly wasn’t willing. Using the small pagoda wasn’t easy, as it required him to pay the great cost of divine-level materials.

Back then, things like the chaotic earth and deity blood were heavenly treasures. This fellow’s appetite was too crazy!

“Fine, take action.” Shi Hao said.

“You have to pay the cost now. The opportunities from before have already been used up,” said the small pagoda.

“What?!” Shi Hao widened his eyes. He immediately became nervous. He only used the small pagoda once in Stone Country Capital, so he should still have one and a half uses left.

Last time, the amount of heavenly treasures devoured wasn’t enough to count as a single use, so it was extra.

“Wasn’t there clearly still a use and a half left? What do you mean it’s gone?” Shi Hao asked

“Just now, I fought against the divine horn disk to protect your body. It was naturally used up,” replied the small pagoda.

“Even that counts?” Shi Hao was dumbstruck. He didn’t even ask the small pagoda for help. It was something that the small pagoda did itself after being stirred up.

“Of course it counts. That was a chaotic disk and it possesses astonishing origins. For me to confront it would actually require many offerings. The one and a half use was not even close to enough,” said the small pagoda.

“Why didn’t you try to steal it? Didn’t it just spit out some mist and release some beams of light? You didn’t even fight against it, yet you’ve used up my one and a half chance. You are still saying that it is far from enough?” Shi Hao was furious!

“Strictly speaking, you should have paid tens to hundreds of heavenly treasures for me to fight even once against it, moreover, they would all have to be true treasures and not a collection of inferior ones. You have already received an extraordinary deal.” The small pagoda replied with the truth.

“To fight against that disk requires more than a hundred ordinary uses?” Shi Hao stared stupidly with his eyes widened. This small pagoda was just too ruthless.

“I will forget about it this time and won’t make you pay compensation. However, if you want me to take action again, you should just offer up more divine treasures,” said the small pagoda.

“You cheapskate!” Shi Hao said furiously.

This fellow was like a bottomless pit. Just using him once required him to pay an extraordinary price.

Meanwhile, that mysterious male only needed to offer up some creatures as sacrifice to use the chaotic horn magical artifact. Shi Hao was extremely jealous. The horn was so much better than this cheat!

“Look at that divine disk, and then look at yourself. Both of you are precious artifacts, yet why are the difference between you two so big?”

The small pagoda replied in a serious manner. “This world is one of balance. What one receives, one must pay back in equal amounts. The reason why the divine horn took action could only result in two possibilities. The first is that the youth is helping it break free from its restrictions, and the second is that the youth will have to pay in full in the future.

“I’ve also helped you escape from your entrapment before. Why didn’t you reimburse me?” Shi Hao asked, but now, he seemed to lack as much confidence.

The small pagoda calmly replied, “If you dare to gamble with your future, then I will consider taking action.”

For some reason, when Shi Hao heard these words, he immediately trembled uncontrollably. In his mind, he saw the world being destroyed, great stars falling down one after another, and the entire heavens falling into ruin.

He immediately shook his head. Whenever the small pagoda spoke seriously about paying the price, he would always feel that heavy and suffocating feeling.

All of this happened in just a split second. The will descended from the heavens. The domain lord stretched down the enormous hand and grabbed towards Shi Hao.

“Willow Deity, this isn’t self-improvement anymore! I am going to die!” Shi Hao screamed. At this moment, he felt a terrifying fluctuation. If he stayed here anymore, if he didn’t die here, then he was going to be captured.

Without a word, the void was split open. Several sparkling branches surrounded by the mist of primal chaos reached out to block the will in the heavens.

This place was in chaos. No one dared to follow his route of escape, as they were busy trying to escape themselves. As a result, no one could see this scene clearly.

The branches were green and lush. They stretched towards the heavens and gently moved about. When it collided with the enormous sphere of light, a blinding light erupted.


It was as if this entire world was going to be destroyed. Those branches flowed with resplendent symbols, forming a streak of green light. It rushed into the clouds into the heavens, as if it formed a type of decree.

Shi Hao was utterly shaken as he watched stupidly.

No one else could clearly see what was happening here. They all wanted to flee as quickly as possible.

Soon after, this world became calm again without any fluctuations. There were no divine chains of order, but instead peace and quiet. This left everyone shocked. What happened? Why did it suddenly become peaceful again?

“We’re leaving!”

No one wanted to stop for even a single second, and all of them fled.

The string of events that unfolded today was just too shocking. Everyone was flooded with emotions, and they needed time back in the real world to digest it all.

An hour later, the Void God Realm became incomparably quiet. However, in the real world, everyone was fervently discussing what happened, to the point where a great battle even erupted.

The battle took place precisely in the Demonic Spirit Lake. Following the battle of the Void God Realm, this place erupted into war. A few mysterious experts descended to capture this ancient restricted land.

“What? Powerful experts have arrived to seize the dual-pupiled individual’s corpse?”

The events that took place in the Void God Realm were too astonishing. Every creature in the wasteland region was discussing what had happened. However, while they were busy clamoring, another great matter took place.


This battle immediately raised great commotion. Everyone rushed over, especially the experts from the Archaic Divine Mountains. Shi Yi’s body was definitely an unrivalled treasure.

Depending on how you looked at it, obtaining his flesh was even better than obtaining several great divine abilities!

Once one became a supreme expert, they would have a certain rate of success in exchanging their flesh and blood. This kind of precious body containing both dual-pupils and a supreme being bone was invaluable.

For many people, obtaining this precious body was the same as having a chance of being unequalled under the heavens!

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