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Chapter 392 – Supreme Treasure

The ‘damaged disk’ horn was extremely shocking. It merged with the six precious techniques and evolved it into the six dao incarnations! Great stars were destroyed and reincarnated in an endless cycle!

This scene greatly shook the hearts of everyone here, and all of them felt like they were clay sculptures. The energy of primal chaos continuously rolled over and over around the mysterious male and Shi Hao. No one believed that the injured Shi Hao could escape, and everyone thought that he was most likely captured.

They all thought that Shi Hao was strong enough and could fight against anyone here. Even if fairy Yue Chan or the others personally took action, they still wouldn’t be able to catch him.

However, this mysterious male possessed the chaotic magical artifact. This was not something that the power of a mortal could deal with! Even the domain embodiment was killed and reduced to the most foundational laws. Who else could even do anything?

Right now, no matter who the male in the divine flame encountered, they would all be defeated. If anyone fought to the death against him, they would all die without any suspense!


Primal chaos surged as if a mountain flood was descending. It was boundless and utterly terrifying. Even the supreme experts were all horrified as they backed up in retreat. They no longer dared to struggle for those divine imprints.

Other than fairy Yue Chan and the witch, everyone else backed off. Their faces were pale. The horn disk was just too terrifying! It released primal chaos and recreated incarnations; it was truly a heaven defying divine object.

No one could clearly see what was happening there due to the chaotic mist that covered everything. Without dual-pupils, no one could see through the haze.

At the center of the battlefield, the mysterious male was actually shocked. He never thought that there was someone could contend against his magical artifact. Once this item was revealed, even the sun and moon would become dim, and mountains and rivers would be destroyed. How could anyone defend themselves against it?

Yet today, he was shocked. Within the primal chaos, the incredibly wounded youth’s gaze was clear, and it carried a bizarre expression as he blocked the divine disk.

To be more precise, it was the small pagoda in his hair. It flowed with brilliant lights and released chaotic energy as well to defend against the ruined horn disk.

What was this? The fiery light within the eyes of the male in the divine flames surged violently, and his entire body erupted with boundless killing intent.

He, who had never had a rival, revealed a shocked expression for the first time. What was that small pagoda? Why had he never heard of such an object before? How could it match the magical artifact in his hands?


Chaotic energy continuously battered and collided fiercely between the two individuals. The two precious artifacts both shone. A terrifying whirlpool was formed that swirled with starlight.

“Not simple, exceeding my expectations!” The male in the divine flame said to himself. What these words actually represented was his newfound interest in Shi Hao’s precious artifact.

His two scarlet pupils shot out beams of symbol light. It was as if he had found an ultimate prey to hunt down, to the point where it made him even more excited than when he saw fairy Yue Chan.

“Your disk isn’t bad.” Shi Hao also said in a soft voice. He continuously looked at the ruined horn disk. Since it was able to make the small pagoda revive and interfere, it definitely was heaven defying.

This was the first time the small pagoda did such a thing. It was clear that it had met a worthy opponent.

“Wu, it seems like you are a blessed person with extraordinary luck. You’ve even obtained this kind of object.” The mysterious male stared at him without hurriedly making a move.

“Do you have anything else you want to say?” Shi Hao asked.

“I was just wondering, should your bone pagoda fall into my hands as well, wouldn’t I surpass the ancient and present? Wouldn’t it make me unrivalled in the future?” The mysterious male said to himself.

The heavens were dark, the earth was yellow. The universe is boundless, covered in primal chaos.

No one had dared to call themselves truly unequalled under the heavens. It was likely that every region had their own outstanding individuals, but once they clashed outside the region, then it would be difficult to say who was the best.

Every single region was vast and seemingly limitless. Outstanding individuals emerged in large numbers. The scene of regions clashing was difficult to imagine!

“I also think that your disk isn’t bad. Why don’t you just gift it to me?” Shi Hao replied.

“Then let’s see who wins here.” The divine flame jumped, and the fiery light engulfed the heavens. Blood continuously flowed from the mysterious male’s palm, and the disk became more and more brilliant.

Symbols continuously lit up on its surface, and the amount that shone seemed to be even a bit more than when he fought against the domain embodiment. If everyone else could see this, they definitely would have shivered in fear.

This disk was ancient and mottled with colors. Symbols covered its surface, and after a small region was lit up, it became more and more mysterious. A tremendous energy surged outwards, as if it had the power to make anything reincarnate.

“What era’s remnant is this object?” Shi Hao was greatly shocked. If he didn’t have the small pagoda, then today would have resulted in utter disaster!

If it was just a one on one fight, he wouldn’t be scared of anyone. However, when a magical artifact like this was revealed, forget about him, even the great powers of the ancient era would become jealous. They would back off even if they were fighting a war.

A peaceful ring of light appeared, surrounding his body. The small pagoda swayed within his hair. It also flickered, and symbols decorated its surface one after another like great constellations.

The collision this time was completely silent, yet everyone in the outside world felt their bodies go limp. They had no idea what was happening, because all they could see was the surging primal chaos. It was concentrated like a surging sea.

“Not good, the youth in the divine flame has captured the smaller Stone brother… With the magical artifact in hand, he is truly unrivalled here.” There was someone who sighed and produced this deduction.

“Truly unfortunate. The smaller Stone brother was truly breathtaking, possessing the power to fight against the dual-pupils and ultimately reign superior. If he falls here, it would be too regretful.” There were a few people who felt that it was a pity.

The two Stone brothers were absolutely exceptional, and their talents were hard to find in this world.

If Shi Hao was defeated here, then no one would think that it was because of his natural talents. What he lacked was definitely the heaven defying magical artifact, but where would he even be able to find a chaotic precious artifact?

Forget about a youth like him, even an ancient god or devil would become envious when they saw this kind of object. It was just too hard to obtain something like this in the mortal world.

This was true especially for the Western Sect, Sky Severing Sect, and other great powers outside of this region. They all felt that it was unfortunate, and that things were looking bad for Shi Hao. In the eyes of the people beyond this region, the wasteland region represented decline and desolation, an ancient and savage place. It was impossible for a heaven-defying precious artifact like the divine disk to appear.

However, what was actually happening within the surging primal chaos was an intense battle between the two youths!

The male in the divine flames activated the divine disk, making the horn magical artifact release resplendent radiance. It was as if it could wipe out everything in this world as it released strand after strand of chaotic sword energy.

This scene was completely hidden from everyone outside. If they saw what was happening, they would definitely become dumbfounded from shock.

This place was swept through with chaotic sword energy. Forget about the magical artifacts of supreme experts, even if more powerful precious artifacts were used in defense, they would still be shattered to pieces.

The world within the primal chaos was in disorder. Everything was hazy and obstructed.

However, Shi Hao didn’t fall. The small pagoda scattered down tens of thousands of threads to block all of the sword energy and prevent them from approaching Shi Hao’s body. Its power seemed to become even more unadorned and mysterious.

“How could this be?” The mysterious male’s pupils rapidly shrunk. He felt as if the situation had become severe. The supreme treasure in his hands had actually encountered its match, and it might not necessarily win.


Six different colored streaks of light danced about, and when they descended, Shi Hao’s area was divided into six small worlds. They then began to circulate and compress.

Even if if was a supreme expert, if they were surrounded like this, they would immediately be turned into a lump of bloody mist. They wouldn’t be able to endure this reincarnation force at all, since it was just too deep and immeasurable.

However, the small pagoda similarly neutralized it. It swallowed and released the multicolored light like a millstone, making those six small worlds become dim. They became indistinct and gradually disappeared.

“So formidable!” The mysterious male said to himself. The light in his eyes began to shine even more brilliantly, shooting out as if they were the glints of a blade.

Shi Hao began to calm down. The inch tall small pagoda was not inferior to another and could definitely block the opponent’s attack. There was nothing to worry about now.

“Little pagoda, don’t just focus on defense. You should attack too and eat that disk. If you really don’t want it, then collect it and give it to me.” Shi Hao urged the bone pagoda to take action.

To his surprise, the small pagoda actually gave a rare response. Its voice was extremely calm, yet it was somewhat heavy. “This item is formidable. If I devour one of its parts, the other five pieces will emerge and fight against me to the death.”

“What? What kind of object is it really?” Shi Hao was shocked. It actually made the small pagoda even hesitant, proving just how terrifying it was.

“It is best if you don’t know. It won’t benefit you at all.” The small pagoda replied. It then no longer spoke.

The horn disk lit up once again. After absorbing the offerings, the spiderweb-like patterns on its surface began to revive. The fluctuations it released made this place unstable, as if it would crack apart at any time.

“We can’t act recklessly. If we allow it to revive, then it would be a catastrophe.” The small pagoda’s voice was soft and rather serious. It then gently swayed and released an expanse of chaotic light. It turned into a large seal that descended onto that divine horn disk.


The tremendous fluctuations engulfed everything, as if the heaven and earth were being recreated. This place was was unstable, and a catastrophic ending was going to be produced. Fortunately, the small pagoda shook, and another expanse of symbols flew out. The fluctuations were stopped, stabilizing and restoring peace to this place.

The mysterious male was shocked. He found that his disk’s power was gradually being tamed. It no longer accepted offerings, and only a layer of hazy light covered his body, protecting him.

“The pagoda’s origins are shocking and cannot be lightly provoked.” The divine horn disk actually transmitted sound to inform the mysterious male, leaving his thoughts in utter chaos.

“Formidable!” After calming down, the mysterious male rushed towards Shi Hao and shouted in a loud voice, “I won’t use the divine ring against you.”

When these words sounded from within the surging chaotic mist, everyone became shocked. This result was absolutely shocking. Could it be that Shi Hao hadn’t been captured yet?

Everyone revealed strange expressions. The male in the divine flame decided not to use the chaotic magical artifact and was going to fight alone against the smaller Stone brother. Was this to thoroughly make his opponent surrender?

Many people shivered inwardly. This individual was too arrogant! To make those at the caliber of the two Stone brothers serve under him, just how terrifying was this? How many people in this world dared to do such a thing?

“Then a fight it is.” Shi Hao replied. He was seriously injured, and his face was pale, but his opponent wasn’t in the best shape either. When fighting against the domain embodiment, he was penetrated by the divine chains of order. He seemed unaffected on the outside, but he was actually suffering internally.

“Reincarnation Death!” The mysterious male shouted. He used an ultimate precious technique, drawing forth from his own dao. It was incomparably terrifying. This was the combination of several precious techniques, to the point where its origins couldn’t be discerned.

However, there were definitely archaic vicious beasts’ supreme techniques in there, and not only a single clan’s divine ability. They were refined together, producing an utterly terrifying scene.

“Primordial True Fist!” Shi Hao shouted. His approach was completely different. Instead of using any precious techniques, he only used the most primordial symbols, evolving them to their limit to bring out a miraculous power.

This strike shook heaven and earth. The two individuals’ magical artifacts were peaceful, so their attacks penetrated the chaotic mist and ultimately scattered it.

The two individuals’ bodies were revealed. The attack was extremely fast, and after colliding, blood scattered outwards.

After this attack, the two did not decided to clash again. Instead, each revealed their own methods. Shi Hao stretched a Kun Peng claw, once again seizing several spheres of divine essence lights. The mysterious male did the same.

Some supreme experts rushed over to get a share of the spoils as well, but in just a split second, they were blasted flying. The mysterious male released a cold snort and swept his eyes over everyone.

At this time, fairy Yue Chan, the witch, and the others took action again, each receiving their own share of rewards.

“This…” Everyone was shocked. This was the imprint left behind by deities! It was mysterious and unfathomable. Obtaining a single piece was already sufficiently shocking, yet they each gained so many!

Shi Hao did not want to stick around for any longer, so he turned around to leave. After all, his harvest this time was tremendous, and he could obtain extraordinary enlightenment. He rushed towards the distance on the void beast skin.

Meanwhile, the mysterious male, witch, fairy Yue Chan and the others also turned around to leave. The supreme experts’ expressions all changed as if they realized something, and they quickly moved as well.


An indescribably energy spread from the nine heavens. It was as if a supreme existence was awakening, as if a deity was returning!

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