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Chapter 391 – Seizing God Essence

Blood dripped from the domain embodiment’s body. Half of his body had been cleaved off at the shoulder from that streak of light. A large amount of blood and a few symbols flew out, dyeing the sky red.

“This…” Everyone became dumbstruck. How could they have predicted that this kind of thing would happen? The high and mighty domain embodiment, who represented the law and order of this place, was actually sliced apart by someone!

In the sky, the divine disk shone and gently swayed. That place immediately became indistinct. The mysterious male spewed out blood from his mouth; it was clear that the cost of using this precious artifact was quite significant as well.

Everyone was horrified. They were now convinced that this chaotic magical artifact had not even displayed anything close to its maximum power. Its true divine might should be at a level that was too frightening to even think about.

After all, only a few of the symbols on top of it were lit up. The rest weren’t even being used.

On top of that divine disk, ancient symbols filled its surface like a heavenly book. However, only a few of them were flickering with light. Just how terrifying was this precious artifact?

The hearts of the supreme experts all trembled. Even if their ancestors, those true gods and devils revived, they would probably still be shaken by this sight. This kind of magical artifact was just too rare.

Similarly, everyone found it hard to imagine exactly what kind of great power made this divine disk split apart, making only a sixth of it remain. Whatever it was, it was definitely utterly terrifying.

The divine flame jumped. The male inside quickly flew out together with the divine disk to suppress the domain embodiment. He rushed down feet first, and together with the heaven overflowing divine might, he began to suppress downwards.

With a hong sound, the entire world trembled. All types of symbols surged like a fiery volcano. This place exploded into action, turning into a sea of primordial symbols.

However, what was especially shocking was that the domain embodiment that had been sliced at the shoulder had not died. On the contrary, his eyes began to burn with an even fiercer radiance. His upper half shifted outwards, and as for his lower half, it ignited at its original location.

“Heavens!” Everyone cried out in alarm.

The upper half of the domain embodiment’s body turned into the most foundational type of power. Divine chains of order began to shoot out one after another. They linked up together to form a sphere of resplendent light.

“This…” Everyone quickly flew out in retreat. These fluctuations were just too terrifying.

The domain embodiment’s body turned into its original primordial natural law. After all, he was originally formed from the laws of this place. He now planned on using the remaining half of his body to suppress and kill the mysterious male.

Symbols engraved themselves into the air one after another. They carried a fiery light with them, lighting up the heavens in flames and shaking the entire sky.

An intense explosion sounded. The mysterious male’s expression changed. He had never thought that the domain embodiment would be so powerful. It was as if an overwhelming divine cave was erupting with endless divine power.

Divine chains that seemed even more realistic than those formed from divine gold smashed about with hualala sounds.

They quickly flew out and wrapped themselves around his body like a roulette. They were trying to seize his essence.


Blood blossomed from the mysterious male’s body. His shoulder’s flesh had been pierced straight through by one of the powerful sparkling divine chains.

“This… battle is being turned around!” Someone said quietly.

The domain embodiment’s chains of order were extremely dreadful. As soon as they entered the body, it would explode. Forget about flesh, even the most sturdy metal would be shattered.


There were many divine chains that shot towards the shining disk, binding it firmly.


The domain embodiment shouted. He wanted to destroy the mysterious male and also seize this chaotic magical artifact. This item was too ridiculously strong, actually possessing the power to destroy the laws of the Void God Realm and harm this place.


The divine chains of order that twisted around the divine horn ring were all broken. This was not achieved through the mysterious male’s intentions, but rather due to the autonomous trembling of the magical artifact. The energy that poured down onto the battlefield was so dreadful that it directly made many people’s bodies become weak.

With a final pu sound, the last segment of the divine chains of order turned into flowing light, vanishing from this place.

How terrifying was this energy? Not even the laws of the Void God Realm could deal with it. The chains were crushed and destroyed by its endless power, leaving nothing behind.

At the same time, the chain that pierced the mysterious male also turned into a drizzle of light, disappearing from this place. Under the attacks of the divine disk, it couldn’t injure him.

“This thing is too powerful! There is a connection created with that male’s blood, allowing it to protect him at a crucial point!” A supreme expert sighed.

Everyone revealed envious expressions. This kind of supreme precious artifact was hard to find in this entire world, yet it ended up forming a connection with this male. If he was allowed the time to mature, it will definitely fully acknowledge him.

No wonder he could travel across great regions and even have the desire of capturing the Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy. With this kind of divine object, he could practically take whatever he wanted.

In the distance, ripples could be seen in fairy Yue Chan’s expression, and it was the first time she seemed to be serious. This precious artifact really was a supreme treasure that could shake the world.

The domain embodiment stopped quite a distance away. His face was extremely downcast. With this chaotic magical artifact here, his attacks became ineffective, making him quite uncomfortable and worried.

Right now, everyone was greatly intimidated by that mysterious male. They were similarly speechless at the domain embodiment. He had already lost half his body, yet he seemed to still be perfectly fine.

Blood dripped out little by little from the sky, yet he didn’t show any signs of pain. The only thing that could be seen on his face was an overcast expression.

“Wu, seems like I’ve underestimated you. Worthy of being a will of this world, not being destroyed so easily and making it so difficult for me to obtain your core. However, you being more powerful only means that my spoils will become even greater. You truly deserve to be known as something left by the deities,” said the male in the divine flame.

Everyone became speechless. This fellow was truly conceited, daring to say words like these towards the domain embodiment. If it was any other day, everyone would have definitely ridiculed him, yet now, they were all silent. He possessed the qualifications to speak these words.


Divine multicolored light blossomed. The domain embodiment’s lower half shone and began to reconstruct itself. Soon after, he was restored to his original state.

The crowd’s eyes widened. Their hearts were all shaking!

He truly deserved to be called the domain embodiment. He was actually this extraordinary! Losing half of his body meant absolutely nothing, since he could immediately recover it. What kind of power was this?

The supreme experts were paying close attention as well, but soon after, they understood what was happening. The lower half was reforming through the laws of this place. Many divine chains rushed over to replenish and reconstruct his body.

This was the Void God Realm, the birthplace of the domain embodiment, and as a result, he was naturally formed from the laws of this world and could easily replenish himself. This power made him practically unequalled in this place.

“Kill!” The domain embodiment released a soft shout. Following that, an expanse of brilliant colors illuminated. Countless blades of order scattered down like raindrops.

“How terrifying!” Everyone was convinced of his power, and at the same time, they were terrified. If any bystanders got caught in this attack, it would truly be hard for them to escape, since the scope of this attack was too great. How could ordinary people defend themselves?

“To withstand this attack, one would have to surpass this world. They would have to interfere and break free from the laws of this place.” A supreme elder spoke with a serious expression.

However, how many people possessed this kind of strength? Probably only individuals as dazzling as the two Stone brothers. They had the power to disturb the order of this world; otherwise, they would not have been invited into the sky battlefield.

However, how many people like those were there in this world?

Weng. The divine disk shone and began to release the a primal mist. It surrounded that male, protecting him within. Brilliantly colored lights flew about; the blades of order hacked down, but could not penetrate the mist.

“The divine laws are powerful after all! Even though it is restricted quite a bit here, it is still scary.” The eyes of the male in in the divine flame erupted with light as he spoke to himself. “However, your so-called undying body is still not good enough in front of my precious artifact.”

He was extremely self-confident. His eyes swirled with light, and the scarlet fiery light around him surged, bringing with it a tremendous killing intent. Within his eyes were the terrifying scenes of the six dao incarnations. Heavenly beings, grass, trees, and all types of things were swirling within, and even great stars were swirling one after another inside!

The fluctuations that were released were too terrifying. It shook the vast sky.

Meanwhile, blood continuously flowed out from the center of his palm onto the treasure, making it shine even more brilliantly. The divine power that erupted as a result seemed to almost tear apart this entire world.

Everyone was shocked to find that on top of that horn disk, two more patterns lit up. Even though it wasn’t much compared to how many there were, this amount of power was enough to terrify everyone here.

A great battle had begun!

The male in the divine flame also knew that only by exceeding the laws of this place could he kill the domain embodiment and seize his original imprint. Only this chaotic magical artifact had the power to win.

The domain embodiment’s expression changed. He then made his move with full force. His body became indistinct, transforming into a great sphere of symbol light. It solidified within this world and released a resonating sound.

“For disturbing this world, suppress!” This tremendous sound not only shook everyone, but it was actually a type of verbal law. It was a sound technique!

This was a great collision. Both sides brought out everything they had. This area was submerged under primordial symbols, and all of it was the most foundational type of power.

It was clear that the chaotic disk definitely possessed the advantage. It exceeded the laws of this place, leaving everyone frightened. Even the domain embodiment was wounded, with his body splitting open several times from this attack.

However, this was the domain embodiment’s birthplace, and thus he could endlessly recover his body. Meanwhile, even though the male in the divine flame possessed a supreme precious artifact, he still took some damage. Blood was coughed out from his mouth.

“Bring some more sacrifices!” He shouted.

His followers took action. Those pure blooded creatures went mad and began to kill the cultivators here. They also released their own essence blood, and everything flowed towards the divine disk in the air.

Something else that left everyone shocked was that the witch took action. The two elders beside her began to attack with everything they had as well. They slaughtered the black-robed individuals that attacked them earlier on and threw them into the battlefield.

The crowd was shocked. The witch and the male were joining hands? Was there some kind of connection between the two?!

“Of course they would take action! Don’t forget what their sect is called — Sky Severing! How could they allow such a great chance to sever and seize the divine dao go?!” A supreme expert exclaimed quietly and exposed this information.

This was an intense battle. The male in the divine flame clashed against the domain embodiment in a great struggle. The precious artifact shone and became more and more powerful. The blood and crimson light from the fallen creatures were all devoured.


This place was in utter chaos. Ghosts weeped and gods howled; it was as if this place was going to be destroyed soon. The world became dim, with the sun and moon losing radiance. It was as if great stars were dropping out of the sky one after another.

“Six Dao Reincarnation!” The mysterious male shouted loudly. Within his eyes, the scene of everything withering could be seen, and every living creature underwent reincarnation. Even the starry rivers of the universe were destroyed and drawn into the six dao.

At the same time, the horn disk shone. Many more of the symbols on its surface lit up, merging with the six precious techniques he released. The heavens and earth seemed to split open as the six dao underwent reincarnation. The scene was just too horrifying!

Everyone was in great fear. They noticed that they were all trembling inwardly from fear. What were they looking at? How could something like this even appear in the mortal world?!

This battle was incredibly ferocious, as well as extremely terrifying. It far exceeded their imaginations. The horn shone, releasing a chaotic mist that covered the skies and surrounded the domain embodiment. At the same time, six streaks of radiance shot down, wrapping him within.


The domain embodiment cried out. This time, he separated into a dozen or so spheres of light with no way of recombining together.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. The domain embodiment was killed? This was like something out of a legend!

No one could believe what they were seeing, yet the reality was right in front of their eyes. The domain embodiment was reduced to ten or so foundational imprints that were scattered in space. The laws of this place immediately became chaotic.

At this moment, several figures quickly moved. After coughing out a mouthful of blood, the mysterious male swooped in with the chaotic magical artifact to collect the items he needed.

“I’ve gained some insights recently that requires the divine law to comprehend. Today truly is a day of harvest.” When these words were spoken, everyone became incomparably moved. Using the divine law to enlighten one’s body; just how terrifying was this? It completely shocked all the outstanding individuals here.

Divine multicolored light flashed and the sleeves of a dress fluttered about. Fairy Yue Chan had also moved, rushing onto the stage to seize this original essence.

Outside of these two, the witch was even more prepared to take action. By displaying the profound mysteries of the sect, the sky here truly was being ‘severed’. The display of such a supreme profound mystery left everyone greatly shaken.


There were other supreme experts that couldn’t hold back and took action. After all, this was the origin of the laws left behind by deities. Even though they would never be able to pry into all of its profound mysteries, studying even a portion would allow them to break through.

Shi Hao was naturally stirred up as well. Moreover, with the great treasure he obtained following his battle, he immediately seized several pieces of foundational imprint.


Unfortunately, both he and the mysterious male were focused on the same pieces of imprint, and conflict was unavoidably sparked.

However, the mysterious male took advantage of this situation and said, “Follow me, and these foundational imprints can all be given to you!”

Every move of his was terrifying. The horn lit up and chaotic energy began to diffuse outwards before suppressing downwards.

Just as everyone became fearful, feeling as if Shi Hao was about to be killed, everything changed. This place erupted with mysterious fluctuations and submerged this place with its power.

In Shi Hao’s hair, the small pagoda moved. Chaotic energy surged as it began to confront the horn chaotic magical artifact — the divine disk!

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