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Chapter 387 – Sweep


When the bell sound rang once again, a carefree and relaxed feeling swept over everyone. However, for Shi Hao, this was a killing blow aimed straight at his heart.

However, its effectiveness was no longer as great because the curse’s power was being blocked outside.

The supreme experts took action again. From time to time, flowing lights would surge and precious techniques would descend. Shi Hao encountered difficulties several times, but in the end, he avoided them all.

“Father, he’s lost too much blood. If he continues like this, he’ll definitely die!” Huo Ling’er was extremely worried and pleaded for the Fire Emperor to take action.

“Calm down. There is much to be gained when struggling between life and death, and this might even become a way for him to sharpen himself. It is best if he faces this kind of tribulation by himself.” The Fire Emperor explain in a deep voice.

The other individual who was extremely composed without expressing any emotions was the Stone Emperor. He sat on top of an ancient emperor carriage unmovingly. The only changes to his figure was his eyes that erupted with divine light whenever he opened his eyes.

In reality, there were some there that were rather scared of these two, or else they would have long taken action. These individuals were all rather close to the human emperors, but they felt that the emperors were paying particular attention to their surroundings.


Fiery light overflowed the heavens. There was a supreme expert who brought out his innate li flame. It was scarlet like magma, and it burned so intensely that space itself began to tremble as it quickly wrapped around Shi Hao’s location.

Everyone gasped. This was an innate dao flame, and it was engulfing everything like a giant sea. This supreme expert’s background wasn’t shallow; it was likely a divine bird with mastery of the fire dao.

What was especially shocking was that Shi Hao immediately sat down. Four scarlet divine birds began to spiral around him. They absorbed the li flame in the sky and refined its true essence into something he could use to nourish his body.

“Formidable! He is actually using the flame’s essence for himself.” Even though these supreme experts were on the opposing side and wanted to steal his Kun Peng technique, they still sighed in admiration, feeling that Shi Hao was rather extraordinary.

“Fellow cultivators, why don’t we attack together? We should capture him earlier to stop his crazy and disastrous actions.” Grandma Xihua opened her mouth. She stopped in midair after moving away a sufficient distance away.

“Fine, we will move together and capture him earlier.” The supreme experts expressed their agreement one after another. They were still a bit scattered, as none of them were willing to put their lives on the line. Now that someone took the lead like this, some people naturally wanted more people to move and obtain Shi Hao’s treasures.

Shi Hao’s situation was not good. The pressure he was facing became greater and greater.

An extremely sharp bronze sword flew out and continuously scattered down sword radiance, submerging the location where Shi Hao stood.

Hong! A glistening yellow gourd appeared and flickered with brilliant radiance. The plug at the top of the gourd was pulled off, releasing strand after strand of mist. It was like a black cave as it began to devour everything. The gourd was going to suck Shi Hao inside.


A Qiongqi appeared. The creature’s shape was similar to a mix between a tiger and an ox, and  it was formed from blood-colored symbols. Horns grew on its head, and sharp, crimson fur covered its entire body. Enormous wings extended from its body. Its cry shook the heavens. This was an extremely powerful precious technique and extremely life-like, as if a true Qiongqi was pouncing over.

A honglong sound rang out. An extremely intimidating wooden ship smashed over and exuded strands of dark light. It was full of strange energy, as if it carried a crew of gods and devils. Upon closer inspection, there were many statues on the ship that released streaks of dark light. It truly seemed as if the ancient gods and devils were being revived. This was a strange precious artifact, and right now, it was bashing and smashing its way over.


Golden light tore apart the skies. A golden divine bird spread its wings and dove ferociously at Shi Hao. This was also a powerful divine ability used by the legendary lightning falcon.

It was just a split second, yet Shi Hao had already suffered the attacks of supreme experts from all sides. This place erupted, and it was about to be smashed apart.

The domain embodiment frowned. This amount of damage disturbed the balance of this place. With so many people attacking together, it affected this area’s stability and could possibly lead to a disruption of this place’s natural laws.  

Shi Hao was in extreme danger. With so many people surrounding him and all of them using profound and mysterious techniques, he was truly hanging onto life by a thread. He did everything he could to weave in and out within the divine abilities and precious techniques.


In just a moment, a Vermilion Bird flew out from his palm to resist the bronze sword. It almost seemed like it was going to refine it as the two intertwined.

With a qiang sound, he also brought out the Heaven Transforming Bowl. It began to spin and rush towards the sky. The bowl fastened itself to the entrance of the glistening yellow gourd’s opening, blocking that ‘black cave’, making it momentarily unable to affect Shi Hao.

It was clear that this wasn’t a permanent solution. The earthen gourd ferociously shook and broke free from the Heaven Transforming Bowl and rejoined this chaotic battle of death.


Shi Hao released a roar. A seemingly endless amount of smoke appeared from behind him. A great golden-winged Peng flew out, creating large rumbling sounds. Its enormous figure shook the boundless heaven and earth.

“Is the Kun Peng’s technique finally revealed?”

“Yi, hold on, this is only the great Golden-Winged Peng, but it’s power isn’t weak at all. How powerful!”

“Not good, the form is that of a golden Peng, but the power is that of a Kun Peng! Retreat!”

The people here cried out in alarm , but it was already too late. The Qiongqi in the sky was torn apart by the Peng bird, and its symbols was scattered everywhere. At the same time, black streaks appeared on the golden Peng’s body. Its power became even greater as it slowly evolved into a Kun Peng and struck the lightning falcon. A violent explosion occurred. Lightning danced about and electricity poured outwards like an ocean. The Peng swooped over, destroying everything. After shattering all of these precious techniques, it then entered the mass of people.


Someone cried out miserably, losing an arm and part of the sole of a foot. The Kun Peng technique was unrivalled, immediately inflicting severe injuries on two or three people. If they did not possess life-saving symbols, they would have definitely died from this attack here.

Shi Hao’s face went pale. Even though he defeated the Qiongqi with force and dominated everyone else, he was still gravely wounded in the end. After releasing these attacks, a layer of sweat covered him and his body became cold.

The most terrifying was that wooden ship. It seemed to carry an endless amount of gods and devils as it rushed over. An endless amount of mist surged around the endless figures on top, and ill winds roared angrily.

“What is this?” Shi Hao said to himself. He felt as if something wasn’t right.

His fist smashed outwards, but when it made contact, it felt as if he was hitting cotton. The gods and devils continued to roar, the mists continued to rise, and the wooden ship’s movements were not stopped. He couldn’t change its course at all.

“Yi, it’s another curse!”

Shi Hao was horrified. This was a wooden ship full of gods and devils. Symbols interwove, and then it began to self-combust. Strands of dark light appeared and scattered downwards.

Shi Hao felt that this structure was too bizarre. Its divine force was actually unobstructable, and it continuously drained his energy. It was as if a ghost descended.

“Break!” Shi Hao used the True Primordial Record, using the most just, gentle, and primitive symbols to resist.


Finally, this wooden boat was shattered and the flames were also extinguished. It then disappeared from this place.

“Elder Zhong, is not even the God Ghost Ship enough to get rid of him? That was one of the best among curses!” Grandma Xihua transmitted sound secretly. A look of worry could be seen on her face.

“It is rather strange. Just now, he seemed to possess the strength to destroy all techniques and powers. He had a way to defend even against the strength of a curse! It really is difficult, however, I still have more methods!” The concealed elder spoke quietly. An evil light flickered within his eyes.


Loud laughing sounds was transmitted from the skies. The mysterious male fighting against fairy Yue Chan revealed a blurry figure. Everyone was shocked to find that he was quite young, not older than sixteen or seventeen!

“Brother Shi, you are quite formidable after all, daring to fight against the Heaven Mending Sect right now. Why don’t you join my side, and I help you get rid of that disgusting old woman?”

He didn’t forget to try and rope Shi Hao in even while fighting a great battle.

When Grandma Xihua heard what was said, the veins on her forehead began to throb. This mysterious youth was too hateful, actually daring to call her such a thing. However, she was truly helpless. So many great sects’ experts had tried to get rid of this youth, yet in the end, he only became more and more powerful.

Towards this, Shi Hao only snorted coldly. He completely ignored this offer.


Finally, Grandma Xihua moved herself. Sparkling, crystalline petals filled the sky, and a fragrance wafted through the air. Every single petal contained killing power as they flew unendingly towards Shi Hao.

“Damned old woman, you are truly disgusting. So old already, yet you still bring out these flower petals. Do you still think you are some young woman?” Shi Hao’s mouth was extremely sharp.

Grandma Xihua was so angry that she almost spat out a mouthful of old blood. She was a glorified and respected supreme expert that came from the Heaven Mending Sect! After entering the wasteland region, even the sect masters would treat her respectfully.

Yet today, she had been called a disgusting old woman by two youths. Back then, she was also pretty and full of youth, yet now, was she actually unpleasing to the eye?

“Dao friend from the Heaven Mending Sect, let me offer you a helping hand. The situation really is getting out of hand. Does he really think he is unmatched after winning against the dual-pupils? We need to teach him how to properly conduct himself.” Right at this time, a supreme expert revealed himself, no longer attacking while hiding.

The Heaven Mending Sect’s inheritance was long and great, and from the ancient times until now, they always flourished with glory. Now that the wasteland region was becoming chaotic, if they could establish a good relationship with them, then the benefits would be endless.

Shi Hao closed his eyes and sat within the void. He began to adjust his breathing as if no one was there.

Strand after strand of symbols appeared on his body, especially his arm. Tens of thousands of multicolored streaks of light appeared. This was a divine magical artifact — the armguard.

The precious artifact temporarily raised a barrier of light to buy him some time. Shi Hao was accumulating his energy, preparing to use the greatest power to deal a fatal blow and escape.

“Kill him!” Grandma Xihua shouted and was the first to attack.

The others also made their moves. The supreme experts revealed serious expressions, for something big was going to happen. They were no longer willing to attack in secret either, and all of them began to put their all into this battle.

A hong sounded. This place erupted with action. Six or seven figures revealed themselves and attacked Shi Hao from all sides.

At the same time, an elder sitting in mid air appeared. He brought out a small altar and began to burn paper offerings before it. He then quickly carved out a small wooden figure that resembled Shi Hao and threw it into the flames.

“Yi, what a powerful curse energy! I remember that back then when I was being pursued, there was someone who used this kind of curse as well.” In the skies, the youth that was fighting against fairy Yue Chan revealed an expression of shock.


Shi Hao stood up and wiped away the blood at the corner of his lips. His entire body shone, as if he had immediately returned to his peak condition. Bloody pillars pierced through the clouds and seem to reach into the heavens.

At this moment, ten heavenly passages appeared around him. His flesh heavenly passage shone as well and integrated itself with the others to form an immortal disk.

At the same time, he no longer concealed himself. He recreated the perfect Kun Peng technique. Black waves surged from under his feet, and golden divine flames flowed intensely above his head.

Below him, a Kun Fish broke through the ocean surface and swam around him.

Above his head, a resplendent blazing sun rose within the golden fiery light. A divine bird emerged from within. When it opened and closed its eyes, the entire world began to sway.

“Come! Let this strike end it all!” Shi Hao shouted loudly.

With a hong sound, lunar force and solar force merged together. The Kun Peng’s technique was pushed to its limit as it swept in all directions!

This was the ultimate refinement, the attack he brought about with everything he had. This kind of divine ability was more exhausting than several hundred exchanges in a great battle, depleting a nearly endless amount of divine energy.

However, what was especially shocking was that the ten great heavenly passages, as well as the flesh heavenly passage, surrounded him and supported the Kun Peng technique, allowing it to wreak havoc on his enemies.


An individual was immediately blasted apart on the spot. That person wasn’t even given the chance to make a sound before he turned into a lump of bloody mist.


Two more people began to crack apart inch by inch. They died in midair and were crushed into a meaty paste.

At the same time, the power of a curse rushed towards Shi Hao. However, it was actually pushed back, and the elder sitting beside the small altar screamed. His entire body ignited into flames just like the small figure that had been set aflame by himself not too long ago.

“Heavens! What happened?” The crowd cried out.

The Kun Peng technique this time was incomparable. It was not covered up like in the past, but rather fully displayed by Shi Hao. The heavens split and the earth cracked apart. Even a few of his own bones were broken.

Three of the attacking supreme experts died. Shi Hao brought out Soul Shattering Needles and threw them out to carry out their final execution.

“How terrifying! He is already wounded so severely. Does he not want to live anymore? He actually released such a great technique!” Someone cried out in amazement.

“By going all out like this, won’t he be destroying himself?”

“You…” Grandma Xihua was horrified. She activated the Void Beast Skin and entered the void, wanting to flee from this place.

However, at this moment, Shi Hao’s power shook the world. His ten heavenly passages and flesh heavenly passage appeared as he personally descended. The number of times he could still do this could be counted on one hand.


Shi Hao’s voice was extremely cold as he locked down this place.

Then, he closed his eyes to sense Grandma Xihua’s location. He walked over step by step.

At that moment, everything here was in stasis. No one but him could move. It was as if a demonic monarch had descended from the heavens!


Shi Hao dragged an old woman ferociously out from the void and revealed her body. Only at this moment did the frozen space return to normal.

“You…” Grandma Xihua was in utter fear.

“Grandma Xihua was captured!” Many people cried out in shock.

Pa, pa…

Shi Hao did not utter another word. One hand held up Grandma Xihua, and the other delivered more than ten blows to her mouth. She was struck until her mouthful of teeth was smashed out, causing blood to fly everywhere.

This was complete humiliation. Shi Hao could kill her, yet he didn’t do it immediately. Instead, he continuously struck her face again and again in front of everyone.

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