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Chapter 386 – Supreme Experts Moving Together

“Impudent!” The old woman shouted. She was slapped in the face in front of all of these people by a mere youth! Her mouth was full of blood, and she was knocked back quite a distance. This truly left her both shocked and furious.

“Impudent? I’m fixing you up, you old hag!” Shi Hao spoke with a cold voice. The other party had disturbed his decisive battle in secret and wanted to get rid of him. No matter what kind of identity she had, he still would not let that pass.

Grandma Xihua’s face was flushed with embarrassment. From her perspective, this was a type of humiliation. She came from the Heaven Mending Sect and was a respected supreme expert, yet she was spoken to so rudely.

How shameful was this? It was utterly humiliating!

“You are truly crazy. Do you think you are some supreme youth that can do whatever he wants just because you won a single great battle?” Grandma Xihua berated.

When Shi Hao heard what she said, a hint of a cold smile appeared at his lips. “I can’t even retaliate if someone tries to kill me? Old hag, you are looking to die!”

The crowd was shocked. Grandma Xihua accompanied fairy Yue Chan from the Heaven Mending Sect. She had constantly received great respect from the various sects of the wasteland region during these past few days.

This situation left everyone with a rather apprehensive feeling. Shi Hao actually dared to take action like this without any restraint. This was definitely not a small matter.

“What happened?” Many people began to develop suspicions. They did not know that a conflict had already sparked between Shi Hao and Grandma Xihua. `

With the wasteland region in impending chaos, not even the Archaic Divine Mountains’ creatures dared to cause trouble for a supreme sect like the Heaven Mending Sect, yet a youth dared to do such a thing.

“There is no resentment between us, yet you are attacking without reason. Is this not impudence?” Grandma Xihua’s face fell. She steadied herself with a dragon head crutch and roared towards the sky, expressing her fury.

“Old woman, don’t you think that your old face is swelling a bit too much? You interfered in secret while me and Shi Yi fought, and just now, you released such a vicious attack. Do you think I’m blind? Who do you think you are tricking by feigning innocence?!” Shi Hao berated.

When Grandma Xihua heard this, a layer of frost seemed to cover her face. She was clearly not young anymore, but she still hated being called an old hag by others. Her face became increasingly downcast.

“A bunch of nonsense!” She shouted while appearing calm and collected.

Suddenly, Shi Hao moved. He turned into a stream of light and rushed towards the old woman murderously. However, the sky trembled, and the Heaven Mending Sect’s supreme expert seemed to vanish without a trace.

Shi Hao did not move. He suddenly became startled and said to himself, “Void Beast Skin!”

He suddenly recalled that when Stone Country Capital its auction, a Void Beast Skin was sold for a shocking price. It even interested the Heaven Mending Sect, so in the end, it probably fell into this old woman’s hands.

“You are going to pay the price today no matter what kind of treasure you have!” Shi Hao said fiercely.


A golden streak of light flew past. It was an arrow with golden plume feathers. It released a shocking fluctuation, and ripples continuously diffused outwards towards the bottom of his back.

Another person took action, and this was without a doubt a supreme expert as well!

There were already people who were attacking in secret earlier, and now that the Heaven Mending Sect was thrown in as well, they became even more fearless. As a result, they used these ferocious methods.


Shi Hao moved out of the way. The golden arrow pierced through the sky like a rainbow streak. With a pu sound, it pierced into several uninvolved cultivators. They immediately exploded, and both their bodies and souls were destroyed.

It was clear just how terrifying this arrow was.

There were many people here. When an attack like this flew through the air, it would naturally lead to casualties. Many people became terrified and quickly moved out of the way in fear of being another one to die unluckily.

At the same time, the skies rumbled and a dark cloud descended. It was incredibly vast and it began to suppress down towards Shi Hao.

This was a large fan. It was entirely black and covered everything. The cloud descended and blocked out the heavens as it surrounded Shi Hao.

The large black fan shook and scattered down a canopy of rain. It was incredibly terrifying and the aura it produced was astonishing. The fan was made from ancient complex and mysterious symbols, and the destructive power it produced was astonishing.

There were many other people who suffered similarly. Numerous cries sounded at the same time, and like a the sweep of a broom, pilipala noises sounded as they all died miserably.

Shi Hao released a cold snort. He knew that the supreme experts in hiding couldn’t hold themselves back anymore. They were going to use this chance to kill him and steal the treasures on his body.

He smashed his fist towards the skies. A wave of blazing radiance erupted, gushing out like magma. This was the result of the Archaic Vermilion Bird’s Four-Fold Barrages merging into one attack. It was incredibly tyrannical, as if it came from a supreme archaic creature.

The red-hot fiery waves, the Vermilion Bird spreading its wings, and the divine flames that overflowed the sky all condensed into a single symbol. It distorted the skies as it smashed down on the large black fan.


The intense power and endless symbols transformed into boundless rays of light. It was as if a great star had exploded, turning this place into ruins.

This fan was extremely formidable. It broke into parts on its own, and as if it was playing along with Shi Hao’s attack, it turned into an exploded black sun.

Symbols covered the skies, and the sounds of ancient incantations rang through the air. They erupted here and began to attack everything!

“How ferocious!”

Everyone cried out in astonishment. Not even a rare precious artifact like this was kept in reserve. They truly wanted to inflict greater injuries upon his injuries. This was truly a great attack, and everyone could see that the precious fan was a rare object.

Shi Hao sighed. The Archaic Vicious Ten’s technique was truly tempting! In order to obtain what he had, these people didn’t even mind destroying supreme precious weapons.

He opened his mouth and spat out blood. Under the battering of energy, he began to retreat. Even though he put up a barrier, his body still staggered back and forth, and blood continuously trickled from his lips.

It wasn’t that these attacks were too powerful, but rather that these old fellows were too cunning. They were clearly trying to wear him down until they could ultimately kill him.

Shi Hao’s pupils were chilly as they roamed about murderously. These supreme experts were determined to kill him, and they were going to continuously attack him until they could do so.

These were people who agreed by chance due to the situation. They all used techniques that heavily drained their energy or brought out forbidden precious techniques. They did not want to immediately kill Shi Hao, but instead wanted to wear him down with each attack to add on to his injuries.

“Young man, it seems like these kindred spirits can’t tolerate you anymore either! Let’s see how this ends for you.” Grandma Xihua emerged from the void. A ridiculing cold smile appeared on her face.

“Old thing, why don’t you clean your neck and wait for your turn on the side!” Shi Hao said.


At this moment, a long and drawn out bell ringing sounded. It was as if a clear spring moistened everyone’s hearts with a relaxing feeling.

However, for Shi Hao, this bell sound was like a sharp blade that sliced towards his heart. An expanse of symbols appeared in the sky, surrounding him.

Shi Hao’s soul trembled. He felt that the power of this curse was familiar, as it attacked his soul. It should be the Heaven Mending Sect trying to kill him.

At this moment, his body began to sway back and forth and he nearly fell down. His sea of consciousness began to rise and fall.

It felt like he was going to be cleaved apart.


Shi Hao released a cold snort. The area between his brows lit up with radiance. At the same time, the divine lights in his body began to transform into small cauldrons. Tens of thousands of cauldrons began to flow through his flesh.

At the same time, his essence energy also formed small, brilliant, and golden cauldrons. They surged with auspicious light and illuminated his head with resplendent light.

“Yi, what a powerful fellow! There aren’t even many individuals among peerless noble kings that could refine the divine lights in their bodies into dao symbols, yet he is still only at the Engravement Realm!” Someone cried out in shock.

The area between Shi Hao’s brows shone. His essence energy formed small golden cauldrons to resist that curse. THe entrance of the cauldron surged with auspicious multicolored light and formed formless attacks.


At this time, there were others that took action in succession as well. These were all supreme experts, and they were all extremely cautious, taking action while concealing themselves. Precious artifacts immediately soared through the air and symbols covered the skies.

The sounds of grand scriptures immediately sounded. The precious artifacts from various sects immediately submerged this area and formed a sea of calamity.

“Father, hurry and help. Can you rescue him?” On top of an emperor carriage, Huo Ling’er was pleading with the emperor. It was clear that she was extremely worried.

“One’s path needs to be walked alone. SInce he dared to fight intensely here, he needs to face all of the ruthless dangers that followed. If he is strong enough to slaughter out a path, then he is a true dragon among men. If he dies here, then that just means that he isn’t good enough.” The Fire Emperor surprisingly spoke these words and did not take action.

Shi Hao was extremely exhausted. He released the ten heavenly passages, and they formed a resplendent divine disk to protect himself. However, it wasn’t enough, and he was now on the verge of collapse. It was clear that he had suffered a great amount of damage.

Fortunately, his speed was extremely quick. As he weaved through the air, he managed to avoid a great amount of attacks.

“It seems like all of you will continue to think of me as someone easy to bully unless I kill a few!” Shi Hao became furious. Despite being seriously injured, he still wouldn’t tolerate this without retaliation.


When another golden arrow flew over, his eyes flourished with light and released two beams of light. Everyone was shocked to discover that two small, golden cauldrons appeared within his pupils. Those eyes swept out in all directions with an incredibly powerful divine awareness, causing many people to shudder inwardly.

“You were the one!” Shi Hao released a low roar.

He had long discovered the traces of a few people, especially the one that continuously shot out murderous arrows from his bow. This time, he finally located his true body.


A black sea appeared beneath Shi Hao’s feet. Everyone was shocked to find that he had changed. There were symbols all around his body, as if they were an outer shell. Waves of dao sounds continuously rumbled as well.

He no longer cared about the consequences. Even though he was continuously coughing blood from his mouth, he still forcefully evolved the Kun Peng technique to its limit. Black ocean waves and lunar force surged. He took to the skies and rushed forward murderously.


A figure with a large golden bow in hand emerged from the void. It was clear that this individual was not calm, and an expression of shock could be seen on his face.

Even though he was a supreme expert, he understood clearly how terrifying Shi Hao was. He first killed the glorious and dazzling older Stone brother, then he killed the golden spider supreme expert. Now, he set his eyes on him, so it was a clear sign of disaster.

“Fellow like-minded people, we cannot allow this violent crime to carry on in front of our eyes. We should all take action and suppress him here.” Grandma Xihua spoke from the distance.

She wanted to get rid of this youth as soon as possible, because he truly made her worried.

Divine lights flew out one after another from supreme experts. These attacks were incomparably terrifying, and due to the numerous attackers, this place erupted with chaos.

However, Shi Hao’s next move brought about great shock. His hands joined, and an inch-long black Kun fish rose into the air. The attack was full of limitless lunar force as it rushed out.


The different rays of light were all obliterated by a sweep of this fish’s tail. This was simply a supreme technique within precious techniques. It was truly amazing.

The cost, however, was that more blood was coughed out from Shi Hao’s mouth. His wounded body suddenly staggered, but he continued to move forward without any change in direction. His left hand opened up to form a sparkling golden Peng claw and reached out.  


That supreme expert cried out. The large bow in his hands erupted with numerous rays of light to blow back Shi Hao.

However, under everyone’s shocked eyes, Shi Hao’s left hand that seemed like that of a golden Peng’s tore apart the large bow in an instant, and even one of the supreme expert’s arms was torn off.

With a pu sound, blood splashed outwards and the arm was detached. He released a miserable cry.

The distance between the two had been closed, and they were practically touching. This supreme expert erupted with symbols and began to use all types of forbidden techniques to fight against Shi Hao.

In an instant, the two exchanged over a hundred blows. These were all attacks with precious artifacts and divine abilities. Shi Hao was shaken until he coughed out more blood, but the other person was still ultimately killed. He was torn apart alive into multiple pieces.

With a flip of Shi Hao’s hand, a Soul Suppressing Pagoda appeared and smashed into his true spirit, obliterating his divine awareness.

Everyone gasped. This was not only killing one within the Void God Realm, but that individual was equivalent to being dead in the real world as well! Only a shell of flesh would remain.

Regardless of whether it was the Soul Suppressing Pagoda or the Soul Shattering needles, they were both rare treasures that could truly kill cultivators that came into this world.

Shi Hao was quiet and unmoving. He circulated the miraculous symbols from the True Primordial Record  to carefully feel the disturbances in the air. He wanted to kill Grandma Xihua.

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