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Chapter 388 – No Fear Towards Heaven Mending Sect

Grandma Xihua’s entire mouth was covered in blood. She became dumbstruck. Who dared to bully her like this? Her mouth was being slapped again and again in front of so many people!

You have to understand that she came from the Heaven Mending Sect, someone who no one dared to provoke. She represented an enormously great inheritance.

“Little bastard, you…” The old woman became furious. After being stunned momentarily, she snapped back to reality and couldn’t help but scream out.

Pa, pa…

Shi Hao did not respond. He only raised his hand to strike her face. It sounded especially sharp and clear in everyone’s ears.

This pipa sound continuously sounded from the supreme expert’s face. It made many people’s jaws drop as they watched in disbelief.


As the final slap landed on her face, the old woman’s entire face swelled. Her eyes were surging with flames, and her lips were swollen until they were like purple rocks. It was truly an ugly sight to behold.

Everyone became quiet. Their hearts were all shaken. They wanted to say something, but when they opened their mouths, most of them closed it immediately afterwards. They all knew that this was definitely a great matter. He was bold enough to give even the supreme expert of the Heaven Mending Sect a beating. Could this even be forgiven?!

“Little friend, one must learn how to forgive. Be magnanimous and release the Heaven Mending Sect’s dao friend Xihua.” An elder opened his mouth and began to plea.

Shi Hao shot over a cold look. The Heaven Mending Sect’s power was great, and they were mostly likely going to enter the wasteland region.

“Get lost!” Shi Hao only had these two words for him then. He had even killed a few supreme experts, so why would he care about offending one more? Grandma Xihua and the others had all treated him maliciously, so how could he let them go?

The elder’s face went pale, but he could only hold it in. Flames surged within his eyes, but he could only quietly retreat. He unexpectedly didn’t flip out here out here.

It was because acting like this could also be considered helping the Heaven Mending Sect. He didn’t want to fight to the death against Shi Hao here, as everyone could see how vicious he was. He was practically unrivaled.

“Release me!” Grandma Xihua growled. She had never experienced such a loss and was unexpectedly experiencing such torment.

“Do you think you are someone great that I am supposed to serve and then release?” Shi Hao jeered coldly. His hand holding up the hateful old woman almost twisted her neck to death.

“Youngster, release me. We will pretend as if nothing happened.” Grandma Xihua spoke in a low voice, as if it was the sound of a mosquito. She had already dropped to the lowest position.

“What did you say? I didn’t hear!” Shi Hao said in a loud voice.

“You…” A vicious light appeared within the old woman’s eyes. She truly wasn’t willing! If this wasn’t the Void God Realm, how would she be willing to speak in such a soft voice.

“You? What you? After using curses and malicious means to eliminate me, you still want to pretend as if nothing happened? Who do you think you are? So what if you are from the Heaven Mending Sect? Those that provoke me will all be killed without exception!” Shi Hao said coldly.

Everyone was emotionally riled. This youth was too overbearing, actually making this kind of declaration! He didn’t have any intention of reconciliation and seemed to want to wipe out everyone here!

“Hahaha…” A laughter sounded from the skies. The male within the divine flames was extremely powerful. He fought with fairy Yue Chan while observing what was going on down below. When he saw what had happened, he said, “This is great! What a good beating! That old woman deserves a beating. Might as well just cut her down.”

Fairy Yue Chan sighed. She glanced over at Grandma Xihua and revealed a bit of disgust. If she had conducted herself properly, then it was fine. However, she did things without having the ability to and ultimately tarnished the Heaven Mending Sect’s reputation.

The male in the divine flame struck out while saying, “Yue Chan, look how unsightly your servants are. Heaven Mending Sect seems like it accepts just about anyone these days. Even though it was glorious in the olden days, it seems like it still degraded over time. Why don’t you come with me? I won’t treat you unfairly. If we cultivate together, we will soar together and become unrivaled under the heavens.”

His manner of speaking was direct and straight, leaving those that heard him dumbstruck. Today, not only did Shi Hao reveal how reckless he was, this individual was also shocking. He truly wanted to take the Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy as his own woman.

Grandma Xihua muttered, “Release me. Even though you might be able to temporarily vent out some of your anger, you have to know that once the Heaven Mending Sect’s generals descend into the wasteland region, as a result of provoking my sect, they will wipe out your clan, inheritance, and everything else. Nothing will be left behind!”


This time, Shi Hao’s slap was particularly fierce. When it dropped, one of her arms was blown  off, drawing forth a huge bloody mist.

“You dare to threaten me? I, Shi Hao, walk alone. There has been no one who dared to threaten me with my clansmen and my family yet! Since you dare act so hatefully, why don’t I get rid of you guys first!”

Shi Hao’s voice was ice cold, and killing intent surged. Ever since he made his appearance, he didn’t even hesitate to kill pure-blooded creatures. How would he yield to the threat of an old servant?

Even if it was the Heaven Mending Sect that was known to stretch over several regions, they still couldn’t bully him. In particular, he definitely wouldn’t tolerate a threat made straight towards the deepest parts of his heart.

Grandma Xihua’s face contorted in pain. She had lost an arm, delivering a piercing pain. Both her body and spirit received a sharp blow.

Humiliation and pain; these two were mixed together, making her want to find a hole to hide herself in. This was just too embarrassing. She was resentful and about to go crazy. If she could live, she would definitely kill Shi Hao in the real world. What heaven warping talent? As long as he wasn’t allowed to grow up, he would become nothing!


Unfortunately, she was currently in Shi Hao’s hands, so she was fated to experience a great deal of suffering. A silver streak flew past, and her other arm was separated. It was blasted into pieces in midair.

“Little monster!” Grandma Xihua cried out. She couldn’t bear the suffering. Both her mind and body were being tormented to the point of near collapse!

“Disgusting old woman, your mouth is sharp even when death is at hand. This grandpa is going to teach you how to act like a person.” At this point, Shi Hao naturally wouldn’t show any mercy.


This time, when the slap descended, the old woman’s chin was sliced off. She was in so much pain that she cried out miserably and struggled intensely.

“Dao friend, there are times when you should show mercy.” Another supreme expert opened his mouth. His voice was rather sorrowful. It was clear that they realized the situation. After using the craziest Kun Peng technique, even though he killed a few people and even captured Grandma Xihua, his own body probably suffered great damage as well and didn’t have much fighting ability left.

“All of you, get lost. Otherwise, I will kill all of you one by one!” Shi Hao’s voice was cold and threatening.

With kacha sounds, the old woman’s legs were torn off by Shi Hao. Earsplitting bone breaking sounds rang out, and when the cultivators heard this, they all shivered inwardly. A grand and magnificent supreme expert was facing such humiliation even while at death’s door. This was truly a terrifying thing!

“You… Acting like this, no matter what kind of identity you have or how high your natural talent is, there will be no place left for you in this world in the future!” The old woman’s voice began to sound hoarse from shouting.

“I am a person who is the least scared of threats!” Shi Hao replied coldly.

“Fine, fine, fine. You will regret in the future! Your clansmen, your tribe, they will all be wiped out!” The old woman’s tone was harsh. She knew that she didn’t have much hope of living.

In this world, Stone Village was the most important thing in his heart. He would not put up with anyone else offending it, not even if it was just a threat like just now.

A slap descended. Grandma Xihua’s body began to split apart, and it was clear that her body was on the verge of being destroyed. She cried out in terror, for she knew that the next moment would be the destruction of her true spirit.

“You cannot kill me!”

At this moment, she became incomparably regretful. Why did she have to irritate such a killing disaster? She truly invited disaster to herself. Not only could she not deal with Shi Hao, in the end, even her life was going to become forfeit.

She was just an old servant, but she wanted to eliminate a possible threat for her sect. Now that she thought back, it truly was a joke.

“Brother Shi, you’ve wreaked enough chaos and killed enough people. Can you be a little lenient and leave her true spirit? Can you just spare a bit of kindness?” At this time, fairy Yue Chan in the skies also spoke.

From start to finish, she had always remained silent without pleading for leniency, for she thought that Grandma Xihua truly did not act justly and was instead rather embarrassing. However, she couldn’t not say anything right now, because her true spirit was going to be eliminated soon.

“I can not!” Shi Hao’s reply was extremely direct.

Since she was the enemy, there were no grounds for negotiation. This old woman hated him deeply, so how could he let her go? He had to kill her.

“Yue Chan, you should worry more about yourself. If you get caught by me later, you need to think about how you are going to be my woman. Would there be any time to think about him then?” The male in the divine flame laughed loudly. He was extremely unbridled, but his strength was truly terrifying beyond belief.


In the next moment, Shi Hao’s palm descended, crushing Grandma Xihua’s body into pieces. They slowly dropped from the skies.

There was a sphere of light where her body was originally at that surrounded her true spirit. She wanted to flee in hopes of reviving in the real world.

Shi Hao released a sneer. He reached out and caught it in one go. At the same time, a Soul Suppressing Pagoda that was as red as blood appeared and began to refine her true spirit.

“Ah… no!” The old woman shouted loudly as she wriggled between his fingers. She was extremely regretful and unwilling to die just like this in the youth’s hands. She was in despair. If she was allowed to choose again, she definitely would not have provoked this killing disaster. He was just too terrifying! She simply invited disaster onto herself.


The Soul Suppressing Pagoda swayed gently and refined her true spirit into ashes. The scattered remains dropped gently from the skies.

Everyone was completely dumbstruck. A supreme expert from the Heaven Mending Sect was eliminated just like that! This truly was a big deal, and the crowd wondered what kind of consequences this would result in.

When everyone looked towards Shi Hao, their eyes seemed a bit different. This youth was too domineering! Once he was provoked, he no longer regarded anything. He no longer cared about killing even supreme experts!

Now, a few supreme experts were weighing in their minds as to how to solve the problem before their eyes. If they provoked this youth, it might result in a huge disaster! Based on his nature, once he grew up, he wouldn’t let a single grain of sand stay in his eyes. Those that provoked him would all be killed without exception!

“You… killed Grandma Xihua and thus provoked the entire Heaven Mending Sect! In the future, there will be no place for you in this world!” An elder shouted.

“I wanted to kill her, so I did. It’s interesting how you are a supreme expert, yet you have no guts whatsoever. The wasteland region doesn’t belong to the Heaven Mending Sect, and in the future, it isn’t going to rule over our wasteland region’s creatures either,” Shi Hao calmly said.

“Don’t be so hard-mouthed. From today on, there wouldn’t be a place left for you. Once the Heaven Mending Sect gives out the order, how will you survive?!” There was actually someone who spoke coldly in an effort to gain favor with the Heaven Mending Sect.

Shi Hao laughed, seemingly not caring in the slightest.

There was another clear and light laugh that sounded. An extremely beautiful figure appeared. Her skin was snow white, and her hair was pitch black. Her eyes carried a crafty light, and her entire being was wonderful.

This was a young lady who possessed great charm and a moving beauty. There was an even greater seduction to her appearance; this was precisely the witch. Her voice was extremely pleasant to listen to as she said, “The Heaven Mending Sect still can’t cover the sky with one hand. From here on out, brother Shi is my Sky Severing Sect’s esteemed guest!”

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