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Chapter 385 – Saint Sword Intent

Shi Hao wiped the blood from the corner of his lips while standing on top of the magical artifact. This was not fake, and he had no intention of ‘baiting’ his opponents. His injuries were serious.

His fight against Shi Yi had left him with near-crippling internal and external injuries. The dual-pupiled individual was extremely terrifying. A battle with him had caused even a body as powerful as Shi Hao’s to suffer damage.

Outside of the injuries brought about by his opponents, he still possessed a different injury. There was a large hole in his chest that seemed to have been cut open. There were several bones that were broken in that area.

The supreme being bone was revived from the stimulation, and while killing his opponent, it also harmed his own body. The true bone had not completely grown, so it still wasn’t fully under his control, producing this terrifying result.

Shi Hao frowned. He wanted to return to the real world, but he had to get to one of the designated sites to leave this spiritual world. It was too difficult to break through this group of people right now.

He could sense many unpleasant looks aimed his way. There was more than one supreme expert within this group, so a bloody battle was unavoidable if he wanted to break free from this place.

The only silver lining was that he could feel a sea of divine energy within him after killing the great golden spider, and it was speeding up his body’s recovery. If the dual-pupil’s methods weren’t so heaven defying, his essence energy would be extremely abundant right now.

If he wanted to fully recover, just fleshly precious medicine wasn’t enough; he still needed time. He had to use his own foundational power to slowly tend to his injuries, and only then would he be able to return to peak condition.

A great battle was still happening in the heavens. Fairy Yue Chan and the male in the divine flame brought about terrifying destruction. They exceeded the amount of power this place could contain several times and disrupted the natural laws of this region.

The domain embodiment’s face changed. This was harmful to the Void God Realm, and such chaos could make the natural laws of this realm unstable.

Back then, it was precisely due to the two Stone brothers’ excessive destructive force that he descended and interfered, delaying their fight until a month later inside the Sky Battlefield.

Right now, the domain embodiment wanted to stop them, but he held himself back. The victor between these two might be decided soon.

At the same time, he felt a bit of apprehensive fear. The two Stone brothers were already shocking enough, yet there were still these two. Their performances were truly breathtaking, and everyone felt as if they had returned to the glorious ancient era.

Shi Hao slowly moved while standing on the Suan Ni precious mirror. He carefully took precautions as he looked for a way to leave.


A green streak of light flew out from the crowd and descended like a large imprint. It brought with it a dense haze of light and released a powerful fluctuation.

Shi Hao shot out his palm. The green light was blasted apart with a honglong sound, and nine ancient characters sparkled. Rumblings sounds could be heard as lightning interweaved and formed a prison.

Unfortunately, there were just too many people, so he couldn’t see who it was that released this precious technique. It was without a doubt a supreme expert, for this was not something that an ordinary individual could grasp.

Shi Hao stretched out his palm. Stars appeared from the center of his palm one after another, forming what seemed like an extraterrestrial universe. Lightning arcs flowed between them, producing a brilliant and shocking scene.

When he turned his hand over, the small world within his palm surrounded those nine characters. The two collided, and with a hong sound, lightning rumbled and the skies shook.

Those stars were all spheres of electricity. They destroyed the entrapment and even obliterated the nine characters. Moreover, an imprint was extracted to expose the one that attacked.

“Do you still want to take action? Why don’t you come here and fight fair and square? I’ll even give you a handicap,” Shi Hao snorted. The green imprint flickered within his hand.

Everyone was shocked. This kind of technique was extremely unordinary. This youth truly possessed an unmatched presence. He could actually extract an imprint to find its user!

Everyone shivered inwardly. They thought twice before taking action again and no longer acted so carelessly.

Shi Hao did not seek out his enemy because he wanted to leave as soon as possible. However, this was naturally extremely dangerous. He had barely moved when another precious artifact appeared to suppress him.

It was a beast skin with six ancient golden characters on top. It rang clanging sounds and released a blazing and blinding light.

The beast skin was rather dull, but the six ancient characters on it were just too brilliant. They were like six small suns as they blossomed with radiance. The sounds of swords clashing could be heard as well.

“Saint’s Sword Intent!”

Someone here cried out in shock, and many people’s expressions changed.

This piece of beast skin was left behind by an ancient saint, and sword intent was carved on top of it. It could be considered a great treasure, as well as a forbidden great killing artifact.

The beast skin was left behind for later generations, and normally, the tremendous sword intent would be studied. Researching it would allow one to improve themselves and understand the dao techniques of a saint.

At the same time, it was also a precious artifact. When it was used to deal with enemies, it was as if the invincible saint’s sword intent reappeared. It was known as a forbidden precious artifact and could be used to deliver an ultimate blow.

However, when it was actually used as an offensive weapon, quite a bit of the sword intent on it would be used up. The amount that was consumed would then far exceed that of when they used it for study.

No one here expected someone to use the sword intent of a saint and bring out an ancient beast skin like this. This was definitely a domineering move. This beast skin was not some normal magical artifact, but rather equivalent to a strike from an ancient saint!

Normally, Shi Hao wouldn’t be scared at all because this was the Void God Realm. He was practically invincible here, but things were different since he was seriously injured.

When the ancient saints contended for supremacy, a few extremely astonishing individuals appeared that could move mountains and drains seas, pluck stars from the sky, and capture the moon. They possessed great strength that was rare even in the ancient years when there was no lack of experts that broke through their limits.

The symbols on the beast skin lit up. The six characters were like a spell formation, and soon after, the sound of sutras being chanted could be heard. A dazzling sword light hacked outwards!

Everyone’s scalps went numb. This one strike alone already revealed that this was an incredible ancient might. A power that could leave behind a sword intent truly did have a great origin.

A sword soared through the air. The entire world lost color, and the sun and moon became dim. The cry of gods and devils rang through the air.

When Shi Hao raised his hand, scarlet flames began to rage. The Archaic Vermilion Bird’s Four-Fold Barrage flew out and clashed with the sword radiance. The entire sky began to shake and rumble.

This was like a fight across time to fight against a saint. Even though they were reduced to the same level, the great ancient power was still incredibly astonishing.

“It is definitely deserving of its reputation!” The crowd’s expression became serious.

It was because following this strike, Shi Hao’s body began to tremble. Blood began to seep out from the wound, and bright red liquid appeared at the corners of his lips. It was an extremely shocking sight.

“His body is seriously wounded. Lasting until this point truly wasn’t easy!”

“Wu, the hidden individual wants to take advantage of his injury to slowly wear him out to death.”

There were people muttering, and quite a few people nodded. It was clear that it wasn’t one person that was going to take action, but rather multiple supreme experts attacking in succession. They would attack one after another to slowly exhaust the seriously injured Shi Hao.

“This piece of beast skin is extremely unordinary. The sword intent recorded on it is incredibly profound.” High up in the sky, fairy Yue Chan, who was fighting a great battle, revealed a shocked expression.

“Yue Chan, you have an immortal sword in your hand, yet you care about this kind of sword intent?” The male in the divine flame said to himself. His eyes revealed an interested expression; he had a feeling that this beast skin wasn’t simple.

Shi Hao had long closed his eyes. He then quickly extended his hand to grab that beast skin.

The individual in the dark did not want to pull back now. The beast skin lit up, and the six ancient golden characters erupted with divine radiance. They then condensed together to form a single symbol.

This time, what flew out was not sword radiance but rather an expanse of symbols. It was as if a million dao soldiers resonated together as they submerged Shi Hao’s location, pulling him towards the beast skin.

“How terrifying! This saint’s ancient sword intent is just too powerful! Exactly how did such a power come into being, and how was it left behind on the beast skin? It could actually still produce this kind of divine ability?” Everyone was shocked.

This beast skin not only contained the sword intent left behind by a saint, but it was an extremely powerful precious artifact on its own. At this time, the concentrated symbols wrapped themselves around Shi Hao to constrain him inside the beast skin.

The influence of the figure in the dark was not small, and he did not hesitate to use a magical artifact of this level at all. He wanted to suppress Shi Hao and take the Kun Peng technique as well as the bronze precious book for himself.

If Shi Hao was at his peak condition, he naturally wouldn’t have been trapped. However, he was currently gravely injured, so with the ancient sword intent and precious beast artifact, the other party’s chances were actually quite good.

With a hong sound, Shi Hao was pulled in front of the beast skin. His body shrunk and was being sucked into the beast skin.

“Yi, there is a small world inside the beast skin!” At this crucial point of utmost danger, Shi Hao’s spiritual awareness sensed this fact.

It wasn’t ordinary after all and was about to seal him within. This beast skin was rather special.

Shi Hao opened his ten heavenly passages and released a berserk wave of power. However, he discovered that there was still a tremendous amount of sword qi that descended. It was just too terrifying.

This was not inferior to the blows he exchanged with Shi Yi. This ancient great might was utterly breathtaking and astonishing during the ancient years!


Shi Hao shouted. He locked down the space around them and resisted the sword intent. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood; it wasn’t that he couldn’t deal with this attack, but that his body was just too weak right now.

At the same time, the center of the beast skin shone. The small world inside opened up to suck him in.  

He caught a vague glimpse of the small world. There were a few characters glistening brightly, but he only had the time to make out two of them, which were ‘Six’ and ‘Dao’.

“What?” Shi Hao became fearful and his facial expression changed. He felt that this piece of beast was special and possibly even amazing.

In that instant, he used all of his energy to bring out his ten heavenly passages and lock down everything. At the same time, he circulated the Kun Peng’s technique, and with a hong sound, he broke free from the suction.

Shi Hao was not defeated from his great battle against Shi Yi. He coughed out a mouthful of blood, but in the end, he managed to scatter the sword intent and suppress the beast skin. It became dim and drifted downwards.

He reached out and grabbed it in one swoop before putting it away.

“Yi, hold on, that piece of beast skin shares karma with me!” In the heavens, the mysterious male that was trading attacks with fairy Yue Chan frowned. His heart felt a bit empty; this feeling was quite strange and unfamiliar.

The individual that had just lost the beast skin was a loose cultivator. He was a powerful supreme expert, and the beast skin should have belonged to him, yet when it was in his hands, why did it not possess the terrifying fluctuation just now when he used it?

He felt that there had to be some other profound mysteries hidden within the beast skin, but it had now been seized by Shi Hao.

“Ladies and gentleman, he is already coughing out blood continuously. If we don’t act now, what are we waiting for?” Someone asked.

Several streaks of light flew out, all of them belonging to supreme experts. However, none of their actual bodies appeared, as they were still concealed. They were trying to exhaust Shi Hao to death.

They were all old and crafty fellows. None of them were willing to risk danger, and all of them were hoping to get rid of Shi Hao in the most surefire way possible.


Suddenly, Shi Hao felt his ears ringing. His mind went blank, and his soul was almost hacked in half.

In the next moment, not only did his ten heavenly passages open, his flesh heavenly passage also shone on its own to protect his entire body. They formed a resplendent divine ring.

At the same time, the surrounding eight or nine supreme experts’ beams of light arrived. They were all destroyed by the divine ring and dissolved.

Shi Hao’s body shook violently as blood gushed out from his mouth. His gaze was incomparably chilly as he faced yet another round of these attacks. When he was fighting against Shi Yi, who dared to act like this?

This was the power of a curse, one that was extremely mysterious. He coldly shot a look in a certain direction.

Following that, Shi Hao decided to disregard everything. His entire body lit up; golden divine patterns lined the surface of his body, and there were black streaks flashing through it as well. He had turned himself into a human form Kun Peng.


This was a type of rebellion, and even more so an outburst of rage. Shi Hao rushed towards that area of the sky.

Many people became astonished, and they all began to retreat. Grandma Xihua’s expression became even more unpleasant. She wasn’t the one that took action, and on the surface, she was always outside the scene, yet at this moment, the youth was rushing straight in her direction.

“Impudent! What are you trying to do?” She shouted loudly and immediately shifted her body outwards to move out of the way.

However, despite these actions, under Shi Hao’s rage, every action’s destructive force was tremendous. His hand slammed into her body, blasting her flying.

Moreover, even though Shi Hao’s true body never slammed into her, golden light surged within the strong winds and formed a great hand. With a great pa sound, it slapped straight against her face.

This was the ever changeable Kun Peng technique. It sent the old woman flying horizontally, knocking out several of her teeth and causing her to spit out blood. Her face was full of shock, anger, and humiliation.

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