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Chapter 384 – Live Sacrifice


It was just a single strike, yet the entire sky erupted with action. Scarlet symbols filled the air as a Vermilion Bird shot through the skies. Around its bright and beautiful wings, red multicolored lights surged like magma.

The golden spider sighed and prepared himself for combat.

He knew that these ‘dao brothers’ definitely wouldn’t lend him a hand. They only mutually used each other. All of them were hoping for someone to take action first so they could swoop in after for personal gain.

When the golden spider opened his mouth, a divine white stream carrying flickering luster flowed outwards. An extremely terrifying fluctuation was released as it soared across the sky to obstruct the scarlet divine bird.

A fiery light flickered. The Vermillion bird’s flames descended and actually set this ‘stream’ on fire. This area was covered in extraordinary flames that crackled about.

It was clear that this wasn’t a true stream, but rather spider silk. It was sparkling and translucent, as well as incomparably flexible, making it difficult to destroy. Unfortunately, the flames of a Vermilion Bird were its bane.

The great golden spider’s eyes were cold. Even though it was in human form, when it opened its mouth, spider silk continuously shot out like a stream.

This time, the spider silk he spat out was different. It was no longer white and sparkling, but rather silk dyed in a bloody mist. It was red like wisps of blood. Large amounts were shot out, and it turned into a mist.

Golden Spiders were originally not poisonous and known as holy spiders. However, if they could evolve, they could still approach the extreme.

The bloody mist pervaded the air and turned into bizarre symbols. As they intertwined within the sky, the hazy mist began to roam towards Shi Hao’s direction. It seemed like it was going to lock down his Vermilion Bird technique.

This was the golden spider’s technique. By refining his golden spider blood and merging it together with the ancient poison corpse mist, it could kill even supreme experts. It was extremely pungent and killed with a formless attack.

Shi Hao was astonished. At this cultivation level, it was rather disdainful to use poison, however, once used, it would always produce a shocking effect. As a result, he was extremely careful. He brought out a magical artifact to test the waters. When it made contact with the bloody spider silk, it directly decayed with a chi sound.

“What potent poison! It is formed from symbols, yet it could destroy precious artifacts and harm the flesh of other cultivators!”

Shi Hao avoided the bloody mist and stirred on his divine flames. The Archaic Vermilion Bird’s Four-Fold Barrage was displayed to its limit, and the heaven overflowing flames immediately poured down. He wanted to completely burn this mist.

However, the flames did not seem to be that effective. Even though the spider silk bloody mist was burning, after quite a bit of time had passed, it still was not wiped out.

The golden spider released a long hiss. He used the blood spider silk and poison to trap the Vermilion Bird. At the same time, it revealed its true form. Eight perfectly straight spider legs pierced forward like eight golden spears.

Shi Hao sent his right arm outwards. It turned into a scarlet bird wing and brought with it a fiery light. With a qiang sound, it collided together with the golden symbols. The golden spider supreme expert’s expression changed abruptly and it quickly retreated. It was just a single strike, yet its leg was immediately inflicted with great pain. It hadn’t even been broken off, yet the spider was already feeling great fear.

Shi Hao dove down while wrapped within scarlet light. His descent scattered a portion of the bloody mist. He rushed towards the golden spider to unleash the most forceful attack.


In the end, the two still made contact, colliding fiercely. The golden spider was greatly shaken, and cracks appeared on one of its legs, seemingly on the verge of exploding.

This made the eyelids of those watching jump. Their battle had just began, yet the golden spider had already suffered such a great loss! In front of Shi Hao’s powerful body, it almost lost one of its legs.

Their positions changed as they tangled about like monsters. Several tens of strikes later, blood trickled out from the golden spider’s mouth; he was almost blasted to pieces from Shi Hao’s palm.

It was at this moment that everyone truly understood how powerful the two Stone brothers were. Under similar cultivation realms, killing supreme experts simply wasn’t an issue.

The golden spider opened its mouth and spat out a precious artifact. It formed a golden shield, and with a kengqiang sound, it blocked his opponent’s attack.

Shi Hao’s body was seriously wounded, so he did not want to prolong this battle. He wanted to finish this as soon as possible. He activated the Archaic Vermilion Bird’s Four-Fold Barrage, turning himself into a human-form divine bird. Scarlet light immediately erupted.


Several strikes later, the golden shield shattered and the spider flew outwards. It sucked in a cold breath of air.

“The younger Stone brother is seriously injured, yet he is still so valiant. If he was at his peak condition, just how terrifying would he be?” This was the question every supreme expert was contemplating at this moment.

They believed that from today forth, as long as Shi Hao was given enough time, his prospects would be limitless. No one in the wasteland region would be able to stop his advance.


Shi Hao released a light shout. He did not want to waste any time. A ferocious attack broke through the golden spider’s defenses and finally allowed him to draw closer.

The golden spider’s expression changed. It quickly flew out in retreat, but in the end, it still couldn’t break away from Shi Hao. With a ferocious strike, a leg was broken and hacked off from its body. The spider immediately released a miserable cry.

Everyone’s expressions changed. The golden spider supreme expert was going to suffer a great defeat!

However, right when Shi Hao was about to release an even more ferocious attack, the stage lit up with golden radiance. Several golden spheres of light appeared, and they simultaneously shot out golden spider silk.

“Yi, Eight Spider Formation!” Some supreme experts cried out in surprise.

The eight spheres of light were extremely glaring. All eight golden spiders surrounded Shi Hao and shot out cold glares. They continuously spat out blood, thus forming eight spheres of light.

A golden spider web took form. It was as dazzling as the stars and flickered brilliantly. Moreover, the eight spheres of light formed eight symbols, each situated at their respective position within the web.

Eight Spider Formation, also known as the Eight Trigrams Golden Spider Formation, was a vicious and well known formation belonging to the Demonic Spirit Lake. It had trapped and killed deities in the past, giving it an extremely shocking reputation within the ancient era.

This was clearly not the original great formation, but it was still an ancient formation with a formation soul. Once it was released, powerful winds would blow about and vast divine might would surge.


In addition to the spider web shining and locking down the world, the eight symbols continuously released golden spider fur. They interweaved like needles everywhere in the sky.

A flash ran through Shi Hao’s eyes. When he was fighting against Shi Yi, this was precisely what attacked him. If not for his supreme being bone reviving, allowing his divine force to spread, he would have been in great danger.

“There is no time to waste. I have to kill it immediately,” Shi Hao said to himself. It was because his injuries were worse than what he expected. Continuously using the overbearing Vermilion Bird technique placed quite a burden on his body, and at this moment, blood trickled out from the corner of his mouth.

With a shua sound, Shi Hao entered the formation. Dao flame and Vermilion Bird flame both erupted to burn apart this great golden formation.

However, this formation was resistant to water and fire. The precious artifacts were difficult to break. Those eight symbols were extremely special, possessing the ability to obliterate all materialistic substances. Shi Hao encountered a great amount of trouble within the great formation.

The great golden spider sneered and released the most vicious attack. Eight symbols flickered, and within the great formation, great chains extended and covered everything. It was going to trap Shi Hao to death.

“Youngster, in the end, you are still too inexperienced! You are still too young and weak!” It spoke quietly. If the other party had not been in such a rush, then it wouldn’t have the opportunity to succeed.

However, what happened immediately after made its face freeze up. Ten heavenly passages appeared around Shi Hao, and they then began to produce an endless amount of divine light. Ancient patterns began to interweave about.

“Yi, not good!” The golden spider was shocked. It noticed that it could not control itself. The spider’s heavenly passages were all released, and they resonated in response.


In the next moment, its heavenly passages were set aflame. Strand after strand of divine force rose and rushed towards Shi Hao’s heavenly passage.

What was going on? Not only was the golden spider horrified, even the other cultivators were frightened beyond belief. The golden spider’s heavenly passages roared, burning intensely as the divine flame seethed.

“Live sacrifice!” Someone cried out loudly. Everyone’s expressions changed.

The golden spider cried out miserably. It noticed that its heavenly passages had joined together and wouldn’t budge an inch. It was as if it was going to be offered as a live sacrifice!

Originally, Shi Hao studied the dao under the Willow Tree and evolved his ten heavenly passages to forge this new path. At that time, it had too many bad signs and risks, so he didn’t use it.

However, he never gave up on this. During his free time, he would still experiment and earnestly polish it. He fumbled his way through a terrifying path, and at this moment, he suddenly revealed it, no longer keeping it a secret.

The golden spider cried out miserably. Its heavenly passages were sinking, and its own body was being burned by the fiery light. Divine force continuously rose and entered Shi Hao’s heavenly passage. Auspicious and dazzling multicolored divine light flew in streak after streak.

This scene was absolutely horrifying. Even supreme experts felt their bodies go cold.

“Why do I feel like it is similar to the Demonic Cattail Tree from the ancient era? He is seizing the divine essence of another to continuously strengthen his own body…” someone muttered.

When this sentence was spoken, many people immediately felt their hearts pound fiercely. During the ancient era, the Demonic Cattail Tree had unleashed an utterly disastrous slaughter. Only after all the saints joined hands and the rest of the world offered their support was it finally extinguished.


The golden spider cried out miserably, but it was still useless. The live sacrifice happened too quickly. They were within the Eight Trigrams Spider Web with spider silk linking them together, making it the best situation for a sacrifice.

The golden spider fused with its heavenly passages and began to evaporate as well. It turned into strands of resplendent multicolored light before entering Shi Hao’s ten great heavenly passages.

It became weaker and weaker, and eventually, it turned into ashes along with the golden formation, vanishing from this place.

When the final bit of true spirit was trying to flee, Shi Hao flicked his wrist, producing a Soul Extinguishing Pagoda. With a hong sound, it descended, extinguishing it.

The golden spider supreme expert had died, leaving everyone petrified.

Shi Hao’s shining body sat on top of a magical artifact. His ten heavenly passages circled about, scattering down silk strand after strand. This was divine essence, which could be used to nourish his body.

This area was extremely chaotic. Many people were caught up within the battle, but at this moment, everything became calm. Shi Hao was originally seriously wounded and staggering about, but when another fight broke out, his might seemed to remain just as ridiculous as before.

This was a great golden spider we were talking about, yet it was used as a live sacrifice!

What terrified everyone the most was that he seemed to have obtained some great benefits from the battle. The divine essence entered his body like waves, nourishing his body and making it bloom with precious radiance.

With each fight, the small Stone brother seemed to become even more outstanding. Was he truly going to become matchless?

Many sect masters felt nervous, and those that took action in secret became even more unsettled. This youth was too powerful! In the future, who could stop him?!

Auspicious multicolored light flowed from the ten heavenly passages. They all poured down on Shi Hao’s body, replenishing his wounded self. The injuries began to heal even more. His entire body became sparkling, translucent, and overflowing with divine splendor.

Not long after, Shi Hao stood up. What made everyone speechless was that as soon as he opened his mouth, a mouthful of blood was coughed out. It seemed like his injuries were difficult to recover from, but this was the condition that he was in when he had just used the supreme expert as a live sacrifice!

Was he ridiculing everyone, or was his body truly in a terrible state?

The crowd’s faces became ugly. It was one thing that they couldn’t fight against Shi Hao in his best condition, but if they couldn’t even defeat him when he couldn’t stand properly, then what kind of face did they have left?

Grandma Xihua’s face became downcast. In a low voice, she said, “Elder Zhong, do you have the confidence to end him? I truly do not wish to see this youth again. Since he does not belong to our sect, he will definitely bring about great trouble sooner or later!”

This youth was truly talented beyond belief. He didn’t care about the offer that the Heaven Mending Sect gave him and wasn’t willing to join them. This gave birth to a killing intent within the old woman’s heart.

If it was a regular youth, then she wouldn’t care so much. However, the more she understood and observed him, the more scared she became. This kind of heaven warping outstanding talent would definitely dazzle the world. It might even affect the prospects of a supreme great sect.

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