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Chapter 383 – Disorder

The confrontation happened abruptly, and the battle that resulted was incredibly intense. The divine flame flickered and twisted about. The mysterious male displayed six types of precious techniques that all shone brilliantly.

Rumors had it that if one grasped six of the Archaic Vicious Ten precious techniques and used them simultaneously, then it would produce an effect similar to six reincarnations. That kind of scene was something that was difficult to describe with words.

No matter how powerful one was, they would all turn into ruined ashes before the six dao reincarnations!

Unfortunately, it was all still a legend. No one had ever been able to bear witness to such a thing. Forget about grasping six of the vicious ten, even four or five was already something only heard of in legends.

Since the ancient times, even though there were all types of rumors, none of them have ever been confirmed.

The male within the divine flame was extremely powerful, but it was impossible for him to possess six vicious precious techniques. He merely used a terrifying divine ability to activate it. Even so, there were still six small, dreadful worlds that were swirling about.

Just this basic form was already enough to make everyone horrified!

This method was not something that anyone who had precious techniques could use. Six as one; attempting something like this could easily fail or result in self-harm. Not even those as powerful as supreme experts dared to try it recklessly.

Despite this, he was actually so skilled at utilizing such a supreme profound mystery. Fairy Yue Chan was forced to use the divine sword within her and reveal the Heaven Mending Sect’s most complex profound secrets.

Symbols surged within the two, and these were all ancient characters. At this moment, they were branded within the void, sparkling and flickering like stars. In addition, they were ringing with loud sounds.

They had already long left the Sky Battlefield, taking their intense fight into the heavens. It was because this ashy-brown battlefield was not prepared for them.

Everyone became stupefied as they watched this. The battle between the Stone brothers had just ended, yet another fight was started in the wake of their battle. No one here expected such a thing to happen.

The most terrifying parts about this were the shockwaves that were produced and the sea of symbols that covered the skies. It was just as intense and terrifying as the battle that had just occurred.

This was just the beginning, yet the two had already revealed divine abilities like these. If this continued, just how incredible would the battle become?

“This isn’t inferior to the battle between the Stone brothers at all!” A supreme expert immediately made this judgment.

Everyone’s attention had been sucked into this fight. They felt a bit dizzy as they watched the battle. The mysterious male was excessively tyrannical, actually wanting to seize the Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy to keep at his side!

Once news of this spread, it would inevitably shake the world!

How could there be such a reckless person? What kind of background did he have exactly? The wasteland region’s experts all revealed shocked expressions. They looked for cultivators from outside this region to get to the bottom of this.

There should not have been only one sect that entered the wasteland region, so they naturally could find more information. However, as soon as they asked, there were people that shook their heads. They were informed that this individual was simply a revived deity and that it was best if they did not try to probe any further.

His background was extremely mysterious. Even those beyond this region did not know too much about him. They only mentioned a single event that involved him. His fondness of chasing women had led him to capture a sacred girl from an extraordinarily great sect. Even though he was pursued, the more he fought, the greater he became. He rose to power from blood and flames, a character who roamed free and unfettered throughout the world.

When everyone heard this, they all became stupefied. This was like something straight out of a fantasy story! A perfect sacred girl from a renown great sect was abducted by someone, yet he was still well and alive.

“There are people who claim that he is a god that has undergone nirvana. Others believe that he reincarnated and possesses a supreme dao fruit,, and as a result can show disdain towards the rest of the world.”

This was, of course, rather exaggerated, but there were still many outside this region who believed it.

As everyone was in heavy discussion and speculating who that male was, Shi Hao was actually the most calm. He sat within the Sky Battlefield and quietly adjusted his injuries. None of this was related to him, and he only wanted to recover right now.

However, good things don’t last forever. The scope of the two individuals’ battle was great, and from time to time, their battle would circle back and he would almost be caught up in it.

The domain embodiment opened his mouth and said, “This is not a battlefield prepared for you two! If you want to fight, then arrange for a different date!”

What was shocking was that the two did not temporarily stop. Divine chains continuously lashed about, sword qi engulfed the heavens, and that divine flame seemed to have even added another great divine ability. It turned into a flame torch that blasted towards the domain embodiment.

Everyone was horrified. Did this guy go mad? He must have stolen the courage of a god!

The domain embodiment’s face fell. He swept a sleeve and collected the Sky Battlefield, no longer allowing it to appear here.

“Yi, the domain embodiment didn’t get angry?” There were some that expressed their shock.

“The domain embodiment is a will of the Void God Realm, or to be precise, he is the enforcer in charge of this pure land. He cannot use his divine might without reason, and as a result cannot immediately retaliate.”

These words caused everyone to become astonished. They all felt rather strange.

“Wu, why do I feel like the male within that divine flame did it on purpose? Doesn’t it count as a type of provocation?” Some people were in doubt.

At the same time, there were a few pure-blooded creatures at the horizon who revealed heavy expressions. Their hearts were beating heavily, because they felt like something major was going to happen.

They understood this senior of theirs. This time, the situation was most likely going to become chaotic. They had a feeling that an excessively terrifying storm was going to arrive.

“Get ready, we are going to retreat. Senior is going to flip this place upside down and produce catastrophic results!” One of the creatures made this judgment.

Shi Hao was currently seated on top of a magical artifact, continuing to recover his body. From time to time, he would look around. He was looking for a chance to leave.

However, he noticed that there were many eyes that were still focused on his body. Each and every movement he made was being observed. It was clear that he had become the target of many supreme experts.

All of this was brought about by precious techniques. Apart from the bronze precious book, there were probably others that recognized the Kun Peng’s technique. It was enough to make many go crazy and willing take a risk.

Shi Hao silently thought about everything, repeatedly observed the surroundings, and then inspected his own injuries. He couldn’t help but sigh. Once a conflict is created, there truly would be a terrifying bloody battle.


A fiery expanse of light scattered down. The group of cultivators cried out and rolled about in the sky. They had been struck by the flames, and as a result, their precious artifacts began to split apart and their bodies and bones were burnt.

This was precisely the fiery light that the male scattered down. It was just too powerful. As soon as anything made contact with it, it would end in destruction. The people that were struck were unfortunate and died in this place.

Shi Hao was astonished. This fellow was doing this on purpose! He was intentionally throwing this place into disorder!

Sure enough, even a supreme expert was angered. Two of his grandsons were devoured by the flames, triggering his fury.


When characters like this took action, it naturally led to even greater chaos. Precious artifacts appeared, producing shockwaves that stretched far into the distance. Many more people were now caught up within,

This did not take place within the battlefield. There were no longer any railings or any symbols to protect anyone. As long as a battle unfolded, the skies would be overflown with the light from precious techniques. It was not difficult for this place to fall into devastating disorder.


Eventually, several supreme experts participated. Deliberately or inadvertently, they all began to take action.

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. He noticed that there were some individuals approaching his position to use this as a pretext to deal with him. This was was not a good sign. A great chaos was stirring!

Meanwhile, the mysterious male’s fiery light surged, bringing out an expanse of true fire. It engulfed towards Shi Hao’s location and widened the scope of this chaos.

“What is he trying to do?” Shi Hao was bewildered.

He couldn’t think too much about things right now. There were some individuals who were trying to take advantage of this crisis to cause him trouble. Terrifying precious techniques descended like dark clouds and completely surrounded this place.

Shi Hao was forced to take action. As he stood on top of his magical artifact, his body was still staggering a bit; after all, his injuries weren’t light. When he raised his hand, a shield appeared, blocking in front of him.

This was the black tortoise divine ability. His right hand formed the precious imprint. Ocean waves stirred about, and a black tortoise traveled along the waters. An enormous barrier of light was raised, stopping short many attacks’ symbols.

“Brothers, let’s not take action yet. When things become a bit more chaotic, we will take the opportunity to seize his life.” The golden spider opened his mouth and spoke secretly towards the supreme experts of the Archaic Divine Mountains. He was going to initiate a great slaughter.

“Brother golden spider, do not forget that in this place, our cultivation realms are equal to his. If we cross swords, there is the risk of death,” one of them spoke.

“He is seriously injured and on the verge of dying. Many of his bones are broken as well. As supreme experts, if we can’t even kill a wounded individual like this, then we are better off dead.”

The bronze precious book was not passed on in the real world, and the Kun Peng’s technique was enough to make every sect go crazy. Both were possessed by a single person, so it naturally caused a great catastrophe.

Even though they didn’t have dual-pupils and couldn’t ascertain that Shi Hao definitely grasped the Kun Peng’s technique, they still had their suspicions. This was still a terrifying fact.

In the skies, the male in the divine flames continuously widened the scope of disorder, causing this place to experience greater chaos.

Shi Hao noticed that many people were voluntarily joining the fray, taking advantage of the chaos to make their moves. Many powerful auras began to close in around him.


Finally, there was a supreme expert that took action. It was unknown who it was exactly, as the individual had concealed himself. The attack was incredibly terrifying.

This place erupted into action. Shi Hao sighed; he was forced to take action. With things reaching this stage, he had no way of fleeing. He immediately adjusted his body. Light erupted from within his eyes.

“Elder Zhong, prepare to take action. If the opportunity presents itself, we will get rid of that little Stone brother. We cannot allow him to continue living.” Grandma Xihua spoke softly. Her gaze was extremely cold.

“The young miss…” Elder Zhong’s eyes flickered with golden symbols.

“The young miss should not encounter any problems for now. Use the most powerful curse to make sure your attack kills. Moreover, his original imprint has to be removed. If he truly has the Kun Peng technique, then it will be an everlasting fortune for my sect,” Grandma Xihua instructed carefully.

This place boiled with action, however, the supreme experts that took action were all crafty old monsters. No one would lightly risk danger, and all of them took advantage of the chaos to make their moves. When another made a move, they would then attack; this combination of attacks left Shi Hao in great danger.

None of them showed themselves. They all wanted to kill Shi Hao during the chaos.

No one wanted to be first and expose themselves to the most risk. They were scared of Shi Hao flipping out and going all out right before his death. They grouped up and moved together.

This kind of chaotic warfare made Shi Hao suffer greatly, since it was impossible for him to find his primary enemy. He released a cold snort. Symbols flickered within his eyes, and two beams of light shot out from them as he observed the entire battlefield.

In the next moment, Shi Hao’s body erupted with heaven overflowing flames, making him look like a humanoid Vermilion Bird. He soared through the air and locked in on the large golden spider in the distance. He directly attacked.

Since he couldn’t find each enemy one by one, then he was going to start from the source. He would kill one to warn hundreds. In his heart, the Demonic Spirit Lake and Heaven Mending Sect had carved their names into his blacklist.

When he fought ferociously against Shi Yi, these were the two groups that secretly interfered and attacked him. They had long roused his anger, so if given the chance, he definitely wouldn’t let them off.

“Not good!”

The golden spider’s expression changed. Just now, he had also taken action, but he would always retreat far outside the battlefield with each attack. Now that his location was exposed, he had a bad feeling.

Since things had already reached this point, the golden spider supreme expert no longer cared about small things like reputation. He turned around and left, surprisingly backing off instead of fighting.

The crowd was in an uproar. This was a grand and magnificent supreme expert, yet he was scared of this youth! He chose to avoid a battle, causing many people’s hearts to tremble.

When they saw this, everyone suddenly understood how greatly Shi Hao has risen in power. He was now truly unrivalled within this cultivation realm, making even supreme experts feel a restraining fear.

What kind of power and grandeur was this? Without mentioning anything else, just the golden spider’s act of retreating instead of fighting was enough to shake the wasteland region. This only added on to his glory.

“Where do you think you are going?!” Shi Hao shouted loudly. His figure was like a streak of crimson lightning. The Archaic Vermilion Bird’s Four-Fold Barrage was unleashed, covering the skies as he closed in.

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