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Chapter 382 – The Male Within the Divine Flame

The skies outside the battlefield made of meteorite curled in a great gray mist. The atmosphere was extremely tense and abnormal. It seemed like an even greater conflict was about to erupt at any time.

Shi Hao’s body was seriously injured, so his gait was quite unsteady. As he held the three bronze pieces in his hand, he felt the great killing intent. He silently adjusted his body’s condition to prepare against unforeseen situations.

“The battle between the two Stone brothers truly was spectacular, something that only happens every few hundred years! It gives this old mind great satisfaction. I wonder how many years later it will be before such a great battle can be appreciated again.” One individual broke the silence and spoke in this way.

The two youngsters’ names would definitely be recorded in history. Even though Shi Yi was killed in battle, his glory still could not be concealed, as it was truly dazzling.

As for the younger Stone brother, he was already a living legend. At the very least, he stood apart from everyone else and was unequalled within the wasteland region.

“I just fear that jealousy will cause those favored by heaven to die young. Even though the little Stone brother can look down on the wasteland region, he might not necessarily be allowed to grow up.” A conflicting viewpoint was expressed, immediately causing the mood here to become much more chilly.

“Since the ancient times, only a few of those that were able to fight decisive battles in the Sky Battlefield were truly able to achieve greatness.” Another person commented, making the atmosphere here even harsher.

Shi Hao stood there silently, grasping every second he could to heal himself. The divine light within his body turned into small furnaces which flowed about one after another slowly.

Currently, his entire body was shining. It was as if he turned into an immortal divine furnace as he released a blazing golden light. This light was a surge of divine power, one that circulated to its absolute limit to release the potential of the human body.

No matter where he was or what kind of situation he was in, it was still himself that he could rely on the most when facing his enemies. He could not entrust his hope to others.


Suddenly, divine flames rose, shining through the sky into the heavens. The entire sky was illuminated, becoming bright and resplendent. Even the sun, moon, and stars became dim.

What was this? Everyone became dumbstruck. This was a truly powerful fiery light! Their hair began to stand on end, and they couldn’t help but shiver.

“Is this the so-called deity-level stage that has been dormant all these years? It doesn’t seem to be of the highest grade, but it can still be considered okay. It should be just barely enough to fight on.” A calm voice sounded.

The people here were shocked to find that another individual appeared on the Sky Battlefield. The endless divine flames all originated from him, and all of it ultimately condensed into a sphere with him at the center.

What kind of person was this? A powerful energy was diffusing from where he stood that gave others a dreadful feeling. It was as if they were facing off against one of the ancient era’s most powerful vicious beasts.

Immediately after, he directly stretched out a large hand, grabbing towards Shi Hao’s location. It was like a golden disk that could extinguish all enemies!

This kind of aura was extremely overbearing, and the light being released left everyone horrified. It was absolutely domineering, making many of the spectators feel as if their bodies were going to split apart.

Shi Hao’s eyebrows furrowed steeply, and he similarly stretched out a large hand. His palm and fingers turned into a copper furnace that quickly enlarged. It flickered with blazing symbols, as if it was going to refine all of his enemies.

This scene made those present draw in a breath of cold air. They had just experienced a great battle, yet he did not back off under such pressure and instead erupted with an endless amount of divine might.


Fluctuations began to pour outwards like a boundless sea. The entire Sky Battlefield began to shake as if a great earthquake was happening. All of the cornerstones and railings were shaking in response.

However, before the two sides’ palms even made contact, at the crucial moment, the mysterious male withdrew his palm and dodged to the side. His eyes erupted with divine light.

This was not done out of fear, but rather out of happiness in finding worthy prey. He did not want to fight against someone seriously wounded. With a brash and overbearing manner, he nodded and said, “Not all that bad.”

What did this mean? No one could understand.

“Why don’t you follow me?” He spoke these few words. There was a type of appreciation, as well as a type of happiness when locking onto prey.

Everyone became astonished, especially the supreme experts. They couldn’t sit still any longer. There were eight bronze pieces on Shi Hao’s body, making him practically a divine treasury. How could they allow someone else to get in on this first?

“Why should I follow you?” Shi Hao calmly asked.

“Follow me, and an even wider sky will open for you,” said this male. At the same time, a powerful shockwave engulfed all directions.

This was clearly a human figure, but the naturally diffusing blood energy and overwhelming divine might made him seem like a demonic god. Everyone felt like they were under a great pressure.

The two Stone brothers’ fight had just ended when he made his appearance and spoke this line. He was definitely not ordinary!

Shi Hao’s face immediately became colder. He prepared himself for a great battle.

“I have two interests in this life. The first is to collect all of the world’s unmatched beauties, and the second is to collect all of the world’s well known precious techniques.” The male within the divine flame said to himself as he overlooked everything.

Shi Hao felt a shiver. The other side’s eyes were burning brightly, and when they stared at him, it was as if they were looking at some kind of treasure. He understood that this was not an interest in the bronze precious book, but rather that the Kun Peng technique he possessed had been seen through.

The male within the divine flame was extremely arrogant, or it could also be said that he was extremely self-confident. He looked at Shi Hao and said, “I actually still have a slight interest in a third thing, and that is collecting the world’s famous people.”

Who was this? All of the experts here revealed strange expressions. He actually dared to say things like this! If he wasn’t crazy, then he was ridiculously powerful, powerful beyond their imaginations!

“I also have these so-called interests. Why don’t you offer me your beauties and then follow me?” Shi Hao said indifferently. An oppressive aura began to fill the air.

The male standing within the divine flame was quite blurry, but everyone could still sense that he remained quite calm. “Regardless, I believe that the two of us are kindred spirits?”

Everyone was on their guard. Another great struggle might break out. This individual was not only extremely mysterious, but also extremely powerful. The fluctuations he released were truly terrifying.

The domain embodiment naturally didn’t care. This did not count as disturbance since the battle between the Stone brothers had already ended. The newcomer’s powerful entrance into the Sky Battlefield carried an annihilating type of unruliness.

His eyes shifted, causing the scarlet flames to jump. The flames seemed like they could destroy the nine heavens, leaving everyone in fearful reverence. Great stars spun about within his pupils, and then all of them dropped.

Suddenly, his body moved. His eyes shot out two strands of crimson symbols. Kengqiang noises sounded, as if divine chains were trembling. This place was greatly shaken.

“Wu, I’ve already said before that my first interest is collecting the world’s beauties. With my target in front of me, I naturally have to temporarily drop my second interest for now.”

Everyone became stupefied. This fellow was truly unbridled! He actually dared to speak such words!

Shi Hao coldly faced him. The corners of his lips tilted up slightly, but other than that, it didn’t seem like he paid the male much attention.

The male within the divine flame turned around and looked towards a certain direction. “Yue Chan, since you are already here, why don’t you show yourself? For your sake, I did not hesitate to cross regions. Why don’t you come out?”

The edges of her clothes fluttered as fairy Yue Chan descended. Her clothes were as white as snow, presenting a style that was unmatched. Her beauty was truly unsurpassed, making many people feel ashamed of their inferiority when they saw her.

There were many youngsters here in particular. There wasn’t a single one whose head wasn’t raised, with all of them watching that otherworldly pure body that was wrapped within a hazy light. Their hearts were greatly moved, and they all sighed with admiration.

The disparity between themselves and a woman like this was just too great. They could only watch her from afar and were forbidden to desecrate. She was high up above them, both pure and holy. Her natural gifts were simply astonishing. As an esteemed fairy of the Heaven Mending Sect, how could they even approach her?

Heaven Mending Sect was known as an unequalled great sect. It crossed several regions and has existed since ancient times. Not even the era of saints and revived deities could shake its roots.

“The fairy has arrived!” Many people shouted. She had not showed herself within the wasteland region for a long time, but her name already left a lasting effect. She was like a moon with stars all around her.

Fairy Yue Chan descended. Her white clothes drifted about, and her black hair scattered downwards. Her eyes were incredibly intelligent, and her face was so beautiful it was suffocating. She stood in opposition to the male in the divine flame.

“Yue Chan, it has been several months since we last met. I’ve longed to see you again. The reason why I crossed regions is for you…” The male in the divine flame’s voice was soft and gentle, completely in contrast to his previously strong tone.

This truly was a king-level figure who loved precious techniques, but loved beautiful women even more. The figure towering within the Sky Battlefield left everyone with a rather unique feeling.

“You have crossed the line! Do you think the fairy is someone you can blaspheme against?!” There were some youngsters who were discontent and loudly berated.

“Shut up.” The divine flame flickered in response to the male’s calm voice. Then, his eyes swept out. Scarlet light flew outwards and released a great booming sound.

“Yi, hurry and dodge!” There were some seniors who tried to advise their sect’s disciples, but it was still too late.

Those youngsters were fearful. When they saw the scarlet multicolored light fly over, they brought out their precious artifacts while quickly dodging to the side.


However, as soon as the scarlet light made contact with those precious artifacts, they all turned into ashes. They then surrounded these people, and without even giving them a chance to release a miserably cry, they were submerged within and eliminated.

“What kind of divine ability’s power is this?” Many people cried out. This was too powerful and tyrannical! Their minds were greatly shaken, and a chill ran down their backs.

This mysterious figure was truly powerful to an almost heaven defying degree! Those youngsters weren’t weak and should all be relatively well-known figures among their age groups, yet they were completely exterminated in that instant.

“Your demonic nature truly has not diminished. Don’t you think it is a bit too much?” Fairy Yue Chan berated as she stood in front of him.

The male in the divine flame laughed and said gently, “Yue Chan, what divine or demonic is there? One’s nature and emotions should be expressed freely. This is the fundamental source of power.”

“Everyone within this world knows about the natural law and dao, however, you are too intolerant of those with opinions differing from your own. Are you trying to become this generation’s demon monarch?” Fairy Yue Chan’s sparkling white face was completely cold.

“Yue Chan, you should accompany me at my side and chant sutras for me. How about I help your get rid of this demonic nature that you speak of?” The male in the divine flame said softly.

This frightened all of the experts here. What kind of character was this? He actually dared to speak to the Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy like this! It truly left them all shocked.

“If you enter my sect, there will be people who will definitely enlighten you.” Fairy Yue Chan spoke calmly. It was clear that this was not her first interaction with this male, and that she thoroughly understood how terrifying and troublesome he was.

“I do not like to be restricted. If you truly want to enlighten me, then you would have to be the one to do so. How could I be satisfied with anyone else?” The male within the divine flames said softly. He then gradually became more aggressive. “Yue Chan, since we are of different opinions, don’t blame me for taking action. Just come to my side!”


No one would have thought that a great battle would break out so suddenly. The Sky Battlefield once again began to tremble intensely.

The male within the divine flame was like a monarch that overlooked everything. When he raised his hand, six different precious techniques appeared. They were like six reincarnations as they displayed their power, shaking everyone in this world.

His first move was already so astonishing. It created a violent commotion and sent many people flying outwards. They couldn’t defend against this pressure.

Fairy Yue Chan’s white clothes drifted about. Her long dress fluttered behind her from the wind, exposing her wonderful slender figure. Her exceptional appearance made the hearts of many tremble.

She released a soft shout and directly brought out a divine sword. Multicolored light flooded the world, causing auspiciously colored clouds to float about. The sky was immediately covered in dazzling radiance.

Shi Hao had seen this divine sword before within the witch’s Demonic War Domain. This was precisely the sword that fairy Yue Chan used to hack apart space to break free.

She now used this sword as soon as the battle started. It was obvious just how cautious she was being. The sword’s body was formed from a jade core. Symbols covered it densely, forming what seemed like a dazzling beam of multicolored light.


The two engaged each other in combat. It seemed just like a dance between a demon and a fairy!

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