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Chapter 379 – Seizing Light from Heaven

The two individuals were completely covered in blood with bodies that were in tatters. The two supreme youths were in terrible states with too many broken bones.

The little brother was almost hacked in half by the halberd that flew out of Shi Yi’s eyes. Meanwhile, the older brother’s arm was torn off by Shi Hao and his chest was pierced through. His wounds could not be healed for a period of time.

Both sides suffered with neither side winning. At this moment, the supreme being bone was going to be used!

The black battlefield was extremely large. It was entirely dark, as if its color resulted from being dyed in blood. An ancient aura filled this place. The two supreme youths stood at opposite ends. There was blood everywhere beneath their feet, and they swayed as they confronted each other. Even though their bodies were in tatters, their essence energies were still blazing fiercely like divine flames.


At this moment, they both shouted and turned into streaks of lightning. The final great clash was about to occur.


It was as if the heavens were shattered. The great earth caved in and a seemingly endless mist filled the air. A boundless amount of divine force surged violently and erupted here!

The Sky Battlefield shook. Countless symbols rose and illuminated in the air, imprisoning themselves within the air. Ancient heroes appeared one after another, and weeping sounds could be heard. It was as if their cries resonated with this battle.

“How terrifying!” Everyone cried out in astonishment.

This Sky Battlefield far surpassed the previous one, so the heroic spirits were even more terrifying. They seemed extremely lifelike as they formed divine chains and roared endlessly.


Shi Yi’s chest surged with a wave of hidden force to nourish his flesh. It immediately allowed his aura to erupt. This world seemed like it was going to be torn apart.

He turned into a streak of lightning and slaughtered towards Shi Hao.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao’s entire body ignited with flames. Ancient symbols covered his entire body. He was evolving the Kun Peng’s technique, trying to push it to an even higher level to strengthen his body.

This collision was just like the collision of comets. It was as if the great battle had moved to outer space. In just a split second, all types of symbols and radiance submerged the Sky Battlefield.


The ancient heroic spirits cried out from within the battlefield. Many of them were wiped out from these two’s explosion of light. They scattered like a dazzling rain of light.

This was a true divine battle. The two standing within the battlefield had reached the absolute limit that creatures could achieve in this cultivation realm. It was truly difficult for them to take even half a step further.


The Sky Battlefield shook. It was about to fall into ruin. Cracks ran through its surface.

The domain embodiment was shocked. He had already switched once to this battlefield that was incredibly firm and stable. It was known as a deity-level arena, yet it was still damaged! He revealed a look of disbelief.

“Has the most glorious generation since the ancient times appeared? Individuals like these actually appeared! These two individuals can completely change this era,” the domain embodiment said in a low voice.

This confrontation was just too terrifying. It felt like the heavens were falling and the earth was cracking apart. Ghosts and deities cried out as chaotic changes occurred in this place. It was as if everything was going to be annihilated.

The mysterious force of a supreme being emerged from within Shi Yi’s chest to face Shi Hao who was currently activating the Kun Peng’s power. The two Stone brothers’ intense fight was reaching its climax. Both sides weaved left and right like lightning.


Following an intense strike, both individuals were blasted outwards.

“Accept death!” Shi Yi shouted loudly. He then used his forbidden divine ability.

His chest illuminated like the rising sun. A wave of divine multicolored light emerged, and even though it didn’t burn too ferociously, the aura it produced was utterly terrifying. It scattered all the clouds in the sky.

Heaven and earth began to tremble in all directions. Everyone was shaken. They couldn’t help but kneel down from the heroic pressure!

“What is this?!”

The crowd was completely stirred up. They couldn’t help but tremble, because it was as if they were facing a true ancient deity. They felt an incredible pressure that made them want to bend down and kowtow.

Within the black battlefield, Shi Yi’s entire body illuminated. His chest, in particular, was like a resplendent rising sun that illuminated the world of mortals. It was too bright to look straight at.

“I… can’t control my body!” A shaking voice sounded. His body shook, and he ultimately fell onto the ground with a putong sound.

The aura within the Sky Battlefield was just too terrifying. It entered everyone’s bones and inflicted a severe pressure. It made even their souls tremble. They shivered uncontrollably; this was an innate type of intimidation.

“What a heaven defying divine might! It’s too great to defend against!” Even those at sect master level’s expressions changed. Their faces paled, for they knew that once Shi Yi was given enough time, he would one day become unrivalled under the heavens.

This kind of precious technique was too powerful. Its pressure suppressed everyone, making it so that they couldn’t even lift their heads. It was difficult to resist!”

“That was originally mine…” Within the enormous battlefield, Shi Hao stood on the black surface. He sighed deeply. Suddenly, there was only an afterimage left behind as he shifted his position.


The streak of divine multicolored light flew across the sky in an unstoppable manner. It pierced through the black battlefield and shattered the railings. An even more terrifying cavity appeared on the ground.

This was the mysterious force of the supreme being bone. Once its power emerged and the divine light rushed outwards, even the immortal black battlefield suffered damage.

What the crowd saw left them greatly shaken, and even the supreme experts felt as if their bodies had gone cold. With so many natural divine gifts, just how many people could keep him in check in the future?

If he was given a few more years and allowed to reach an even higher cultivation realm, he would truly be able to move freely under the heavens and look down on the wasteland region. It wouldn’t matter even if the Archaic Divine Mountains’ supreme experts made their appearance.

Dual-pupiled individuals were undefeated legends. They would only continue to become greater!


Shi Yi’s chest shone and symbols appeared all around him as if he was a scripture book. Moreover, the chant of sutras sounded. The noise rumbled with an enormous and shocking volume.

A wind stirred beneath Shi Hao’s feet. He was like a Kun Peng. His figure flickered from his original position and disappeared, reappearing at a different place. When the light descended, a large region was blasted to pieces once again.

The younger Stone brother no longer remained passive and went on the attack. A distinct roar immediately sounded as soon as he opened his mouth. He shot out sideways, and his arms formed imprints. Soon after, a black sea struck the skies and a Kun fish swam forward.


Shi Yi turned around. His two hands continuously produced imprints to use the supreme being bone’s power. His hands shone to face his opponent’s precious technique.

The collision this time filled heaven and earth. Dao sounds rang incessantly, and it was as if two true supreme beings had encountered each other. An intense battle broke out, leaving the crowd completely shaken and stunned.

The two were just too powerful! Their attacks caused the Sky Battlefield to crack and the enormous black rocks to continuously fall.

“I underestimated them and should have prepare the most powerful battlefield!” The domain embodiment sighed. His eyes burned with a blazing light, for he knew that people like these two would definitely leave their names down in the records of history.

The two broke apart and stood in opposition again. Shi Yi remained calm and unhurried, as if he was a deity that entered a world of mortals. Even though he lost an arm, his battle strength did not weaken at all.

“My good little brother, how does it feel? The supreme being bone is worthy of its reputation. It does have the power to suppress the sun, moon, and stars and allow one to overlook the entire world. If your death is because of this bone, then wouldn’t that be a perfect ending?”

When Shi Hao heard what was said, he did not seem to mind it that much. “It seems like the dual-pupils weren’t that great after all? In the end, you still had to rely on the strength of someone else’s bone.”

“My dual-pupils are naturally more profound and what I consider my greatest asset. My dual-pupils’ greatest innate divine power has not revealed yet, and this power is my greatest trump card. Unfortunately, you won’t have the opportunity to see it. Using the supreme being bone that you once owned to kill you is the ideal conclusion,” Shi Yi calmly replied. His voice wasn’t loud, at a level where only the two of them could hear. “Your bone is now completely compatible with me. Within the ancient sacred courtyard, I used the Heaven Mending Technique to transform it, making it fit immaculately with my body.”

Everything turned out like how Shi Hao anticipated. Shi Yi had a great opportunity within the ancient sacred courtyard after all. He was able to evolve the supreme being bone into something he could use, leaving him flawless.

“The battle until now has been a draw. Both of us have been deeply injured, whether it be the loss of an arm or almost being hacked alive. However, everything is different now. What else do you have to fight against me? What other hidden cards can you play?!” Shi Yi shouted. His voice was thunderous, shaking those who heard his voice to their souls. His grandeur erupted greatly.

“Speak after you’ve won!” Shi Hao coldly replied.

Needless to say, Shi Yi released an utmostly terrifying attack in front of all the spectators. He was going to use the supreme being bone to kill his younger clan brother.

With a honglong sound, a great sea seemed to undulate within his chest. It was as if thunder boomed, releasing an incomparably loud sound that shook the heavens.

This time, the light that flew out from his chest was not just a single strand, but rather an entire expanse. It was incomparably dazzling and formed from symbols. It actually possessed a world-suppressing divine might!

Every single person here was greatly shaken. The battle left them rather fearful. This was simply too powerful! No one had the power to defend against it.

“So powerful! This person is incredible!” The figure within the divine flame released a cry of shock. His eyes radiated with scarlet flames that seemed to burn into the nine heavens.

Behind him, those pure-blooded creatures were utterly shocked. After following their master for all these years, this was the first time they heard him give anyone this kind of evaluation. It left them with a great fear.

“Victory is his!” The golden spider supreme expert nodded as he gave this type of early verdict. The Demonic Spirit Lake’s creatures were incomparably joyous as swell.

The divine light became even brighter as it shook the boundless heaven and earth. Shi Yi was surrounded within. Heavenly streams flowed down one after another, greatly shocking everyone here.

“This is… borrowing light from the heavens! I finally understand! It is this type of power!” One of the supreme experts was shocked and couldn’t help but cry out.

At the same time, the Fire Emperor, Stone Emperor, Wood Emperor and others stood up from their carriages. Their eyes were completely focused on Shi Yi, for they recognized what type of divine might he was using.

“It’s too similar to the ‘seizing light from heaven’! It’s fluctuations and patterns are too similar!” The Wood Emperor was full of shock as he said in a soft voice.

Even characters as powerful as an emperor couldn’t remain calm. They widened their eyes as they stared unblinkingly.  

Seizing light from the great heavens; this was known as one of the most terrifying types of borrowed power. It was difficult to defend against, since it was a divine light that descended from the heavens. This dreadful technique could destroy anything and hack down the most powerful experts.

This kind of power was only heard of in legends and never had instances of it being used by an individual alone. Even though it was still at the beginning stages, it still left everyone horrified.

“This… supreme being bone is indeed heaven defying! It could actually give birth to this kind of might!” Even the aged supreme experts released sighs of admiration.

Whether or not it was truly borrowing light from the heavens couldn’t be confirmed, but it was too similar to what was recorded within the ancient texts. Even the most powerful people present were trembling.

Shi Hao was silent. This power was different compared to the energy within his chest. After being reborn, it had become different after all.

“This battle is about to end.” This was what everyone was thinking.

Shi Yi appeared cold, as if he was a divine king that had descended into this world. He walked out with large steps, and light shot out streak after streak from his chest. These incomparably brilliant lights all flew towards Shi Hao.

At this moment, Shi Hao activated the Kun Peng precious technique, but after a moment of hesitation, he decisively opened his fleshly heavenly passage to defend against this expanse of divine light.

At this point, it was simply impossible to avoid this attack. The supreme being bone had displayed its might, surrounding this place and filling the sky with symbols. The only choice was to face it head on.

“No!” Huo Ling’er closed her eyes.

In reality, many people were sighing. The little Stone brother was astonishing enough, but at this moment, what could he possibly do to defend himself? It wasn’t something that could be defended from by his body! Not using the Kun Peng’s technique was his most crucial mistake!

Shi Yi could use the Heaven Mending technique at any moment, and his eyes were shining with divine light as well to deal with Shi Hao’s Kun Peng technique. Meanwhile, he was going to use the supreme being bone to kill his opponent!


All of the ‘light seized from heaven’ flew towards Shi Hao. It was utterly terrifying, causing the Sky Battlefield to blast apart. All tangible materials were obliterated.

“Yi, something isn’t right!” The Wood Emperor expressed softly.

The supreme experts were all shocked as well. They did not see the scene of destruction they were expecting. Shi Hao’s body was not extinguished, and he continued to stand there like before.

“That’s my bone. You are just a despicable thief!” Shi Hao’s voice wasn’t high, but it still shook and rumbled through the boundless heaven and earth.

Everyone was greatly shaken, but soon after, they realized something. If the rumored supreme being bone used to belong to the little Stone brother, then he should be… the true natural born supreme being!

“RIght, this was originally his! This is too unfair!” Everyone shouted in response.

“What happened?” One individual couldn’t help but cry out.

Shi Hao’s flesh heavenly passage opened, forming a sphere of light there. Then, all of the energy was absorbed, making his chest shine!

With a hong sound, the world erupted into chaos. Endless light surged and submerged this area. Nothing could be seen except for the mysterious light that covered the sky!

What was going on? Everyone was astonished!

It was as if a natural born supreme being was awakening here. The energy devoured the great wastelands in a tyrannical manner. The terrifying energy diffused everywhere, and endless symbols interweaved, branding themselves within the sky. Resplendent light completely submerged the world.

Shi Hao closed his eyes. He knew what kind of changes were happening. The supreme being bone in his chest was reviving, producing an endless amount of divine light!

Under the boundless radiance, the black battlefield had already been twisted to pieces. When Shi Hao took a step outwards, the entire world erupted in response. He forced his way towards the older Stone brother.

Everyone could vaguely see that supreme youth walking through the boundless divine light. Then… he tore apart the other individual’s body!

Ah… A miserable cry rang through the air.

Everyone was shaken deeply. What kind of scene was this? Was that the younger Stone brother walking? Was he the one that ripped apart his opponent? The supreme being aura suffused the air, drowning out everything!

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