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Chapter 378 – Heaven Mending

The blood was extremely red, but within it was also a faint golden color. It was extremely eye-catching as it splashed high into the air. Divine light erupted.

This was not normal blood, but instead one that was almost divine. It was extremely beautiful as it flew across the sky, yet it also gave those who saw it a horrible feeling.

“Defeated! Shi Yi is fleeing for his life!” Someone cried out loudly.

Shi Yi’s neck had been sliced open, and blood was clearly visible. The bright red yet tinted with golden light blood dyed the sky crimson, leaving every single person at the scene utterly shocked.

“No, Yi’er!” Someone cried out loudly. It came from the Martial Imperial Family. They found it difficult to accept this reality.

“Impossible, how could the dual-pupiled individual be defeated? They were unrivaled within the ancient years, and not even deities could stop them! They have never lost before!” The supreme experts from the Demonic Spirit Lake cried out loudly.

This area erupted with clamoring. Everyone’s eyes were widened to their limit.

The Void God Realm was in chaos. It was like an enormous pot of boiling water; it was truly difficult for this place to calm down.

It was just an instant. Everything happened right here, leaving it hard for the people there to even breathe. Was the result decided right here? Everyone had been anticipating this for a long time!

Suddenly, it seemed as if time stopped in that split second. Everything here seemed to have stopped moving, frozen in place.

Everyone was shocked. Even the clamoring was stopped. Who won and who lost? Sound seemed to have vanished as everything sank into an eternal stasis!

Shi Hao was like a Kun Peng on the stage. His divine might was matchless. He looked down on the people here, and with a shake of his right arm, intimidating golden light was released. It turned into a great Peng wing and swept through his enemy’s throat, causing blood to rush into the air.

Shi Yi flew out horizontally. His neck had been sliced open, and only a small part was connecting his body together; his head was about to fall off. Divine blood dyed the skies!

This was an extremely abnormal scene. Everything seemed to have slowed down, as if they had been frozen. Each scene passed extremely slowly, allowing everyone to see everything frame by frame.

This was the so-called end to the great decisive battle?

Everyone seemed to have been caught up in a horrifying play. They themselves stood within the scene, feeling the blood being drawn and the divine might. Victory and defeat was being revealed right here.


Suddenly, a wave of overflowing force broke apart this state of tranquility. The ‘play’ cracked apart, as if it was a delicate piece of porcelain that was shattered. Cracks quickly covered this world before shattering.

The frozen scene has been restored. Everything began to move quicker until everything returned to normal.

“What happened?” The crowd cried out. Even the supreme experts’ faces changed. They were also affected just now, feeling as if time had become still.

“What is going on? Why did it seem like the stream of time suddenly froze for a moment?” A few experts muttered.

With the restrictions lifted, everything came back to life. Shi Hao still stood within the battlefield while exuding his divine might. Golden light surged around his entire body.

What they saw on the other side left everyone even more shaken!

Shi Yi was flying out horizontally, but the blood was flowing in reverse. The faintly golden divine blood entered his neck. The sky that was dyed crimson became clean, no longer having any traces of redness.


Everyone cried out in alarm. Even the Wood Emperor stood up and stared in utter disbelief. What kind of world-shaking divine power was this?

Shi Yi was clearly dying, with his head almost sliced off, yet the result went in full reverse. The faint golden blood flowed in reverse, and the neck that was hacked open began to fuse together.

Wasn’t this a miracle? There was no other word to describe it, for everyone could clearly see that his body was practically dead. His head had almost been lost.

At this very moment, the wound on the neck became smaller and smaller. Even the dull eyes seemed to become brighter, with the conceited and powerful expression returning as well. Divine radiance erupted!

“Is… this real?!” Everyone’s voice began to tremble. This was a miracle!

A person that was fated to die had been revived, completely restored to his peak state. What else could be used to describe this phenomena? His wound completely disappeared without a single scar in sight.

“Little brother, you still lack a bit of maturity. You cannot kill me,” Shi Yi said softly. Just now, he appeared to have been killed and was blasted flying, yet now, he was walking over step by step again.

His grandeur was incredible. Each step resonated with the world, making all directions tremble greatly. It was utterly terrifying, as if a young supreme deity had traveled here from the ancient past. Brilliant light shone everywhere.

Shi Hao did not say anything and simply stared at him in silence. His eyes narrowed as he searched for the root cause.

“Formidable, truly extraordinary. He’s thoroughly comprehended those profound mysteries.” At the horizon, divine flames flickered. A figure stood within with a heaven overflowing aura. The powerful pure-blooded creatures behind him were all followers, and at this moment, they were watching everything with shock.

“Young miss, the dual-pupiled individual is quite formidable. He is so young, yet he still completely comprehended this supreme technique. In the future, he will definitely be the overlord of his generation and not easy to overcome…” Grandma Xihua said in a soft voice. She revealed a look of worry.

“If he wasn’t strong enough, why would the higher ups care about him? However… it still doesn’t matter!” fairy Yue Chan spoke. Her bright and pure jade-like face carried a bit of shock. Her white clothes drifted about, making her look like a reincarnated fairy from the ninth heaven.

“True and complete… Heaven Mending Technique!” The Stone Emperor sighed while standing on his carriage. He declared the actual result.

Everyone was speechless. A wave of uproar then erupted, for they finally knew what was going on. This was not the damaged Heaven Mending Technique, but rather the Heaven Mending Technique recorded within the ancient sacred courtyard.

The origins of this mysterious technique is mysterious. The ancient and powerful technique came from a great and unrivaled sect from outside this region. It was regarded as one of the human race’s supreme techniques. Once it was revealed, it would sweep through the world.

This was not an archaic precious technique and instead something born in the later generations. However, it was similarly terrifying and known to be unrivalled.

The entire Heaven Mending Sect reached its heights because of it. The technique allowed it to obtain an immeasurable amount of glory!

The Heaven Mending Sect was rumored to even be able to repair the heavens. It was also extremely elegant. As for the divine ability’s might, there was no need for doubt. When Shi Hao displayed the Kun Peng technique just now he had already received a taste of it.

Meanwhile, its most shocking part was another aspect. It was known to allow for a mistake, allowing the user another opportunity. It was simply too heaven-defying!

Shi Yi was clearly on the verge of dying, but it was because of the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s matchess profound mysteries, the ability to overlook an ‘error’, that allowed him a fresh start.

The bizarre scene just now left a deep impression on everyone’s memory. It was as if they had sunk into some kind of frozen image. Everything was locked in place and fixed without motion.

This was precisely the Heaven Mending Technique. It allowed Shi Yi to escape from desperate straits through the ‘heaven mending’ power. Everything would be renewed and bursting life force would be restored!

“Is this the true profound mystery of the Heaven Mending Technique?” Shi Hao said softly. When he finally understood the situation, rays of brilliant light emerged from his eyes.


Blood flowed out from his left arm and the right part of his chest. The two areas were penetrated by the golden spears previously, and currently, blood was dripping out. The spears were formed from symbols, and as such, they had long disappeared.

“This battle was not as simple as I thought it would be. Younger brother, your strength surpassed my expectations, but this is how things are. We should settle things and bring this fight to a close!”


He took large steps outwards. Every time his foot lowered, the Sky Battlefield would shake. Large pieces of stone fell from the sky. This place was going to collapse.


At this point, Shi Hao did not want to say anything else either. The only thing left was to get rid of his opponent, and only then could things finally come to a close.

The two collided like comets. With a hong sound, the Sky Battlefield was blasted apart. All of the faint gold railings broke, and the surface cracked in all directions.

This strike revealed their most powerful divine abilities. The Sky Battlefield that was known to be sturdy and eternal was destroyed. Rumbling sounds could be heard as endless amounts of the cornerstone fell from the heavens.

The two figures clashed once again in an intense confrontation. Following that, an enormous explosion sounded. Rubble flew into the heavens and the battlefield was crushed to pieces, ceasing to exist.

Everyone was stupefied, and a chill ran through their minds. The domain embodiment’s face became extremely unpleasant. This battlefield could no longer be repaired. These two individuals’ strength surpassed his expectations.


Divine light surged, and a desolate aura filled the air. An even greater battlefield appeared. It was entirely black, and enormous stones covered the ground. Black steel railings surrounded it from all sides.

A new battlefield appeared, one of an even higher grade. It was situated in the air, and the two great youths descended into it.

“Alright, you two can continue!” The domain embodiment said with an ugly expression.

This battlefield was even more vast. It possessed a desolate and ancient aura, enough for these two to display all types of shocking divine abilities without fear of being destroyed.

As expected, regardless of whether it was the dual-pupils’ light or the strength of Shi Hao’s body, it did not split apart. The area rumbled and swayed, but none of the attacks were able to cause the enormous stones to fly into the air.

In reality, this battle was already close to its end. It could not last much longer. The battle between the two had reached a point where precious techniques were used to their limits. The outcome of the battle was going to be revealed soon.

Everyone held their breaths. They watched carefully, fearing that they might have missed any details. The sole supreme youth of the wasteland region was being born right here!

The closer the battle approached its end, the more ferocious it became. The two individuals were surrounded by blazing divine radiance as they drew out every last bit of strength.


Shi Yi went crazy, no longer seeming as calm and collected as before. He shouted loudly, “You aren’t the only one with ten heavenly passages! I too possess them!”

As the light from his eyes flickered in and out, the surrounding space would twist. Ten heavenly passages appeared at the same time. They were extremely terrifying. Even though they were not as large as Shi Hao’s and connected into a resplendent divine right, they were still quite shocking.

These ten heavenly passages were unique in that they actually took on the form of ten different creatures. They were not the same as ordinary heavenly passages. A terrifying energy began to diffuse outwards!

With a wenglong sound, ten vicious archaic beasts revolved around his body while floating up and down. He looked just like a heavenly deity.

This was a great sphere of light. Shi Yi’s divine might greatly erupted!

“Kill!” Shi Yi roared and rushed over. Behind him were a pair of golden crow wings, his right hand was the great Peng’s divine fist, and his left hand formed a Qilin imprint. He was like a great overlord as he overlooked everyone.

Moreover, the Heaven Mending Technique was being used. It flew through the air to block Shi Hao’s Kun Peng technique. The two collided and erupted with blazing light.

Shi Hao shouted loudly. The Kun Peng technique evolved. An unending sea of black water surged boundlessly to defend against his opponent’s myriad of techniques alone. The Kun Peng swept through this world.


A haze surged from Shi Yi’s eyes. Yin and Yang energies merged to form a beam of chaotic energy. This was an even more powerful innate divine ability that could tear through anything.

Their clash this time caused both parties to cough out blood and suffer great injuries.

Everyone knew that the curtains were going to fall, ending this battle! They were all incomparably nervous as they watched carefully, scared that they would miss something.


They attacked again. Both sides coughed out another mouthful of blood. Shocking bone cracking sounds rang through the air, indicating that there were bones broken. The two were now soaked in blood.


The third collision started. This time, Shi Hao’s heavenly passages linked up to form an enormous divine disk. It was utterly terrifying, and it seemed to freeze time and space.

Shi Yi’s ten heavenly passages had dimmed from being repeatedly struck. He seemed like he had been locked down again. However, this time, his eyes shone. They became hazy as Yin and Yang once again created chaotic energy.


It was as if a sea of primal chaos poured out, striking heavily against Shi Hao’s body. Moreover, fierce streaks of light followed that tore harshly at his body until it was almost destroyed.

However, the younger Stone brother endured this suffering and continued to urge his ten heavenly passages forward. His right hand reached out, and with a pu sound, he tore off one of Shi Yi’s arms.


Shi Yi roared with anger. The chaotic energy within his eyes formed symbols, which then condensed into a halberd. Symbols filled the sky as it ferociously hacked downwards.

The strike from the halberd was enough to shock the entire world. It flew out from Shi Yi’s eyes and hacked out with endless divine might. Shi Hao dodged, but it still sank into his shoulder, almost hacking him apart. Large amounts of blood gushed out.

Dao sounds rang out. A heavenly passage emerged from Shi Hao’s flesh, stopping this halberd. It hung from his body and did not manage to split him in two.


At the same time, Shi Hao’s fist slammed out. The Kun Peng’s technique was displayed to its extreme. It carried black stripes within, making him seem resemble a human Kun Peng.

This strike was earth-shattering. It possessed an insurmountable amount of divine force. No matter what stood in front of it, it would still be broken.

A weng noise sounded. The space around it even distorted, seeming to cave in. Shi Hao’s fist entered the right part of his opponent’s chest and passed straight through. Blood erupted outwards.

Right now, forget about the flesh of a human, not even divine gold could resist this strength. It would still distort and explode.

However, dual-pupils were extremely heaven defying. They were just like how the legends described them, with natural endowments that were unrivalled. His eyes trickled with blood and surged with an incomparable amount of energy to stop his body from exploding to pieces.

Both sides separated at the same time, both in terrible conditions. It could be said that both sides only suffered without winning.

“Let’s end this.” Shi Yi’s voice was low. He no longer had the calm and easygoing expression he had before. Currently, he was completely cold as he said, “My little brother, if this last attack from the supreme being bone takes your life, wouldn’t that be ironic? Would you be able to die in peace?!”

“You are following the path to your own doom. I’ll help speed up your destruction.” Shi Hao said in an overcast manner.

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